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Utherverse Program *Auto Greeter

I need a program that will Integrate with Utherverse.coms program where I can inject text automatically. So I can add things such as auto greeting, and able to be accessed through forms where as I can put anything I want in at a timely manner through a simple user face.

Might be better to make a firewall style where you can manipulate incoming or outgoing information from the program to the server. So that a person knows who came into the room and who left the room *injecting it in color on the program chat window itself*

like *green color* Joe Smith entered room

Also having a universal connection block where all information being sent to and from can be seen in a text box. Other than that, that is all I need. The information in the text box should be in Text format not in hex format. And there should be a send box with a send button where I can write something in there and it is sent out as if I typed it in the chat box in program.

Preferably wrote in or C sharp, C++

Should not take too long to accomplish since ultimately only need the text being recieved and sent back and forth between program and server itself. Also ability to inject text to the program as well as send text back to the server as if it was sent from the program itself.

Which should have 3 text boxes and 2 buttons

1 text box for all incoming communication, 1 for injecting incoming manipulations with submit button, (with a color selection) as well as Outgoing injecting text box with submit button. Incoming text box should have only last 50 messages not a whole the whole chat session text. (that would make it extremely to big).

Incoming information should be done in the following manner

03/27/2011 0650- *incoming message *being someone entering or exiting or someone speaking in chat or private message*
per line

Out Going information should be in string format that is in text format so that it can be injected through text box 2 and sent through chat not directed anywhere else.

*if it is to be like this then only show message and other is automatically created.
03/27/2011 0650/Joe_Smith/message

So is easily sorted through.

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Incoming Call To Hang UP Blackberry

Hello All,

I want an application that automatically hangup all calls on my blackberry if it receives an incoming call from a specify number from the caller id. There would be calls that is going on at the moment, and if that particular number call into the blackberry, i want the app to deny the incoming call, along with any calls that is in session/progress at that time.

I look forward to be working with you.

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3CX Windows Based Phone System

We are purchasing a 3CX phone system and need the below item created.

CRM integration with ZohoCRM for both incoming and outgoing calls on the phone system.

This will be a DOT NET System Tray Application or anything else you suggest. When an INCOMING or OUTGOING call occurs:

1. A popup on lower right, out of system tray occurs and provides a link to click on. Occurs when incoming or outgoing call is made through yea link IP phone.

2. When clicked, it Opens the record based upon phone number. If no match, then open page to just goes to basic search page.

3. When the link is clicked and it opens the page in zohocrm, it also inserts record of call, incoming and outgoing using their note feature.

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3CX Phone System

We are purchasing a 3CX phone system and need the below item created.

CRM integration with ZohoCRM for both incoming and outgoing calls on the phone system.

This will be a DOT NET System Tray Application or anything else you suggest. When an INCOMING or OUTGOING call occurs:

1. A popup on lower right, out of system tray occurs and provides a link to click on. Occurs when incoming or outgoing call is made through yea link IP phone.

2. When clicked, it Opens the record based upon phone number. If no match, then open page to just goes to basic search page.

3. When the link is clicked and it opens the page in zohocrm, it also inserts record of call, incoming and outgoing.

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Simple E-Mail Client Mime Parser

I have a custom CRM I am working on.
The crm has a custom email client inside of it.

I need the client to parse incoming emails correctly, handle attachments, etc.

This is straight forward:
1.) Fix the incoming email so body is seperated from the headers
2.) Handle attachments, images, documents, save them to a dir, and link them up in the database.

Thats it.

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Incoming Trunk Fault

Repair incoming trunk problems on my Asterisk server

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Bluetooth Runtime Enumeration For Delphi/Windows/XP/W7

My company develops hardware and software for education/emergency medical/law enforcement applications. We have a product that communicates by Bluetooth to a PC using SPP (Virtual Com Port) profile. We need to find a way to determine the numbers of the outgoing and incoming serial port numbers assigned to a paired Bluetooth device. These numbers can be found in the Bluetooth Control Panel in both XP and Vista, but Windows 7 shows only the outgoing port number. Wed like to automate the process of assigning the correct incoming port number, in our software, which is written in Delphi 5. Possible solutions would include methods of accessing Windows APIs that can return the desired information…. I believe I can access an ordinary DLL (my programming skills are limited). We do not use COM or .NET.

A good solution might be directing us to the appropriate DLL or API call that can take the assigned name of the paired device, and return two parameters: the outgoing port, and the incoming port. The solution needs to work for XP, Vista, and W7.

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Incoming Trunk Problems

When I have incoming calls they are appearing as anonymous peers.

I need one of the trunks fixed and a example of what to do so I can fix the rest of the trunks myself.

The example trunk to use is Engin-Rundle on my server.

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Android, Blackberry, IPhone, J2ME SMS And Call Log Forwarder

Text message and call log forwarder for the above platforms to include the following functions:

1.) Forward all incoming and outgoing text (SMS) messages to email and/or cell phone number.

2.) All forwarded messages must include contents of message.

3.) Forward all incoming and outgoing calls to email and/or cell phone.

4.) Forwarded call logs must include:
a. Date and time of call.
b. Telephone number of dialed or received call.
c. Indicate if called was dialed or received.

5.) Application must not be visible on cell phone running application.

6.) Application to be accessible only by password.

Samples and Demos will be a plus for potential contractors.

Provide work done for any of the platforms for which this application is written.

01/21/2011 at 18:08 EST:

For item #3

Forward incoming and outgoing call logs to email and/or cell phone.

I am only interested in the "call log" here, not the actual phone call.

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Elastix Install Between Telco PRI And Nortel MICS

I will be installing an Elastix server with a Sangoma A104, without hardware echo cancelation, between a single incoming PRI and an existing Nortel MICS. The Elastix server will have a PRI coming in from the telco and a T1 crossover cable connecting it to the Nortel. The Nortel config will be provided. I will install Elastix 2.0.3, SSH access, and Sangoma drivers. I need Elastix configured to record and pass all calls between the Nortel and the telco. Specificly, in the event of elastix going down, being able to bypass Elastix by plugging the incoming PRI directly into the Nortel without reconfiguring the Nortel.

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20,000 Facebook Likes 20,000 Incoming Myspace Friend Request

Im looking for someone to gather 20,000 fans for an Facebook fan page and 20,000 incoming myspace Friend request
Please bid only if you have done similar jobs before…

All fans must be real people with real and active accounts.
All fans must have 50+ friends and 4+ photos.
All fans must be aged between 18 and 40 years.

For this project fans must be from:
80%+ United States
The rest can be from rest of Canada


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VOIP Client For Symbian

VOIP SIP Soft phone for Symbian VOIP Application.

The SIP phone client should have an option to login with username and password provided by the user.

The SIP phone must have a friendly GUI for dialing / dialpad and have a link to the contacts of the phone.

The SIP phone should work with common VOIP providers and asterisk servers.

Features will be:

1.Balance display on top
2.Dialer status display (Registered etc..)
3. Account number display on screen
4.Phone book support
5.Call history incoming outgoing missed with duration of call
6.Redial Function
10. Call and hangup operation must be done using Call and Hangup buttons
11.Incoming call alert with ringing
12.Gsm Call Alert when on VoIP call
13.Gsm call answer when on VoIP call
14. Account Setup (username/password)
15.Wifi support.
16. Company logo.
17.Company icon
18. Accept incoming calls over SIP
19. Change user agent of application to: voipalot/symbian/<version number>.

20. Will help to the client in Symbian signing process untill application is signed for release for all compatible Symbian devices.

Bidding Conditions:
1. You must supply all source code.
2. complete payment will not be done before VOIP application is Symbian signed.

We will have all rights to release and modify SIP client based on the source code after releasing all payments for this project.

Bidding Conditions:
1. You must supply all source code.

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Forward All Incoming Emails In Windows

The project consist of a program that must constantly monitor incoming emails(by listening at port 25 or whatever other method) and every time an incoming email is found, it should send a copy to a given address(ex: testaddress at The copy should include both addresses(From and To) or attachments if the original messages has one. The program must operate transparently, program operation should be invisible for the end user, emails must be received in the mail client(thunderbird,outlook,etc) of the machine exactly as if the forwarding program were not running. It should also install itself in windows registry the first time it is run to ensure it will be monitoring every time windows restarts. The program should be very portable, that means, it should work with zero additional configuration in every Windows Machine(XP,Vista,Windows 7) without requiring installation of additional additional frameworks(i.e. no .NET). The preferred language would be C++ but the above mentioned are also accepted. Both the source and a compiled version of the program are required.

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Incoming Myspace Friends Request

We are searching for a provider who can get us incoming friend request on myspace.

If you can get daily incoming friend request send us your quote for:

1,000 friends
5,000 Friends
10,000 friends

We are not searching for a provider to add friends, send messages etc. We want incoming friends.

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Asterisk .NET CTI

Hi i need a windows form application writen on .NET C#
We have a asterisk box installed and a incoming call comes into to a ring group and first available extension is ringing
What we need is a form .NET application with buttons
On incoming call will show up a message for caller
and have buttons to Answer, Hangup,Transfer,Move to Conference
everything i do with these buttons must writen in a listbox as a log…

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Incoming Myspace Friends

We are searching for someone who can get us 10,000 incoming myspace friend request within the next few weeks.

Please PM us your price per 1k incoming friend request.


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Replace The Little Android Icon For Incoming Call

Need a program that can replace the little green android icon when theres an incoming call.

The requirement goes like this
1. Run the program in background and check every 60 sec for 3 jpg files in a certain url. If any of jpg files is updated on the website, download it.
2. Theres a list for 3 phone number, and each number is mapping with one jpg.
3. When theres an incoming call, and the number is in the list above, show the corresponding jpg downloaded in point 1.

If you cannot replace the little green android icon, you can cover it with a toast view. Either would be ok.

This is a first step of a big project. So if you can deliver program with good quality, we can have some long term cooperation. Wed like to see nice coding style. And if you have a team of 3-5 elite android engineers, this project is good to show your strength.

We need a quick solution, so if you cannot start working on it immediately after you won the bid, please dont bid.
Please put this word in the bid: a-n-d-r-o-i-d-icon

Send me a demo for this project, or a list of your history project would be good.

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IPhone – Incoming Call ID

The Outcome: I would like an iPhone app that will identify an incoming call so that I can see what tasks are related to the contact and/or when did the caller and I last correspond on the phone.

The contacts and tasks are all located on MS Exchange and it can be assumed that the iPhone has been configured for Exchange mail.

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Telephone Call Rerouter

Best written in PHP Pearl

We are planning to run TV ads on late night TV in 100 markets (cities) in the US.
Every incoming caller will be dialing the same toll-free number.

I need a application designed that will do the following.
recognize the area code or/and exchange (the next 3 numbers) and route or forward the caller
to a local busienss in their area.
Let me know what questions you have and what the cost is of this application.
Any statixtics you can capture I will be interesed in to.
1- time of call 2- length of call 3- incoming call number and location, 4- etc.

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Call Center Application Using Asterisk

I am new to Asterisk and need some help getting to where I need to be. I am opening a callcenter and I will want to use softphones. I am running AsteriskWin32 and would prefer if you can maintain me on Windows. Im not a fan of Linux. Right now, I have 10 SIP trunks, this will grow. I also have a broadband connection of 4 mb. I can make and receive calls at the moment, but thats about it. Also, I have the one computer that I will use, but I will be expanding. This computer is serving as the Asterisk server and the first operator, but as we expand so can the system.

What I need (or so I think): I need a pbx manager that will manage incoming calls. When an incoming call comes in, I will want the app to open a webpage and transmit the caller id and dnis info in the page (example:"dnis from caller"&callid="caller id from caller").

Also, depending on the dnis, I would like a welcome message (hold music) to play before the call is answered by an operator. What I mean is, depending on the dnis info, the hold music will be different.

In addition to this key feature, I would like other features like call transfer, hold music (determined by dnis), call recording, search for available operator, call forwarding to specific phone numbers defined by dnis, reporting (like queue, call length, various measurements), sending incoming calls to remote locations, and outgoing calls via skype when we hit a max number of minutes or when we call long distance. Chances there will be more/change orders as we go forward, so you will most likely make more money in addition to your first bid.

I also need a soft phone, I am testing a free version of a few, but if you like one, let me know.

Please keep in mind that we will be expanding, so I dont want to hit extension limitations.

IMPORTANT: part of your task will be to educate my as to the use of this system. I am an asp programmer so hopefully I will be able to keep up. If it works out, you may become a regular contractor for me for system maintanance.

Finally, I have a beginners budget for this project, so please give me your best bid.

Any questions, let me know. Thanks


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Call Blocker For Android And/or WinMobile


We are looking for a vendor that can develop a simple application, proof of concept, able to block incoming phone calls from a phone number thats configurable on a settings tab.

The application should intercept an incoming call before a standard phone application, hangup the call and make it unnoticed by the standard phone application if the caller number is that configured for blocking. Otherwise, when a call comes from different number, the application should allow standard OS phone system to process the call.

Ideally we are looking for bidder who can develop the applications for both Android and Windows Mobile platforms, but will also consider options of only one platform development.

Source code vendor will provide needs to be good quality and should be well commented, allowing our in-house developers to use it for our mobile products in the future.

We do not care about application appearance at the moment, so vendor can use standard OS controls.
When placing a bid, please list OS version numbers youll be able to cover.


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UDP Multicast Through


We are looking for a solution to read a very high speed feed via TCP/IP and then broadcast it through UDP multicast using a group. Since the incoming feed speed is very high, we would require the use of threading as a technique to read incoming data.

We would like to build this in and we ll own the complete project as well as the code developed by you.

Our budget is 100-120 USD and we will be making use of escrow services.

Pls feel free to ask questions.

Monty Mehra

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Snail Mail Manager

Need a program for managing incoming and outgoing post.


Number (should be automatically added for every new record)
Date of receiving
Number on the document
Senders name
Senders city

User should be able to: add/edit/delete/print records.

A search engine should be added in order to allow users to filter records (by dates and other fields) in order to find and print them easier.


Number (should be automatically added for every new record)
Date of sending
Post number
Receivers city (when entering the city, the post number should apply automatically)
Receivers name
Number on the document
Is recommended? Yes/no (option no should be selected by default)

Same thing like on incoming post applies here.


About us image. Will create the image.

The program should be made such way to make the secretarys daily work easier. Should have a demo limitations and Winlicense licensing protection included.

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Modify My Autoresponder Script To Accept Incoming Emails

My client has a PLR License to a PHP autoresponder script called Profitsponder. He would like to modify this script to allow incoming emails to be added as sign ups.

He basically wants it to work similar to aweber where you enter and send the First Name, Surname, Email Address & listname into the autoresponder & it then allocates the person to that autoresponder list & then starts the sending process.

ProfitSponder has a webform component and will be supplied upon request.

Note: Open source code usage is acceptable and we like the process that OSTicket uses – a pipe email into the system process & can supply that as well if requested.

IMPORTANT: If you place an automated response telling me about anything other than this project you will get reported as a fake bid.

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Flashphone Modification In Flex


We are looking for a experienced flex freelancer able to adapt our Flashphone in Flex.
The funcitionalites remain the same as now, mostly is graphic interface fine tuning.(First screen login & password,2 waiting incoming call,3 accept call and display the incoming video call.Full doc and the reference player will be provided.

Please send your references with similar projects

Thanks & regards

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Windows Server 2008 – VPN Configuration

Hello, server managers!!!

Ive just bought a dedicated server in the US from (Ember version – 8 IPs included).
Im looking for an expert/master windows server 2008 manager to do this.

I can mange to set up a VPN, and clients are able to connect to the VPN, and use the internet connection.
The problem, though, is that all connected clients are sharing the same IP (NAT?).
This makes it impossible for clients to use programs that require incoming connections.

Due to the fact that I got 8 IPs with the dedicated server, I want each client to receive one of these IPs, which would allow them to use programs that require incoming connections, without needing to do any port forwarding.

You will gain access to the server trough TeamViewer, which is a rapid remote desktop program (

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Need Someone Who Is Familiar W/ My–Space Friend Adding

I can manage to get around 400+ incoming requests a day on my own but I am looking for someone who can handle equal or more incoming request a day on a SINGLE account.

Also note I am willing to buy accounts you may already have, or start from scratch.

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Need Incoming Myspace Friend Requests!

Hello I need 50,000 myspace friends added to an account. Must be incoming myspace friends only – i will not give out my myspace password.

Project must be completed in 2 weeks!

I will pay between $30 – $50 for this project….nothing more. Please dont bid if you cant complete the project for this price and in the time frame!

Thanks so much!

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Scanning And Incoming Fax

Looking for a module in c# with sql server backend which can allow management of scanned document and incoming fax.

Only bid if you have experience working with scanners/fax interfaces using .Net c#. Looking for very professional developers. You MUST use my screen design/workflow/schema. No pre payment.

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BlackBerry Call Forward

I am looking for some to help in writing a BlackBerry application that would conference an incoming call with another number.

The application is:
To take in incoming call and bridge it/forwarded it to another number that is hardcoded.
Send back an SMS message to the caller. The SMS message is to work in both GSM and CDMA networks.
Works on JDE 4.5

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Document Management System

Looking for a module in c# with sql server backend which can allow scanned document and incoming fax to enter into sql server backend, shows these incoming docs in staging area of software, let user attach these docs to users in the system.

Only bid if you have experience working with scanners/fax interfaces using .Net c#. Looking for very professional developers. You MUST use my screen design/workflow/schema. No pre payment.

Thank you

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Looking for someone to setup a quite basic asterisk config for me:
– 2 incoming trunks
– 2 outgoing trunks
– 2 extensions
No IVR, but: incoming call -> play mp3 file -> call group (ext 1 & 2)

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