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Need Fish Images

i need the following images in high quality made all facing to the side:

These images must be on a transparent background and be cartoon like:
– A puffer fish
– A gold fish
– A Piranha
– An electric eel
– Fish flakes
– Fish pellets

– A background wallpaper (approx px 2000×1000) that is of underwater with sand at the bottom as if looking into a fish tank from the side but no fish or anything in it


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Flash Driven Alphabet Teaching Video

We are seeking development of a Flash driven alphabet teaching video, built around the attached music and images. We are open to animation and any creative tools teaching the English alphabet. See attached music, alphabet letters, and related images.

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Rails Site New Feature: Internationalization

Existing website in rails 2.2 needs internationalization support of static and dynamic content, features:
– publisher: add content with translations
– user: automatic language selection
– user: manual language selection

Internationalization of templates (static content and images) is to be evaluated by complexity: if its easy/cheap yes, if not we can choose to modify the templates to avoid internationalized images and to make all the static content dynamic.

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Image Editing And Main Website Image Design

Graphic designer or photo shop expert needed to touch up product images. Removing the background and replace with white background. Also change the images sizes. This assignment is for 40 images that need background removed and replaced. Also adjusting image for best visibility of product.
image size for the 40 after editing should be 600px x 600px

Also need 4 Main Images designs needed for website from the set of images with my supplied logo and product name.
Image Size after editing should be 637px x 500px

Please only bid on this project if you can complete today

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T Shirt Theme

We have 3 existing t shirt themes that we would like to have "re-worked"

Existing Themes/ Styles:

The themes are hunting related and in color. There is 1 image of a bowhunter that needs to be replaced (created from scratch by freelancer) in color for screen printing to transfers. The rest of the design is wording placed around the image.

Here are examples of the detail and style bow hunter we would expect:


Freelancer MUST take our theme/ design and incorporate it into the new theme. All 3 themes are the same except 1 word. We change that 1 word for different hunters.

Deer Hunters
Hog Hunters
Bow Hunters

Only the 1 word changes for different hunters. This is how our theme is set up.

Please provide detailed samples of your work to show your ability to create a bow hunter/ design in the level of detail and reality that is listed in the sample links. No samples will equal deletion of bid.

This is re-listed. No cartoon style, unrealistic work. No google images. No clip art.

50% milestone MAXIMUM Full payment on approval of final theme/s.
Unlimited revisions.
Freelancer MUST agree to release milestone if style/ design ability does not match listed links as a reference prior to award. MUST include "I Agree To Terms" with bid submission. Without this, your bid is deleted.

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First Page (only) Redesign

Web hosting domain registration services company needs the first page (only) redesign
SEO friendly
We have a Mascot that you need to place on home page images and anywhere you thing it feats

We need to redesign only out first page, and create a couple of images for the deeper pages
We sell almost cheapest domain and web hosting services so we need someone who knows how to promote offers for a visitor on a first page.

Please post your bids and a URL with examples of your works.

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Zen Cart Multiple Image Functionality

I need a zen cart developer to add multiple image functionality
Need to be able to add multiple images to a product these images be viewable when on the main product page.

but not as fancy, no need for the fade, just be able to have more than one image and click to enlarge

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Ebay Api – Upload Product File And Images

We have a simple excel spread sheet and images of approx. 300 products that we need to have uploaded to our eBay store. We have the free use of eBays File Exchange software to upload listings easily and efficiently. Images need to be uploaded to eBays eBay Picture Services (EPS).

So basically two very simple things: 1. upload product file via eBays File Exchange AND 2. Images need to be uploaded to eBays eBay Picture Services (EPS).

I presume you know how to do the above and worked with similar simple projects.

Thank you,

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Another Project For Mominur

add simple checkout to site where the customer can either buy 1 image or 3 images at a set price
link through to paypal and back
send a notification to us over which images they want to order

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Website Images

I am needing some help with the images on my website. Jobs include (but not limited to):

– resizing images and scaling correctly for my website
– deep etching photographs

I would also like some help in adding a few more features to my website e.g. RSS feed.

I am looking for an efficient freelancer who will be able to assist on a regular basis, thereby an hourly rate is most desired.

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Simple Multiple Photo Retouch!

Hi all,
I have batches of family Images from the 90s.
Current batch is approximately 100 images. There will be plenty more.
I need very light photo editing done to them.
1. Color correction (mostly take out yellowish hues).
2. levels (but see next point).
3. Shadow and highlight control. Make sure there is enough detail in shadow and that they are not too dark. Try to maintain detail in highlights. Do this also by screen or soft light layers but only in right places.
4.Increase vibrance.
5. Of course crop and rotate if needed.
Please see example images

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Remove Letters On Brick Wall In Photoshop

I have 3 photographs of a car in front of a wall. There are big black bold letters against a white brick behind the car. I need to REMOVE the black letters from the white brick wall, while still keeping the pattern of the brick. It is very important that we still see the pattern. There are also elements in front of some of the brick, such as smoke, which must be matched and blended.

I need these three images done FAST. So anyone working on this will have to start immediately, come on Skype to discuss with me and be finished within a few hours.

Please provide a few images of your work removing elements from photographs for the job. The final folder with the images to download is about 500mb. (they are very high resolution.)

Thank you!

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Graphics Programing, House Roofs

Hi freelancers,

I am looking for someone who has experience in graphics programming and the api

what my company needs is to have "solar panels" images automaticly inserted onto roofs of houses

user needs to be able to input an address and it will take a snapshot of the roof on, google map is not an option as the images are not updated.

each panel are sized 1m x 2m and can only be put on roofs that are facing NW,NNW,N,NNE,NE

you will have 2 weeks to complete this project.

happy bidding

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Product Image Updating – REPOST (Accidental Delete)

We have 750 products in an online database that need to have images assigned to each record. The image name contains an item number that matches the product item number, and we need someone who can go through and add images to each record accordingly (see attached screen shot).

The images will be provided to you in a ZIP, and there are two ways to achieve the end result:

1. Login to the admin area (see screenshot) and Edit->Upload each individual image manually


2. Simply copy/paste the image name into the corresponding product record in a CSV (we will provide this file) which will then be loaded into the site accordingly

Either approach is fine, provided that at the end of the day we have a complete product database with the image file names assigned accordingly. Seeking 1-2 turnaround if possible…

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12 Vector Objects

We have an ongoing need for vector images, icons, illustrations different vector objects . We will provide a description of object we need and a sketch (or photo for reference). As you see we need simple technical work.

Requirements :

* You have to be the owner of your artwork and by selling it to us you agree to transfer all the rights to us.
* You must not have bought these images from somewhere else.
* The illustrations needs to have all vector curves closed and we prefer images not created by autotrace function in Illustrator..unless its been tidied up and looks great.
* no logotypes with company names etc.
* no images that can be seen as a copyright violation, Illustrations of Disney, Pixar etc are not useful for us.We want your work not reproductions of others. Also we can not use caricatures of existing celebrities.

* saved as .ai or .eps and deliverd as .zip file.
*No raster textures
* Ofcourse no sample images allowed from any existing stock site such as shutterstock or the many vector stock websites available. We constantly search the internet and are well aware of what is out there such as vector tutorials and existing vector stock CDs, website etc. No false submissions please ! We will check it.

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Product Image Updating

We have 750 products in an online database that need to have images assigned to each record. The image name contains an item number that matches the product item number, and we need someone who can go through and add images to each record accordingly (see attached screen shot).

The images will be provided to you in a ZIP, and there are two ways to achieve the end result:

1. Login to the admin area (see screenshot) and Edit->Upload each individual image manually


2. Simply copy/paste the image name into the corresponding product record in a CSV (we will provide this file) which will then be loaded into the site accordingly

Either approach is fine, provided that at the end of the day we have a complete product database with the image file names assigned accordingly. Seeking 1-2 turnaround if possible…

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Create 2 Landing Pages

Create 2 landing pages with signup forms and graphics.

Here is an example

this is not the content – other content will be provided but images will not be provided.

Job is to create and design the pages including adding your own images and sign up form. we will integrate sign up form to our lead capture.

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CMS For Flash Website

I have an existing website is built in flash. I have all the necessary source files. What I need to do is to modify design in order to add functionality.but mainly you will be required to deploy a constant management system to allow end-user to modify content with ease. They should be able to add pictures modify text etc.
I hear that DRUPAL is great solution for this, but there may be others that you will suggest. Im open to suggestions.

here is the scope of everything that needs to be done:

CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Drupal/Jumla for the site text images and video

HOMEPAGE revise layout to future images with links

GBGB FINALISTS: list students and photos


CALENDAR : ability to submit new events and add this module to homepage


THANK YOU NOTES PAGE and Home page module for it



CLASSROOM: social interaction, Ustream


PRESS PAGE: addition of categories, and Images. Potential redesign

I estimate this project at $1000 and I expected to be completed by the end of the month. If you think my estimate is too high or too low please let me know.

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Event Page

We need to create an event page.

I want it to look something like this:

The file attached is the most recent mockup with the content. Basically I need some type of design behind the title and the colors need to be more on these tones:

the font i was using is but if you find something that works better thats fine.

Then this needs to be made in HTML, including a plug in for twitter stream and a javascript form

Let me know if you can do this I need it very soon.

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New Corporate Realestate Site Needed

I need a design for a corporate realestate site.

Here is the current design
Here is the new site which the client doesnt like

The logo has to stay the same. The slogan "celebrating 21 years" needs to be displayed on there.

I have images that need to be in a slider at the top and the site needs to look sharp and very professional. The images on the new site, within the text, seems like they will be staying the same at this stage but you can see that the site needs to portray strength and stability. Please PM me with some examples of your previous designs that you think are applicable for this new corporate realestate site design.

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MOSS|Sharepoint > Ubraco Theme

Currently we are using Sharepoint Portal server for our websites. Due licensing costs, resources and complexity, we want to migrate to Ubraco.

What we need:

– A 1:1 concersion of the current design , including font´s, images and layouts.
– 100% XHTML valid code
– Browsersupport for all major browsers (FF/IE6,7,8,9/Opera etc..)
– All images need to be included with the theme.
– Umbraco 4.0 compatible.

04/04/2011 at 3:54 EDT:

– All the current javascript code and functionality needs to be converted as well.

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Product Uploading To CS-Cart Through Script

Hi Everyone.

I have CS-cart product selling website. I would like to hire someone who can make a script to upload all the products automatically to website with images. there is little bit mannual work as well. images and description needs to download from other website. all can be found on one page so you no need to do any search for this. only need copy paste my watermark to other images through mspaint. i think total products are approx 2000-2500.

work is very simple. i would like to go with automated script rather to do it mannually.

Feel free if you have questions.

Approx budget is 150-200$.

Thank you

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Photorealistic 3d Renders

I am looking for someone to take dwg files of houses I have designed and turn them into photorealistic 3d images.
The appropriate person will be capable of producing cad images of high quality from dwg of dxf formats.
I have around 10 designs I want to have converted into 3d images.

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New WordPress Theme Design

Need a structurally more wordpres compatible theme than the one we have.

The colors, Pictures, and skin must stay.

We just want you to develop a theme that works with Wp commerce plugin.

1) Move the items in cart and checkout to a new location. Currently Cart is on page and not working.
2) Integrate custom created (will provide sidebar images) social networking images to sidebar
3) Add light box to two links to open two pages.

The whole theme must be redesigned for compatibility and image quality needs updating.
We need this within 5 days. Lowers bid with verifiable wordpress skill takes the project.

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Car Sale Portal

We are setting up a multi phased ecommerce portal. Phase one will be to develop a Car Sale portal and subsequent phases will incorporate other products and services that will be added on.

I have seen the readymade packages available but they look too cluttered. The portal needs to cater for both mobile and regular users. It will need to have capability to extract the car details from the VIN by looking it up from the Internet.

Display images of the cars
Simple navigation
SMS and email integration to send notification to sellers about offers that are being made on the car
Pages for latest additions
Notification of additions to registered users
Multi language capability (English and Arabic)
Users should be able to upload images And display their Ads after either an online payment or if they are a registered user with appropriate credit.

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PSD ( Photoshop ) Files Cut Out

I run a mid sized design firm in the USA. I am looking for a client that can cut out psd files from images I send. This is an ongoing job and is very simple. I will send you pictures of files . speakers, people, djs, artists and just about anything. I will need fast turnaround and someone that can do CLEAN and QUALITY cut outs in photoshop. ( removing the backgrounds ) You have NO RIGHTS to use the images . PLEASE SEND EXAMPLES. I will have 40 or more a week.

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Add Magento Products

I am new to Magento, and for the past day Ive been trying to import a CSV file with over 3,000 products to my Magento store.

To cut a long story short, the file keeps coming up with errors, so I need someone experienced in importing CSV files to Magento to view the CSV file, make the necessary adjustments for it to work, and upload it.

I have images corresponding to the images numbers in the CSV file, which I can send too.

*The products are all adult products*

Im looking for this to be completed inside a day.

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Change Background To White On 100 Images For Website

Change the background of 100 images to black and white from the current grey background. Images are for a website and range from jars to boxes and bottles. See attached example.

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Data Entry Workers Need Monthly Salary $200 Extra Bonus


Need many workers for our data entry servers

Need good English knowledge and fast internet connection and active workers..

We have regular jobs… you just type images in our servers, images coming 24 hrs non stop

every 1000 images u get $1.10 and we need per day to type minimum 2000 images type or maximum much you can

Need only sincere and serious workers. This long term job. New Free Lancer workers also apply for this job.

Payment will be only monthly base through western union or local bank worldwide.

All are data kind of simple jobs

Note: Bids only accept who sending me email on our yahoo for requesting work immediately

joergshaglaterr @yahoo dot com

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Remove Watermarks II

We have 100 images of clothing article from which we have to remove watermarks.

Our budget is $30 for 100 images, please do not bid more than this.

The watermarks must be removed in a very clean way without tampering the quality of the images.

The designer who gets this project can get an ongoing job for this similar kind of work.

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Animation Needed Small Job

I want an animation like this one shown here (my terrible job)
using this image

but it needs to be smooth and professional looking and about the size of the first animated one – yet not a huge file (less than 100K hopefully)

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