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I Need 5-10 Articles In Danish And Finnish – SEO Friendly

I need 5-10 articles written in danish and finnish. They will be used in pressreleases and submitted to articledirectories so they need to be correct and native in language. SEO is important to, you will get some keywords and its important that you do know about how to use SEO in the right way in an article.

In the bid, please specify how many articles and wich length they will be, minimum 400 words.

If you not are native from / in denmark or finland, dont bother to bid.

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The Best German SEO Profi Wanted! Bring My SHOP To #1

Hi guys,

I looking for the best guy who can bring my Shop to #1 (the most important countries are: Germany, Ausria and Switzerland) in the most important search enigines like google, yahoo, bing etc..!

The website Url is:

I don´t know which are the best methods, and I also don´t know hoch much is the price for a perfect Internet marketing which I want! Please let me know what are the possibilities we have and which are the best possibilities! I also can´t tell you any keywords because i don´t know what would be best keywords!

I can only tell you one thing: I sell palms and other similar plants and I want to boost my sales extremely!

One of the biggest competitors are :

I looking for a really serious guy who provide the best quality and the best way to become one of the best online shops in europe which sells palms! Please provide me your recommendations your previous work and your guarantee!!

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Website Design Project For Inspirad – Project 2

I need you to design a website like we agreed previously.

It needs to be compliant with the latest CSS and html….

The most important aspect is that it need to be Designed With SEO in mind, that is very important.

For the rest we will discuss it together.

I will send the complete Specs once the project starts.

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AdWords Project & Possibly Frequent Future Work


I represent a Canadian automobile dealership. We have prepared a Google AdWords campaign, following generally recommended principles — separate Search and Display ad campaigns, very granular keyword splits, modified broad match, appropriate geotargeting, negative keywords, relevant ads and landing pages. Despite all of this, we are having difficulty increasing our clicks and CTR.

Our suspicion is that there is something very fundamental that we have missed, which if done could substantially improve our campaign. We are looking for an AdWords pro to take a look, provide feedback, and make any required adjustments. There should be no need to build a new campaign, hence the lower price point.

IMPORTANT: I am looking to build a relationship with one or multiple AdWords professionals for future work. I anticipate many similar projects in the future. If you are interested in building AdWords campaigns of moderate complexity on a regular basis, please send me a bid and any additional information you feel is relevant.

Criteria for this project, and for the ongoing relationship: Communication skills, responsiveness, diligence, and substantial experience with Google AdWords. All criteria are equally important to me. This particular project is small, but there is opportunity for regular ongoing work, for the right candidate(s).

Feel free to PM me with any questions.


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Flash Actionscript Project

Sorry for my english, but im sure youll understand the point.

Ill make an intro for a website, it will be something like that.

There will be a crash dummy in a car. And a seat belt. But seat belt will not be fastened.

User will click to the seatbelt, and move it and it will be fastened. This is the project.

Important information , please read:

1 – The coordinates are not important.. I only want user to click to the seat belt, then " if mouse coordinate changes in x dimension, seatbelt will move to the end in every mouse move.

2 – The animation will end after the seatbelt is fastened. (Will go to the site url etc…)

3 – Technically, this will be an animaton.

For example;

Theres a seatbelt animation, not fastened, to fastened. In 60 frames.

Will detect mouse moves,

if its coordinate change in X coordinate, (move from left to right)

Then movie will gotoAndStop in next frame maybe.. Every horizontal move will make the animation play.

If it reaches to the last frame, it will end and some other thing happen, maybe go to site, or a buton appear, i dont know.

Last Note : You dont have to work with graphics, you may put sample graphics there, i mostly need the actionscript code for that.

As2 , As3 not important.

If you have ideas, you may share too, that was my solution, maybe you code the same thing with different ways

Need Urgent solution,

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Detailed Comparison Between Moodle And Chamilo

I need a comparison between two learning management systems: Moodle and Chamilo.
Need to cover (at least) – market penetration, and features.

I will give some guidance regarding our needs around LMS, describe the environment where the LMS will be used and what is important for us.

Urgency is more important than detail, so I will want a highlevel result in a day or two.

This may be follows by more work to get more details, but if needed I will post this separately.
This bid is for what can be done over a day or two, so if you are already familiar with one of apps (or both!) that would be great.

03/22/2011 at 8:00 EDT:

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Quality Web Content Required

We require 10, highly persuasive pages to be written for our website,

The first (and most important page), it to change the content of the front page to make it extremely captivating and interest the reader into the possibilities of the program.

The remaining pages are practical use pages (for different industries) and a rewrite of the features page.

A native English speaker would be preferred unless you are extremely proficient in proper English.

These pages will also require analysis of our most important keywords, as they are the core pages of our website.

The pages will require a dedicated effort in both persuasive writing and the application of SEO.

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Group Aggregator, Yipit, Thedealmap Inspired


I am looking for someone to build a daily deals aggregating site, similar to, etc

I have seen the following yipit script which maybe of help. i think it will be a good basis to start the job (optional)

Tasks :

– aggregate daily deals from different 30 Websites in 15 cities, like Groupon, KGBdeals, LivingSocial, travelzoo and more.. (list will be given)
– Design psds (HTML slice needed)
-upload and test website
-ensure bug free site

backend management additional to Agriya:

google analytics

ability to add feeds and affiliates , as and when required – this could be potential work in the future for you. (VERY IMPORTANT). as well as the ability to pull deals from sites we are affiliates of (must be an automatic process)

Ability to catergories deals automatically (once again very important )

Email system – as users input their preferences onto the system, we need to send them a daily email with the deals in their preference range only.

social media – once each deal is uploaded, it must automatically do a status update on facebook and twitter at a set time

seo – site musty be search engine optimised, xml site map

error notifications – any issues with the site (eg pages not loading, errors etc) must be notified to the webmaster via email immediately

Built in mysql database and lamp preferably

3 months testing and guarantee bug free

frontend additions to agriya:


search criteria – categories, price range, time remaining on deal, provider

facebook integration – comments, connect and llikes

each deal displayed on a map (very important)

7 static pages – e.g. team info etc

Budget is $1500 MAX and IF the right person/team.

Job must start before 21st March and completed before May1st. If successful mobile app job will be provided immediately.

Also monthly maintenance and updates will be available as a separate job.

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Adwords Research The Netherlands

I have an adwords consultancy company and I would like to have online research done on my market in the Netherlands. What are some important statistics that would hold value for me and my company? What are the important trends? I want new insights.

This is the first time Im trying to outsource a research project, so any suggetions or questions are more then welcome.
Ill be happy to futher clarify what I think would be valueable research information for my company.


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Sales Copy Experts ONLY/Article Writing

This project is only for Expert Sales Copy Writers. If you do not reply with a sample of your work, you WILL NOT be considered! Your English has to be 100%

SEO, Web Design, Link Building experience is preferred! Please Let me know if you have these KSAs!

I have a website that will need content for products that I am offering. I will give you the highlight on what each product is and the benefits. You will need to come up with a professional article explaining the benefits and why the customer has to purchase it.

If i dont feel that your selling me in the articles, you will be requested to rewrite them, or fired without pay if you lie about your English skills.

Total of 11 Aritcles
Articles will need to be 300-600 words

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Scripted Scraping For 150 Different Sites.


Scripted Scraping for 150 different sites.

I need about 150 sites setup for automated twice a day scraping. Many of these sites have rss feeds or basic html, but alot do not. There are a list of about 20 total fields of data that I need scraped from these sites, with about 10 of these as CRITICAL components. You will be setting up the scraper to gather this data for an existing site/database so it is important that you/your team can communicate well w/ the current site developers.

Another important factor here is that these are to be queried twice a day using proxies so our IPs do not get banned. Duplicate information filtering also required.

Please pm me for the list of sites and fields you need to gather. You can go through all of the sites and then tell me the cost.

Looking to start within 24 hours.

Thank You

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Online Fashion Retailer

Looking for someone to create a Online Retail website + CMS system and develop a website very similar to

Very important that the site is fast and runs smoothly with no errors. Must have similar experiences and a clear idea and approach to the development of the site.

All Graphic design will be provided only need to do the coding & functionality.


Please reply with estimated timeframe, cost, experiences.

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Group Buying Website

We are looking at experienced developers in building a daily deal / group buying website.
Important: Joomla based CMS

Scope includes:
-build on all the functionality as above eg and to customize to our needs.
-Site & Concept must be similar to
-Catchy, neat and professional template with some form of design element to it.
-Payment gateway integrated
-IMPORTANT: the website has to be RTL (right to left) language. (Arabic)

Logo will be provided.

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Looking For More Than Just A Website Designer!

Need a Creative Business Person, Seasoned Writer, and Magnificent Web Developer.

I am looking for a very creative individual. One that can think outside the box, come up with great content, and design the BEST website for me. Your English skills haved to be great!

The website I want to compete with comes up as number one on search engines for every phrase related to the business….I want to counter that, so I am not looking for someone who will just design a website. Search engine optimization and great content is important to me. SEO is important!

The website will be the primary source of business so I want someone who will design a work of art.

I want someone who can make updates in future, when needed.

This is no simple task, so only the highly competent need respond.

The competing website is Their website is not the best looking but they get all the traffic there is. I want a great looking website and remember SEO is very IMPORTANT.

They offer free shipping, shipping labels, book quotes, referral/affiliate program, and many many other features you can learn about ONLY by signing up and using the service.

I want you to register, use the service and come up with a BETTER solution for me.

Im looking for the best!

In future, will need a Career section, and many other updates (well see to that when the time comes).

Someone flowing with great ideas is what I need!

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Need A High Quality, Stylish Website Made By A Professional


I need a website designed for me.The website is fairly basic.

The website will have a heading/logo/banner at the top (which I am having made) and then will have an area of text/ writing about what the website does and then below that, search criteria

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Website Design

Hi everyone;
I want you to design a website similar with

I will use this website in Turkey.

You have to do everything you have to design a website where people can login, can upload their portfolios and create their special page and bid on projects. everything should be same with

you are free to define the budget but here I said my desires. now it is your turn. Bid on this project. I will choose the person who can do all of my desires with smallest budget.

PS: Of course portfolio is important for me. the budget is important but you have to be capabile to do this job.
So do not wonder about budget and do not try to give the minimum budget.

You see that the budget is 250 – 750 but if it is not enough you can define it by yourself.I want to give you the money which you deserve and I admit that it is a big job.

Thank you very much

Yours sincerely.

Mustafa Dogus Yildiz

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WordPress MU Site

We are looking for a serious freelancer to do the following job. We want a wordpress MU site similar to

PHP and wordpress MU experienced is a must.

It is important that you understand what the site is about. Special attention will be taken to scoring system, rating, statistics. I cant stress enough how important is to read and understand what the site does.

You will need to install around 30 plugins for wordpress MU and be able to modify 4-5 plugins to suit our requirements for MU.

The site must be SEO friendly.

You will need to cut the HTML from PSD design and implement into WordPress MU.

A general understanding of tennis would be a bonus.

We want you to show initiative and be proactive.

You must provide links to similar jobs.

You also need to state what services are included in your bid; eg.technical support to solve bugs, if so how long for? etc.

You must start your proposal with "tennis site" as a proof that you have read and understood what is requested otherwise your bid will automatically be declined.

Feel free to contact me anytime.

Best regards

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Developer For Development Of Website

Main Domain:
This is a business directory classification website


The main search bar in frontpage is the most important feature of the website. Visitors need to be able to find any business or important business information in our database. Overall user experience needs to be top notch.

There are currently some mayor issues need to be solved asap. Deadlines are very important to be met.

Project Description
1) Improvements on Editors page (delete warning message / aesthetic / some fields not working correctly)
2) Improvements on Detail page Public
3) Improvements on Search Results

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Boost – 15K Twitter Followers Over A 30 Day Period


Needed – a 15K Twitter follower boost to an existing account.

Heres some important information:

— REAL PEOPLE, not fake accounts
— Should have at least 15+ followers
— Should have a regular activity (that goes back up to 1 week)
— READ: Twitter followers numbers should increase steadily over a period of time, not in bursts.

IMPORTANT: No spam, bots, blackhats, automated programs or anything like that !!
No followers with illegal/racist/pornographic content!

A lot of potential for repeat business. Please do the job discreetly and professionally.
FOLLOW TWITTERS TERMS – The account must not be warned/suspended/delete.

Please bid only if you CAN do the work and its an easy project for you.

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Joomla Template

Welcome and sorry about my english at first and all :-)…

We are serching for a developer. At first and for a "working together"-test, we need a joomla 1.5 Template "unbranded" or better with our brand.

Later we need 2 Joomla and 2 WordPress-Templates every month.

After the first Template for Jommla 1.5 we need the same for Joomla 1.6 and after this we need the same Template for WordPress…

The Template must have a special size and some module positions. In Template Admin Area it must be possible to have a style switcher for different colors, wrapperstyle and so on. Also the template must be workable as a self installing file…

After and when we get in contact, we can sent a screenshot and also we can deliver more details.

Also it will be nice when we can get in contact over skype for payment and all other details and also for us about a long term agreement it will be important for us the person behind.

Pls we wont only programmers wiht good reviews and pls with serious business skills and standart..

Confidentiality about the projekt is very important!

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Copy/Replicate Website

Me and some friends are in the process of setting up our own product-design consultancy and need a website for it. We have the domain name and web-hosting space, we just need the design of the website. I think that what we need is relatively simple at this moment. We need a website with the following main sections: About Us, Works, Services and Contact. Each of which will have sub-sections (The About Us section for instance may have sections such as: Company, Team, Facilities etc). Most of the sections will simply be pages with Text and Pictures, however it is important for us that the website is built in such a way that the information in these pages can be updated by ourselves at a later time. The most complicated part of the website perhaps will be the portfolio (works section, were still not sure about the section titles) this section should basically be a photo gallery in which the viewer will see first thumbnails of our projects and she/he could click on the picture and then transferred to the "projects gallery" where all the images of the product can be reviewed. It is important to consider that this portfolio section should be able to hold videos as well since at some point our projects will be showcased in video rather than with pictures. Needles to mention that particularly for this section it is very important that we can easily update it by ourselves so we can add our latest projects to the gallery.

Regarding the main page wed like to showcase some our latest projects and news, plus give our customers the ability to switch between languages (the website will be available in two languages, you will receive from us all the text in both languages) It its possible that the website can automatically appear in English or Chinese depending on the location of the visitor that would be great. Regarding the news feed wed also like to be able to update this easily whenever we have something new to share.

Please visit this website: This is pretty much what were after in terms of functionality and also regarding the graphic design and visual feel. Obviously this website has more sections and other stuff that we dont need but otherwise we pretty much want something like this. Were in no rush, so time is not a problem but wed like to work with someone who can communicate extensively with us to discuss options and ensure that were satisfied with the final result.

Were looking forward to receive your proposals.

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Whitehat SEO On Page Off Page

Must have experience

Minimum requirements below: Strong skills on onpage SEO important as well as quality links.

1.) 2 keyword phrases

2.) Main page SEO for Google. (give recommendations i will implement.) ** very important and a must

3.) 10 messages from a combination of digg, delicious ** very important and a must

4.) 30 High quality links (Google qualified) high PR ** very important and a must

5.) 100 + article submission back links

6.) Social media links

7.) 4 articles SEO with 2 key phrases 300 words

Experience a must I am looking for quality work not quantity. I need this job completed in 5 days from acceptance. I have more sites needing this service.

Again above is the minimum requirement additional links articles etc will be considered

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4 E-Commerce Shopping Carts With Paypal – Google Checkout

Hello Freelancers!

We are looking for a long term relationshop with a designer for desinging and maintinging these websites and others that are currently under our management.

THis contract is for 4 websites, that contain the same content, but wil be branded under different website names and have different pricing and different shipping costs. It will be important that that the site does not use an off the shelf backend such as os com. Please provide the best solution for implementation. WHen submitting your bid, send us 4 ovf your best sites. If you send more, your site will be automatically be disqualified.

You must upload all images and descriptions. THere are approximately 350 items, and up to 10 sizes per item. there are approximately 12 categories. Please use the website as a template.

We would like the site to feature twitter feed and facebook feed. Here are the sites. (we want the template to look exactly like

Go Girl Fish ( we have a template we can share with you)/ This is a site for womens fly fishing.

Generic Fly ( very simple, like a generic brand. simple with minimal graphics, like generic food)

Fly FIsh Fly ( your call- suprise us with the design)

We want each item to be searchable in search engines. Example, the term fishing flies is not as important as being able to be at the top of the search for each item is say, wooley bugger or adams parachute.

It is important that the site have an area for customers to post their fishing pictures.

We are open to suggesting the best way to implement this site. When a customer orders, they will need a confirmation email of the order, we will need a confirmation of their order and one stored in the database. We would like the ability to send updates to our customers on sales and discounts.

DO a great job and we have lots of work for you. If you feel flash is needed, do what you want.


Design, functionality, and search engine registration.

Lets Do IT!

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I have a facebook page

Would like to increase the number of "likes" on this page. The page is designed to promote travel specials from Canadian cities to worldwide. Would like to ideally get the number of likes up to 1000 as a initial goal..

Please be aware that the "likes" must come mainly from Canadian facebook users as the page is targeted for Canadians.


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Facebook Business Page- Travel Agent Page – 1000 LIKES

I have a facebook page (

Would like to increase the number of "likes" on this page. The page is designed to promote travel specials from Canadian cities to worldwide. Would like to ideally get the number of likes up to 1000 as a initial goal.. Currently there are 307.

Please be aware that the "likes" must come mainly from Canadian facebook users as the page is targeted for Canadians.


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C#, ASP.Net, ASP.NET MVC, MS SQL Developer

Please do not apply if you dont have experience in JQuery UI, Web 2.0 design and payment integration. The attached document has all the details. Looking for experienced ASP.NET/C# developers who can write high quality code. The UI controls that will be used is important as having a slick look and feel is important and need a Web 2.0 feel. I am a dev myself so we need to discuss what UI controls you would use before programming.


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URGENT! Children´s Illustration


I need someone today, is a Urgent project!!!

We need a children´s illustration (1 to 3 years old) in vector format (adobe illustrator) vey colorfull and great quality!

Please send me PM with you relevant samples (just vector samples please) and website and I will send you more information.

You must to be ready to create a mockup of the scene today to check your quality (just b&w).

This is a important project, we have a lot of more drawing like this for 6 months!!!

Budget: 45usd

Dead line of the project: 26/02

Dead line for mockups: today (you have 10 hours)

Is very important the fast communication, do yo have skype or yahoo messenger?

Happy bidding =)


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Design Of PROFESSIONAL Static Banners For Newsprint-longterm

Design of *PROFESSIONAL* static banners for longterm newsprint and even yellow pages.

I have got several banners that need to be designed for newspaper and even yellowpages.

Here are the sizes for the various ads:

Width (W) x Height(H)
465 x 700
230 x 700
230 x 350
230 x 700



1. PM me a quotation for how much you will charge for each ad size.
2. How quickly you can complete each ad

For all ads, logos and/or other information such as address will be provided but you will be responsible for all other pictures colors and look and feel of the advert.

Cheapest and most professional wins!

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E-Mail Design And Copy

I need someone to design and write marketing e-mails on a monthly basis (approximately 3-4 a month) that will encourage our prospect base to respond. This is for both a lead generation campaign and also general marketing.

I will send the e-mails out. I need is the design and copy as a finished HTML e-mail – we use a third party provider to do this.

The e-mails must promote the company and also encourage readers to respond. Your ability to come up with innovative ideas is also important. I am able to provide images and product infomation and services.
You will be required todesign artwork, buttons, banners etc to make the e-mails appealing.

We sell IT Systems into libraries so a technical understanding is also important.

Please submit copies of previous e-mails with traceable references. Only those who have the ability and experience in creating apealling and engaging e-mails need respond.

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