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Simple Fix For Posting HTML5 Canvas Along With Other Inputs

All I need is someone to tell me how I can post a dataurl that has been generated from a canvas element along with other inputs to the php controller. I have posted the problem in many forums and have not had any reply.
See: jquery forum and search for "Posting canvas data url along with other form data".
This is all I need to get working.

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Interpolation Add-In For Excel (C++)

Interpolation Function – mdInterpolate

I need a fast interpolation function to be used primarily in big Excel sheets. The syntax is described below.
Main focus is performance. It needs to be very fast since inputs will be continiously updating realtime financial data.
Coding language shall be C++. I will not only need a working xll file but also the code files to make adjustments if necessary.


x-Inputs double obligatory
y-Inputs double obligatory
x-Value double obligatory
Interpol_Method string optional
Interpol_Power real optional
Extrapol_Method boolean optional
Extrapol_Power real optional
Sort_Inputs boolean optional
Missing_Inputs boolean optional
Error_Inputs boolean optional

as fast as possible since being used multiple times in huge spread sheet
written in C++
C++ Project Files required for later adjustments
available as C++ function and as Excel function through Add-in (.xll)

Range of values with no headers
can be vertical or horizontal in Excel Sheet
number of data sets please see Sort_Values

Range of values with no headers
can be vertical or horizontal in Excel sheet
same length as x-Inputs

valid Number to calculate y-Value

previous nearest lower value
closest nearest value
next nearest higher value
lagrange see link:
cubic spline see link:
akima see link:
… more methods are welcome if at hand

one number to determine smoothness of curve if method requires it
meaningful default value should be chosen

can differ from Interpol_Method, same Methods shall be available
default is same as Interpol_Method

one number to determine smoothness of curve if method requires it
meaningful default value should be chosen
if not given, value from Interpol_Power should be used if same method

TRUE x-Inputs dont need to be in order (default setting)
FALSE x-Inputs need to be in order

Input data usually comprises no more than 50 data sets but will also be used with up to 1,000 data set
Maybe different sort methods depending on size of input make sense to increase speed.

TRUE value can be missing in x-Inputs and/or y-Inputs at any position; data set will be excluded (default) FALSE no missing values are allowed

TRUE value can be any Error in x-Inputs and/or y-Inputs at any position; data set will be excluded
FALSE no missing values are allowed

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Web Site Creation

I am looking for website design. This is NOT an e-commerce site. It will have approx. 10 pages (home, about, news, contact, info, legal, etc.). I will provide a detailed PowerPoint presentation of the site and page design. There will be 2 unique aspects to the site….

1) Ill need a VERY professional UI (web 2.0, elegant, etc.)

2) The home page will contain 2 or more dynamic line graphs. The left Y-axis of each graph will need a feed from Google (or other supplier of financial market data) where one dot or point will be graphed. The right Y-axis will plot user inputs. Each day, the previous days graphed inputs will slide on spot to the left. In essence, this will (over time) generate a time line. There will be some other intricacies, but this shouldnt be a complex site.

I realize this is a very brief summary – Ill supply clearer explanations if/when a freelancer is chosen. The site & database will be hosted by GoDaddy.

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Part 2 – Website Inputs

As agreed on our past project

to collect all old data on the agreed sites and post them into categories in my website.
to get all pdf files to a specific location on my server based on date.
to make sure all data is in the website correctly and in arabic

images in posts should be part of the project

hope every thing is so clear

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PLC Programming

Looking for someone to help in the programming of an Allen Bradley AB Pico PLC using the available free picosoft software from web site. This PLC has 12 inputs and 6 outputs. I will give a description of the inputs and the function of the outputs. Please ask if you have more questions. This is a simple project for someone with PLC programming experience.

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Send Screen/user Inputs To Server

The developer should have experience working with both the android and symbian OSsas we need the application developed on both platforms, then eventually on BlackBerry.The applicant should have a portfolio of these working applications. To start, a login/logout screen will be required. So you will have to pass the username and password via a connection to a server where existing code will validate the input.On a successful response, a menu of services for that account is displayed on the screen.Each service will have its own user inputs which when passed to the server, will once again trigger existing code and further db access. Each of these phone data inputs will generate a response from the server which will dictate which screen to then display.There will also be testing and subsequent bug fixes.

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Java-based Server-side User Actions And Inputs Recorder

I require a bit of functionality to be developed in Java and web technologies that can record a users inputs for later replay. This is similar to functionality provided in selenium, or loadrunner where users actions and inputs while traversing a website are recorded for later replay in load or function testing, however the key difference is that these applications record the actions at the client while I require similar functionality at the server.

Here is a possible usage scenario (subject to technical feasibility but hopefully useful for illustrative purposes):
1) User navigates to an initial page, which contains an input box to enter the URL for which the scripting is to be recorded, and an OK button. They enter the URL for which their actions are to be recorded and click the OK button.
2) The requested URL is fetched and rendered within a containing HTML component/frame, with input fields and controls being highlighted and links being disabled. (I am presuming this can be achieved via some clever use of CSS and javascript as I think the Firefox Firebug plugin already does something related, although am unsure of the specifics at this stage).
3) User fills in one or more of the highlighted input fields and then clicks on an accompanying control. The submitted data is captured/recorded during the submission process. The results are returned and rendered within the containing HTML component/frame. The frame shows two buttons accept inputs and modify inputs. If the user clicks accept inputs the users actions are saved in a value object. If the user clicks modify inputs the processing returns to step 2.

I require fully functioning code as described above with accompanying JUnit tests. The code should be contained within a mavenised eclipse web project whose skeleton/framework classes and pom file I will provide.

Key technologies used:
Java 6, Spring 3 including Spring MVC as the web framework technology, maven 2.2.0, hibernate 3.5.x

Proposed payment schedule:
Page 1: URL inputbox and OK button, and retrieval of requested URL resources, and accompanying Junit test. (25% )
Page 2: Rendering of requested URL resources in a parent/containing frame, rendered/overlayed with CSS and javascript to highlight input controls and disable links, and accompanying Junit test. (50%)
Page 3: Rendering of results page from users inputs, with accept inputs and modify inputs buttons. If user clicks accept inputs then input data is saved in a value object, and accompanying Junit test. (25%)

When project has been completed and full payment made, intellectual property developed for this project is to revert to me.

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GSM-GPRS Control Module SIM300C – AVR Microcontroller

I need software for a GSM/ GPRS remote controller. The purpose is to control 4 outputs and read 5 inputs (1 analog and 4 digital).


– ATmel AVR microcontroller family
– SIM300C GSM/GPRS module (or other with same specs,in the same price range)
– ANSI C / PASCAL / BASIC Program (fully commented)
– Up to five users can control the device
– The Outputs and Inputs must be controlled by SMS, and/or CLIP, and/or EMAIL
– The inputs can also control the outputs (locally)
– 1 Audio channel (by GPRS)
– Device must have full access via Internet

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Simple Android App

I currently have my own app and am looking to outsource a few parts of it. The app is a simple ListActivity app. Within the list that I have already built I want to link to some tasks that I ask you to develop:

There are four tasks to be completed.

1. Take a jpeg file and make it zoom-able (using pintch)
2. Display a pdf file and make it search able
3. Create two separate simple calculators. I will provide inputs and outputs. The calculation is a combination of three inputs yield a single output.
4. Create a countdown timer. The user inputs a date, and a countdown is displayed and maintained until that event is realized, and a single line of text is then displayed.

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Microcontroller To Internet Project

I need a design and prototype of a micro-controller device with minimum 8 inputs of 0 to 10K ohm resistance. The 8 inputs must be able to upload to a web site via a LAN connection periodically and by event alarms. Two of the 8 inputs would be designated as alarm events and would trigger and immediate upload of data. The power supply must be 24 volts AC.

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IPhone Driving Logbook App

An iPhone app that allows around 5 user inputs, logs the session time and then posts to a URL via PHP file inputs (.php?uuid=****).

If you have any previous logbook apps I will accept them for a lesser fee.

You also must have reviews or your bids will be ignored, big companies preferred!

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IPhone Logbook App

An iPhone app that allows around 5 user inputs, logs the session time and then posts to a URL via PHP file inputs (.php?uuid=****).

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I/o Controller

Design a microcontroller circuit which will communicate with another system via rs232 communications with adjustable communications speeds. 32kb is the target communication speed.
The circuit will read and debounce 64 5volt inputs and transmit the data out via serial port.
The circuit will then receive data from the serial port and latch it to led driver outputs (32).
The system will also read 4 analog inputs, and write 4 analog outputs. (0 to 5v)
Processor is up to you, pending our approval.
A working pcb would be ideal. SMT is not required. PCB Headers can be specified later.
The system will function to read and display operator switch selections on a CNC machine interface. Discrete inputs and outputs are required, not a matrix.

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Convert C Program To PHP Script

Good afternoon,

I need a program which is coded in the C language to be converted into a PHP script.
The program comes in a *.c file with 2500 lines from which almost 500 lines are comments.
The program calculated earth magnetic data based on user inputs and coefficients published in 2 simple txt files.
The program

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Barkan Calculation Of High Speed Valve Motion Fix

I had a program written in VB that is based on a paper written by Barkan.
The subject is Engine Valve Train dynamics.

The project made some progress but still has some bugs in it.
I think there may be some problems wit conversion of units or something wrong with the computation because the program is capable of producing realistic looking results but only if unreasonable inputs are used.

There are also some problems with certain combinations of inputs causing arrays to be exceeded.

If you are good in math, physics and VB and would like to look at biding on this project please send me a PM and I will send you a copy of the source that I have now and the papers that it is based on.

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Email Address Contact Form

HI. I am needing a .php page (code only design not important), that will allow a user to add multiple email addresses into a database. I need the form to be presented as a single row table with inputs for contact name and email address. When the entry is submitted the data needs to be stored in a DB table against the users ID ($_SESSION[kt_login_id]) with the 2x field inputs name and email address. The page needs to then have the capability (without page reload prefered – ajax etc.) of adding another input field row to the table, and disabling the previous row in the list of contacts – although adding a delete and edit function beside each previous rows inputs. I need this page to also contain the import contacts function found here (or if you know of a better solution for achieving this please let me know). When the user imports their contacts with this function I need the returned list of name {email address} pairs, stripped of commas, and braces, and automatically inserted as separate rows in the database in the same format as the manually inserted contacts. These imported contacts must then be displayed in the list. (all without page refresh if possible). Any examples or alternate solutions welcome.

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128 Bit Mathematical Pattern

I have a problem where I have one input number (128 bits) with up to two additional 8 bit inputs.

The 128 bit number results in 3 128 bit outputs. I am not sure if the two additional 8 bit inputs are used in some way to calculate the 3 128 bit output words. My initial thought is that they are not used.

I am not sure what the relationship between the 128 bit input and the 3 distinct 128 bit outputs are.

I need somebody to figure out the relationship. I have 5 test vectors for testing purposes that I will provide once the I accept a bid.

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Data Input In Simulink From A C++ Program

I am looking for someone who can take a C++ file I wrote and somehow include it into the simulink environment to generate inputs for a model. The C++ file is obtaining data from another program.

The job is to use the provided C++ file and integrate it into simulink to generate inputs into a simulink model.

Contact me for more details.

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Arm7 Microcontroller Developer.

Im looking for someone who can guide me which arm7 development board I should get for a small project. Must have a knowledge in development of arm7 microcontrollers and writing the software.

Basically is a controller for an electric actuator. There are 8 inputs, one of the inputs is RPMs of an engine. 8 inputs and 1 output to control the actuator.

I would like to use a board which has an LCD. On board commands to make adjustments like a selection key and ( + / – ) functions. It will have about 16 different modes in which the program can select from.

Thank you for the interest.

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This project is being undertaken by

This projects deliverable will consist of a program that accepts three inputs and produces two outputs.

Input one: Webform that produces parameters and variables that enable the processing of of the data from itself and the other inputs.

Input two: Bucketized data from an existing application

Input three: Bucketized data from a parsing engine

Output one: Raw xml/xtml output of processing results

Output two: Formatted report of outputs complete with simple GIS view

Outputs will be dynamic so that xml inputs may be manipulated to observe changes in formatted report

Will be secure and cloud based

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Javascript mathematical script

I need a Javascript "warning" script for my homepage:


As you can see as soon as you enter the three dimensions (for example try to input 5 x 10 x 7) some lines of the table in the lower part of the page gets highlighted in yellow color.
The lines that get highlighted are those of the shipping methods where the entered dimensions fits.

I need this new script:

On the right of "[ ] cm x [ ] cm x [ ] cm" I want it to display on-the-fly (activated by the same Javascript mechanism that highlights the lines in the table below) a little informational/warning box that informs the user of how many cm he needs to remove from the size of the pack in order to include the nearest smaller shipping method.

EXAMPLES of the exact informations that it must display:

– if the user inputs 32 x 26 x 1 it must display "note: with only 1 cm less (max 35,3 x 25 x 5 cm) it will be included Posta Prioritaria – Extra
Posta Raccomandata – Massimo, Posta Assicurata – Massimo and Posta Raccomandata 1 – Massimo too, with possible saving of costs."

– if the user inputs 65 X 65 X 50 it must display "note: with only 10 cm less (max Somma dei tre lati: 170 cm) it will be included eBoost-eBay (formato estero) too, with possible saving of costs."

– if the user inputs 55 x 30 x 45 it must display "note: with only 3 cm less (max Lato più lungo + circonferenza più corta: 200 cm. Lato più lungo: 105 cm) it will be oncluded Pacco Ordinario and Pacco Ordinario superficie (formato estero) too, with possible saving of costs."

CONDITION: it must display the information box ONLY if the total cm to remove from any side are not more than 20% of the sum of the sides

I think that the only files you need to modify for this work are index.php and script-get.js.

You will work on my server.

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