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New Template To Be Integrated With ESyndicat Directory.

We are wanting someone to integrate a new template with e Syndicat directory script. Very straight forward task as i already have the template (attached) and eSyndicate. will need integrating with this
Currently the template is in PSD format so will need converting.

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Ads Website Integrated With Paypal

I am looking for someone to build an Ads/Classifieds website in Joomla which has Paypal integrated to support paid Ads/Classifieds. If able to provide graphics will be excellent, else will be provided.

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Develop Forum For Our Website

We need Forum integrated and customised for our website
We use Joomla and Forum must be integrated with JomSocial, be very user friendly and visually attractive.
The example we would like to imitate is

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Website – Oscommerce Integrated With WordPress

We need a website and please see requirements below:

1.oscommerce shopping cart integrated with wordpress blog
2.SEO URLS on every pages
3.meta tag description & meta tag keyword on each and every pages
4.title on each and every pages
5.paypal payment
6.unique excellent artistic design

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Kids Flash Games

I am looking to buy a collection of childrens games. I would ideally like them to be integrated in a website, and integrated in android/ios using Adobes AIR api. The graphics and sound need to be top quality, and I would need to have all rights to the games once the project is complete. The games should allow to track high scores, and possibly even multiplayer. I am open to differnet ideas for game concepts. But games must be fun and be attract user to continue playing over and over. Consider the possiblity of virtual goods to add features to the games. Please send samples that I can try out of your work.

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Copy This Site

I am looking for a team of good coder who can copy exactly what this website do i need all the functions,crawler,design and many more. I am open to your idea on how to code & what programs you are going to use.

1.I need a different homepage (Web 2.0 style) and different color background.
2.I want the website with a community forum.
3.Google map integrated.
4.Design me a logo.
5.Captcha email integrated.
6.Multi-Profile with photos, video and Google maps.

This are only the partial list for the project, i will furnish the complete detail once you win the project.

The Payment will be escrow and release upon completion of the project free of bugs and glitz.

I will be choosing the winner in the next few days and build a long term relations with the winner for maintaining the website, Extra money every months for you.

This is Non-Disclosure Agreement,So Bid Now!!

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New Template To Be Integrated With ESyndicat Directory

We are wanting someone to integrate a new template with e Syndicat directory script. Very straight forward task as i already have the template ( this one and e Syndicate.

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Integrate HTML/CSS Designed Webpages Into Current Website

We recently had three new pages designed in HTML/CSS for use on our website, located at The page that needs the new designs integrated is

We had three different designs created in HTML/CSS to rotate and use on the services page. We need these designs integrated into the existing code on our current services page, and the pages absolutely MUST be cross-tested in all the current browsers, especially Internet Explorer versions 7 and 8. It must also be tested in Safari, Mozilla and Google Chrome.

All three of the designs will need to be integrated one at a time into the current services page at After the pages have been integrated, we will need the new files sent to us.

We are looking for someone who can make the commitment to finish this project this week. Thank you.

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Company Website Re-design

I currently have a website that I need redesigned and integrated with a content management system. The back end PHP coding is already done and just needs to be integrated with the new site design and CMS. The new website will also need an integrated email signup and autoresponder for people wanting to download our free white paper on the site. Example current sit You can also use new content on this site
We want a very professional logo, website design and user interface, like this site (
The new site should be very clean and simple design, with a landing page to include signup and email submittal for access to our free white paper. (like

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Webscrape For Cisco Products

We need a list compiled of Ciscos Router, Switch, and Security Products. Data must be in CSV format.

Specifications will need to include:

1. What kind of environment the device is used for – ig., Server farm, Internet backbone, Data center, etc.
2. Type and number of Ports/Slots available – ig. Supports all 6500 Series Modules (supervisor engines, Fast Ethernet modules, WIC), 48 10/100/1000 Gigabit RJ-45 Ethernet ports.
3. Core features capability – ig., VPN, Firewall, IPSEC, Wireless, POE, Gigabit
4. Power Supply – ig., Optional internal AC or DC 1+1 hot-swappable power supplies, If none, just AC power, or DC power, etc.
5. Maximum Throughput – ig., 25Mbps with concurrent services, 350 Mbps with services such as security, mobility, WAN optimization, unified communications, video, and customized applications
6. Type of Layering supported – ig., Layer 2-4 switching
7. Weights and Dimensions – ig., 24 x 2 x 19 8lbs

Below is the requires list of products from Ciscos Website (These are the core products we need, if able to get ALL Cisco products with little effot please add to the list).

Cisco 3900 Series Integrated Services Routers
Cisco 3800 Series Integrated Services Routers
Cisco 3200 Series Rugged Integrated Services Routers
Cisco 2900 Series Integrated Services Routers
Cisco 2800 Series Integrated Services Routers
Cisco 1900 Series Integrated Services Routers
Cisco 1800 Series Integrated Services Routers
Cisco 800 Series

Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 4900 Series Switches
Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches
Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switches
Cisco Nexus 4000 Series Switches
Cisco Nexus 2000 Series Fabric Extenders
Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 3750-E Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 3750-X Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 3560 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 3560-E Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 3560-X Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 3550 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 2975 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 2955 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 2950 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 2940 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 2360 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 2350 Series Switches

Cisco ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliances

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Web Site Design & SEO

A new website project & SEO Campaign for a design company. The site must be unique and not a template so exclusivity and anonymity is a must. The site must also not be used for anyone else

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Integrated E-Commerce Web Site & Shopping Cart

Integrated E-Commerce Website – Please Read Entire Project Before Bidding

Should be a relatively simple E-Commerce site concept, however this is our first outsourced project and we are willing to pay more for strict attention to detail and some hand holding. We are not developers but can try to provide as much specificity as needed to get the job done quickly and accurately. We are much less concerned with time to completion than we are with quality and getting exactly what we specify. Ideally would like to go with a local freelancer (NYC) if possible since face to face meeting can eliminate miscommunication but willing to look to other geographies depending on bids.


We started this project a while back in flash and basically completed the design. This needs to be recreated for whatever language/markup you desire to use. It is a minimalist design – very few links and almost no text links. Needs to be viewable/compatible for an ipad/tablet/etc.

Homepage will have logo (designed but will possibly need to be recreated from flash), and three buttons (scroll over color change) for [Product], [Accessories], and an About

Each of those three main pages will have very similar layouts (design complete) and pretty similar navigation through. Within [Product] for example we will be selling four (4) kinds of product with multiple varieties (5+) of each type. Each individual product variety will have its own page with a text description and a picture and two size options. Basically Catalog A-D with A.1, A.2 etc. Ideally I would like this to be integrated with some simple database or cms (if it could be done in excel and then exported to a CSV or something that would really really be ideal) to allow us to easily create new varieties – with some hand holding for instruction on how to do this.

The most critical portion of the project is linking/integrating the [product] and [accessories] offerings with a shopping cart. I am open to discussion on whether it can accept orders/payment on paypal/googlecheckout – basically I am agnostic as long as it works seamlessly. Should feel "pretty"

The site is hosted on Bluehost – must be able to explain exactly where files are located, how to create new varieties and how to update/maintain site. Like I said we are not webdevelopers but we were compsci majors (years ago) and are fairly computer literate… we need you to hit us with a 2×4 in the head one time with this is how it works and well get it

Anyway I think that is enough detail to get a general idea – I dont think this is a particularly difficult project we are just asking for a little more TLC than most. Would rather pay a little more to get exactly what we want from someone who is friendly to work with than pay less and get some douche who wont explain anything. We are very open to milestone payments and would be willing to use the following payment schedule: 20% finish reworking design, 50% Shopping Cart passes order test, 30% final maintenance/integration/debugging.

Let me know what you think. Please bid if you have requisite experience (portfolio of past work) and can offer top quality and attention to detail

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Moodle Integrated With On The Fly Online Metting Software

The project is to build an online learning platform with Moodle integrated with few other modules which will be specified so to allow my client the functionality of the application. Application also needs to be customized. Additionally, an online meeting application like bigbluebutton or another open source software needs to be designed for easy integration. The online meeting should have the Desktop sharing, VOIP, webcam and presentation functions. The online meeting package will be designed such as it can be used by its or integrated to the Moodle (if client already had Moodle if not, it should be able to integrate with their solution of can be used for an online collaboration).

This is just an overview of the project. Bidders should bear in mind that the project needs to meet certain specification and have certain functionality which will be discussed at a later stage.

One of the focus is to use open source preferrably running on Linux (Ubuntu).

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Need 10 One Page Websites Integrated With WordPress

I need 10+websites, one page website integrated with Word Press. The site will have 4 navigation links i.e. Home

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Inspired By

I need a clone of Please visit the site and see it before you bid.
The site must have 2 languages (english and french), for the location of the propierty i want to use google map, or something similary.
The admin area must let the advertiser to put their photos, and descriptions of the propierty, online payment modules integrated like paypal, and another one from me.
Propierty promovation in first page, or category.
SEO must be integrated, Popular tags. Meta description, Meta keywords, title must be generated like on homeaway.
The budget is low, but i need a good website, please bid if you only can finish this job.

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Build An IPad App To Be Integrated With A Medical Software

The project involves building an app for iPad. This app will be runned on the iPad for customers (patients in a medical centre) to enter their detials (eg name, address, phone, etc.) which when saved is automatically uploaded onto a medical software. The database used by the medical software is the basic MSQL.

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Twitter, Facebook, Youtube And Web Integrated Credits System

Site similar to

Project include :

-site to be able to be used in multiple languages

-similar functionality like twiends —TWITTER , FACEBOOK,WEBSITES,YOUTUBE

-ADMIN and USER functionalities

– Google Checkout integration

– Site template to be delivered by me

– all funcitonationality

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Website Integrated With Alert System


We need a website integrated with an application that sends alerts automatically (sms/ emails) based on the information like date of birth , email id, name etc.captured from the user.
Based on the date of birth,the system has to generate the future scheduled dates (given by us) for which the alerts has to be sent automatically.

The service would be a paid dervice so a payment gateway/paypal has to be incorporated in the website.

Otherwise the website is a normal information website. Professional designers/developers who has already done alert sytem integrated with the website projects are expected to bid on this project.

We need the website should have a professional look and feel, clean and simple.
For more details pm me.

When you bid please send me your portfolio especially the alertsytem integrated website.

Thanks in advance.

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Simple Website + Coding Job

The name of my website: Eye of E-Sports

The purpose: A match-casting website for PC-Video Games

What it needs:
– I will need a website with a pretty basic, clean layout.
– I need my Justin.TV stream integrated into the website which is very simple. This is the main focus of my website.
– I also would like a news scroll below the stream where I can post articles for viewers to read.
– I need the Justin.TV Chat to also be integrated into the website which is again, very simple.
– I need a logo designed to represent the title of the website. (A big eye that looks cool with a counter-terrorist inside from counter-strike).
– The website needs ad space as well.
– I would also need a donate button that links to my paypal.

More details can be discussed after the bidding.

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Integrated Payment Solution (123ticket) For Mosets Tree

Integrated payment solution (paypal) for Mosets Tree. Current versions of Mosets Tree (the business directory script for Joomla) offers NO integrated payment solution for upgrading business listings, and I need 2 form of payment, paypal and 123ticket dot com. The only payment gateway for Mtree is via a separate Joomla extension called Payments Plus. But I dont want pay for him, only if is necesary. My english is bad, I speak spanish and french, for their help. The web is online and inactive for this moment. 123ticket dot com provides the code, just a matter of integrating. If you can released a plugin, module or other extension, I can pay more.

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Need A Small Scritter Like Blog Integrated Into Website.

I have a website that has a new designer has put in a dotnet nuke format. Anyway I would like to put a small twitter like blog into it. Something like scritter. My webhost is ixwebhosting. Anyway I need this done no later than Monday. Thank You. And I do believe he said something about My website is

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WordPress Site Needs Custom Module And Iframe Integrated

Our WP site needs a zip-submit module integrated just below the header. It must work perfectly with our current theme (Woo Themes: Canvas).

In addition, we need a lead form integrated – which will be an iframe that incorporates our partners content on our site.

When a user submits their zip code, they will be taken to the iframe lead collection form.

Please put "WP iFrame Zip Submit" as your subject line when you contact me so I know you read this. Bids placed without that subject line will be deleted. I will supply examples and reference URLs once you contact me.

I am looking for 1) Your bid and 2) Your expected timeline.


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IDX Search Integrated Into Existing Page + Quick Search Box

I need a feed integrated into an existing html page. Must be able to edit css to make everything conform to the design. Also need a quick search box designed and edited into existing website. For more info, message me!

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Deals Aggregator Website Like Alldealsasia

Im after a Deals aggregator website like that catalogues all the deal sites.

1 page per city.

The images and offer descriptions need to be updated as soon as changes are made on the relevant deal sites.

Users should be able to subscribe to email newsletter to receive a daily email with all the offers in their city.

Need to be able to add new websites partners in the future.
Google Adsense will need to be integrated across the site.
Needs to be very SEO friendly.

If you have done a site like this before it would be an advantage. Please let us know what you have done.

Most of the designs have also been done, so these would need to be integrated.

Start immediately.

Please submit proposal only if you know how to webscrape well and can do this site quickly and WELL. Needs to be ready ASAP.

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Alldealsasia Group Aggregate Type Website

Im after an type website that aggregates all the deal sites.

1 page per city.

The images and offer descriptions need to be updated as soon as changes are made on the relevant deal sites.

Users should be able to subscribe to email newsletter to receive a daily email with all the offers in their city.

Need to be able to add new websites partners in the future.
Google Adsense will need to be integrated across the site.
Needs to be very SEO friendly.

If you have done a site like this before it would be an advantage. Please let us know what you have done.

Most of the designs have also been done, so these would need to be integrated.

Start immediately.

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Developer To Change Platform Of Site – Quality WORK ONLY!

The new developer must mainly change the platform on which the current website is running. Best would be a modified tweaked Smarty PHP platform (which me and my friend were developing) or CakePHP platform, with an integrated Administration Panel for the most important sections of the website (both as website Visitor or website Member — Manage Profile pages).

– PHP based platform changed (SmaryPHP / CakePHP) with integrated Administration Panel
– MySQL database structure reconstructed and integrated within all the required pages
– Achieve local and overall logical functionality

I am sure the developer will require an well over 7 days time period to change the platform (unless he has a team behind or an already constructed platform template).

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Perl Integrated In Php App

I have a php application. I need to convert a "Plaine and Easie" string to MusicXml through this perl script: Then the resulting xml output must be converted in a jpg image representing the musical score.
More details on private.

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Flash Website Integrated Into WordPress Template

I have a website but its all flash. This is killing my SEO so I want to keep my website but move it to a more optimizable format – WordPress. Id like you to take my site and integrate my content into a WordPress template.

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I need someone to install and then setup jwhmcs plug-in. This also mean you need to make my support link so that it is integrated:

This is the page you will be doing it on:

You will need to replace what is there with jwhmcs and make sure its integrated.

This is an easy job for someone who know what they are doing, I just simply do not have time to do it.

I am entertaining bids of $30, you also need to be able to complete this today.

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Question & Answer Forum Integrated Into Current Php Website

I have a website project for a customer requiring a question and answer forum to be added to his current website. The customer would like this to be modeled after the just answer website design where a customer will post a question and pay for a professional answer. The current site is designed using PHP and OS commerce.

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Web Design With Integrated Webstore And Blog

What I need or require: I am looking for a complete redesign of our web presence as well as adding an integrated web store and blog.

What I already have versus what the provider will deliver: I currently have a website however I would like to make it more modern and technology oriented to appeal to a more corporate type customer. I also would like to incorporate a webstore that will handle between 250-1000 items with online ordering, cc payment, with a easy back end to allow for quick and easy maintience. I would also like a blog built to allow it to assist in SEO.

Other context/requirements that providers will need to know: I am open to all design ideas and might consider making a change in our corporate logo and colors but it would really have to bring a WoW factor to make that change.

Specific expertise/background that I am seeking: I seek someone that understands how to build a quality web presence with a understanding that cost is a concern and a budget will be required.

Timeframe for delivery: I have no time frame on when the project needs to be completed, Once work is started we will agree on when the project should be done.

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