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VB Application To Edit Data From Excel File

Project Description

Bring data from Input file, edit information in fields and save back to Output file.

Have search option to call data from input file. Search value will be only use for to find from "ProductNo" column. So we will call the data using ProductNo.
Once we hit the search, system will bring all the information for that line, column headers are as field name and editable text boxes where the data from input brought. We will edit the information in text fields and then click on save and system will save the new information to next available row in "output" file in the same column header order in input file.

Why we need this?

We often change the information about products and we have to do it on this input excel file. It is very confusing and tiring to do it with scrolling up and down , right and left through rows. So we need this application where it will show all the information orginized in 1 page where we can edit the data from cells.

There are 90 column headers for each product, so for this application it will be hard for to make all column headers visible in 1 page. So lets make most important column headers data at the top side of the page.

Most common used fields / column headers data from input file;


All the rest of column headers data less used so they can be bottom of the page.

Please remember, application will not make any changes on input file. It will only read data from input file. Adjusted data will be saved to next available row in output file.

Input file is CSV ( comma separated ) output file must be also same CSV format.

Sorry for my poor english. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Attachments are sample files. In real input file there are much more products but all column headers are always same.

**When you bid please explain how you want to do the application otherwise your bid will be disregarded.
**Full payment will be done only after final delivery.

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GeoTracking Site


Im after someone who can take the fundamentals of a site and redesign it into a new site. The new site is for converting raw address data into x,y coordinates. I will provide the APIs that feed into the relevant converters, along with the scamp/site layout. In essence, it is reproducing a site with my own APIs embeded.

There will be an input area based on a .xls/.txt templated layout (downloadable form the site)
The template will feed into the geocoder input box, which feeds into a third party API to convert to coordinates.
The output will be the input list + output coordinates in a text box
The output file will be downloadable as a .txt or .csv file.

The site will require a dropdown menu to select which third party API to use.

Happy Bidding.

Please message me if you are interested in this project.
A Non-Disclosure Agreement will need to be signed before the full details and APIs are released.

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Php Or Perl Or Javascript Or Any For A Small Work $15.00

i need a small perl or php or javascript

to handle below logic

step1: First remove duplicates from input/data/1.csv file ( remove based on 2nd column
"Model" – out of 152 rows you will get 5 rows without headers

Create a file in output/data/1.csv which will have 5 rows.

read 1st row in output/data/1.csv and read value in "Images1"
and go to input/images/ folder copy matching file and paste it to
output/images/ folder

Like this repeat for "Images2", "Images3" columns and copy files to output/images folder

step2: Now open the original csv file input/data/1.csv and read value in
"Images1" column and go to output/data/1.csv and get the image name and then
go to output/images/ folder and copy matching image and rename it as the name of file
image in "Images1" column in input/data/1.csv file paste it to final/images/ folder

This step is critical and you must understand clearly

here is sample test data

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Click Bot For Adsense

Im looking for a programmer for this project. I would like to get it Done ASAP.

Heres the specs:

Im not concerned what language the following program is written in, as long as it works well…

It needs to have a straight forward, GUI interface

What I would like it to do is as follows.

Input a list of poxie servers – Proxie1, Porxie2, etc.
Input a list of sites to go to first (so the traffic comes from somewhere. This will be just popular sites, like facebook, itunes, etc)
Input a list of keywords – KW1, KW2, etc.
Input a list of sites to do the searches on –,,, etc.

Input a click through rate (as a percentage 1-100%). I will change this from time to time.

Once all this is entered it should be saved, so I dont have to re-enter it, but should also be editable, so I can make changes.

Once I hit start:
1 – it should randomly select on of the proxie servers, say Proxie2.
2 – randomly select a start site, say facebook
3 – randomly select a keyword, say KW1
4 – randomly select a search site, say
5 – once it has randomly selected these varriables (I will continue with the four examples above), it should go to Proxie2 and visit for a few seconds. Then go to, enter the KW1 into the search and perform the search.
6 – on the results page from using the KW1, it should find the paid advertising (not the organic seach listings) and click on the top listing.
7 – visit the top listing for a random amount of time (between say 20-90 seconds) and then return to the results page.
8 – return to the results page in step 6 and click on the next paid listing (repeating step 7 for the top 3-4 listings on results page).
9 – Once it has completed this cycle, it should return to start site, facebook (in this example) and then close the browser (clearing the cookies and cashe if applicable)
10 – Start back at step 1 and grab a new set of variables.

ideally, I am trying to make it look as much like a real person browing as possible.

That is why it is best to have it show as some type of real browswer, like "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.04506.648; .NET CLR 3.5.21022; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729) " (maybe even rotate through a list of a couple of them) They can do a Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_USER_AGENT").

Please let me know if you have any questions.

This program must be UNDETECTABLE by Google, so you need to understand adsense thoroughly to make this program for me.

It is important that my Adsense account does not get shut down for click fraud. I will pay immediately after testing the bot.

Please do not say, "i can do this" and thats it. Please tell me why i should give you the job and if you have experience with this type of work. I have had a couple of people do this already.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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Broken Video Checker

Pay for this project is $30.
I need a program which will perform a very simple function.

Basically, it will take a text input file ( lets call it "input.txt"), and scan each URL and determine if the video found in the URL is broken or not.

The URLs will only contain videos found on, and I only require that it be able to determine if videos are not working based on if the page the URL leads to shows an error message or not.

Here is an example of the URL I am talking about:

At first glance, the video appears working. However, once you press play on the video, an error message appears and the video cannot be played.

What I need is a program which will look just for this specific error message from each URL it checks.
The difficulty in this project lies in the fact that this message does not appear unless you press "play" on the video.

Everything else regarding this project is very straightforward:
Program reads "input.txt", and after determining broken links, will produce them in "output.txt"
Program will be run on Windows 7 Home Premium.

Additionally, on input.txt, it is required that comments be allowed on each line after the URL (this will allow me to distinguish between each video).
Each line on input.txt will have the URL, followed by a space which signifies the beggining of comments for that line, and then the actual comment.

In is important to make sure that in "output.txt" , the entire line is produced when a video is determined broken (including the comments).

Here is an example of a working video for smotri:

I look forward to working with anyone who can accomplish this
Thanks for your time.

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ANALOG BOARD PCB Layout Under Altium Designer

1. hardware specification

CAN: SN64HVD230, DB-9 male connector
UART: MAX3232, DB-9 female connector
– 8 asymetrical/differential inputs (2 terminals Hi/Low for each analog input)
– input voltage range 0-5VDC or 0-36VDC (selectable)
– conversion ADC-10bit resolution (built-in MPU)
– input impedance: min. 100kohm
ANALOG OUTPUT: current loop 4-20mA, DAC 10bit (built-in MPU)
PWM OUTPUT: type PUSH-PULL, max. 100mA, freq. range 1-20kHz, duty range 0-100%, 10-bit resolution
POWER SUPPLY: buck-boost DC/DC converter, input voltage range: 6VDC-36VDC

2. main parameters and functionality

– operating temperature range: -10 ÷ +70*C
– PCB preparing for electro-isolation coating
– housing min. IP55
– connectors: terminal block (deatachabled) ex. DEGSON ELECTRONICS
– EMC compatibility for automotive environment
– inputs/outputs protected against overload, short circuit, ESD stress, etc

3. contractor provide:

– schematics under Altium Designer
– PCB layout under Altium Designer
– 3D view of PCB under Altium Designer
– specification of customized components (if any)

4. deadline: 3 days

5. payments:

– first milestone – 30% total payment – after receiving schematics
– final payment – 70% total payment – after receiving PCB layout and 3D View (completed docs)

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Solve Linux Input/output Control (i.e. Ioctl) Issue

I am looking to solve a problem with the Linux input/output control (ioctl) on a program called QPXtool which checks for errors on the disc surface (

There are two versions of this source code, one is the graphical user interface(gui) version written in qt4. The other is the console version. The graphical version is working fine, but there is a problem with the console version. There is a problem communicating with the media (i.e. the CD reader).

The objective of this task is to remove the Bad Address problem in the console, and get the console version to work properly.

This is a simple project for a person with the right skills. I have included a series of printf and qDebug statements in the code. More information will be given once you contact me. Thank you.

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Data Entry

Hi I am looking for someone input email addresses into an Microsoft excel spreadsheet.

I will supply the document in which the data will be taken from.

There seems to be about 300 or so email addresses that must be inputted.

The ideal person will have to correctly input all the email addresses accurately into this spreadsheet.

More ongoing work will be available for selected person.

Thank You

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Zen Cart Product Data Entry

I have a Zen Cart installation with over 400 entries. Each existing product needs to have stock, pricing, and weight information input for launch in the next 24 hours.

I am looking for super fast data entry experts familiar with

1. Zen Cart v1.3.8
2. Products with Attributes Stock (Zen Cart mod)

who can input the information for these products quickly and accurately.

The information needs to be input by 7am PST on March 14

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Racing Line Simulation And Plotting

I need someone who is familiar automotive racing concept, especially trail braking, and MATLAB programming. The project is to find an optimal racing line based on given racing track dimensions, vehicle dynamics details. There are three parts for this MATLAB project:
1. Make dimensions input for race track then plot it
2. Make input for vehicle dynamics (generally it only requires acceleration, braking and lateral acceleration, vehicle can
be assumed as a lumped mass, so no need to consider more detailed information such as wheel base)
3. Base on 1 and 2, find the optimal racing line, then plot it on the race track graph, if possible, use different colour to
state where to accelerate and where to brake

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Need WordPress Expert To Input Pictures And Text Into Blog

I need someone extremely proficient in WordPress to input pictures and text into 3 pages of my blog. The blog is The pages that I need to have work done on is the (About, Boot Camp and Personal Training) pages. I have tried entering the info in myself but I cant get the alignment of content and pictures to look professional. I have all the content and pictures for the pages, I just need someone to input it and make it look nice and professional. The layout of my "Boot Camp" page should look almost identical as this page: I want large pictures on the left hand side of the page, and the text on the right. I need this job completed ASAP and would like to choose a freelancer by 3/14 and I need the job completed no later then 3/16.

– Please do not bid if you do not think you can complete the task EXACTLY as I want it.

– This is not a complicated task, so I do not expect to pay more then $18. Please do not bid if you want more then that.

– I will NOT do milestone payments, I ALWAYS pay my freelancers. Check my employer reviews.

– Freelancer must be proficient in English for proper communication.

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Need WordPress Expert To Input Pictures And Text Into Blog

I need someone extremely proficient in WordPress to input pictures and text into 3 pages of my blog. The blog is The pages that I need to have work done on is the (About, Boot Camp and Personal Training) pages. I have tried entering the info in myself but I cant get the alignment of content and pictures to look professional. I have all the content and pictures for the pages, I just need someone to input it and make it look nice and professional. The layout of my "Boot Camp" page should look almost identical as this page: I want large pictures on the left hand side of the page, and the text on the right. I need this job completed ASAP and would like to choose a freelancer by 3/14 and I need the job completed no later then 3/16.

– Please do not bid if you do not think you can complete the task EXACTLY as I want it.

– This is not a complicated task, so I do not expect to pay more then $18. Please do not bid if you want more then that.

– I will NOT do milestone payments, I ALWAYS pay my freelancers. Check my employer reviews.

– Freelancer must be proficient in English for proper communication.

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Websites With Templates For Activation

Must be able to input done-for-you website templates into Word Press via Fantastico Deluxe.
Must know how to add extra Mass Links file, which is a separate upgrade into Word Press.
Must know how to input upgraded Traffic source into Word Press.
Please note that all the resources and details are provided along with each site.
Each of the 10 sites have their own Domain names and Hosting in place.
Must know how to access and input API keys for Amazon/Ebay/Flickr etc into Word Press.
Please note: there is nothing to add/design or change. The templates are complete for each site.
There is also AWeber templates for the autoresponder to input.
There is video and instructional guide provided as they are affiliate type websites.
These websites once activated will run on auto-pilot.

I really need someone who fully understands this project and has experience with either building or activating
previous affiliate type websites.

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SQL Database Setup, Forms, Tables, Queries, Reports

I am setting up a data collection system for a farming operation. Until now data has been collected using Excel, but analysis and collection a pain as it is setup today. Need to form the excel data input into SQL form, and be able to input data on a desktop at each production unit and/or via Sharepoint.

As i see it the project needs following:
1. ANalyse the Excel data we already collect and structure it into proper database tables.
2. Create input forms for data
3. Setup simple query or analysis of data in cooperation with us.
4. Plan is that the final product will have Dundas Dashboard or equivalent analysis via Sharepoint.

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Reservation Form

I need a reservation form that you input the city and state then from there is pulls up a list of airports near by then when the departure and arrival info is in you then select the aircraft you would like to use and it allows you to input the total number of adult and children passengers select the date and time for departure calculates the distance time and if the aircraft can do the flight with or without stops then on the second page says how much the flight will cost each way.

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Create HTML Form From PDF And Input In MySQL Using PHP

I have a PDF that is a form. I want this form to be converted to a HTML form so that the data can be input online. Also, I want the information that is filled stored in a MySQL database.

This is a very simple project. It is very basic PHP 101. Want it done fast with a clean HTML

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Create An FLA That Takes User Input And Saves To Database

I just need a template that takes user generated input from Textinput boxes in an FLA and saves it to a database accessible and viewable by an administrator of a web site. That is all.

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Zen Cart And Catalog Input

I need help setting up my Zen Cart installation and load my complete catalog with customized descriptions. I also need price calculation in the checkout process.

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Simple ActionScript Tool Needed


I need a very simple flash tool to encrypt a text according to some rule I will provide later. The tool would have a very simple input way for user to input a text then display the encrypt string of this input.

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Mediawiki Project Easy Work Just Need Some Edits/Installs

Pretty simple really that is installed but it does not really work right. BUT first thing first.

First I need the Oasis theme installed. It is uploaded I can also call up the scripts there is bunches of bugs that need to be worked out.

THEN You are going to have to put in the ad slots for AdSS

I then need you to work to get the AdSS to work in general. As of right now it is not working it just looks nice. However we will worry about that once Oasis is done.

Things that will need to be done in Oasis. At the bottom where it lets you input your email and password if you are new it should have a sign up to input it into the AdSS database. After you fill in your details and http:// all that good stuff and fill in your email password it should then direct you to the payment gateway which should be paypal. So this is some things we need to work on. Just let me know.

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WebQuote Bug Fix And New Module

Three related projects (listed in order of priority):
1. My online quoting module has a bug – it correctly calculates the cost and emails a quote, however, when a customer retrieves the quote in Virtuemart checkout to place an order items that appeared correctly in the quote are omitted from the order. The quote module is at
2. The quote module is for retail customers to use. I require this module to be duplicated (same data input) but input fields to be rearranged for easier use by a sales rep.
3. The window pane measurements that are input into the quote module be used as input to a new module to interface with either open source or propriatary sheet optimisation and cutting software. This software is still to be chosen and will "print" to a Graphtec FC8000 cutter/plotter.

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Design Website/program To Assign Umpires

Design a website/program for assigning umpires

Im looking to have a website/program designed to automate some of the tasks involved with the assignment of umpires.

some of the key tasks:
umpires to log into a site and input availability
ability to input the games
ability to select number of umpires per game
ability to notify umpire of assignments
ability for umpires to accept/reject assignment
ability to create payroll by leagues
ability to manage multiple leagues

concerns – things unsure of:
– should this be a SAAS offering hosted by us
– should this be an app offering – downloaded and hosted by user
– can this be integrated into a website, have its own website, or should it all be hosted from one main site?
– should this be built on php, asp, or java platform

Here is a list of similar sites/programs:
open source software

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Three Original Banner Images

I have images

i need your ideas, input, and skills

You need to offer suggestions based on my website, its content, and the existing example banners

Dont bid unless you can bring original input to the project

i will send url to my site by pm to those who bid with Chris in their reply

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Ebay Input Required: Created From Manufacturers Website

Need a person to eBay Data input, We have a manufacturers website with Categories/Titles/Description/Imagery/Prices we wish you to compile/collect this data & then we require these to be uploaded onto eBay either in the form of a complete Turbolister.csv or up manually.
We have a main html template for this project in question, It consists of our Header, Space for Product Title, then a blank table split in two one-side for Imagery, the second side for Product Description – Some Products maybe available in different colours/sizes, what would be required in this case would be a "Multiple choice entry" it is important that you are familiar with this, with for example "Shotgun Shell Belt" It comes in 2 colors this would be 2 different listings, whereas Trousers would be one listing but with different size options within the multiple (website is called , The knives on this site are not allowed to be sold to be sold on eBay so this category would not be required for listing.
The categories you see on the Jack Pyke website are to be created on eBay as they are. We are looking at less than 400 items to be listed. We realize inputting postage & packaging is difficult so wed ask that all listings are set to sell in the UK only with Free Recorded 1st Class Postage & the goods showing to be sold at RRP as shown on website. (We would later add in international pricing). We would give the necessary template to anyone & ask them to list one item so we can see the job is understood & to the standard needed. It really is a basic copy & paste job into eBay.

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Plugin For WordPress To Allow User Input And Evaluation

Looking for wordpress developer to create plugin for wordpress websites that allow users input to be evaluated against set standards and a determination to be provided based upon those set standards. The standards used for comparison are updated every quarter or so and the plugin would need the ability to scrape this information off of another website to keep the standards current and the application functioning properly. A flash or Java version of this plugin will eventually be needed as well for non-wordpress websites. I need pricing and the time frame you would need to get this app finished. I am looking for a quick turn around. I am looking to find a programmer that I could use to create more apps in the future so if the programmer performs well and gets this project finished fast I would look at employing him/her for other apps I need created in the future. When applying to this job please include the following in the beginning of your response: "Dog"

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Customized Online Calculator

Custom Online Calculator

The purpose of this project is to code a custom pricing calculator. The Calculator has already been designed & built in HTML/CSS, but needs functionality added to it. Also looking for clean well commented code, so that values can easily be changed in future.

Please read carefully the requirements below and follow the link which will aide you in understanding:


The only section on this page that needs attention is the Total Costs section, this is where the calculator resides. All other elements on the page are functioning and do not need work done.


Total Costs Section
– As the user fills out the input field from the Need more than fifteen licenses? section, Total Costs section should automatically update without the need for a Submit button and without refreshing the page. The user should also be able to go back and change the value in the number of additional licenses input field.

– Where it says Monthly Plan this text should change depending on which option they selected on a previous page … in the URL of that link I provided, you will see PROGTYPE=1, this signals to the page that the Monthly Plan was selected on the previous page … PROGTYPE=2 signals the Yearly Plan was selected.

– To the right of the Monthly Plan text it says $299 this value should update depending on which plan was selected.

– Where it says 0 Additional Licenses 0 should change with the value entered in the input box above … So if a user enters the number 20, that part in Total Costs would read 20 Additional Licenses. By default it should read 0 Additional Licenses until the user enters in a number.

– To the right of the 0 Additional Licenses text it says $0 this value should update depending on the number entered in the input box above, and the cost per license. PLEASE SEE THE LICENSE CALCULATION INFO BELOW. By default it should have the value of $0 … because initially when this page is loaded no number will be in the Step 2 input box above. If a user enters more than 85 additional licenses in the input box above, this value will display the text Call for pricing.

– where it says ($0 each) this is a pricing bracket, this value should reflect what price bracket the additional licenses are being charged at. PLEASE SEE THE LICENSE CALCULATION INFO BELOW. If a user enters more than 85 additional licenses in the input box above this value will display the text ($? each).

– At the bottom where it says Total Cost $0 that value should add the 2 above values for the total. Again this should be updating as the user fills in the form and makes changes. If a user enters more than 85 additional licenses in the input box above this value will display the text Call for pricing.

– At the bottom where it says License Total 0 that value should take the value entered in the input box above and add 15 to the number … as 15 licenses are always included with each plan. So if 20 was entered into the input box above, that license total will read 35.

Additional License Calculations & Price Brackets (the pricing per license depends on the quantity and also whether they choose a Monthly or Yearly plan)

Monthly Plan – Additional License Cost
1-15 Licenses ($20 per license)
16-35 Licenses ($18 per license)
36-85 Licenses ($16 per license)
> 85 Licenses (Call for Pricing)

Yearly Plan – Additional License Cost
1-15 Licenses ($17 per license)
16-35 Licenses ($14 per license)
36-85 Licenses ($11 per license)
> 85 Licenses (Call for Pricing)

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Content Input Into WordPress Website

We require someone to just upload content and edit the content and basic wording on a wordpress website until we are satisfied. we unfortunately do not have the time to do this and the project needs to be performed quickly and for cheap only! Basically we have a template and need to rather have our information, photos (quite a few photos) and logo. The person must also be flexible to change the pages of the website for the duration of the project. No programming you just need to be good with wordpress admin.

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Adsense Click Bot

Im looking for a programmer for this project. I would like to get it Done ASAP.

I am looking for someone to right a clickbot program. It should have the following featurres:
– easy interface to input all the data
– input a list of proxy servers and then randomly use these servers
– input a list of keywords/search terms
– input a list of websites to go to and then randomly visit these sites
– click on the top 3-4 adsense ads for each page, staying on each site, for a random 30-90 seconds, then go back and click the next link.
– should be able to run on any PC.

I just needs to somehow hide/change the IP address, to make it undetectable. The sites will not be google itself, but other sites/search engines that use their adsense.

I need to be able to input a list of sites to go to and a list of keywords. Then it should randomly go to these sites, click on the ads (based on the keywords), stay on the site for a random timeframe (30- 90 seconds), then go back and click on another ad and do the same thing. Once it has clicked on 3-4 ads, it needs to change IP addresses and move to the next site.

Please only bid on this if you know you can actually complete this task in a timely fashion and that it will work.

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Data Input For

The project is to fully input 50 golf tournament and events into the website at The golf tournaments and events should be primarily from California but may also include events from Oregon, Nevada and Arizona. The contractor should research the 50 Title and URLs for events and submit them for approval before entering into website. There are three pages of information to enter about each event such as name, description, type of event, location, fees. Once the contract has been awarded the contractor will be provided with instructions and details on creating events.

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Small Error In Mysql Needs Fixed

Small error in mysql needs fixed

The job is to fix script and let me know what had to be be done so I can fix my other sites that have the same error.

When I add a payment code to the payment account I get a mysql error. I am sure it is simple for a person that knows mysql

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near s fast, free and secure!">

Please do not change the logins so all can see the error and make the best bid they can from information supplied

To make the error so you can see it you can do this

login to the admin

user and password: admin

Go to 😐 Account Settings |

Scroll down to> Account : demo > then scroll down to the paypal box

Add the paypal html and save and it will go to error

<form action="" method="post">
<input type="hidden" name="amount" value="5.00">
<input type="hidden" name="business"value="">
<input type="hidden" name="cancel_return"value="">
<input type="hidden" name="cmd" value="_xclick">
<input type="hidden" name="currency_code" value="USD">
<input type="hidden" name="item_name" value="Silver Membership">
<input type="hidden" name="item_number" value="1"><input
type="hidden" name="no_note" value="1">
<input type="hidden" name="return"value="">
<div align="center"><center><p><input type="image" src="" border="0"
name="submit" alt="Make payments with PayPal – its fast, free and secure!"> </p>

Save and it should go to the error

I am going broke on this project so be nice. Thank you for the time to look and bid.

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Finite State Machines Manipulation Software

The aim of the project is to design and build software which

i.) given a deterministic finite state machine will find an equivalent machine with the smallest number of states
Let A be a given deterministic finite state machine. Finding an equivalent machine to A can be done by:
1. Construct the dual A* of A
2. Apply the subset of construction to A* obtaining an equivalent deterministic version B of A*. B recognizes the input accepted by A, written backwards.
3. Construct the dual B* of B.
4. Apply the subset construction of B*, obtaining an equivalent deterministic version C of B*. C recognizes the same input as A, and C will have the smallest number of states of any finite machine equivalent to A.

ii. given a non-deterministic finite state machine will construct an equivalent deterministic machine
When a machine reads an input symbol e.g Õ, while it is in a given state

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