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Drupal Form Validation

I have a form created drupal and i need to create form validation on the same page. As such, when you want to submit a form and you dont fill out the required fields you get an error message notifying you which field / fields need to be filled out. Also certain items in the form are file attachments that need to be attached, so if they are not attatched an error message should come up as well. In addition, when the error message comes up the user cannot lose the information he has already filled out.

This should be done in a couple of hours.

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Automate Process Of Creating URLs From Csv File

We have a registration page that looks like this.

Our clients register for the first meeting, they are giving an option of register for the remaining meetings. We can run a report that creates a csv file with all the people we want to register for the following meetings, without them having to register on line for each one.

We then want to insert 9 parameters. The parameters will be used to create a separate URL for each registrant.
Here is an example using only 3 parameters:(first,last,email)

We would like a script (or batch file) to run every URL so that all the names are registered. Since the url will pop up the browser, we would like the browser to be closed so we dont have 300 windows open

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WordPress TDO Mini Form Customization

I am looking for someone to customize the TDO Mini Form Plugin on a wordpress blog. I need the form to be able to allow users to upload png images. Since png images do not work will with IE i would like the form to automatically convert the image to a jpg and then be automatically displayed in the post.
I also need the "Who Am I" section of the form to be customized.
I need these fields in the Who Am I section:
Twitter: @username

From the "Who Am I" section the Name, Email, BBM Pin fields need to be required for each user. I only need the "BB PIn, Twitter, and Website automatically displayed in the post.

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WordPress Plugin: File Transfer Speed On Sidebar (repost)

I posted this project before and Im not getting the right response so Im reposting.

I need a plugin (or similar) that runs on a sidebar (running on page will be acceptable is it easier and cheaper) and show file transfer speed kind of bandwidth meter.

Heres the original post: (Original post has a link to a demo)

If you applied and you think I didnt understand your proposal please provide additional info.

LOW BUDGET so the cheaper will have better chances. Please provide samples of similar develops you have done.

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