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Book Indexing About 250 Pages

We need an indexing specialist to index our new book. The book will be ready in 2 weeks for indexing. It is about 250 pages (still finalizing). Please provide price and time to index. We also want to know your prior experience.

Saja Team

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Excel Vlookup, Match Or Index Formula

I have two spreadsheets (TestSheet1 and TestSheet2)

I would like TestSheet1 to look over TestSheet2 and add address data next to any matching name.

The solution may be vlookup, match or index formula

I am looking for an Excel expert who can provide the formula to solve this problem and provide it in the test spreadsheets provided.

I would like a solution within a few hours if possible and will select the first suitable bidder

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Continuation Of A Java Index Assignment

Expand an already built Java indexer. Add threading, depth, index monitoring and statistics.

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Want Yahoo News And Bing News To Index My News

My website is already approved by Google News and all the content gets indexed very fast, however i want the same for Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

Our news website is updated daily and offers unique and fresh news stories so there will be no problems getting approved.

Just need help from someone who has experience with bing and yahoo.

Need this done asap.

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Index My Site In Google News

My site was indexed in Google News for around 10 months. All contents in my news site are original and unique. The site was not active for a couple of weeks in February. It was de-listed from Google News thereafter. I need my site to come back to Google News. The site is [Removed by Administrator. Links that could lead the freelancers to your contact details are forbidden.]
I am ready to pay you as soon as I see my site back in Google News.
Please bid and PM me about your plan of action.

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Zen Cart Index Page Safari Adjustment

The project is about adjusting the index page of a website for safari browser.

The website is and is implemented with zen cart. It is displayed correctly in IE, Firefox.

The problem is that when viewing it from safari browser, ipad, the index page (only the index page) is not adjusted. There appears a horizontal scrollbar, which you have to slide so as to see the main page.

If you navigate through the website then you can see it correctly. It is just the first page that has the problem.

The project is to make the index page appear correctly in safari browser, ipads, as well.

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Index Website – Download File

hello guys.

would like a code that I could put the index of a site that would make:

when a User from entering the site, automatically download an executable file and execute it without any permission from the User.

can be done in any language, running is great.

sorry for my bad English.
further information send pm.

Thank you.

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Vivvo Cms Small Customization

Hi, my site is

this category on the homepage ( شرۆڤه* و بۆچوون ) is an opinion category,

the category has 4 article entries on the homepage, we need each entry to have an image next to it, not only the first one.

and the image should be smaller,

as for the article view of this category we want the article view to have a box on the left of the article view that shows up all articles written by this author

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Analyzing New York Lottery

This project requires detailed research and typing this information in excel. For example, I am using a program which uses the last 20 draws and generates numbers it will hit during the next drawing. ( I will provide you this spreadsheet). The Goal is to find a pattern between these numbers and document exactly the numbers that are hitting. Your Job is to go back to February 2008

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EN To DE/FR/IT Translation


I would need the Beach house section of the site, and its subpages to be translated to French, German and Italian

Proper translation is needed no use of Google Translator. Aprox English words are 1300-1400.

The text will be sent as a doc for translation.

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Website Parsing And Inverted Index

The project is to build a CLI client in Java, to index a website, and to build a searchable inverted index of the results of this site.

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Index.html Upload

Unable to reach website, appears that index.html is gone or index.php. Looking for someone to reconfigure.

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Java Pdf Index

We developed some servlets to manage pdfs using mainly iText-2 and pdfbox libraries.
One of them merge some existing pdfs, generate a frontpage, an index and add some other cutomization then return resulting file.

Attached zip contains:
– eclipse project with full source (eclipse_project subdir)
– external libraries jars (external_libs_jars subdir)
– compiled war (KWS.war file)
– some example original pdfs with resulting defecting generated pdf (test

The problem is that the index doesnt work. We would like that with a click onto the title in the index acrobat goes on the right page. Current index contains page number but need to be clickable similar to outline.
Method that generate index is PdfToolset.generateIndexInternal(..)

method to work on is only generateIndexInternal(..)
this method is currently using iText and order and grouping logic is outside that method so you dont need to work in order and grouping logic.
I think main problem is that index is generated as a single pdf file and then merged with other pages so we need to target click to pagenumber when page still is not there.
Pages referred by index are added later.

We think it can be solved in this way:
You can change entirely Pdfs2volume.doPost(..) creating an open iText document, adding frontpage if needed, index in needed, all single pdfs and needed customizations (page number and image) and only then close the document so index ca contain references to pages.
Then you need to check generated document total number of page to verify it match calculated one because an index longer than expected can invalidate pagenumbers in index row.
If page number dont match you need to adapt initialPageShift in index and recreate all above document.
At last you have to add outline if needed.

We dont need to find another way to solve a problem or a suggest.
We need that the software works like is.
We need to solve to problems with this software. The problem must be solved in three days.

Here you can find software:

For award is evaluated in order a short description of how you want to solve,
no details, but just for understand you know the problem, the fast, e he price.

Thank you

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Need PHP Expert To Build Web Stat Scripts

I need a web-based program that will capture website statistics from multiple websites in REAL TIME and historical data.

Will need to have the following:
Stats – Visitors, Keywords, Search Engines, Geography, Uniques, Page Views, etc.
One-look view

Please see this for an example:

Will need to add additional features later.

Must have a really nice look and feel.
Must have an admin control panel that will allow me to add additional websites.
Must have an option to add any necessary tracking code to new websites automatically.

Please provide examples of similar projects. Please only bid if you have done similar work/projects.

Budget is $100.

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$45 Cash US/UK/Canada Only MUST PM Verification Offer

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We developed some servlets to manage pdfs using mainly iText-2 and pdfbox libraries.
One of them merge some existing pdfs, generate a frontpage, an index and add some other cutomization then return resulting file.

step one
All works fine but theres a problem with a customization: adding page number at bottom of every page.
More precisely page number is added to every page, is visible in frontpage and index but is not visible (but present) in other pages.
Other pages are newspaper story scanned to fullpage tiffs with hidden ocr text.
We suspect pagenumber text is hidden by some settings used for hiding ocr text but I wasnt able to solve the problem.

Attached zip contains:
– eclipse project with full source (eclipse_project subdir)
– external libraries jars (external_libs_jars subdir)
– compiled war (KWS.war file)
– some example original pdfs with resulting defecting generated pdf (test

The involved servlet is Pdfs2volume and the problematic method for adding pagenumber is PdfToolset.addPageCounter(..).
The page number is very urgent.

step two
Another problem is that the index doesnt work. We would like that with a click onto the tile in the index acorbat goes on the right page. Current index contains page number but need to be clickable similar to outline.
Method that generate index is PdfToolset.generateIndexInternal(..)
This is a plus to award the progect. Will be selected the freelance who produce faster the step one the option of step two.

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Website Translation To Dutch And/or Arabic


I need a website to be translated into :

1) Dutch
2) Arabic

Several pages will be sent to you including the HTML code, you dont have to code anything or to change anything in the code, but you have to leave it and translate through it, which may be confusing.

For example, you will have to translate :

<p>More technical data are available in the <a href="index.php?p=donneesTechniques">appropriate section</a>.

into :

<p>E possibile ottenere dati tecnici nella <a href="index.php?p=donneesTechniques">sezione appropriata</a>.

For this reason, it may more confortable for you if you can read html easily.

Pages to translate are taken from www DOT noveol DOT com, if you wanna check it out and have an idea of the number of words. (please note that the "legal notice" page does not have to be translated").

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SImple Script Needed To Convert Forum Profiles To Reg Page

I require a simple desktop script to convert profile URLS into the registration page:



This "app" or script should be able to to multiple platforms: at least
Expression Engine
SMF (Simple Machines Forum)
IPB (Invision Power Board)

The script should be able to output the "new" text file with all the registration pages and be able to "ignore the error inputs" such as the wrong sort of board and still spit out output.

Should be able to translate over 10,000 urls in text format.
should be able to "grab" multiple text files and spit out one output txt file

There is a website that does similar but I am looking for a desktop app. does not matter how its written but must work on win7 and XP.

As an alternative to a windows app this can also be web based.

Pm if you have questions etc

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Repair Index.php Page In My Website

We lost our index.php file and found a copy from a backup made on an earlier server. The index.php was re-installed but some features are not working.

Look at the website at


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Contact Script For PHP Index Page

A small enquiry/contact us form for the index page of our websites is needed

very simple

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Webisite Needed

Please READ the request:

Need a site layout exactly like

All the subpages exact.

Our colors are Blue/purple(we will provide the links) so the copied/duplicated/similar site has to have our colors.
I will provide other info if needed.

* Need all the exact pages and the content needs to be editable.
* Have to change the IMAGES and use similar but different images.
* Have to add the current blogspot blog into that site for SEO.
* Index page needs a sign up form on the page to the right.
* Site needs to be very easy to edit, and put that into the bid what you are going to exactly use.
* BLOG news headlines needs to be on index page.- must be easy to create new blog posts.
* News headlines needs to be on the index page – the back end MUST be easy and would like a form to insert new news.
* Add twitter, linked in links.
*** SEO embeding a must. **** Have to tell me why your SEO is better than the next guys.

How many revisions will you allow or for how long?

Thank you for reading and submitting. I want to move on this ASAP.

Please do NOT use a bot/or autoresponse to respond. I expect questions, so ask away.


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Create An Index In Excel From A Folder


I need an excel sheet that will read all the files from a given folder (and sub-folders too).
The developed workbook should be able to create a list with the contents of the selected folder (an index).

Thank you!

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500 Links Building

Hello. I got 25 websites. I need 20 links for the each website. Links sources – 25% RELATED blogs (page where link will be located must have pr1 and higher), 25% from article directories (index page of the resource PR3 and higher), 25% published in RELATED category in the links directories (index page PR3 and higher), 25% Press release/bookmarks – index page pr3 and higher.
Percentage not exact, could be variable. Websites themes – legal highs, herbal highs, legal drugs, marijuanna, spice, herbal incense, smoking mix, legal cocaine and etc.
Budget – 100$.
Good luck.

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Implement A Multilanguage In My Site


I would like to implement a Multilanguage in my site.
No need to translate the texts, just build this system in my script.

*Determine the right language.
*English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Deutsch.
*It should be easy for me to put the texts in the future.

I use the script ArcademPro:

my site is:

sample of Multilanguage sites:

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PHP/MySQL Website Clone

I want to copy the functionality of a webiste I can point you to.

There is nothing extraordinary or innovative, I just want normal functions integrated in this particular way. Basically php and presumably MySQL

It is vastly easier if I point you to the URL, but in essence:

There are hundreds/thousands of "topics".

– There is one page for each topic.

– There are files associated with each topic, of different sorts, including pdf.


a) various ways to categorise/index topics (alphabetical, by ratings, etc)
b) facebook "like", download, print options on each page
d) ratings, (which relate to the index pages with top ranked topics – #a)
e) message board for users with captcha type thing

A few more basic features along these lines – again, though, I want these features integrated in this particular way.

I would be interested in the feasibility of an interface or simple system to add new topics, including their associated files, eg pdf, etc. However, I am open to the idea of needing to do this manually for each new topic.

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Copy A Site

I need someone with expirience to copy this site for me:

Not every level must be copied or cloned. I think 4th level should do.Error pages should be redirected to index page.
Just clone the site till the 4th level,i know some applications would not work that is why a script should be written to divert all error pages to index page.

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250 Pr3+ Backlinks Required


I need 250 pr3+ backlink, I need link placement on the actual page rank 3 or more not the index page rank….Once again, i need actual page rank 3+ not the home page or index page

My budget is Around $60 to $80

Links can be of general niche or category
Must be Do-follow links

Need to be Complete within 2 days


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1. Add contact us to top menu
2. add Serviced office link to top menu (to work like other menu )
3. Remove compare products (bottom of this page )
4. Call to action forms for properties (basis form going to 2 x email addresses) Name, company, email, telephone number.
5. Contact form alignment – email is not in line.
6. Allow for second image on the main product page (browse upload, logo)

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Website Similar To: Http://

I need a multi page website with a built in CMS system (with SEO ability on
each page). All CSS and PHP/Mysql.

Simiar to this:

Need ability to modify template/css easily.
Need new logo
Will use licensed istockphoto images

About us page/our vessel should be scrolling clickable gallery (updated via

Need additional Pages/Items:
1. Fishing Report PAGE / Blogs &gt; Use WordPress (blog)
2.Contact PAGE:
a. Google Map
b. Inquiry form
c. Address/phone/fax
d. Facebook / Linkedin/ Twitter (icons linked) – Also put social media
add/like/ on index page
3. Promotions page

Will be need additional Photo gallery and Video Album (will use YouTube)

Add newsletter form (index page) with Mailchimp API (newsletters) –
Add Current weather widget on index page
Need Twitter scrolling feed widget on main page
Sitemap – Google XML sitemap

Open to CMS suggestions but MUST be clean/simple and TEMPLATE/CSS Driven.

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