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Website Scrape And Post – Minor Changes

Real rush job needs done in 24 hours pretty simple to do – take information on our existing site make some changes and post entire site on our new domain – information is provided in attachment.

Bidders should be super fast accurate and have experience of this type of job.

Budget is $30 payment will be made as soon as new site is up correctly.

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Internet Research

I need contact information found on the internet. This project begins with accessing a website link to gather initial contact information. From that link, you will follow another link to gather email addresses for the contacts that you gathered from the first link. The initial link will be provided by me to the Freelancer that is awarded the project. All contact and email address information will be entered to an Excel spreadsheet that is provided by me as well.

You will access about 2,000 websites for the initial information and about 1,000 websites to capture the email addresses not found on the first link. No passwords are required, the information is public and is readily available the vast majority of the time. The total number of "contact records" will be about 28,000. Each "contact record" will contain about16 to 24 fields. I prefer a price per contact information. For example: $0.02 per contact with all required information or $1.00 per 50 contacts with all required information. Along with the Excel spreadsheet, the Freelancer that is awarded the project will receive specific step by step instructions from me.

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Information Architect/UX Designer

Information Architect/UX Designer
Hourly Rate: £40 – £50

Spring Digital is a full-service digital agency that provides concept to creation of digital projects for SME clients across London. Founded in 2001 we have built, managed and promoted over 600 websites and continue to help clients to achieve more online.

We are looking for a dynamic, ambitious, enthusiastic freelance Information Architect who has strong business acumen and the ability to understand and appreciate a wide range of business models. Excellent strategic skills; and knowledge of usability, accessibility and industry standards/best practices

Responsibilities will include research and planning of websites, from simple brochureware sites through to large ecomms and complex web apps. Capturing and analyzing website & project requirements, developing user personas, user scenarios and user journeys.
You will map process flow throughout a site or app, conceptualise and wireframe user interfaces and using a range of tools you will create and develop site wireframes, prototypes and, where appropriate, storyboards.

You will have at least 1-2 years experience of information architecture and/or UX design
You are able work under pressure to very tight deadlines, with a strong focus on achieving client satisfaction
You can work methodically, accurately and can articulate my ideas and concepts to clients and colleagues alike
You understand how websites are built and maintained, especially those built on WordPress, Drupal, Magento
You have a good level of experience and understanding of the Axure, Google Analytics and Google Optimiser tools.
You are eligible to work in the UK

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Virtual Assistant With Ability To Copy-Paste And Photo Edit

I seek a person with a high attention to detail and after reading over the requirements a desire to want to work directly with me. While new with freelancer I have worked with another well known website for years and have been in business for over 25 years. I am looking for someone who will help me become more efficient as my primary goal.

This is a full time permanent position. If you have the skills required and would like to have steady stable work we should find out if this will be a good fit.

I need multi-task virtual assistant, with a lot of copy-pasting, basic image editing, simple content layout
You must be able to work with Remote Desktop, have high speed internet, computer and be able to be focused with the task at hand while on the clock.

Software that will be needed includes but is not limited to:
The gimp ( free) photo editing or other that will be just as efficient at cropping screenprints from the web (The ability to effectively and efficiently crop a screen print will be require before starting as this is one of the biggest components of this job)
Spreadsheet program excel
Internet explorer or firefox (with a very high degree of ability)
An HTML WYSIWYG editor to layout content
Remote desktop
Google documents
FTP program (your choice)

You will be given a list of items and criteria to source information about.
Usually you will go to up to four websites to gather information and pictures about the items.
You will need to be able to take screenprints and edit the prints to create images of pictures / information
You will be uploading images that you create into a server via FTP
You will be entering information found from the websites into a spreadsheet to analyze
You will enter information found from the websites and lay it out as instructed into an HTML editing program so that it will be ready to be posted to the net for public viewing.

I need someone that can write FLUENT American English, with proper grammar and spelling. This is a requirement due to technical terms used. The ability to find RELATED items and understanding the content is required. Being able to speak English is a plus but I expect we will mostly communicate via chat.

While not required the ability to supervise and manage others will be a big plus for someone that would like to take a management roll and eventually be in charge of others.

In my hope to get the highest quality candidate I am willing to have a starting time as late as 5PM Chicago time (regardless of daylight savings time this is the latest that will work for me)
Hours of work needed after trial period and training (about 20-30 days) is a starting time of 2 to 5 pm and an ending time of 10pm to 2 am Chicago time Sun-Thur (you may pick the starting time of either 4 or 5pm). Weekends should be available to work IF YOU WANT but are not required. A minimum of 30 hours will be needed. If you need one or two days off a month that is fine but I really need someone that will typically be available five days a week.

NOTE: Please bid any amount you want for the first 80 hours of work which will include the training period. I would expect that the training will take about a week or less to start out with and then ongoing training to get you up to full speed.

The pay after the first 80 hours is $2 per hour. We will review the progress after five months to decide on a pay increase to take effect at the start of six months and then will move to $2.10 to $2.25 per hour depending on the quality of work. We will repeat the process of review every six months.

I look forward to working with you and hope this will be a mutually satisfying experience. Please include a resume or your qualifications and the word kaizen with your information to show that you have read this and your attention to detail.

Included is a representative of the work that will be expected

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Joomla Website Bug Fixes

We have a couple of bug fixes in our JOOMLA website at

1) We want to be able to customize the listing of the real estate agents that display on the right

We want to be able to choose who is first and who is second

2) There is an "asterisk" that shows up only when the size of the unit is entered –

This USED to display a warning when the square footage was entered – but now, we just want to remove the "*" and instead, ALWAYS display the following text on the bottom of every listing

Square footage and other information has been received from third party sources. Such information has not been, and will not be, verified by Climb Real Estate Group. If important to buyers, this information must be verified by buyers own investigation.

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Customized Testing Site

The website that Im looking for would be a testing center. The center would consist of myself creating test and my clients or employers in ministering those test to job candidates. The test will be for pre-employment basis. The test would be skills test behavioral test and general knowledge test. The way the process would go is as follows. I would create test and allow my clients to use the test to evaluate their job candidates. The job candidates who answer the questions correctly would be submitted to the employers the job candidates who answer the questions incorrectly would automatically be deleted. Employers would log in to my job board and post job ads and through an API the employer would be able to attach text from the testing center. When a job candidate wants to apply for the job they would have to take the test in order to have their resume submitted to the employer. So, the job candidate would log on to the website see a job that they would like to apply for click the apply button it would ask them to fill out basic information and upload the resume once they hit the submit button and it would ask them to take the test from the testing center. The test would be pre-determined by the employer. Once they take test, it would recognize the candidates who qualified for the position and those who have not. The qualified candidates information will be sent to the employer. The non-qualified candidates information will be recorded and the candidate will receive an e-mail saying that they did not qualify for the position. All qualified candidates will be ranked based on their qualifying score highest score will be placed at the top lowest qualifying score would be placed at the bottom. All of the results would be available at the testing center for the employer to review.

Roles and responsibilities
My role as the administrator is to update the test and input test.

Employers roles
Would have access to the test as well as request changes to the test and input their own proprietary information. Each employer would have their own unique ID and password allowing them access to their account only.

Job candidates would log in to the testing center with a unique ID provided by the employer or through a link specific for the test and take the test.

Quiz type would be written and optional. Typing test as well.
Similar URL;

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VB Application To Edit Data From Excel File

Project Description

Bring data from Input file, edit information in fields and save back to Output file.

Have search option to call data from input file. Search value will be only use for to find from "ProductNo" column. So we will call the data using ProductNo.
Once we hit the search, system will bring all the information for that line, column headers are as field name and editable text boxes where the data from input brought. We will edit the information in text fields and then click on save and system will save the new information to next available row in "output" file in the same column header order in input file.

Why we need this?

We often change the information about products and we have to do it on this input excel file. It is very confusing and tiring to do it with scrolling up and down , right and left through rows. So we need this application where it will show all the information orginized in 1 page where we can edit the data from cells.

There are 90 column headers for each product, so for this application it will be hard for to make all column headers visible in 1 page. So lets make most important column headers data at the top side of the page.

Most common used fields / column headers data from input file;


All the rest of column headers data less used so they can be bottom of the page.

Please remember, application will not make any changes on input file. It will only read data from input file. Adjusted data will be saved to next available row in output file.

Input file is CSV ( comma separated ) output file must be also same CSV format.

Sorry for my poor english. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Attachments are sample files. In real input file there are much more products but all column headers are always same.

**When you bid please explain how you want to do the application otherwise your bid will be disregarded.
**Full payment will be done only after final delivery.

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Article Writing From Videos

Hi Freelancers,

Im looking to outsource a writing job which includes writing of 60 articles.

We will provide you with access to a User Interface where you can find 15 minute long videos about real estate investing and other similar sort of niches what we would like you to rewrite.

So let me break it down again –

1) Access the webportal
2) Start viewing videos
3) Write 40 articles based on the information you got from there
4) Write 20 articles of reviews about a person(The name we will give afterwards) and the article reviews must be based on the information you read and heard from the videos.

We are in the rush with the project so please dont bid if youre not sure if you can do this or not.

Kind regards,


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Information Modules For A Website. Weather Widgets.

We are currently developing and building a website with Joomla and need help with building 6 information modules )or apps, or widgets) that will be included in our website including the following;

1. Weather
2. Tides
3. Water temperature
4. Moon phase
5. Barometer
6. Swell and ocean conditions
7. Marine wind forecast

This information is regional specific for the Sydney, Australia area and access to the information is from other websites. For example
1. Weather –
2. Tides – or
3. Water temperature –
4. Moon phase –
5. Barometer –
6. Swell and ocean conditions –
7. Marine wind forecast –

So basically we need information modules or smaller apps that sit inside our website that repackage existing live information.

The following are a couple of examples of the type of thing I need;

Please contact me for questions or clarification

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Virtual Assistant

20 hours per week POSITION – Tell me your monthly rate for 80 hours per month.

I am a business entreprenuer with several businesses and I need someone to help with the workload.

I run businesses which are ALL online, some selling physical products, others selling information and others selling website design, SEO and social media services.

I need someone with a very good understanding of internet and websites for this role.

You must have exceedingly good english in written communication.

I require a Virtual Assistant to perform the following tasks:

> monitor my emails
> provide customer support
> answer customer questions
> send information to different staff members based on sets of rules
> update project management systems with new information
> manage my calendar
> provide weekly reports to management team
> review CVs of applicants and do initial light interview via email
> liaise with team via Skype
> follow up on overdue tasks required by Project team
> follow up on overdue tasks required by clients
> create a set of process documents on recurring tasks performed by Virtual Assistant in case of handover to new assistant
> respond to voicemails via email with answers or requests for further information
> arrange Skype meetings with prospective employees
> send information to prospective customers
> create proposals for customers based on conversations with me (information provided)
> assist with business efficiencies

To apply, you need to write me an introduction showing your English skills as a private message. The introduction should include who you are, where you are from and tell me experience in websites and internet.This introduction should also outline what you have provided in the past for other clients and how that would help me.

Thanks for reading!


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Integrate Simple Business Directory And Blog Into Website


We need a simple job employer / business directory built using php html and mysql. We need the directory integrated within our site, and we need users to be able to sign up as employers and add their business to the directory.

Each business will have a profile, and be able to self manage the profile and update themselves. Types of information will be business image (multiple), company description, and also we have several specific questions we want on each business profile that the client will answer when signing up for their business profile.

We also want a search function, where users can search by specific data fields. Option with search results to have a featured business listing which is highlighted.

Also be able to embedd youtube videos into their profile as well.

Any more information please contact – Need ASAP

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Vehicle Database

I would like to build a vehicle database/spreadhseet that shows each vehicle and the correct sized passenger, driver side and rear windscreen wipers for each vehicle. This information can be found using the Part Finder function at:

Each make, model and series can be selected using the part finder, and all the information is shown.

For the project to be successful, the following outcomes must be achieved:

(1) Develop a spreadsheet that lists vehicles by:
– make (e.g. Ford, Volkswagen)
– model (e.g. Falcon, Golf)
– series (e.g. G6E, GTI)
– start date in MM/YYYY format (e.g. 06/2001)
– finish date in MM/YYYY format (e.g. 08/2008)

(2) There are four different types of windscreen wiper categories for each vehicle:
– wiper complete blade
– wiper refill metal rail
– wiper refill plastic back
– wiper tridon flexblade

For each vehicle, the part number for all four categories (where applicable) for both driver side and passenger side (and rear when applicable) must be put into the spreadhseet.

(3) Information for ALL vehicles (i.e. every make, model and series) need to be collected and put in this spreadsheet

(4) Data must be well organised and accurate, so I can easily sort through and analyse the data. I am looking to find what the most popular sizes and categories are.

I can give you a starting template or example (see attachment) of what it should look like and you can work from that. You can make changes to this template if you think that this will make your job easier, as long as all the requirements are still met. I will provide very clear and helpful instructions to help you get this project done accurately and efficiently.

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New Website

I currently own a company called Varsity12. I am unhappy with our website at because it is slow and does not have an effecient CMS. I want to start again with a website written in wordpress.

I am after a quality website that is proffesionally done with a high class finish that is Search Engine friendly. I can provide all text and information. The website must have a CMS that allows me to add pages, text, pictures, etc independently.

The website will require:
A homepage
Approx 6 product pages
Approx 5-6 different versions of contact us pages
Approx 5-6 information pages
1 video with the option to add more
Many pages will contain numerous thumbnail pics that are linked to larger more detailed pictures.
A page where clients or us can enter testimonials which customers can view and will rotate on homepage
Ability to add articles
Ability to autosend e-mails (eg. user enters their e-mail address and then is auto e-mailed a "How To" article.

I have attached a detailed brief of what I am after.

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Database Collection Of Email Addresses

This is actually a very simple job, but could be a little bit time consuming. This is going to be a long time project, maybe once a week at least to start.

I am in the need to collect email address for blogs, newsletters, small websites, etc.
more information about this to the winner.

I am looking for right to collect somewhere around 250 emails a week from various sources.

I am going to need to have them put into a 2 column excel spreadsheet, nothing fancy or complicated.

Going to need to have the email address and the name of the site that you got it from. Again more information to the winner of the bid.

I am looking to keep this around 10.00 dollars a week for the 250 email addresses that are pulled. I am going to need them to be varying from week to week as to not target one specific group. I know the smallest is 30.00 bid, so we are going to want to bid for a 4 week period.

Payment can be made in any form that is wanted and you are most comfortable with.
Prefer to keep in touch via Skype and/or email.

Just so I know that you at least read the whole thing before bidding, type "I read it" at the beginning of your bid.

Any other questions please feel free to ask.
Thanks and happy bidding

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Student Information System (Attendance / Billing)

We need a new Student Information System for our charity theatre group.

At present we use OpenSIS ( ) however it does have a few bugs, isnt really focussed on the UK, and costs way too much to add billing and discipline modules.

So, we would like someone to either:

1. Create their own modules to addon to OpenSIS so that we can set invoices and payment up per student or in bulk (see demo on their website) and discipline (again look at the demo on thier website and this is what we would like)


2. Create an entirely new Student Information System for us. Not too worried about the script language – we will be running it off Windows Server. It needs to be able to let us enter student details and store them (full list will be provided to winning bidder), needs a teacher access section where they can mark attendance and also comment on any bad behaviour, and a billing section where we can mark in when any payment are recieved and query when they havent.

If you are familiar with them we are looking for something along the lines of SIMS or Serco but in PHP reduced form,

Any questions please ask,

Also please note we are a charity group and dont have big money to throw at this. This isnt said to keep the price down, this is said because if you bid too high we simply cant afford the costs.

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Information Technology Academic Research Paper

This project is to write 6 short papers (500 words each) on six Information Security topics. This paper is technical and therefore requires an IT student or someone with strong IT background (Information Security specifically) to write them. I will provide the topics to the selected candidate. The first one is due in 48 hours and rest can take up to a week.

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Self Storage Information Collection

I am looking for someone to phone 29 Victorian (Australia) self storage facilities and find who handles the auctions for their expired, overdue and abandoned units.

I would like auctioneers names (or appropriate auction web sites), contact phone numbers, addresses and if possible auction schedules.

This is a very small project and can be completed in a few hours.

In the case of larger storage companies eg Kennards who have multiple locations, I would advise to call the Head Office instead of calling all 7 facilities.

I have a pre prepared spreadsheet (word) with phone numbers and addresses of all companies, all you need to do is add the auction information.


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PhpBB Syntax Highlighter Mod Install

Site is, this bid is for 1 day only, hoping to get it done and out the way quickly.

1. I need a syntax highlighter installed.
2. For the system highlighter and other mods in future to work, I need phpBB Codes mod installed, this is a stand mod required for any other mods that add custom phpBB Codes.
3. A mod for allowing the display of other mods phpBB buttons on the editor. It is named something like Code Button Manager Mod

I can more information on these but Im looking for someone with enough experience to know what Im talking about, a simple Google search on them should give the information you need.

So 3 mods in total, should be no more than 1 hour work for someone who knows phpBB mod installation.

I will back everything up and I can be trusted.


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Google Map Customers Schedule Appointments By Location

It needs to have a map of the continental USA and a zip code field. Users can either type in their zip/address or click on a state and zoom in. The interface would allow me to add the google "places" dots to indicate where our current locations are even after you have finished the project. The customer would select the location they want service from and type in their contact information, notes etc. It would be sent to the locations email address as I have defined in the location profile. I would also be CCed on the email. This would need to be a good looking project that could fit on my website and be accessible by every customer. Simplicity and beauty is key. The online database of locations would also need to be editable by me easily.

This program needs to be accessible by 3 different groups of people:

1. Admin – control all aspects of the program
2. Customers – Be able to rate different locations based on their experiences 5 star type system, be able to schedule an appointment and their information is sent to the location(s) closest to them. a TOS would also need to be accepted.
3. Locations – People can become locations by clicking a button and registering. They put in their information and create a profile which is automatically viewable (or i can approve it before it is) and customers can begin seeing it. They must also agree to a TOS and enter a payment form to be charged for every customer referral given. It would also allow them to request a refund and enter a reason for the request which I would be able to look at and process. They can add a picture of their location and other information in their profile. The area that a provider can service would need to be a fixed radius such as "within 30 miles". when a customer wants to purchase from a location and they put in their address, if no provider is close by, either the closest will be notified or the customer will be told that there are not currently any providers in that area and they will be notified later if there are any.

I would like for this to be available for the entire world, not just USA…(easy to implement)

A user account system needs to be made in order to better track customers and locations.

googlemaps.jpg is a custom image i made
akai1.gif is just an image i found online that may give inspiration to what im looking for
google-maps-related…is another image of what i imagine this should look like, but based on locations of providers.

This should be easily accessed via iPhone as well.

Similar to this website:


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40 Articles Written 300-400 Words Each.

I need 40 articles written by a native English speaker, they need to be 300 – 400 words each.

The articles need to be written on the benefits of proofreading or editing, writing styles, writing tips etc.

I will pay $0.5 per article so $20 in whole. Nice quick and easy job. Payment will be paid via Paypal.

The faster you can deliver these articles the better. Let me know if you need more information.

Give me a *ready to go* in comments so I know youve read and understood all the information.

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Scrape Information From Website

Scrape information from website and enter the information in an excel file with the following columns:

Business Category, Company Name, Adress, Zipcode, City, Phone number, Website when available

The information source is the danish yellow page website

I will provide you with the different business categories and town names and you will scrape the information from the webpages.

Here is an example of a webpage on

(In this example the business category is "vvs" , and the town name is "herlev")

I will provide you with 96 business categories and 7 town names and you scrabe the information.

This can be done either using a script or manually — as long as the data is captured in the spreadsheet with the given columns

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Marketing Images For Telecom Website

8 marketing images needed for telecoms website.
Each of the 8 images willinclude a larger banner style image which will be page width x 1/3 height with a smaller image which will be a snapshot of the larger one.
Website and further information supplied after sample of prior work supplied. only bidders who have supplied smaples andbeen provided with information will be considered for bids.

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Extract Betting Data From Website

I will require a program which extracts betting information from a particular website. The information extracted will be then processed by another program and be sent back to the website. This is basically making the betting process automated.
Contact me for more details.

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AEN Press Release

I need assistance in preparing a press release for local news outlets. I have prepared a document that I believe contains the information I need presented, but would like someone who has a track record with press releases to review and rewrite so that I can distribute with hopes of getting the information published in the news outlets media.

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Page Content

I am looking for someone to write content and Meta information for 30 category pages for an adult shopping site. I will pay £0.80 per page. The content should be descriptive of the category and not explicit in any way. All content should be unique and not copied from any other site.

Please only apply for the role if you have an understanding of SEO and Meta information. The content specifications are:

The length of the content should be 500 words.

The Meta title should be 7 10 words long.

The Meta description should be 180 – 200 characters long (including spaces).

The Meta keyword tags should be 5 key phrases long.

Please send examples of the above to be considered for the role.

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Web Scraping Program Developer Needed ASAP

We are trying to capture data from each record (name, phone, email, title, etc) and export it to excel. We do this search many times per day and would need to be repeated often.

We would need a program that would be able to scrape this information for us on a regular basis. Screen shots of the information are included in the projects description.

The website is

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Online Car Sales Platform.

I want a price and information on building a car sales website for Ireland with possible future expansion to the U.K. or Australia. The information and detail I would need would be similar to ,, , Obviously automation for customers is very important aswell as multiple easy payment options. I would be hoping for a very clean simple design. I also wish to have a business directory on it too which would also have to be automated for easy use by businesses. They would load up onto set parameters like – Company name – company address – specialisation – link to there website. I would also like to include google maps on the site.
I am not opposed to a template being used if it is suitable.
Please give prices and an estimation of turn-around time.

Thanks in advance,

James OFlynn.

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