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OpenCart Store Template Installation

Installation and some administration of an OpenCart template.

Mainly just making sure the template is installed and functioning properly. AUD$50 payment.

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I.S Final Installation And Support Plan Report

Need someone to write an Final Installation and Support Plan Report based on a case study. I have attached the case study along with a briefing outlining the main guidelines that should be followed to produce the report. Please read it carefully before posting.


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WP Theme Installation 2

Hello This project is to install a wordpress theme and set up the gallery (front) pictures and categories

and then Install site on my server


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WordPress Installation

I will like to install wordpress for a personal website.


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Opengts Installation/configuration

I need someone with experience in opengts because I am gonna need info about the server and and bandwith needed for
the project capable on hosted about 3000 devices. I need traccar to be integrated into opengts,and a enfora DCS. I am taking suggestion on devices that would provide the maximum functionalities and be at a reasonable price. I also need someone capable of of offering support and admin training.

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Web Design And Script Installation

I need a one page landing page and script installation for search engine script.

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Installation Of CMS That Is Open Source

I need somebody to install an open source CMS. No design needed. I already have the logo.

The CMS youre going to use is up to you. It should be SEO friendly, should generate tableless HTML for the pages.

Please see

I want as simple as the above website.

Low cost provider only. Thanks.

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Primavera 6 Installation On Windows 7 Or Vista

I want assistance in installing Primavera P6 at Dubai or New Delhi

Also a follow-on project of Personalized Training in Primavera use.

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WP Theme Installation


I am looking for someone that can install a wordpress theme, (I need someone experienced)
I would need this completed within 3 days.

Note: I just need the theme installed….. header, pictures, and setup categories


My budget is $50-$70 based on experience

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Fix Oscommerce After Hack

We need a programmer who can fix one of our clients websites after its been hacked. We already have it running again but it still has some small issues, for example session directory not writable, htaccess which is not right ect.

This website has been setup in 2006 and is an Oscommerce installation with minor code changes. Not a lot has been modified, the biggest modification is probably that its in Dutch.

You job would be
* Fix the installation so that it works.
* Make some security updates so that it doesnt get hack that easy again.

As you can understand this is a job that needs to be done quickly, we dont want the client to wait for days, so only bid if you have time to do this within 24 hours. Its an easy job for someone whos familiar with OSC and shouldnt take more than a couple of hours.

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Kannel Installation For SMS Gateway

I am having my own SMPP server & facing problem in Kannel installation and configuration. If anybody can do this project. very urgent.

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Avs Script Installation Mod_rewrite Problem

I need help installation of Adultvideoscript.
also need to understand of ffmpeg and plesk.

i have vps and root access

03/22/2011 at 20:01 EDT:

Adult Video Script

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Template Monster Virtue Mart Installation

I need a template monster virtue mart to be installed on a domain.

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File Finder

1. Crawl entire enterprise network from a central location and creates list of all files found.
2. Must be fast to execute may be multithreaded and distributed execution.
3. Platforms: Windows, Linux and UNIX (May be two independently compiled versions of same program. Linux and Windows)
4. Password protected to install and run
5. Password must be automatically generated based on a to-be-supplied ASCII string combined with four letters representing month and year of installation.
6. Program must require re-installation every 60 days or it will not run.
7. Creates an 256-bit AES encrypted password protected .csv file which lists all available information about each file discovered including computer name and IP address, file path, account, etc… This password is same as the installation password.
8. Source code should be well commented so that maintenance may be performed and build instructions and script provided.
9. Program must be complied under Linux operating system and or Microsoft Developer Studio 2005.
10. Resulting executable must be stripped and obfuscated.
11. Easy to uninstall.

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Quick OsCommerce (Fantastico) & CRE Loaded Installation

– Installation of CRE Loaded 6.2 standard edition

A template of TemplateMonster will be added to this shop. TemplateMonster CRE Loaded templates are compatible with the CRE Loaded 6.2 Standard only.
My hosting company has installation of osCommerce available through Fantastico cPanel.

No design needed, just the basic installation of CRE Loaded 6.2 Standard.

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Flash Cookie Stuffer Script Needed + Installation

I need an advanced Flash (!) Cookie Stuffer script, something professional if possible, prefferably with a manual.

Also I need you to install this on my server till I see the traffic is dividing well to the links I insert.

Please send me a PM to tell me how you will help me with this and with which script.


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Sakai Project Install

I am attempting to upload the Sakai Project LME software to a location on my server but do not have the ability to do so, I am looking for someone knowledgeable to complete this installation. However budget for this project is limited.

The Project has been uploaded to the server awaiting installation.

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AdultVideoScript Expert Needed

I need someone to fix the installation of AdultVideoScript that requires installation of missing server modules/scripts AND fixing all errors with the script and to make sure all aspect of video encoding and technical issues are running as it is supposed to.

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AdultVideoScript Expert Needed

I need someone to fix the installation of AdultVideoScript that requires installation of missing server modules/scripts AND fixing all errors with the script and to make sure all aspect of video encoding and technical issues are running as it is supposed to.

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Installation Of SSL

I need installation of Rapid SSL and I am using Prestashop. I have been approved by RapidSSL. My cPanel is psoft hsphere. I will forward what is necessary to you. Thanks.

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Vicidial Installation And Advice

Help and advice on a vicidial installation
Installing G729 codecs
setting up an outbound phone server (predictive dialer)
using vicidialnow. I need about 3 hours immediate advice – Only bid if you are an expert in vicidial

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Installation Of New WordPress Theme

We would like to migrate our current website theme (StudioPress Church) to Mojothemes MediaFlux.

The theme has been purchased. The following must be able to work just as well under the new theme.

1. Categories
2. Postings
3. Pages
4. Menus
5. Featured items
6. Image files
7. Banners
8. Widgets
9. Tags
10. Links
11. Plugins.
12. All related items to the theme.

This job should be completed within 1 to 2 days.

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Kaltura Installation

We have setup all prerequirements for Kaltura to be installed ( and now need someone to start the installation on our LAMP system.

You may see our site here: – all that is needed is that the installation be put in the same database as our main system which already has 600 tables in it. All Kaltura tables will need the prefix kal_

When trying the installation, it told us an error – user doesnt have permission to make table. This seemed a common error for the program & a custom user needs to be created with proper permission, then all should work.

We have installed memcached, php 5.3, and all other prereqs. Our main technicians dont have time for 2 months to do this, so we need some extra help.

Our system is CentOS, LAMP, Smarty, Unix 64bit.

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Magento Installation

We need someone, who install for us magento 1.5 on a Strato Server.

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Jobboard Using WordPress Installation – For Mandiniprincess

Jobs for Mandiniprincess – Jobboard installation as discussed previously. We need the board fully customised and installed within 24 hours or before 18/03/2011 midnight by latest.

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Forum And Mod Installation

Install mods on a PHP webstite and install a forum on site

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Fresh Magento Theme & Zetaprints Add-On Installation

Very straight forward project…

Install this this theme:

Into our 100% fresh installation of the latest version of Magento on our Aspiration Hosting (magento-optimized) shared plan.

And install the Zetaprints add-on:

Steps 1 through 4 on this list are already done. We need you to complete steps 6 through 11:

Thats it. No design or anything else. Just installed and configured to work with our Zetaprints account.

Please contact us for any questions you may have before placing your bid.

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Joomla Template Installation And Configuration

I want this above template to be setup on my website, Only expert with good review will be selected.
Budget is maximum 30$

1. I want to setup this, Template is already installed, I dont know why its making problems,
2. I will provide file that I have got from template monster, to you! so that you can do this job.
3. I need this done by today!
4. All content of my website should not be changed and should be placed accordingly as I will say, after the installation of template.

For the above 4 tasks maximum budget is 30$ I need this done asap (by today) So Happy Bidding, Project may get awarded within 12 hours.

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Activiti 5.3 BPMN Installation

We need you to install activiti bpmn on our existing tomcat running on centos and integrate it with mysql database.
budget $100, 2 days, preferred people who did similar installation in the past.
please pm with first sentence: "Activiti bpmn installation".

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Apache Servicemix 4.3 Installation

We need you to install apache servicemix on our existing tomcat on centos.
we should be able to access all functionality, web console.
budget: $100, 2 days, for experienced sys admins another task follows after that one.
please pm with first sentence: "Apache ServiceMix installation"

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Modify Joomla Installation : Add Extra Registration Field

We need an additonal field added to the core registration form of Joomla 1.5

Single field only (with confirmation field)



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