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Server Side Script To Get IP From Image Request


For an image hosted on server, I need a script that will
get info about the client when that image is requested in an html

Specifically, this script will:

1) Get the IP address of email reader. If they open in Outlook for example, ideally
want to get the current IP of where they opened. If they open in browser email, or gmail, etc.,
I understand that we will only get the IP of gmail and that is ok.

2) Would like any other info that is available:
– operating system
– brower
– time

3) Would like that info emailed immediately to a specified email address.

Essentially, I want to implment the equivalent of what does but
I want control over the image that is used.

Please indicate in your reply if there is any special server requirements that we will need.

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IPhone Aplication

I need the following modules / screens for a generic iPhone app. The idea is that there is a logo, front page menu that gets to these pages. Then the content and graphics are customized for each screen to fit the company.

the menu contains the following items:

* find my store
* opening hours information
* contact details
* facebook page display + integration
* twitter page display + integration
* rss news feed
* survey
* tell-a-friend

find-my-store-> opens Google maps, with a pin on the location of the store; maybe when you click the pin it opens up the standard extra info page and can take you to the "website" link through safari or something.
opening-hours -> just a nicely designed info page
contact details -> same as opening-hours, but has links to send an in-app e-mail / comment / etc.
facebook-integration -> i.e. a "like" button or something that puts a like to the companys facebook page
twitter-integration -> integration to post something about the company automatically under your twitter account
rss-feed -> some feed pages, this is a nested view, first to read the rss feed item list, then to go into further views reading each item; up/down buttons, etc.
survey->engine to ask multiple choice and free-text answers
tell-a-friend -> forward email with some pre-defined text info

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Need Some Research Done

Hi There
I need few excel sheets populated for some information.
1. I need some info in excel sheet about oscar/Golden globe/BAFTA winner movies and actors
2. I need info about filmfare/IIFA/Screen awards winner actors and movies
3. Need info about various football tournaments arranged day wise for 2011 and annually for next 4 years
4. Need info about various cricket series/tournaments arranged day wise for 2011 and annually for next 4 years
5. Need info about various tennis tournaments weekwise for 2011
6. Need to verify some information about festivals.
7. Need to prepare lists of contacts of advertising agencies, schools colleges and universities, advertising agencies, radios, TVs NGOs and software houses in Pakistan/India.

No escrow. Give us your best price as we will need a lot of work done. Will prefer having a deal on per unit basis.
Maira Sarfraz

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Virtual Audio Driver For Windows (XP, Vista, Win7) (repost)

Write a Virtual Audio Driver for Windows (addressed as VAD below). Must work under:

o Windows XP
o Windows Vista x32 AND x64
o Windows 7 x32 AND x64

The driver must appear as a normal Audio Output Device to Windows and any application. The
device must appear in Windows control panel – sound management and we should have the possibility to set it as default audio device. For Windows and any other application VAD should look like a real hardware driver and act like one.

Upon installation it should remember the previous default audio output device, and as its default behaviour should route all its input sound to the previous default audio device. It should notice if this device disappears or is replaced (for instance the computer gets a new audio card) and remember this incident(always just the last incident, not a history).

Basically VAD should get the input from an application and pass it directly to the former primary audio driver. This should happen with a minimum of strain on the CPU. VAD should be aware of what process is sending witch stream.

The VAD should have some API calls that can be addressed from other programs. The main call should be the possibility of hooking into the audio stream of a another program. Api calls should be protected by some sort of password mechanism, meaning that only applications that know that password or protection should be able to hook on the audio stream. Hooking on the audio stream means that the program gets to listen on the output of any given process but the stream flows further to the former primary audio driver too.

Source Code must be documented and Api calls will be documented by us upon accepting your bid.
Please do not bid for a DIRECT SHOW filter or similar solutions. We need this to be a proper System driver working in all those environments (keep in mind also 64 bit!)


Project will be executed as an Audio Filter Driver.
This Driver will be installable on Win XP32, Vista 32/64, Windows 7 32/64.

It will have the functionality described in the initial project, without the Hardware device tracking described.

It will allow to identify the stream source process.

It will implement the following API calls that can be called from a third party application (this is a part where we can be flexible, your input or suggestions are welcomed) :

int VAD_HookStream(*char passcode,int processid, *streamReaderFunc callback_func)

Hooks all streams from the process processid and feeds the data to the callback function callback_func
If processid is 0 then ALL the audio data is feeded to the callback function

Returns a handler

int VAD_UnHookStream (handler int)

Unhooks a previous callback related to that handle.
retuns -1 if handle was not found, 1 if successfull, 0 if error

int VAD_InfoStreams (*char passcode, stream_info* streamStruct)

Gets the information about current streams that flow through the VAD at that point.
stream_info is a dynamic array of structures in form of a pointer list; Return value is the number of stream_info structures;

struct stream_info
int processid; //process id
int starttime; // time stamp when the stream started
int bytecount; //how many bytes were streamed until now
[here we could add 2-3 other info variables. ]
*stream_info next_info; //pointer to the next infomation block. null pointer if its the //last

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Several Mods Needed For An OSCmax Ecommerce Website

1. Add dropdown menus for sorting by sizes, date added and prices to product listing page (index_products.tpl.php). Sorting by sizes has to be independent of other sorting methods and available size selections may not be the same depending on the categories selected.

2. Show total price amount and numbers of items added to the cart next to the My Cart navigation bar on the top right hand side of the website, i.e. My Cart(1) $20.00.

3. Need a crawler to keep my inventory in sync with the vendors. Each product of different colors and sizes from vendors website has its own unique attribute sku_id listed along with its price and quantity that we can extract and input to a csv file and then upload to the database where the existing table products_stock is used to control product quantity info of different attributes. I notice there are some web crawlers out in the market available for download, so I dont need anything more complicated than those. Any other better idea is also welcome.

4. Add option of view 80 per page to product listing page, currently only one option is allowed and is set to 20 via admin control panel.

5. Change the way search result is displayed. Current setting is one product per row, and I like to change it to 4 products per row just like the way products displayed on other pages.

6. Change the way color and size dropdown menu of product info page is displayed. Current setting will display i.e. "red" and "small" upon entry of the page and like it to be changed to "red" and "size", so customers will be forced to pick the right selection. Also, the available size selection should change accordingly with the color selected.

Some existing contributions might be helpful for this project:

Sort Products By Dropdown-

Quantity for Product Attributes Mod- – Since the total summary quantity does not automatically sync with the sum of attribute quanities, might need a way to reset the total quanitty, so no errors show from QTPro or Stock Report of admin control panel.

What I need for all the Mods except Mod #3 can be found from as reference.

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Website Rebuild (wordpress)


I am wanting to redevelop our website to a wordpress site, with a
similar look and functionality as it presently has (but better).

Not sure where to start and just looking for some sort of ball park.

The current site is a bit of a hack and extended so many times it
ended up being a bit of a mess, and the SEO it dreadful!

Basic requirements
– Mostly blog with the ability to categorise articles in multiple
– Simple online store to purchase subscriptions and back issues, we
want to later be able to add some other product to this section. This
also has a discount coupon. We want to use an intergrated paypal
gateway for this to help reduce our costs.

– As is (categories and listings of businesses)
– We want to make this better by being able to open listing and get
more info (photo galleries and videos, more text etc)
– Ability for companies listed to edit their listings by logging in

– Wed probably need to find a way of integrating this, rather than
re-doing, its pretty complex. But take a look and see what you think.
– may be good to set this up an another site, that we link to and
link back from???

I know this isnt much info, but should kick us off in the right
direction. Let me know if you have any Qs.

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Online Store

Need a simple online store with an easy to manage back end…

Must be designed to match the style of our existing website:

back end must have easy customer/order management

must use our existing psigate merchant account

easy to add products, images, etc.

easy to batch import and export all types of data (product info, customer info, order info)

batch import of coupon codes

SEO optimized URLs for each product page

must show examples of stores you have created

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Summary Info Best 100 Companies To Work For UK

I want to know who are the best 100 companies in the UK to work for in order of ranking. Not sure what the criteria are, could do with a summary. a list of all is required with a few bullets on top 10 and there industry sector.

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100 Backlinks Needed.


I need 100 backlinks for the website The links must be quality links on reputable sites.

The site is in Greek so I have provided a brief description of the site below. I will need evidence of previous work done before we can continue.

Site description:
Computerra is a Training Center in Nicosia, Cyprus. We provide training for students, adults and companies. We teach Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Internet, Email and Windows 7. We also provide specialized lessons for AutoCAD, Photoshop, PHP programming and SEO. Other lessons we teach are Accounting and Typing.
We prepare our students for the exams ICT Europe KEBE Intermediate and Master, LCCI Accounting 1st Level, 2nd Level and 3rd Level. We also teach the GCE A Level Applied ICT (9713).

I would like the links to be placed on sites relevant with teaching, or relevant to the subjects we teach.

Full evidence of the links and sites place will be necessary.

Thank you

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Ebay Templates Needed

I currently sell on ebay and my listing description template needs a new look. Im looking for someone to design a new template (2 versions, same layout, just different colors for 2 selling accounts). Listings are fairly simple, description area, shipping info area, payment info area, 2-4 pictures (is it possible to do a light box or zoom effect?) and a banner across the top.

Please submit examples of similar work.

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Info At – French And English

Write articles for the site in both French and English that relate to top stories happening in Cameroon or concerning Cameroon. Send them on weekly bases and the number will depend on pricing per article.

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PHP Form Pass Info From One URL To Another URL

I have a website with product information on it on its own URL – I need to pass that info to another website URL.

Email for more details.

I need this done ASAP – I will pay more if you can get it done today.

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IPhone App

We are looking to create an iPhone App for Motorcycling sports in Australia.

The App should include the following features:
1. Events
2. Results – These may be provided as a "Live" .xml feed and should be considered as such
3. Club Locator and Venue Locations (both should show how to get there using google maps)
4. Data capture field and signup for email newsletter
5. Newsfeed via RSS
6. Social Media integration (Facebook & Twitter API understanding is a must)
7. Videos will be available to view
8. Ability to forward documents via email
9. Specific racing track info, event calendar & map
10. Info Button (displaying text info)
11. Splash page

We have access to all the content that will be required.

We are looking for a developer that will work on our Melbourne timezone.

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Basic Membership Type Website

Hi, I need a website for a mountain bike group where we can share photos and info about our
bikes. The Site would consist of only about 3 or 4 pages. This will involve some basic design
work and CSS, PHP, mysql work.

All pages should follow the same format of Banner/logo in the left and Adsense on right. this can be done according to your design discression, whatever is easiest. Fill the logo with a test banner and i will insert my own logo once it has been created. The page should also have a footer which can be used for links and copyright. Please provide place holders for these.

Site will consist of:
Start page – login/sign up, display randon photo/info from database

Singup page – username, password, email etc. After sign up redirect to create/edit bike info.

Create/edit bike info page – After a member has signed up or logged in, they can go to this page to upload a photo of their bike and information about componentry. Need to be able to create multiple bikes ie one for Mountain bike 1, bike 2, bike 3 etc. There will be 1 image and up to 10 fields per bike. These fields should be optional. Where the field is blank, it should not be displayed on the view page. These fields need to be set up in a way where i can edit the title or add more feilds if required. I can do this through the code & myphpadmin as long as it is commented well.

After a user has set up their info and saved they should be redirected to the View page for their info where thay can copy the url to email.
Publish to twitter and facebook is also required.
Delete account is required

Basically this view page should display the infomation from the database depending on the user id entered.
After a user has signed up, i would like them to be able to email a link to their info. Ideally this would be in the format of or something similarly simple. This view page should display this persons bikes in a tabbed interface (or similar) where the persons first bike is diplayed and then the person viewing can scroll or click accross to the next one. This page would also need to display an additional Google Adsense banner.

i am flexible as to the design. i am looking for a clean easy layout, prefereable editable through CSS.

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Data Entry – Approx. 150 Products To OpenCart Shop

We have approximately 150 products to be added to an existing online shop built on the OpenCart platform, each of which is well organized in a folder structure that contains Word documents with the product info (description, title, pricing) and images. Just need someone who can create and assign the products to their appropriate categories, and you will be provided with all info & login credentials to use the simple point-and-click administration system. Ideally looking for 2-3 day turnaround…

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Modify Google Base Feed (SQL Query) In Volusion

We are currently exporting our Google Base product data manually in Volusion. I would like to create a Saved Export with all the required columns and fields as required by Google.
Volusions Google Product Query only pulls the basic product info, i want to add all our already formatted columns to this query plus strip out all the uneccesary info from this query for $60

I would prefer a provider with some Volusion backend experience.

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TV Website Design

Im looking for a website front-end design. This is for a new IPTV project that has not been launched yet but needs to be shown very soon.

The colors/graphics need to be vivid and look extremely professional. Again, the key aspect of this project is being very attractive.

Im not looking excessively for the scripting features in terms of validating subscribers into database, etc. Instead I need a clean website designed with a template structure (includes for header, footer, menus, etc). For example, if I need to add a menu option, I want to be able to add in one file and this be used site wide.

The following pages should be available:

– Home
– a welcome institutional page, including a "soon" overlap stamp (layer to be removed later)
– How to get
– this is about how they can get our signal. It will be a page with the options how we offer the streaming
– Subscribe
– basically a page where they can start their enrolment. A simple form submit, store on the MDB and say thank you will be sufficient
– TV Schedule
– a navigation on channels and programs (EPG). Should be flash-based, and get the info through an XML link from a database. Its a calendar/hourly set, whereas horizontal lines are the channels, and vertical columns are the 30-min intervals with a mark when passing on 12pm, and day mark on 12am. You should submit the code accessing only an MDB file with sample info.
– Channels
– the list of channels we will carry
– Corporate page
– About Us
– Investors
– IPTV News
– Contact Us
– support email
– media relations

Also, when the subscriber is logged into the system (don

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Inventory Management – Amazon, Ebay, Volusion, CSE’s

We want an in house software written for us which has the same basic functions as channel advisor. We want a central database where we can put our product info, prices, stock etc. We want the ability to send our product info, prices, and stock amounts to either amazon, ebay, our volusion store, or one of the many CSEs through our central database.

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Spirit Board Iphone App

I wish to make a spirit board iphone app, I have designed the interface and just need a coder to put it together and make it work,

the idea is for the user to touch and drag the pointer and hold it over a letter, yes or no or numbers and have whatever they hold it over for a few seconds appear in the label above the spirit board, there will also be an info screen for important information and a clear button for clearing the label

I am happy to provide any more info you require.

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Installing And Modifying OsCommerce With Template

I am expert in Joomla, but due the time, I dont have time to look into osCommerce.
I need a coder, who can do this work as a future partnership work.

I will buy this template

and I know they offer installation for 49 usd, but if you can get that by install the script and the installation of the template.

The work contains:

Install of oscommerce script with the template.
Some small modification of the template
Need paypal checkout, so its important they know how to add paypal checkout, where the address and price include when they checkout.
When they registere first time, all the info about the buyer should be placed on the database, so they can retrieve the information by entering e-mail adr or any other info it when they buy next time.
I also need to know how to add categories, sub categories, price and product picture also need it to know how to chance it.
Also discout of % when they buy a lot of things, like you see on the template.

The most of the modules should be integrated so I dont think that there will be much work

The cheapest and with the best skills will be chooshen.


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New Interactive Flash Website


I need a highly creative freelancer with great illustration and animation skills
to design and develop a flash website for me that will feature intricate interactivity with users.

Website will have illustrations drawn and animated.

An admin cms panel to edit the content and images, embed videos etc

Email subscription.

More info will be provided to the right freelancer.

Budget cannot exceed: $500

if you can do it for that price or less then i can provide you with more work

Only providers with positive feedback will be reviewd.

More info will be provided to freelancer about the project


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Autosports Racing Website

I have just bought a flash template but my flash knowledge is not enough for it. Mentioned template can be found here:
I will provide the info & pictures (along with necessary editing) myself, but I will need you to input it in the template.
Also I will need an interface so that further uploading of shopping items and gallery pictures will be easy to do.
I think thats it, please do not hesitate to ask any more info.

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Website For Japan Relief – Not For Profit

This is what functionalities needed in website

Japan relief people need a website very urgently

Help Japan

Search for missing/ friends or relatives – Basic Search Functionality

Enter your info.
First Name
Middle Name
Last Name

Table1: Concerned_Person /Parents/ family/friends


Looking for
Enter missing relative or friend info – Basic Search functionality
First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Facebook page
Contact Number for your self
Last Information recieved – Txt Box

Table2: Missing_Person

Tabs/ Links for
1. Donation – Paypal Integration. / Checks Address.
2. Event section – Create An Event/ delete an Event/ Time/ Day/ Place/ Donations
3. Discussion section(forum)
4. Admin Section
5. Important Links
6. About US – About your organisation.
7. Items being collected for donation.
1:28 PM

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Get Contact Info Of Cooking/recipe Blogs

We manufacture an all natural sweetener that is a replacement for sugar. This is called Xylitol and is the same sweetness as sugar and is also the same consistency. Therefore many people are using it as a replacement for sugar in baking, and in recipes where they would normally use sugar.

We want to get a huge list with the email address/contact info of all recipe and cooking blogs in north america.

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Android Application For A Restaurant

I need an android application to display the menu and place orders for my restaurant.
In my spare time I developed a Web based application but I need it on the Android platform, which I lack the skills to do it myself.

The specification and design processes of the app are already done, only the coding is needed.

The app can be divided in 2 parts: front-end (the menu display, what the customer sees) and the back-end (the admin panel with orders and a control panel to update the menu)

Front end:

– It is like a photo gallery or slideshow (similar to the default photo view app) where all the dishes are shown.
– On the center the main image for the selected dish.
– On the top will be a category menu (first plates, meat, fish, desserts, drinks, etc…)
– On the bottom the thumbnails for the different dishes of the category selected.
– On the right side a Info button, when pressed a small window or tab pops with info about the dish.
– On the left side a menu to place the order.

Back end:

– Control panel to update the images, categories and info.
– Control panel to manage the orders.

A developer with android app development experience and examples is required.
A detailed blueprint with the full specification and design will be given.

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New Cpa Website Looking For A Gateway Code

We have a start-up cpa network and require a fully functioning content locker/gateway (on the hasoffers platform –;

A content locker similar to this: Here are a couple other examples:,

Essentially, the content locker/gateway locks the content underneath it until an offer is completed (as listed inside the gateway). Once an offer is completed it is reported back to the network, the network then awards the publisher for the lead and the gateway is notifed to unlock/vanish off the page, revealing the content. The platform has an open API and postback system that allows for this type of behaviour. The first link ( is an example of a gateway functioning on the hasoffers platform and exactly what were looking for.

As is normal with coding projects, we will need it as quickly as possible. If youre not certain you can complete the project quickly and effectively, please message me first and DO NOT bid.

Were good to work with and will have a lot more of this type of work (php coding and javascript), so this could certainly lead to ongoing projects.

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Edit WordPress Plugin For Me

I want to use a WP directory plugin and add a customization.
I want this done in 1-2 days.

Here is the plugin I want to use: [REMOVE STARS]


Here is how it looks default when installed:
yello**** and

Here is how I want mine to look but because my theme has a sidebar I only want 6 people per page [2 across/3 down]
(Notice when you click photo you see more info): charlotte****

I want mine to have Icons like here:

My front end boxes will have little information with most information being on the second page in order to prompt signups to see the directory info. Would like smooth AJAX when changing pages
That is all.

I want done asap and will pay $30 – $50 to edit this plugin.

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Simple Data Entry For USA Only.

I need someone who is very good with typing and filling forms and must be from the America.
i will give more information like the categories and what kind of info to put in the form and where to get the info from once bidding starts.
And exact details will be given to the winner for the bids.

Pls bid and tell me in ur pm what is the price for exactly ie. how much work can u do for that price.
Bids are base on fix price for this 1 time project.

Looking for someone who can start immediately

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Find Addresses From Given URL

I need you to find addresses, phone and fax numbers, and ideally email addresses for 787 companies which I have the URLs of.

Those info should be organized into an Excel worksheet (see attached / missing info are in yellow cells). Most of those companies are French exhibitors for a French tradeshow which has taken place in Paris last year.

Test: please search the info for the companies "abelium collectivites" and "acs-production" (I will not reply to your offer without a successful test).

Future: I will have an increasing amount of those data to be completed. If I am happy with your output, I will send you those projects on a regular basis. Thanks.

Good luck to you all!

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WordPress Plugin Simple Structure (6 Fields)

The plugin should be very simple as it will only be used to list people. Sort of like a directory.
It should use AJAX so no need for page reloading on searches.

Just want to list their: I will enter all this info manuall for each person.

Image (That should auto re-size when uploaded)
Phone Number
Website / Email
Radio Station (Call letters e.g. WXYZ) that are hyper-linked to radio station website
Social Networks (Hyperlinked Icons to Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, MySpace)

This should be completed in 1-2 days and should work with any theme.
This will be on the home age of the theme so it needs to be very attractive and modern looking.

Should be 6 people per page and able to categorize.
User should see the picture and name of the person but not be able to access their
info without signing up on my Getresponse Signup Form or being a Facebook fan.. (whichever you can do).
After confirmation link is clicked to verify email, the info they want to see will be emailed to them.

High bids will be ignored and not responded to.

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More Info:

This is for adult webcam live modeling. You will be online LIVE on your CAM broadcasting across our network to PAYING customers. If you have ANY experience I NEED YOU NOW! If you have NO experience, I NEED YOU NOW!

More info:



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