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Website Customization

Im the owner of a World of Warcraft oriented website. I coded it, but, as I have no skills in website design, I took one. Now, I would like to customize that design, to finalize that website.
What is required is the customization of the images, and, the graphical integration of one part of the website.
The picture is the part that needs graphical integration.
Bid 30$ for this,

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HTML To Zen Cart Website Customization

Hi All,

I have HTML template ready with all images and I want to customize it with my zen cart website. only home page with html-css work. looking for zen cart expert who can well optimize the website with the template.

Please bid with lowest price as this is not much work and 70% already done. my budget is $30 for home page only.


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Drupal Website Customization For

I am passionate about Latin dancing and my goal is to create a portal about this topic. I bought a premium template for Drupal two weeks ago, but I am not an expert on how to play with it. I want someone who will customize the template the way I want because I prefer to work on the content instead to spend weeks on how to play with Drupal.

Also I would like to have a good logo to replace the Latin Dance World on top of the page and also where the best place to put AdSense ad on it.

The website in question is

Kind Regards,
Patrick Ermacora

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Pont2Agent Website Customization

I subscribed to a website with Point2Agent real estate. The site is basic and everything needs to be customized. I need someone that has had experience with Point2Agent websites.
Customization would include adding social media widgets, changing headers, content placement etc.There will not be much adding pages as I have a WordPress site that I link to for additional content.
I will need some ideas from other Point2Agent websites that you have researched and present to me for selection.

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Jreviews And Website Customization

List of things I dont want

– Movie description page does not need to be modified for the menu with these links:
– Summary
– Cast & Crew
– News
– Reviews
– Ratings
– Videos
– Comments
– Photos

– There is no need to worry about the cast display. All of the info such as directors, cast, runtime, genre, etc. can be left alone.
– Dont worry about the authors name being linkable to all reviews theyve written. I believe it already does this.
– Dont worry about adding extra upload forms for images. There are five as is.

List of things I want

– Latest Reviews module the updates automatically. It should look identical to the one we have now. It shouldnt update when a movie/tv show is added to the database unless a review is written. It should update anytime a review is written. The poster for the movie/tv show should display with the star rating that weve given a movie/tv show. The trailer image should remain under all three posters and we should be able to go in and add/change/remove links as necessary.

– We want Facebook integration. I dont feel like typing it out again so refer to the last e-mail I sent that I called The Final List.

– We still want the new ratings system. Please refer to last e-mail I sent that I said was The Final List. This goes in to detail as to what I want from it and the placement.

– We still want Videos and Photos area. Again, refer to The Final List e-mail for placement.

– We want area titled Shows Like This. Please refer to The Final List e-mail as I went into heavy detail. I will try and send an image that showcases what the basic structure will look like once these are added.

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Zen Cart Website Customization

Hello Bidders,

I have a website which has been started in ZenCart but has been left incomplete and needed somebody who is very proficient in ZenCart to help me finish this up. 98% of the website has already been completed and things that are left are the final touches. Please start bidding and i will PM you the details of the website.


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Website Customization,

We have a website under construction- (Most of work already done) , We need an Expert for Customize more & provide better look ~If you have Experience please bid on my project. More work in future!

Best of luck!

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WordPress Website Customization

Configure new WordPress template and customize including setting up existing javascript image galleries from an existing site.



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Website Customization

Website .php adjustement. Putting website back on the net.

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Website Customization

Programmer must be available to chat on Skype. I have a copy of Jreviews with the Geomaps add on. This includes a search filter and some geo-targeting functionality. I would like to modify Jreviews as follows:

1) For each listing in Jreviews, calculate 4 variables from data in a database table and save in another database table. Calculation must be done when data is loaded, automatically every night and on demand.

2) Calculate same 4 variables for all listings together and for all listings in a category. Save results in database table. Calculation must be done when data is loaded, automatically every night and on demand.

3) Automatically generate a Plotalot chart from saved data by making entry in Plotalot database table.

4) Include generated Plotalot chart in Jreviews listing detail view (one chart already exists, can be done in the same way) . Arrange formatting so it looks good.

5) Update Jreviews listing view to show correct variables and fix colour and position.

6) Update Jreviews Ordering option to include calculated variables and set defaults.

7) Modify Jreviews directories.thtml file to include pull downs like other modules are remove directory name from output.

8) Modify Jreviews advanced_search_thtml to include search by distance. Set default listings to 100 top listings close to user based on ip address of guest or cb_address or registered user.

9) Show module for (8) in Left position to allow user to overwrite options. ie. show all listing and not only top 100 close. Include options city, state, country, all etc..

10) Modify Jreviews fields.html filter to have reset option.

11) In listings page, when logged in have edit link on same line as others

12) Extend summary in listing view to whole width of page.

13) For registered/public viewings of listing only display if jr_status is
public or user owns the listing (field id 28 and fieldoption 25)

14) Add footer module position in template

15) When deleting jreviews listing also delete charts, stock portolio, and performance data if they exist.

16) Fix TAB import option in CSV Import

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Six semi-custom websites/logos made.

I am wanting to get a bid on a combination for 5 completely different websites.
One will be for a green funding website like:
Second: a website that helps people to remove credit inquires off of their credit reports. like:
Third: Geothermal website like:
Forth: Self directed IRA website like:
Fifth: website on subsurface irrigation:
Sixth: website like:

I will tell you the website domains after project is awarded. I want a logo for each website. Unlimited changes on my end. (I am easy to work with). Also you will be uploading them to my godaddy server when complete. Your bid will be on all 5 projects.

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