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Building A Electronic Remote Control Using Apple Remote

I am looking for a remote control circuit that uses the new Apple Remote control.

The circuit will have the follow output 1 output going high for each of the buttons pressed on the Apple Remote control. This can be 5 volts or higher does not matter. If it needs to be lower it can be as low as 2Volts, 20 milliamps.

A working proof of concept is all that is needed. That means a basic circuit board prototype is sufficient.
The deliverables will be
1. Working prototype board with no bugs.
2. Document on the voltages and limitations of the working board and remote control
3. Tested by me.
4. A full bill of materials (BOM)
5. Arduino on Windows for any software or firmware written.
6. Code must be given and not licensed or copywrited.
I will pay for the parts in addition to this job. Final parts will have to be less then USD$50 excluding the remote.
You will have to have your own development tools. Microcontrollers are fine but it must be with Arduino on Windows

This is a hobby project so please no large expectations.

Thank you.

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Iphone Unlock Website


We are looking to build a iphone unlock website. Needs to be quite nice / flash as iphone users expect it.
It needs to look / feel like the below sites

Needs to have the below pages
3g unlock
Contact (Needs to have a webform to fill in by customers)

Flash banner is fine for the site. General ideas from above sites
Will require site, logo and source files.
Would prefer to edit in dreamworks directly later on (updating text etc)
Can provide test site to upload for hosting / testing

Site that it will be installed on is www.I-Unlock (Use this for the logo name and design)

30% on accept freelancer
40% after first mock up etc – show what it looks like etc (modifications to come)
30% on completion

Happy bidding

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IPhone Survey/Poll App

IPhone app that will be delivered via bluetooth inside a business location (with a bluetooth zone).

The features:

– Survey/Poll: the user has to answer a few questions (how did you find us etc.).

– Personal Data: the user has to fill out a form with his personal data. After the user has correctly filled the form he accepts to send the data (survey and personal data) via SMS to a clients mobile phone number (the data will be managed via a PC software that can receive SMS).

– Gifts: if the survey and the personal data form are correctly filled and the data sent via SMS, the user get 3 kind of gifts

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Spy Phone Software System For Iphone,blackberry,etc…..

I need to have spy phone software system that support iphone , blackberry,etc
like this site :


but want to change something about spy blackberry
for blackberry i need feature same as

* BlackBerry Messenger Spy – Secretly read BlackBerry Messenger chat conversations.
* Spy Call

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Simple "SPY SOFTWARE" For IPhone, Blackberry, OR Android

Hi there –

Check out this project ( I need an application
for iPhones, Blackberries, or Android-based phones that will 100% SILENTLY forward all SMS
messages + call log entries to either a pre-defined phone number OR e-mail address.

The end result is simple – I can install this software easily on a droid/iphone/blackberry (you can
post in PMB your bid for the 3 independently or all of them together… if you can do the iphone
version but not droid, please still bid.) and "monitor" all SMS/phone call activity 100% silently.

I want to be able to easily "self destruct" the program as well by SMSing it a certain code.


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Repair Article Guides With Images


This is a very simple project.

We need someone to rewrite repair guides for our website including diagrams. An example of what we are looking for can be found here –

We will provide you with video / a written guide which we will need you to rewrite and turn into written guide as the example above. An example of a video which would need turning into a written guide can be found here –

You can take some snap shots from the video and turn into diagram images using software like Photoshop.

This project is for 5 guides so please bid for 5.

Future work available.

If you can provide a small sample with your bid you are more likely to be chosen.

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Iphone Unlock Software For 3gs And The New Iphone 4.

I am looking for someone to create or if they have already created one, to rebrand the software so I can use it to sell access to it from my website.

The software must be user friendly and easy to use. It must unlock the iphone or jailbreak iphone so it can be used with other networks.I have seen many other softwares around the net for this. All you have to do is search Google "Iphone unlock software" and you will find many.

Please bid reasonable. This is a simple project if you know what you are doing or have done one in the past.

Post samples in PM if you have already got one done so I can check it out and test.

I preffer the program to be written online based or in a way that it can be ran on Windows or Mac computers.

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