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We need a SKILLED Joomla expert to add the attached photo gallery to our Joomla website today. We are using Sobi2 for our listings and need this photo gallery installed for our each new listing. Another programmer tried installing and failed. The photo gallery is partially installed, but no guarantees that it is installed correctly. It does not work. You must complete the entire job today, as this is not a big job.

Be sure that the photo gallery works in IE, Firefox and Chrome.

Please see the attached file for more information.

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Update And Configuration Of Appointment Booking Pro

We already have Appointment Booking Pro installed on one of our sites. Now wed like to get it up to date and it live. The current installed version of Appointment Booking Pro is 1.4.2

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Joomla Module Install And Demo Of Completion

I bought the module jfbconnect and 2j tabs and I have an scroller installed on top my goal tonight is to

Have jfbconnect installed and running

Have 2 tabs running i would like the articles just two samples so i can do the rest. The samples will be two separate articles with three tabs each the default probley will not work . I want to link to each article and then have three tabs on each one I create . You use any templete make it look good and clean 100 is my budject

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We are a french maintenance company operating on Multifonctional printing products. We are looking for a software which will be able to be installed on our customers lan and will be collecting snmp datas from the printers installed on the lan (like printing counters, ip adress, serial number, supplies level….). The software will be able to generate a report and allowed this report to be send by mail.

We are operating mainly on HP, RICOH AND KONICA MINOLTA products, but it had to integrate others brands in the future.

This software will be very light , the setup very easy for our customers.

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Assistance With Configuring Vps Apache Php Mysql

I require assistance configuring a linux VPS Redhat. I believe everything is installed. I just need to have the Apache talk to the PHP and have the phpmyadmin set up. I have root access and a CPX control Panel installed.

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Magento Professional Needed For Installations, Themes, Exten

We need a magento professional , as we are switching from another shopping cart to magento to a different server.
We need installation of magento, get it properly setup and secure on network solutions dedicated servers, get 4 payment gateways installed, theme installed, As well as integration of our 3 IT Distributors into Magento Via XML or Via ACAP Connector or bintime connector of the various 3 distributor, as well as import our other products and images via CSV file. So we need those 4-5 things tro be done, to get the store up and running asap, so we can resume sales and redirect the domain and seo to the new store asap. We need a reasonable quote, and only professional may bid.

Waiting reply.

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Ajax And Magento Programming And Temple Clean-up

This project s for RTzine Only. – thanks,

1. Please install AJAX into our search by brand, color, size, style – we need this to work well, so we can add products.

2. Clean up the template – graphics, colors, buttons, etc,(minor changes)

3. Add a brand logo to product pages and minor changes on product page.

4. Test credit card module (we want to have our own secure check out with credit cards) since we will have secure servers installed.

5. SEO submission. We need to be sumbited to all the search engines in worldwide.

6. The site have to be in 7 languages (we have 4 installed – 2 are missing).

Here is our website –

I am sending you a bunch of files with screen shots so you can see in detail what needs to be done.

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Joomla K2 Management & Membership Changes

For this project, I have a website that I am working on that is built in Joomla, and I have installed K2 and have also installed the following modules:

JE Membership:

JAK2 Filter & Search:

This is what I need YOU to do:

– Change log in form to: Smaller login/register form at bottom of page (horizontal) and wording to "Advertisers Login"
– When a user logs in, they only have acces to:
– User details
– Ability to edit their only their own page(s) specified by administrator
– Access Membership (membership needs to be set up to link to Pay Pal – software installed already just needs to be configured) and have options for Free 6 Month Membership (Limited time only), 1 Year Membership, 2 Year Membership and 3 Year Membership.

– When a user signs up, and chooses/pays for membership, it is then sent to site administrator for approval, and for administrator to assign a page to them that they can edit.

There is alot more work to be done on this website, if the programmer selected completes this task fast and 100% correct, I will then give more work.

I need a programmer that can help me through the set up of this website as we go, that has experience in this field.

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Develop An Application That Runs Once

I am looking to develop an application that can go undetectable when installed that will launch when the computer starts or launches immediately after going through an installation wizard that will

Load a website without being visible or seen that will result in a cookie being dropped onto their computer from my referral code. This script would have an algorithm that was able to determine which website to load based on day of the week monday-sunday.

Cookies 1 =
Cookies 2 =
Cookies 3 =
Cookies 4 =
Cookies 5 =

If software was installed on monday cookies 1, 5 run
If software was installed on tuesday cookies 2, 3 run
if software was installed on Wednesday cookies 4 run
If software was installed on Thursday cookies 1, 4 run
If software was instaled on Friday cookies 2 run
If software was installed on Saturday cookies 3,5 run
If software was installed on Sunday cookies 1,2,3,5 run

Does this sound like something you could do? The idea of this app is to not be known or seen when installed or ran.

Let me know if you could do something like this…

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Help With DNS And Postfix

We are running a hosted ( Debian lenny server which need to be configured/managed by Virtualmin /webmin. They are already installed but we need the final steps with the DNS and postfix, which fails at present.

Basically when you are done everything should work, ready for hosting multiple virtual hosts, and with examples installed and configured.

About you: You have good reviews, and can bid on this project with more words that

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FFmpeg Install + Codecs For Clip-bucket Script

I have a dedicated server running Cent OS 5.5

Will give root access

I have installed FFmpeg but get the following errors when checking the modules -> Screen Shot

Need FFmpeg re-installed correctly and the missing codecs installed

MP4Box issue has been fixed please ignore that in screen shot

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FFmpeg Install + Codecs For Clip-bucket Script

I have a dedicated server running Cent OS 5.5

Will give root access

I have installed FFmpeg but get the following errors when checking the modules -> Screen Shot

Need FFmpeg re-installed correctly and the missing codecs installed

MP4Box issue has been fixed please ignore that in screen shot

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Internet Filter Software

I want a software written that will be installed on my website. It will deny access to any visitor that doesnt have a internet filter (porn) installed. What I want to do is have a software written that would have a strand of inappropriate material in it (not actually have the stuff, just have some typing of it in the code). This strand will then be put in religious websites that would agree to have it. If the visitor to the site doesnt have a filter that blocks out porn, then the site will be inaccessible. A page would come up and say "This site cant be accessed unless you have a filter"
So say for example I am trying to reach and they have this software installed (onto their home page or server or whatever) if it detects that my computer will allow porn, I will be blocked from visiting

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Need My FB App Installed/connected To Profiles

I am looking for providers with a large number of FB accounts and friends on them. Need 50-100 friends per account. I need you to install my app on your profiles (connect with app).

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Install Php4

I have a vps server with apache and Cpanel/WHS . I have php5 installed and i need php4 installed.

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Uppdate Microsoft CRM 3.0 With Rollup 1,2 And 3 And Fix Bugs

I use Microsoft CRM 3.0 installed in server SBS 2003.

I need update CRM 3.0 with Rollup 1, 2 and 3.

Fix the problem that the CRM users are not sending the direct mail.

I need a freelancer who has deep knowledge in this software because I have installed customizations that can not be changed.

I already did download the packages Rollups.

After installation, the CRM 3.0 has to work without problems or data loss.

Please, just bid if you have full knowledge of the subject.

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OSCommerce Download Function For Digital Product

I installed OSCommerce for my online store selling softwares. I also installed an oscommerce addon contribution called "Super Download Store" because my customers need to be able to download products(software) after they pay through PayPal or other payment methods (such as credit card).

However, the download feature is not working. I need someone to fix it.


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Nginx Magento Speed

We want our server to run more faster

Installed on our server is Nginx, fastcgi, gzip is enabled but yslow says to enable gzip.

1.We keep getting 504 nginx timeout- You will sort this out.

2.Site has suddenly gone pretty slow.So we need Memcached installed.

3.Install Fooman Speedster

4.I think php fpm is already installed if not you will install this

5.Tune the mysql:you need to make some metrics about the Mysql use into your site, Slow query logs, and load average…. at the moment you have the peak of users… you can have some profiles using many tools…

6. The KPI of this project is speed and we will measure speed at the beginning and at the end of this project.

7.Please note job is only finished if we can get atleast 25% speed increase

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Facebook Like Button Extension Installation

I need for an extension from called Facebook Like Button to be installed on my site so that each product has a unique like button count on the category view page. The extension has this feature built in. However, it may not be installed correctly on my site.

Currently all products have the same like button count. And when a customer likes one product, all other product like button counts will also increment. I would like for this issue to be resolved so that each product has its own unique like button count.

The extension also comes with a like button anylitic feature. This is already installed, but does not reflect the like counts for each product. This also needs to work correctly and is included in this project.

An example of a working version of this project can be viewed on the demo page below.

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Php Probid Mods

I have 6 php pro bid auction mods that I need installed. Mods must be installed and working correctly before any payment is given. this is a pretty simple project.

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Require Xcache Install On Dedicated Server.

I have a social network script that needs xcache installed on my dedicated server. I would need the installation and a test with the social network script to see it works properly (which is already installed on my server). Please only bid if you have done this before and can guarantee a clean no problem install.

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Moving A WordPress Blog From Godaddy To Hostgator…Help

I have a wordpress blog site that is currently running now. I do NOT want my site down for any second so I need someone who can transfer my wordpress files in my current godaddy host and move them to my hostgator account. I need it done so no down time happens with my site. I actually already have my addon domain in hostgator set up, Ive installed wordpress and even installed the backup sql files from godaddy to hostgator however I dont know if everything is set up correctly. Please message me asap as I will need to chat with you on skype to better explain.

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Create A Joomla 1.5 Module


I need a custom Joomla 1.5 module created. The module will work exactly same way as this link

Its actually a calculator. Look and functionality will be exactly same. Module can be installed and managed through Joomla admin.

Happy bidding!

03/10/2011 at 9:13 EST:

Module will be installed and tested with my own Joomla website and payments will be made accordingly.

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Installation of latest version of XCART 4.4.2 as an upgrade. The site currently has Version 4.1.5

The front of the site is running in wordpress and this links through to Xcart ecommerce

1. Customise shopping cart as it currently is with the exception of Header
2. Header will need to be copied from WordPress which is installed at front of the site and have better signage for Cart. Mockup will be provided.
3. We have our own customised module which we have installed. This pulls the data from our system and transfers to the website. This will need to be installed.
4. Magic Zoom – This module has been installed and it will need to be installed in the update
5. All changes to the original X-cart Pro code have to be documented and provided in a separate file (and inside the code when needed)

1. The thumbnail colour on the product page does not show the correct colour. For example iF YOU CLICK ON PALE BLUE thumbnail you will get BEIGE This used to be OK so not sure what has happened
2. Import – When file is imported there is a random glitch which causes some product images to give an error. The wrong image shows. All the thumbnails are fine but when you click through to the product the wrong image is displayed. This does not happen on all products but enough to be a real nuisance.

After installation the site would have 4 different subsites with different sidebar menus.

Modules to be activated in addition to those already activated
roduct Configurator
Orders History
Different Sidebars


I apologise that the details are a bit scant but will work on this and deliver much more detail before final commitment to the project. The basics are however correct and please ask any questions or make any suggestions

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Customize NopCommerce Shopping Cart

We are a tire company based in Atlanta Ga, we are looking to start selling some tires online and we installed nop commerce on our server Godaddy.

…we need a completely different look.
…we need the ability for customers to select the tires by sizes.
…we need the option to pick up the tires and have it installed at our store to mention a few

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WHM/Server Script Installation Required


I need to have the following scripts installed on my server:

Here is a list of the scripts I need installed: (I think GD library is already installed)

GD & Free type Libraries



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Watermark Plugin

I will need a watermark plugin to be installed on my website.

When I upload images on the website, the watermark will be installed automatically

There are many plugins on the Internet. You can find a plugin that have features similiar to this and I will need you to customize it so that it is working properly on my websites dashboard (Not administrator dashboard)

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Oscommerce Language Packs Installed

Looking for an osc expert to install 6 language packes.

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In Store Pick Up And Wish List Mod For Virtuemart

I have in-store pick up module installed and also wish list module " hack installed"

In store module does not display in-store option as shipping .. I want this fixed so it displays and it also displays my store address once ticked.
Wish list is uploaded but in the default section and not in the theme I have installed in virtuemart, I want to maintain the same theme but include the wish-list functions in my current theme and not in the default theme.

Should be simple enough and would like this done today. I know its not a big job as I can most likely do it myself but I am not a coder as such and would rather leave it to you.

Please do not over bid I will not bother if you start asking for $150.00 straight up (HINT) " MUCH MUCH LESS "

if you complete this project I will have another small one for you too …

ready NOW and standing bye

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Need ASP Coder (classic ASP)

To finalise a web application (installed on server, database installed correctly etc) I require a programmer with experience developing in classic ASP/MSSQL. The application is completely ready, but an error "500 – Internal server error" appears when running any of its parts. I need to resolve this problem. Most likely a problem in the variables the script or something like that.

Please only bid if you are skilled in Classic ASP/MSSQL.

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Configure A Purchased WordPress Theme.

I am looking for someone to configure a WP theme on my blog. The theme is located here:

The blog is a very simple tech-blog for average users.

WordPress is installed, the theme is installed, I just require some thoughtful configuration of the layout and images.

Prefer someone who can provide the service with minimal direction and provide a very quick turn around.

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Magento Installation & Site Setup

I already have Magento installed, I just need the theme installed and the site setup i.e. categories, shipping info, tax etc, I can add the actual products myself…

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