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.net SQL Server EDI

Write a module which will use data in an exisiting SQL Server database, create NSF claims file and be able to read a NSF remits file and write the payments back into the database.
Alternatetively an EDI 837 claims file and EDI 835 remits file formats are also acceptable

claims format definition documentation:

remits format file spec:

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Web Developent – Ongoing – ASP, CSS, VB, ACCESS, SQL

Hello to all, we have several small jobs for pre developed scripts that need some small adjustments, these jobs will be mostly be small quick jobs with fast cash but they will need to be performed with clean, stuctured commented code. You will need to speak english well and have a good knowledge in several areas. Many scripts are very easy its just we dont have the time to complete them all.

I will be posting funds in as soon as i have a winner and there are several jobs that are required over the next few weeks. So be quick and contact me regarding this asap.

Ongoing work provided.

Files with notes can be supplied to interested bidders.



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Geolocation Website In VB And SQL Server


Im looking for an / VB / SQL Server 2008 developper. You HAVE to be VB not C#. You HAVE to be Microsoft / / IIS / MS SQL Server primarily experienced, not PHP / Apache.
You have to be able to render HTML and good at javascript (especially jquery), you dont have to be designer though.
You have to follow provided guidelines, so maybe not coding as you are used to.
Your code is to be lightweight and dead simple to read (not necessary commenting but just easy code flow).
Project must be portable, just dezip a folder and set IIS and go. This is very important. Framework 3.5 and IIS 6.

This is a Geolocation service based on geolocated photos. Have to handle maps through javascript : possibly via OpenLayers.

Work is done via Basecamp and direct messenger chat.
Im not a native english speaking, but expect job to be done in english but be application to be multi-language ready.

Feel ok with all of that ? Great, go ahead and contact me.

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