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Iphone Game

i want to make a game like the impossible game but different ideas and graphics.the main idea of game is similar to the impossible game.

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Game Similar To "the Impossible Game"

i want a game similar to the

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Amazon API Expert – Must Have Experience! – Repost – summary of existing problem


The site is very simple. all we want to do is query the amazon book database and put the books up on my site for sale that were newly released that same day only. for some reason amazon does not do that on its site. i want to let my visitors see the books available to purchase (not pre-order) that very day! similar to seeing the movie on the first day it is released in the theater. that is the whole site. but finding all new books on amazon that day is for some reason difficult.

You will see at the site it does not really work yet – it pulls some books but not all. I think around 200-300 books are released every day yet the site only finds a handful.


I have had one coder set up the site who could not fix the problem. Another coder who was an expert in Amazon API said:

1. First said,

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IPhone Game Project Unity 3D Or IPhone SDK

Looking for a game similar to the Impossible Game — to be created for iPhone / iPad using Unity 3D or iPhone SDK. Project will integrate AdMob (Google Mobile Adsense).

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Article Writing Software – The Impossible?


I need a piece of software that will create completely unique, interesting articles after I tell it what I want the articles to be about.

The articles have to read like they were written by a human. They have to have ZERO grammar errors, and they have to be just perfect.

They also have to have keywords in there. KEywords will be specified by user, as well as article length.


important: The budget is irrelevant. If you can do it, bid, and tell me how youd go about it.

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Impossible IPhone App?

Id like to be to have someone looking for me think im somewhere else when they have access to my iphone locate me.

Sseveral other programmers have responded this cannot be done because :
a)the iphone uses 3 methods to pinpoint the location – gps, wifi and cellular towers.
b)only one app can run at a time
c)you cannt change the locate me function
d)this will affect other applications on the phone

It would be great if its possible to do something like that?

Let me know asap!!!!


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