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3rd Website Needed


Need this website to be very similar to this site above. You may need to go thru to get authorization etc. to prepare same offer.

If cant get the same offer from will need to go thru to get the similar offer via or

(Please only contact or bid on site design if you understand cpa offers and approvals)

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Online Auction Website Needed

I want to start an online auction business in a niche market (collectables) but have no experience of website design apart from using templates. I would like it to be run along the same lines as Ebay i.e. photos of items, bidding facility, feedback etc.

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Easy Job/ Stylish Website Needed

Hi, I am looking for a talented web designer/developer to produce a stylish website for my therapy services

These are the pages

Contact Page
About therapies

I would also like to see examples of your work, thanks

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Website Needed ( Like)

We need website similar to

*****************************************************************************************************************************************Russian Programmers & Web Graphic Designers from Novosibirsk or Moscow (MFTI, MGU) are preferred and may receive part-ownership in the business + cash + overseas business visas. A team will be later required to support this project and grow exposure


1. System of with perfect back-end. There are many scripts out there that could be used as a base – and that you can get for $99 – you may use these basic existing scripts ONLY if you know how (!!) to make additional features and check existing script for weaknesses and warez.

2. Payment type – All available online payments in Russia (webmoney, yandex money, cyberplat, Paypal etc. SMS payment integration)

3. Social network integration: 3 Russian Social Networks –,, and 3 Global socials (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook).

4. Multilingual support.

5. Must be visible who is online

6. Russian language skill is mandatory.

7. Graphic design and categories to be included. The home design is in Russian.

8. After the site is completed, need to create categories and upload 100 different jobs as a test on this site, similar to

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A Complete Holiday Website Needed Hotel And Car Reservations

I need a holiday website needed where we can book cars and reserve hotel rooms and stuff. I need complete reservation website with reservation engine.

If you have already done it and have it ready to show me only then bid.

I will not entertain a bid that will tell me to make it from scratch

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Website Needed

Need a simple website, more of an online store.

The graphic doesnt have to be very complicated.
The website it will have around 8-10 pages.

More information after bidding.
Waiting for your bids.

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Website Needed

I need a website to sell some services. It is going to be a simple website with a front page that shows the few products and a login for on top. I will also need a page where the user sets their account up. I will need three product pages and a cart to keep up with the purchases and obviously a checkout page. along with the normal terms and FAQ page.

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High Quality Directory Website Needed

I need a similar design and functional website that is like and website with an ajax searchable marketplace directory.


– Users Registration.

– Relevance Search

– Advert statics

– image uploads

– Ajax and Web 2.0 features throughout the site including forms and form validation

– Coded in PHP with MySQL database

– Tableless HTML layout with clean CSS

– Template based HTML seperated from PHP code

– Payment integration via PayPal PayFlow with recurring billing

– email tracking stats for advertisers

– Automatic thumbnail generation for publisher listings

– Administrative portal for management of the site

– Email functionality for system notifications, publisher-2-advertiser & admin-2-users

– Automatic Website metrics for publisher listings including the following:

Alexa rank
RSS subscribers bookmarks
Google page-rank
Twitter followers
Facebook page likes
Yahoo inbound-links
Technorati rank
Techmeme rank

I will take full ownership of all code and copyrights.

ONLY experienced programmers (with work examples) that know how to write clean, well organized (and commented) code! Please provide any similar working examples of your work that is directly related to this task!

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Simple Website Needed

I need a simple website with 4 pages

1 Home
2 Infomation Page
3 Infomation Page
4 Contact Us

I have a low budget for this project and would require 2 updates on the website in the future.

Sucessfull bidders will be contact for other website in future.

Many thanks

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Video Subscription Website Needed

I am seeking a web designer for the following project:

Free Portion of the site consists of 260 articles initially that are grouped in one of twenty . The site should allow the user to be able to add content in a general section that is google friendly. The designer should have an intimate understanding of how to design the website (creating the requisite matrix) so that it is searchable via google.

Subscription video site – 300 videos comprosing lengths of approximately twenty minutes each. All of the videos are on an external hardrive and must be compressed. The videos need to have a watermark. Subscribers to the video portion will have six hours to access the videos and will be charged a fee per video OR an unlimited fee. Subscribers will have an option to print a PDF file in the event that they have access to the video. The PDF can only be printed not saved and the PDF can only be printed while the user has access to the video.

ecommerce – the site have ecommerce capability

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10 Articles 500 Words

I need to have 10 articles written with the following criteria:

1) Articles need to be at least 500 words
2) Articles need to be original with proper grammar
3) Make sure you use the keyword in Title
4) Articles shouldnt be repetitive and must not seem like you are just trying to build up words across the articles
5) Dont use the URLs in between the articles.
6) Dont promote others website in the articles.
7) Articles need to be informative.
8) Articles should give valuable information to the reader

I will provide the keywords that need to be used to the winning bidder, but the general topic is about watching tv online.

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Prize Draw Website Needed!


I require a website building for a prize draw site.

The item featured as the ultimate prize is of high value and users will be required to register details, answer a simple multi choice question and pay a fee for entry into the competition.

For example the prize may be a car, so I will need Admin capabilities to be able to upload photographs, video and descriptions of the prize.

I would also like the ability to create new web pages from the Admin area i.e. terms and conditions, special offers etc.

The inclusion of a WordPress blog is also required.

Summary of web pages:

Current Prizes
Prize description and Features
Contact us
User account
Admin area

Summary of Function
Upload details of prize
Set either minimum entries required or time limit
Set questions and link multi choice answers

Sites for comparison are:

Please note that our budget for this initial build is no more than £400. However, an ongoing relationship for development and support will be needed once the project is complete.

Look forward to your response.

Kind Regards

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I need you to do a website for me same as my requirements are more or less the same and I need to know you can undertake the project and finish it from start to end.

I need to add paypal payments pro in that as I will charge the user to signup and there will be a monthly subscription.
There will be many landing pages made for this website so people coming from different traffic sources will see different landing pages.

If you can do it only then bid. I would prefer to work with individuals.

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Website Needed For What’s On Directory

Need clean website design for a whats on style website. Usual amount of pages needed, such as home, contact, site map, basic page, template for other pages. Two-columns preferred for all pages other than home page.

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We need someone familiar with both UPS and Fex Exs API. We mostly do repairs, so the customer needs to ship their item to us initially. I want them to be able to pay and print a shipping label from the website. I also need information updated in our ticketing system( name, address, phone, and tracking number) during this process.

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Website Needed – New Concept

Need a new website created. This will be for a custom web application for the music industry. Please PM me for details.

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Simple Website Needed.

I am looking to start up a new project and I need someone that can make a website for me. It is not going to be very complicated. I would need 1-3 with a nice design and some textboxes, with a form so that my customers can sign up for a service I will be offering. I would also like help with the setup of the webhotel of your choice (preferably something cheap) and the buying of a suitable domain name.

Thank you.

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Small Law Firm Website Needed

HI I would like to put a website together for my new law firm. I need a nice website with 5 pages total including the home page. Please show me any past law firm websites you have designed, or mock-ups of what I can expect. My budget is less than $100 USD.

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Custom Group Buying Website Needed

Im trying to put together yet another site thats similar to the famous group buying websites out there.

It has some custom features in addition to all the standard features that a fully developed group buying site normally has. Here is a list of the normal features of group buying softwares out there:

Im going to need to use either custom code, or possibly already packaged software for this, but its going to be incredibly important that it can be customized to work just for us.

I am looking for a web developer for a long term relationship in regards to this project.

If you want to bid on this project here is the steps you must follow

1. Provide me samples of your OWN work, NOT READY SCRIPTS
2. If your job is interesting, we will contact you via PM and provide you some (2-3) customs futures we need
3. show us demo with these customs futures we need to proof your Programming/coding skills
4. provide you the full project.
5. Revise your bid if you want
6. Win the project

Best regards and good luck!

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Event Ticketing/Booking Website Needed

I am looking to have a website designed that will need the following features:

-Event Ticketing (User have capability to sell tickets to their event)
-Venue Search/Book Capability (Similar to Hotel Search/Book)
-Event Calendar
-User Login & Venue Login

I am looking for a clean layout. I am ready to get started as soon as possible.


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Custom Group Buying Website Needed

Im trying to put together yet another site thats similar to the famous group buying websites out there.

It has some custom features in addition to all the standard features that a fully developed group buying site normally has. Here is a list of the normal features of group buying softwares out there:

Im going to need to use either custom code, or possibly already packaged software for this, but its going to be incredibly important that it can be customized to work just for us.

I am looking for a web developer for a long term relationship in regards to this project.

If you want to bid on this project here is the steps you must follow

1. Provide me samples of your OWN work, NOT READY SCRIPTS
2. If your job is interesting, we will contact you via PM and provide you some (2-3) customs futures we need
3. show us demo with these customs futures we need to proof your Programming/coding skills
4. provide you the full project.
5. Revise your bid if you want
6. Win the project

Best regards and good luck!

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Completion Of Deal Website – Needed In 2 Days

Looking for a developer with excellent English and communication skills to complete a website almost exactly like groupon. Must be able to complete the website in 2 days, starting tomorrow/Friday, and be available to work this weekend.

Please confirm your availability in your response as well as indicate your experience with PHP, MySQL and Ajax, including examples of your work, both front-end and back-end (Admin panel). If you can provide a reference we can contact, that will be looked on very favorably.

Example/primary issues on the bug list include updating text of system-generated emails, adding facebook login/like buttons, changing the displayed deal picture size in several places, updating text throughout the site, and updating information shown on a generated report.

I will send suitable candidates the complete bug list and you can revise your bid at that point if you need to. We are mainly concerned with getting the site completed accurately and quickly.

We have other related projects (increasing functionality of the site, etc.) that we can use you for if we like your work.

Thank you for your time.

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Gaming Website Needed

I want a site that can be a nice looking template something as close to the info will all be the same and I will provide the links as they will be different. It is very important that there is a back-end where I can edit this info easily.

It would be best if I can have something up EXTREMELY fast but if it needs to take some time I understand. Please if I award this ASAP give me your time line in your bid.

The name of the new site is yet to be determined, but will decide shortly.

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Bespoke Website Needed

I need a bespoke website built. Its basically a website for a certain particular sport and its a way to innovate the way in which people within the sport communicate. The website will basically consist of people been able to register for membership to the website. upon gaining membership, they get the access to communicate with fellow peers on the message boards. There will be three message boards that will be accessed by the two different kinds of jobs within the sport. One type will be able to post what they are looking for on one main board and the other are able to bid and provide their opinion of who to put forward to the actual posting. The other boards will basically consist of the same kind of thing.
The website will need to be easy and straight forward to use and its not a complicated website but it will need to be built to the specks I need it to be.
Milestones will be set and full payment incorporated within the milestones.
Its not about the website been finished quickly but done properly.
I will also need eventual full access of website including database and banner control.

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Group Buying Website Needed


I am looking for a website developer to build a group buying website or to use a existing template similar to however it will only need to be for one city.

The website must have 5 main pages
Todays Deal
Past Deals
How it works
Refer your friends
Feature your business

The deal should show: Deal title, price, value, savings%, time left. minimum order number, deal on/ number of purchasers required for deal to be on, deal info, terms of deal and deal highlights.

Payment for the deal will need to be split so that a percentage will go to the business and we will keep a percentage. Payment will only need to be processed when each deal meets the min number of buyers.

Users should also be able to log onto the account through facebook and share the deal through social networking sites.

The site should also include a referal program where if people refer there friends, they get credit for the site.

The site must be visually appealing. You are to provide all graphics including the logo.

I would like to see a demo of the site before purchase.

Please send me links to similar sites you have created and state your price and timeframe to complete.

I look forward to hearing from you

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Money Making Adsense Website Needed

Am looking for a adsense ready profitable website or blog to be developed that makes $300-$400 per month.

I can get the domain and web hosting myself, or may choose to use a free website or blog.
but domain name should be suggested by you as per the content of the website.
You will be responsible for writing the SEO optimized content, fully configuring and updating the website.
Site must follow the following :
– Contain unique content
– Must be original and SEO applied
– SEO Marketing as required
– Must earn $10 – $20/day for 3 days
– Any niche except adult, Pharma, violence, gambling & not acceptable sites
– All copyrights will be assigned to me in writing
– Must contain related images to niche topic
– Design must be neat and light background
– Unique organic traffic (no bots or traffic buy sites)
– Must Be Adsense optimized
– you have to make Google adsense account for me because i dont have one. also,
Bidder can suggest what other accounts required to make more money from the site if needed.
I will pay the amount of bid only after I see constant income in my adsense account.
I will hold the payment for 45 days until we are sure. No partial payments done. When project gets finish, you will be paid in full.
The bidder should consider the following points:

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Simple Videography Website Needed

Two of us are starting a small videography company and are looking to launch a Web site soon. We want a very basic, clean and fast web site. We want it to look a bit new-age and edgy, yet elegant at the same time.

We have some design concepts already sketched out that we will talk about more in-depth with the selected designer.

We have the logo in the works and all of the content already written. We would need about 7-8 pages in total (home page, about us, contact, non-profit, commercial, wedding, photography) But the pages will visually look basically the same, just with different written content. Aside from some text and photos, we will mainly use the website for embedding HD videos from vimeo.

We prefer a CMS interface so its easy for us to update. Again, we dont need anything fancy, just a clean, spacious, edgy, elegant, fast-loading site. The site can even be a modified WP theme or something youve already used and have in the bag just updated and modified

Pay will be based on experience/talent/timeliness. Also, it will be base pay, not an hourly or by-page fee. We will want the site done within a few weeks, and you will receive half your payment up front and the other half upon completion. Im going to choose the designer who is the most talented/creative/affordable and who follows directions.

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Website Needed For Garment Manufacturer

I currently have launched my own garment business and would like a website and online store to launch in the near future. I have pulled up a few websites that I have found appealing, but would need a bit of a mix of the two:

The site would need some functionality to let people input their measurements through drop down menues one website that I have seen that does this well is here:

However, I would not need that much detail or steps as that is too much. I have had websites built before but not with a customizable feature. Please let me know your thoughts!

Thank you

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Advanced Website Needed

Hi. Needing website for my company (car dealership). Want it to be original and nice looking. Can you do it?


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Photography Website Needed


I need a website created for my instant print picture taking business for Barbados.
The website needs to have a great concept and clean crisp layout. It has to be visually appealing with easy to read text placements.
The website will mainly be for our main service which is that our workers take long lasting memories pictures of you on the beach, jetsking, surfing, snorkelling, fishing etc in Barbados and we instantly print the pictures you want there and then within a few minutes but then when they get home and also may want to order more prints, they can just come to the website, input a code which will be giving to them when the pictures are taken and see all the pictures we have taken of them so they can purchase online.
We would also need you to devise a way in which we can take the pictures we took of the whole day of many different people but then upload them so that they go into different sections as we dont want people seeing pictures of other people.
The website needs to hold many pictures that we take and then we can easily upload them so that they are in a database so that when a client goes to the site, they can input their code that the camera man will give to them (maybe name or code) so that they can just see only their pictures and not others and then they can order to buy.
the website also needs to promote our instant print business so that businesses in barbados can hire us to come and take pictures for them.

I took some pictures that could be used and incorporated into the site but a graphics designer will be needed to make the pictures look better and right.

Full content, Pictures, company logo, etc will be provided to work with. We are looking for an individual, holiday and organic look and feel.

Please include links to examples of your work.

Thank you

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