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Photographer´s Main Site And Blog With WordPress Thesis

I already postet this project, but cannot access it any longer. If you already answered to photographer01 please post again. Sorry! I will be away for 8 days and will not be able to respond to any proposals earlier.

I need psd to wordpress Thesis converted. Concept and Design will be delivered. WordPress will be used as CMS rather than a blogging platform.
To implement the design you will have to be familiar with Thesis theme and use the "custom css" so the Thesis framework is upgradeable when a new version comes out.

You will need to design the home page and about 3 or 4 interior pages.

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Ladder / Tournament Site

Im in need of someone to help develop a ladder / tournament site. What I have so far can be seen at However, it is in need of a much better theme. I do have a web template started, Need someone to integrate both or develop and install a better one altogether.

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Web Development On WordPress Site

Need programming work on a existing wordpress website

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Add WordPress Blog To Existing Web Site

Simple project to add 1 page wordpress blog to an exisitng website (css/html) design.

I want to preserve the exisitng style of the website, so dont want to use a new theme from wordpress. I have the page css/html code outline/style already done, I just need someone familiar with wordpress to add the blog.

This should be a short 1 or 2 hour project for someone who knows what they are doing so please bid appropriately (I.e. low end of the budget range).


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Custom WordPress Blog

I am looking for a qualified candidate to develop a custom wordpress blog site.

I will only accept bids from experienced wordpress developers!

You Must submit samples of your recent custom wordpress work, otherwise dont bid on this.

Thank You

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Web Site Development – WordPress

Develop a WordPress Website based on this template

1. Option to modify content in Homepage, Quit smoking, Lose weight, contact us. You can easily modify content of these pages.

2. Option to upload unlimited number of articles under quit smoking, lose weight and Other Symptoms Page.

3. Other Symptoms we will give you option to add different diseases and then details about that disease.

4. Ability to add pages – i.e. under Other Symptoms we would like to add a page for each symptom. Also under the clinic locations, we would like a page for each clinic

5. Testimonial, we will maintain the testimonials and would like to select a section and then post testimonial under that.

6. News section, you will have option to add/edit/delete news. you can select which news to display in homepage.

7, We want the content of the pages to be standard across the site. We will have video, audio and written testimonials in the content part of the pages. We would like good graphics put around them and have the ability to use these templates in other pages.

Add the following content and layout the Weight Loss page based on the following

8. Ideally an audio player Plugin would be available so we can add audio easily.

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Static Web Site With Blog

Simple static web site with a blog and news publishing features, nice, clean and light weight graphics.

There will be around 20 pages, i will define the content layout in start and provide the content later.

All related graphics, like
a) a slide show
b) a logo
c) button designs
or maybe some thing more or less need to be designed as needed during the project, i will provide the concept and example from existing web pages online.

On certain pages, it shall be possible to embed our video streams from ustream or youtube etc, i will provide the video links.

There will be an integrated blog, using wordpress, shall also allow publishing multimedia content, comments and features of a standard blog must be there.

specific details i will provide after you show interest.

Following will be steps:
a) i will provide page layout for all pages, you will develop all pages, suggested graphics put sample content.
b) i will reveiew, propose changes/improvements, suggest new layout or graphics concept or example and you will make it.
c) i will then review again and if all is fine then close else i will need the items fixes based on feedback.

so i see, there will be around 3 iterations, unless you provide a very quality work in first round and understand what i need right away.

i m only interested to work with developers and designers directly, you must know how to use svn and how to write and maintain database script so if you are a big company with 20 virtual emplyees (who dont even know what is svn) please dont bid.


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