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WordPress Theme

I need a wordpress theme made using existing graphics to match my website.

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Website-Need To Apply WordPress Theme, Config & Content

Our web site is bilingual and done in classic ASP. We bought a WordPress Theme that we like to install and configure and perhaps rewrite the content.

Here is what we need to do:

-Provide you the template
-Provide you the graphics, logo images etc.
-Provide you the content

Here is what we need you to do:

-Provide a breakdown and timeline of how you would proceed and how long would you need to accomplish this.
-Create a costume login page for our clients
-The client section, they can see their images (some kind of thumbnail preview and link to the high resolution files) We are currently using this to generate thumbnail and web site:
-Apply the graphics and content to 8 to 10 pages
-As mentioned this is a bilangual site, so provide a plugin in WordPress to allow the language switch on each page.


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Website Updates

Add iembed youtube wordpress plug-in, add real-estate wordpress plug-in, add new articles when they are completed. Configure plug-ins so that they integrate seamlessly with Theme, add articles when they are done to the site in sections that match their content.

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