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Custom WordPress Design

I would like a custom wordpress template designing.

This would include the home page: to include a full screen image (which changes) and a simple menu layout.

I need a section to display products in categories (similar to a portfolio sections).

All other pages can be the same i.e. plain white with same menu bars etc.

I am a basic user of wordpress and am able to use the features for adding content etc. I am able to add other pages such as About Us, Contact etc.

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Facebook Landing Fanpage – Design

Description of the job:

I am looking for a designer proficient in Facebook FBML and graphic design, who can design a sophisticated and effective Facebook landing page to increase our fan base:

The Facebook page will look similar to our landing page (url will be provided to winning bidder) and must also include:

1. A high Quality and attractive appearance.

2. A clear call to action (Step 1- Like us; Step 2: Sign up for our free Newsletter) with an attractive arrow pointing to the like button.

2. Opt-in Box for people to enter their name and email which will be integrated with our mail account.

Please include a portfolio of similar work that you have successfully completed for review.

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IPhone Graphics + Flash/video Demo

I need someone to design an iPhone app after mock-ups.

You need to design a logo, icon and up to 12 screenshots.
These screenshots include a splash screen, user profile, video/image upload and more.
Many of the screenshots are similar and you can re-use many parts for multiple screenshots.

Graphics should be in line with Foursquare and Facebook.

You also need to create a video/flash animation of the application in action after the screenshots have been finalized.
This is the first step of a large project, so if you do a good job we will work with you to design all elements of the application for iPhone, Android and Web.

We have a strict time limit. Everything needs to be done before 11th of April and we need to be able to communicate via instant messenger very regularly.

Please send me a portfolio and include the word Winner in your bid.

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Virtual Assistant Team Needed

Im looking for a team needed – please be a team of at least three assistants, four to five would be even better. I require that you work with little supervision, call my cell only for emergencies and that you be available for a long-term relationship.
Tasks will include:
* Screening emails and delivering a weekly report of what I need to respond to.
* Performing keyword research for blog posts needed.
* Adding stock photos relevant to my blog posts and info products to my shopping cart in Fotolia (I will do the purchasing for now).
* Installing WordPress PLR blogs, for which I have a full .pdf of details as to how to complete this and it takes about 5 minutes.
* Adding my domain names as add-ons to my hosting account.
* Finding relevant blogs to my blogs.
* Composing or hiring someone to compose blog posts that fit my strict editorial guidelines – they will be 250-words and keyword-optimized (NOT stuffed) in well-written English
* Formatting .rtf documents to include my images and to have consistent formatting so that I can sell them
* Research for which I will provide clear, concise requirements.
* This list will later include social media action which you can do with your team or you can hire out.
* Take my emails and organize writing and data within WordPress – also drafts within WordPress.

I am very serious about this position and want to find the right team for me. I dont need to know all of the inner workings, I dont need to talk constantly and I cannot hold any hands. I need your English to be clear, but I am very happy to work with anyone from any nation.

Please bid your cost for the first trial project. I will select three providers to perform this trial project.
The trial project is working within WordPress to organize the work Ive received from freelance writers Ive hired and drafting Ive done. Youll take 3 post drafts and make sure that the formatting matches my sample post, isolate the keyword and include it in the tags field and the All-In-One SEO fields and fill out the title and description for this post. Youll then schedule it for any day without scheduled posts in the month of May. These are all posts that are targeted at 250 words, and theyre simple posts.

Ive found great providers and other kinds, too, on Freelancer. Please begin your bid with a summary of the project and the bid youre providing that ensures you have read this project description and that you understand what Im looking for.

I dont want to abuse anyone, I want to build a relationship. Looking forward to your bids.

— As a final note, please do not bid if you need to be in constant communication. I want you to help me eliminate tasks I dont want to handle, not create more work for me.

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Craigslist And Similiar Sites Ad Poster


IF YOU DO NOT READ THE REQUIREMENTS OF THIS JOB AND BID ACCORDINGLY, YOU WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED! READ ALL the below requirements and confirm that youve read them! Without confirmation of all 10 requirements, you will NOT be considered for the job!

I need a reliable and experienced person or company to post 100 – 300 ads per day, 5 – 7 days per week.

I will only pay for live ads, not ghosted. Im only going to choose someone who has experience doing this.

Must be experienced. You will be vetted.


1. You are able to post a minimum of 150 posts daily in major US cities on Craigslist. I will provide the ad bodies, title and info to be posted, and sites and their categories, where I want the ads posted.

2. You have all the systems in place for successful posting (US IP-switch, PVAs, multiple CL accounts, etc).

3. You have to be able to post in USA Eastern at 5:00 a.m. or after 2:00 p.m.

4. You have to provide an Excel report with ad links daily after posting (all ads will be checked)

5. Must take other appropriate steps to prevent ghosting

6. You must be aware of CL rules, regulations and terms of use as well as other sites like kijiji, oddle, etc.

7. I will only be paying per live ad that stays live for a minimum of 24 hours (Flagged will be paid, ghosted will not). If flagged, you must repost.

8. Each posting will have to include a link to a website, which we will provide.

9. Ads are to be posted in the marketing/pr, general labor, part time, ECT., sales or similar categories.

10. Include in your bid the price per 150 ads posted. Those who do not include the correct bid amount and only include their long resume will be omitted and not considered for the job.

This could be an on-going job for the right individual.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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Original Linux/Ubuntu Blogger Writer

Must be funny
Well researched article on Linux specifically Ubuntu,
Must be grammatically correct and must have sense.
I reserve absolute and full editorial powers.
Must consist of 500 words or more, excluding the title.
Rate is $5 per post, so make it well.
Must be 100% original and must pass Copyscape.
Open to all writers.
If you even read this, please include the phrase, "I am root"
Language is American English
No anonymous writers, please include a writer profile.
Do not rewrite articles from other websites.

As a test, prove to me that you use Linux/Ubuntu in 100 words, include that in your bid.

Please submit portfo

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CKEditor Smiley Icon Small Change


Im looking for a coder to update a the Smileys in CKEditor to include a custom groups of smileys instead of the current ones.

Please check the attachment to see how the layout of the plug-in will look like.

When bidding please include your price, time to complete the project and your portfolio.

Thank you

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Clone Include Design

I need a complete clone of this beautifully design website including all the functions. the website ip add is pls have a look on it and let me know your feedback including your budget.

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Creative Freelancer Needed To Re-design Existing Website

Seeking a creative person with an eye for design and detail to:
1) review our website and come up with a list of redesign recommendations
And then…
2) redesign elements of the site that will make the site more appealing to site visitors. This will include making design changes to our logo, banners, and general content
The ideal candidate will have both design experience and a creative eye for detail. It will be a bonus if you understand branding and marketing.

Experiences freelancers only please. Send samples of your work, list your experience, and send the fee that you will charge.

The more detail that you can include in how you will go about completing this job done, the better.

Thank you,


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Excel Database Of University Academics

Seeking a comprehensive Excel database of University Academics and figures who have a literacy or education focus in their work. The list should include the names and details from academics from all over the world, and should include at least 1000 names.

The name of each person and the email address is the most important requirment, but wherever possible, we require all of the following information for each:

University/ Organisation name
First Name
Email address
Web link

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Write Ebook On Dangers/risks Of Preservatives In Skin Care

The requested ebook will form part of the promotional funnel for sales of a line of incredibly high quality preservative-free / paraben free skin care products on line. The ebook is expected to be 25-40 pages in length and focused on educating the reader on the risks and dangers associated with common preservatives used in skin care products and why they should use preservative-free and paraben free skin care products.

The contractor will have written several ebooks successfully used in online product promotions and will have done other online or direct mail copywriting. familiarity with the skin care industry is an asset. Please include a sample e-book if possible. This is not required but is highly encouraged.

Anticipated Milestones:
1. Approve Research Plan – this will include a limited review of published scientific results as well as consumer advocacy information and health authorities. In addition, the company marketing and educational materials should also be reviewed. We would like a copy or bookmark for all research reviewed online.

2. Complete Outline – this would include a full outline for the book with summary bullet points for each section as well as completed drafts of 2 sections to review for style

3. Full draft – complete first draft of the ebook

4. Revisions – We expect up to 1 major rewrite of the book and up to 3 minor revisions of the document (no changes to structure – i.e. a rewrite of a couple sections).

Please provide a breakdown of your quote by milestone.Add to Project Description

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Facebook IFrames Coder.


Need someone to turn my PSD vision into a Facebook Landing Page using iFrames preferably.
Landing page will include:
-4 boxes with text and pictures, 3 of them will lead to a website.
-1 will include a campaign – newsletter registration, share button, picture gallery, link leading to information on Facebook.
-Campaign will induce 1 finalist per day and show them on the campaign information.
-Quality is essential.
Bid and write PM to get the Photoshop Document.

Happy bidding!

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Web Designer For Regular Work

I am looking for a High Quality Web Designer to work on regular basis for us. Please see the specifications below:

1. Must have very good designing skills with html, Photoshop, flash etc.
2. Must be detail oriented and able to follow instructions/specifications for the web design.
3. Should be available for work on regular basis.
4. Should be able to deliver results on time.

Bid amount: 50$.
Please include portfolio of you best works (If you have an online portfolio, please include that in your PM), your key expertise areas and your IM so that we may reach you if we are interested.


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Include Credit Card Payment On WordPress Site – Eshop

I have a website created on wordpress with eshop plugin, we need include payment system with credit card

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PROJECT REQUIREMENTS : Should include similar functionality to latest twiends version (create an account and evaluate): – tabs for twitter, facebook pages, websites, youtube – filters for who can get users credits : membership age, location, interests (tags), unfollow stats for twitter – payment processing, credit packages & subscriptions – credit back for users that unfollowed – for certain premium members; credit is also deducted from user that unfollowed Should include backed to edit site settings, list/search/suspend/activate members, list/search all ipn transactions. DEVELOPMENT REQUIREMENTS Should be as clear and easy to use as possible. Should not be developed in a way or based on code that involves copyrights or code ownership restrictions. This project is for purchasing custom programming work. Should be highly customizable: * Design is not important but should be CSS based (with external css files) for easy changes and implementation of new templates/skins. * Would be great to use a common open source framework like Zend Framework, Symphony, CodeIgniter or some other framework to obtain good code that can be used for further development and easily implementing clean css based templates (independent of code) and multilingual support (translation files to add multiple languages later). Please evaluate how you consider more appropriate to do this (what framework/template system), when could you start and when to expect to have some demos and final script ready. * Should include translation or multilingual support. PAYMENT Full amount can be escrow before work start. Payment is released only when everything is up, running and fully functional + TESTED, as in project description and implemented with honest intentions.

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Webmail System With Ready Content Templates


we need an online system where we can include ready email templates. when a new client call us, we must include his contact details (name, mail, address, phone). there must be a send button, where automatically goes a ready mail to him. the mail must automatic include name in this mail like dear mr/mrs xxxx, …..

1. form engine with send button
2. upload / edit email template
3. if possible follow-up date system with remember (can be included in form engine)
4. review / statistic about all sent mails
5. must be with user/admin login to add guys who can send mails

can you send us your bid please and how long you need for this?

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Twitter And Facebook Background Images

Am looking for someone to create a good looking background for a Twitter page. I also need a similar image for a related Facebook fan page.

A Logo and text for the respective images will be provided.

Please include examples of recent work with your bids. If you dont include examples then your bid will be ignored.

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WordPress Plugin Developer Needed

Heres the basic idea: Im looking for someone who can design a link cloaking WordPress plugin for me, that allows a user to create nice looking links.

So the user could enter an affiliate link like:

and create a link like: (which then redirects to the original affiliate link)

The plugin should include a couple of settings pages. The first should display all the links you have created, the click counts for each link, and the ability to edit and delete links. The second page should be the form where you can add new links.

When applying for this job, please include links to any previous WordPress plugins you have worked on before. Candidates should have strong PHP/MySQL and Javascript skills.

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We need whiteboard animation video (to be served over the web). Examples include UPS whiteboard series of ads ( or the RSA style animation (
The project is a tongue-in-cheek look at development of help desk capabilities using metaphors from ancient civilizations (ancient Egypt, tower-of-babel, etc.). We expect the video length to be between 4 to 7 minutes. We

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Volunteer Opportunity Website

What I need or require:
A web-platform for volunteers to connect with people who need volunteers in Lahore, Pakistan.

The site must include ability for organizations to list volunteer opportunities. We would like it to also include the ability for volunteers to respond and communicate with organization, a forum to communicate with each other and run polls, see examples of other projects, and sign up to keep informed by email.

See for an example of something similar to what we are looking for.

Timeframe for delivery: Ideally this will be done before June, with an prototypes and earlier versions by May if possible. This can be negotiated.

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Website Redesign


We are going to update our current website with a new look. We have selected a Javascript Template.
The template URL is
What is required is to edit & input the content into the template. We have prepared the content which is to be input to the template.

Our budget is $30. We are looking for someone on a long term relationship. Once you have completed this project, there will be more projects to come.

We might even look at full time positions.
Kindly include your CV & portfolio of projects that you have done, specifically in Jscript.

Kindly include your Skype ID as your interview will be done via skype.

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Joomla Website

Our company needs a talented web site builder who has experience using the Joomla content management system to:

– Find or create a template that is user friendly and visually appealing

– Include a Forum

– Include a Blog

– Include a Wiki

– Include Google Analytics

The site is going to be community-centric. Thus, experience in social media, RSS and other methods of cross pollination will be highly regarded.

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Macroeconomics Research Paper

Full details will be given when the project is awarded.

Topic:Explain the correlation between the price of gasoline and the price of basic commodities.

Essay MUST be 100% original. I will check with Copyscape.

It needs to be 4-5 pages long, professionally written, include all in-text citations, and include references in APA format.

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Urgent Two Writers Needed Now, For Work Due Within 24 Hours

Hi there

I have two projects due for completion within the next 24 hours and I cant get them done. If you are an English speaking writer, who has reasonable writing skills especially with SEO then you could be working within a matter of hours, for me.

The two projects are:

1. Write 23 short articles (150 words each) on a set of keywords I send you. Articles must include the keyword phrase in the title, the first sentence and at least once more in the text. Due within 24 hours – payment 0.75/100 words

2. Write questions and answers – 100 – words per answer – on keyword phrases that are given to you – examples will be provided – the work is not hard there is just a lot of it – I need 150 of these done in the next 24 – 48 hours at the latest – 0.75 cents/ 100 words

Please read the following carefully:

Absolutely no plagiarism, or it wont be paid for
Please edit the work – I dont have time to correct your errors
Please be able to write conversational English
Please be available to start right now – I will award this project to the first two people who apply who are within budget and who have the skills I need
Please include a writing sample with your bid or it wont be considered – I have not got the time to chase you up for this.
Please include the word "magic" in your proposal so that I know you have read this far at least.

This might sound a bit harsh but I do promise you I am a nice person to work for – I pay promptly and I will have a lot of repeat work for the writers who treat me and my instructions with respect.

Please DO NOT BID if you cant start working right away and complete the project within the time frame specified above. Also dont bother sending me your bids with prices over those stipulated above because they will be ignored – I have a budget and cant pay any more than is laid down in the proposal.

Any questions just ask 🙂

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Easter Themed Math Worksheets

I would like the freelancer to make 10 different two-page Easter Math Worksheets on a variety of elementary math topics and five copies of each (with the numbers changed to accommodate different levels, but any graphics/design can remain the same). The two-page worksheets will consist of one question sheet for students and one answer sheet for the teacher. The products will be two-page pdf documents.

Worksheets will include a title, instructions and the website name at the bottom. The topics should be taken from elementary curriculums in the k-6 range and focus on basic skills. Multiple skills on a single worksheet are desirable (e.g. a variety of basic math facts x + – / and a multi-step word problem; a data management activity with questions; a graphing activity with questions, etc.)

Example: Basic Math Facts Easter Worksheet. The first copy would include only single digit numbers, the second copy would include numbers up to 20, the third would include numbers to 50, the fourth would include numbers to 100 and the fifth would include numbers to 1000. The five worksheets would be designed the same, but they would have progressively larger numbers.

The successful freelancer will be required to sign a copyright assignment form for all of their work, so the work needs to contain only original or open source art and other material.

More themed worksheets for Easter and other holidays may be requested depending on the quality of the work.

I do appreciate Freelancers who take the time to create a sample of their work related to this specific project. Telling me how wonderful you are doesnt help; showing me how wonderful you are does.

This project is for 10 Easter Math Worksheets x 5 copies of each x 2 pages per worksheet = 100 pages.

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Seeking Spanish Health And Medical Writers

Looking for creative Spanish writers, for 5 articles on Health/Medical news. All articles are in Spanish and must have perfect grammar, spelling, and must be easy to read, must be original and must pass a copyscape review.

Please bid on 5 articles (500-700-words) about Health/Medical news.

In a private message, please include the following.
Please include a resume with a sample or two of your freelance Spanish writing.

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Copywriter Needed For 50 Articles – Only Native Speakers

I need a native English speaker who can provide 50 articles. Requirements for the articles are:

1. The articles must be 100% unique (will be checked with
2. The articles body (not including title) must be at least 500 words.
3. The articles must be free from spelling and grammatical errors.
4. The articles must include a well-written, attractive title that includes the primary keyphrase.
5. The articles must include an introduction. The reader needs to be told what is coming.
6. The articles must include a summary at the end of the article.
7. The articles must include keywords you will receive beforehand.
8. In addition to the articles, youll be required to write a 1-2 sentence summary of each article for the meta description tag.

The articles needed are for:

– website content write-ups, mainly for made for adsense websites
– web sales page copywriting
– articles for submission to articles directories

This is your first assignment, upon satisfactory delivery follow-up jobs will be provided.

Please send some samples of your work. The project will be awarded to the cheapest supplier providing sample articles of acceptable quality.


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Weebly Clone (Yola,

This is a repost.

Please read the project requirements carefully and thoroughly before bidding.

We require a workalike clone of Weebly (, an online widget-based web site creator and web hosting service (similar sites: Yola,, Jimdo).

Bidders must have previous experience developing this kind of project and must provide a portfolio of related projects. Bidders also must be able to legally issue invoices as a verifiable company. Include the phrase "they keep calling me" somewhere in your private message.

High level project requirements are as follows:
* Sign-up
* Site setup wizard – site category and subcategory, template (based on subcategory), site title and description, included pages, subdomain or domain
* Site creator/editor – we want to reproduce Weeblys functionality and workflow here, to include dragging-dropping elements from a toolbar into the layout, and repositioning elements within page sections
* "Expert" mode HTML/CSS editing
* File manager for media files (images, videos, audio)
* Site manager with dashboard
* Service administration interface

Some technical requirements:
* Application to run on FreeBSD or Linux servers
* Scalable – service will span multiple servers
* Prefer the application to be developed in PHP and MySQL/postgreSQL
* Secure API for external applications to perform administrative tasks, such as provisioning users and setting user accounts active, suspended, expired
* All user-interface dialogs and text localizable (meaning, not hardcoded)

Please include a project schedule with your bid or PM. Selected provider will be hired for follow-on projects upon successful completion.

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