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Online Store

Need a simple online store with an easy to manage back end…

Must be designed to match the style of our existing website:

back end must have easy customer/order management

must use our existing psigate merchant account

easy to add products, images, etc.

easy to batch import and export all types of data (product info, customer info, order info)

batch import of coupon codes

SEO optimized URLs for each product page

must show examples of stores you have created

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Magento XML Import

Looking for a Magento guru to develop and implement a XML product importation schema. I will provide a sample XML, but the real implementation will need to be pulled from an FTP site at least once per day. Some fields from the XML will go unused, but require the ability to edit the products after they are imported into the store.

Will also require the store to be skinned via a provided template.

Requirements may change as the project takes form, so some flexibility is appreciated. This will also lead to future support with regard to the Magento Store, such as upgrading and module install, etc.

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Product Import Into Drupal

I need to have 2000+ products imported into drupal from another shopping cart, including images, cross sells, and categories. We can provide CSV files or existing Sequel Server database tables. I need this done ASAP.
(1) Please provice time frame necessary to complete project.
(2) Please provide sample of sites that you have completed this type of project for.
(3) Please respond only if you can REALLY do the job – do not have time to waste.

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Database Input Of Product From Pdf Parts List

we have an os commerce website and need to import data to it but do not want to do this
line by line , i have the catalog pdf of the items
and need to be able to import the data so the customer can brouse to find the correct
part no within the list and select it to buy , the catalog has some 300 pages , we need
to be able to sort through it to select the clutch kit type
engine size
sub model (ie BHP)
there are about 6 colums of data to import and needs to create an individual item for each
line with correct description so the search engines can also find the items
send pm for sample of the pdf

we need this completed very quickly and any bids must conform to the deadline of 7 days

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Hika Shop Product Import Using CSV

Due to pressures of work we require a skilled indivdual to help complete a basic online store using Hika Shop. We have our catalogue of products that we need imported into the shop and also would like a simple method of changing the pricing within the shop as due to a complex market our supplier changes prices on a monthly basis. The product list is small and images will need to be extracted from the pdf broucher.

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Need To Export A Jooomla Site And Then Import My Site.


I need help exporting a joomla based website to my website site. I already have the sql file. I just need help importing it. This is very urgent.


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Import Contacts From Cell Phone


we need a source code that can import contacts from cell phone (names + cell phone numbers / land line + email addresses of exists ) to PC,

the application should support blackberry, i phone 3 &4 , HTC Droid, samsung galaxy, nokia X6, nokia n97, nokia c3, c5, c6 .
any additional cell phones will be great.

thank you,

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Help Me Import Product Interspire

Who can help me import 3000 products on Interspire Shopping cart 5.0 Vendor to 6.0.14 Vendor.
And add over 1000 products to my shop.
I will pay over 130 to 160 usd.
Thanks for read

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Import Export Items To K2

i want to have on my web page import and export component for import and export items from K2. It want solution that i can only update my items if i want. Import is from csv or exel.

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Add Products Via CSV To Magento Site.

We have about 400 products that need to be added to our Magento site via CSV. What we need is a profile that will import these products into the site cleaning with all the product attributes from the CSV file. We also want the images to be part of t his import. We will pay $200 for this to be done in a timly fassion.

* we are looking for a Magento guru.

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Mechanical Turk Import/export

Seeking a programmer with experience in processing structured and unstructured data, Mechanical Turk API, and Twitter API for a task import and export project. Programmer should grasp best practices in a server-side language of their choice, and must be prepared to document all code thoroughly. Previous experience with relevant APIs and xml parsing is a must.

Programmer will be expected to extract shortened urls from a twitter feed, expand them, and then retrieve an object from the resulting url. The expanded object must then be imported to Mechanical Turk for processing. Finally, Mechanical Turk output must be processed into a format capable of being imported into WordPress in an automated fashion, preferably using an xml feed.

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Data Import MySql Database

Need to import data from one database to another.

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CSV To Tiki Wiki CMS Import Script

I need a plugin for Tiki WIki CMS allowing user to import data from CSV files.
The interface must allow the user to choose which data have to be extract and allow multilingual content. It is a bit like the mscvsimport plugin for MediaWiki, with some more features.

I can provide more info and help since I am myself a PHP coder (I just lack of time for this project)

Please send me a short explanation of how you would build this while applying for this job. Only bids with proved Tiki Wiki CMS and MySQL skills will be taken in consideration!

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Import MySQL Database Into WordPress

We need to import about 58,000 hotel listings in to WordPress 3.1x.

Who has a quick solution? Records include images, geo cordinates from Google and several more fields.


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OsCommerce To Magento 1.5

Need to import from oscommerce (products, customers, etc) into magento 1.5 CE.

Would prefer this to be done with the magento webservices.

If you are familiar with SOAP or XML-RPC and feel comfortable working with magento let me know.

To be clear: I need the files that will allow ME to do the import. You will not have access to the osCommerce install or Magento on my server.

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CSV To Tiki Wiki CMS Bulk Import Script

I need a plugin for Tiki WIki CMS allowing user to import data from CSV files.
The interface must allow the user to choose which data have to be extract and allow multilingual content. It is a bit like the mscvsimport plugin for MediaWiki, with some more features.

I can provide more info and help since I am myself a PHP coder (I just lack of time for this project)

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Import Export New Company

We are a new import/ export and distribution company working with romania and brazil. we specialize in working with an array of clients/ manufacturers to drive their business forward through import and export. we are looking to the creative community to help us look professional, experienced and strength in cross cultural business exchange. id be interested to see if the following can be incorporated or would be a good idea: navy blue, orange, cargo ship. i am open to all suggestions and ideas and look to provide great feedback. the name of the company is vitan trade.

03/17/2011 at 14:56 EDT:


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Premium Sms Chat Application Netherlands

Good day,

Sorry form y bad english it is not my main language.
We are a dating service in the Netherlands and we are looking for some one who can provide us with a premium sms chat system. The chat has to have the following posibilities;

-add profiles in the system with information abouth this profile ( eye colour, age and this sort of things.
( for excemple, customar wants to talk to a girl named tamara, he sends LIVE TAMARA to 5050 and the system takes care that the message comes to the profile tamara. ( LIVE= keywoord, TAMARA = subkeyword and 5050 is the shortcode.
-to import a api gateway to the chat ( for the shortcode and keyword).
-To send back premium sms to incoming sms from customers.
– to see some statistics ( how many incoming and outging messages)

Do you already have a chat like this and i can use this chat and you can help me import this to a domain i hope you let me know.

i think that when you already have a system like this, what a system must have.

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Prestashop CSV Import

I need someone to Edit a CSV import file for my sexshop. I have tried for weeks to try import it but no luck so giving an expert a chance to give it a go!

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Magento Import

We need an experienced Magento programmer to import a csv file into our website.
We already have products in. Total 11 k products.

If you have questions, please ask.

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Batch Import For NextGen Gallery

We need a modification done to NextGen Gallery 1.7.4 to allow batch importing of galleries, already uploaded to the server. This plugin will create the gallery and thumbnails like the standard plugin, but allow batch processing of multiple galleries.

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Batch Import For NextGen Gallery

We need a modification done to NextGen Gallery 1.7.4 to allow batch importing of galleries, already uploaded to the server. This plugin will create the gallery and thumbnails like the standard plugin, but allow batch processing of multiple galleries.

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XML To DB Import

Requirement is for the import of a large (45mb) XML file into a SQL Server database. The application will be coded in VB.NET and have 2 main components.

1) An upload facility for the XML file, with a visible progress bar indication. Speed of upload is not a major issue but most efficient mode of upload for a file this size is preferred.

2) Extraction of the appropriate XML data and adding to the corrersponding SQL Server database fields.
This will require a check to identify new records and only add these to the database.

XML & DB sample can be provided.

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IVR Module /w 5 Digit Ref DB To Dest /w Import And CDRs Web

We need some changes to our IVR service to support the following call flow:

Call answered to a msg requesting a reference number.
Caller enters 5 digit reference
Match Ref to DB to get Destination
Play Msg to confirm Valid Ref and routing call.
Hangup after 60 seconds if not answered.
Error Msg on unrecognized Ref, Retry once, then Failure Msg and Hang up.

Need a webpage to import data from .csv (Also to view data and if possible edit data)
Need a webpage to export CDRs by Date.
CDRs to include the following info at least:

Date & Time, DID, CID, Reference no, Destiantion no, Answered Duration.

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Community Builder Database Import/Export

I have a current Joomla site utilizing Community Builder. Database is existing. This database needs to be modified to include fields that match client formatting for incoming data. I need to import additional client data to populate existing user fields as well as populate new fields for each user that still need to be created. Client can provide xls or csv etc. Need the ability to export this data back to the client as well. In other words…the Community builder database and their company database need to talk to each other. I have all necessary field information and client database.

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Cs Cart Scheduled Import/export

To build a custom PHP script which will interact with cs-cart ( ) using the cs-cart API.
The basic requirement it to allow for scheduled import / export of data using the built in import/export functions of cs-cart but to allow it to happen automatically on a schedule.

Therefore the script should authenticate as admin user with cs-cart and then issue the appropriate POST/GET strings to import/export data from a cs-cart formatted csv file which has already been uploaded to the server via ftp.

the script should return success of failure status.

the PHP script will be run from the same sever hositng cs-cart via cron or via a remotely issued URL request.

manual example of import at

previous experience of cs-cart modifications preferable.

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Importing Category Products From Amazon

We need someone to import all catrogey contents amazon kindle store , to excel file or csv . the products counts 800,000 plus another website which is which have over 3 million .

i want to import them in parts .

i need the process to be done automatically using any technique or method you know ( no data entry ).

i need those fields : (asin from amazon/ or isbn from bn ) as product code , title of ebook , author(s)
, category(ies) associated , image direct link , description .

product description preferred to be HTML formatted .

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Import Members And Blogs From SocialGo To Jommla

I have an active social network with around 1200 members. This site is made on SocialGo. By several reasons this site is no good, so im making a new in Joomla.

When this site is ready, i need to import members and blogs from the old SocialGo.

In joomla i will use jomsocial and MyBlog (if you dont have an better idea)

I hope this is possible.

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Data Import Script And Report Generation


I get some data on almost daily basis and I get that in either of 3 predefined formats only.

Each has approx 20 columns and out of them few are common and some are new in each format.

So whenever I want to import any of the se 3 for,ats file with the required data, I want a script to import this data to a central database into its respective column.

Then I want the reports to be generated on certain queries which will be given in the PMB.

Please advise. I want this in PHP and my budget for this is USD 60-100. This is not too much of work for somebody who has good command on sorting data etc. I want this to be web based.

WE are among the top 5 buyers on GAF with more than 600 positive reviews.


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Database Import From Excel

The project is a 2 step process.

Step 1 is an upload process for a large excel file (40mb +). Ideally this will include an upload process bar to indicate to the user when the file has completed uploading.

Step 2 is taking the excel data and populating a sql server database. This file will be uploaded on a regular basis but only additional records will need ot be posted to the database so will need a way to identify these new records as opposed to ones already added on previous uploads.

Any ideas / suggestions welcome on best approach to achieve this.

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Import Non-joomla Userdatabase To JomSocial

We set up a new website for our existing (Non-Joomla website) based on the Joomla CMS in combination with JomSocial. We have access to the old user database and are able to generate a CSV export. However we cant import this CSV to JomSocial. We have tried to use the ARRA user export import component to do this, but the CSV needs some adjustments to work.

We are looking for someone who can do the import.


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Joomla Datafeed Import Set Up

Project is to take a data feed from a property letting software provider that uploads their data to rightmove and other major portals and have their feed directly update the content in the joomla based site of the estate agent. Needs to easily synchronise and update in time with the data feed from the supplier.

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ZenCart Export CSV And Import To InterSprire Shopping Cart

Need to Export all Products and pictures from ZenCart and import it to InterSprire Shopping Cart

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