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Constant Contact API Integration

Looking for a developer who can turn this around in 2-3 hours. Need when one enters email (in box, upper right) that the email goes to correct Contact List in my CC account, one click.

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IPhone Aplication

I need the following modules / screens for a generic iPhone app. The idea is that there is a logo, front page menu that gets to these pages. Then the content and graphics are customized for each screen to fit the company.

the menu contains the following items:

* find my store
* opening hours information
* contact details
* facebook page display + integration
* twitter page display + integration
* rss news feed
* survey
* tell-a-friend

find-my-store-> opens Google maps, with a pin on the location of the store; maybe when you click the pin it opens up the standard extra info page and can take you to the "website" link through safari or something.
opening-hours -> just a nicely designed info page
contact details -> same as opening-hours, but has links to send an in-app e-mail / comment / etc.
facebook-integration -> i.e. a "like" button or something that puts a like to the companys facebook page
twitter-integration -> integration to post something about the company automatically under your twitter account
rss-feed -> some feed pages, this is a nested view, first to read the rss feed item list, then to go into further views reading each item; up/down buttons, etc.
survey->engine to ask multiple choice and free-text answers
tell-a-friend -> forward email with some pre-defined text info

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Constant Contact API Integration

Looking for a developer who can turn this around in 2-3 hours. I have everything put together (HTML/CSS, etc.) but need it to post to my constant contact account. I have the API and everything. I have made it successfully work, but I cant get it to work correctly inside of a Facebook iframe. So you must be good w/ Facebook applications too. Fairly simple.

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I require a php developer to copy a site that I have (100% owned by me) built last year and get the same working on another URL with no real changes but label names, paths and 3rd party account details.
It is a membership site with mysql database.
I wish to change the URL and business application to another purpose.
The code framework is code ignitor.
There is integration with facebook and twitter API.
There is also some integration with amember software.
It has some ajax functionality and auto complete search.

** No companies please.
** Work from home fine and on weekends ok too.
** Applicant to take ownership of the site on-going

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Email Integration With Mailchimp

We need someone to integrate a design for us into email format using mailchimp. (Files are already in .psd and html format.) There are two designs, one in english and one in arabic. The two designs must inter-convertible with each other by clicking on a link in the email.

We need this done asap.

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Paypal Subscription Checkout Gataway Programming/coding

We need to integrate paypal API 1 year subscription system to our website.

1. 4 pages or so to complete checkout process: client information input, showing subscription terms, etc…

2. Seamless integration with paypal-API subscription system (paypal payment flow)

3. Seamless integration with our subscription contents

4. Recurring system integration with paypal/and subscription cancellation system with paypal and website content.

For experienced, this system implement should not be a difficult task but a typical system for many websites.

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Google Map Integration

I need someone to migrate my google map api v2 into v3.

After that I need some more functionality added. i.e. Geolocation.

I built the v2 version but dont have time now to migrate it to v3.

Please come back to me with your initial approx quote, both time and money.

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App Integration With Gps External Navigation Apps

We have an existing app for iPhone to find restaurants and pubs in seaside towns with Gps localization. The app is based on a database and the request to the database is managed through a web service.

Now we want to give users the possibility to integrate the search with two important Gps navigation apps running on iPhone. From the details page of the restaurants the user will launch the external Gps app to find the route.

Budget: 400 $.

Please bid only if you have experience in this kind of integration for iPhone.

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Shopperpress & Gateway Integration


Shopperpress from is a wordpress e-commerce solution. It doesnot support my payment gateway:

[Links w/ Contact Information is Prohibited by]
[Edited by Admin]

I need this new gateway configured for shopperpress

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Zen-cart Eway Integration Fix

I am looking for an expert in zen-cart and eway integration as other developers have tried and failed.
I have an online store that has been developed using zen-cart. Eway is the the chosen payment gateway. The plugin has been installed and works fine in testing however as soon as it is made live (from testing mode) the module no longer works. Going through the checkout stages it says:
"Sorry, we are not accepting payments from your region at this time.
Please contact us for alternate arrangements."
The eway module has no locks on location in its settings and other plugins based on locality (eg. shipping) work correctly.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the eway plugin twice with the same results.

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WordPress Website With Adsense Integration

I need to build a fairly simple wordpress website with a design that includes excellent google adsense integration. The website will need to have three basic page designs.

1. The main pages of the site will have a decision engine, each page will have two buttons, allowing the user to make a choice and get further down into the particular decision. The buttons need to allow for excellent adsense navigation.

2. A page design needs to allow for article posting with excellent display and adsense integration.

3. A page with the results displaying including some affiliate boxes.

I can explain more via pm but what I am really looking for is someone with adsense experience who can build a site that encourages click through by having excellent blending etc…

Please reply in pm with specific adsense experience. Any bid without that in a pm will be dismissed.


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WordPress Guru Needed – Reservation/paypal Integration

Im in need of a WordPress programmer for integrating a reservation system onto my site. You will be integrating Paypal with the reservation system. In addition, you will need to make some configurations to an existing theme. Only professional need to apply. The job must be completed in 5 days. I will give additional details to serious candidates.

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Website Needed ( Like)

We need website similar to

*****************************************************************************************************************************************Russian Programmers & Web Graphic Designers from Novosibirsk or Moscow (MFTI, MGU) are preferred and may receive part-ownership in the business + cash + overseas business visas. A team will be later required to support this project and grow exposure


1. System of with perfect back-end. There are many scripts out there that could be used as a base – and that you can get for $99 – you may use these basic existing scripts ONLY if you know how (!!) to make additional features and check existing script for weaknesses and warez.

2. Payment type – All available online payments in Russia (webmoney, yandex money, cyberplat, Paypal etc. SMS payment integration)

3. Social network integration: 3 Russian Social Networks –,, and 3 Global socials (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook).

4. Multilingual support.

5. Must be visible who is online

6. Russian language skill is mandatory.

7. Graphic design and categories to be included. The home design is in Russian.

8. After the site is completed, need to create categories and upload 100 different jobs as a test on this site, similar to

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Rapidleech And Torrentflux Integration


There is download script named rapidleech. and for torrent download there is another script called torrentflux. I need them to be in script. that means i can both download files and torrents with one script.
Here is rapidleech and torrentflux homepage

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Website Customization

Im the owner of a World of Warcraft oriented website. I coded it, but, as I have no skills in website design, I took one. Now, I would like to customize that design, to finalize that website.
What is required is the customization of the images, and, the graphical integration of one part of the website.
The picture is the part that needs graphical integration.
Bid 30$ for this,

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PayPal Payment Pro Integration ASP.Net AJAX/

Hi, we have a checkout page and intend to use Paypal as payment gateway. We are looking for integration code for Paypal Payment Pro and Express Checkout using ASP.Net and We had browsed past projects and found project # 673012 is exactly what we want.

Require all source code and a workable solution.

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PayPal Payment Integration Description

I need someone to integrate PayPal Express Checkout and PayPal Flow payment systems.


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Reseller Club Integration Web Site

I am an account with and using there store like to move away from that and start selling my own product.

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Magento Plugin – Bug Fixes, Updated

Im from LiveChat ( development team. LiveChat is a live chat software that, in particular, integrates with Magento.

Im looking for a Magento developer that will be able to improve the integration with Magento. This will include fixing current bugs and adding some more functions to the integration.

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Website Needed (Fiverr)

We need website very similar to

1. System of with perfect back-end.
2. Payment type – All available online payments in Russia (webmoney, yandex money, cyberplat, paypal etc. SMS payment integration)
3. Social network integration. (All russian Socials – vkontakte, odnoklassniki, etc.) and main Foreigner socials.
4. Multilingual support.
5. Must be visible whois online
6. Russian language skill is very beneficial but not mandatory.

You can use existing scripts as long as you know how to make additional features and check existing script for weaknesses and warez.

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WORDPRESS USPS & UPS Shipping Module Integration

WORDPRESS USPS & UPS Shipping Module Integration with shippping option and tax option.

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Magento Checkout By Amazon Integration

Selected partner will integrate Checkout by Amazon and Amazon Prime for Websites on Magento PE installation. Please only indicate your interest if you specifically have experience with this integration either on PE or EE versions of Magento. Requires full sandbox and production testing.

Include examples of live integrations.

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Integration Of Slider In Jquery – Ajax For WHMCS

Need a slider done for WHMCS:

Need the coding done to integrate with my HTML website.


This slider changes and after you order, it goes to WHMCS with options selected and pricing shows up. I would like to have the image change everytime you move the silder to a different option as well.

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HTML / CSS Integration To NopCommerce 1.9

Looking for a nopCommerce expert for a quick integration. We have designs template in HTML / CSS, database running on default theme. Looking to integrate the new HTML /CSS . Please only those with previous expertise in nopCommere.. show me with links

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Cometchat & Roundcube Integration

I need someone to integrate the auto login and all the other features of cometchat into roundcube. You will not get access to the actual server, I can provide you the config files for cometchat, and roundcube is always available to download at

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Shopping Cart For Paypal Integration

I am looking to build an open source shopping cart (magenta or zen cart) for integration with paypal website payments standard (Australia). The shop currently needs to cater for a single product but we will be extending to 2 products in the coming month. The website is ready and all that is required is a cart.
The product we sell will be shipped to Australian customers only. For shop layout I can provide sample from our sister organization in Europe.

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Volusion Elayaway Integration

Looking to integrate elayaway (or willing to take suggestions on another layaway system that more readily integrates with Volusion) into our Volusion website.

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Email Integration

We need someone to integrate two .psd files into html for email. The two designs must be linked to each other (two different languages, same design).

We need this done asap.

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Domain Registrar Script

1) Have a look at
2) I am looking for a script which has the same functionalities (checking availability of domainname, if free registering them, making account, manage domains, transfer domains from 1 account to an other, whois lookup, payment intergration (eg. paypal), premium domains integration, free domains suggestions, advanced registration options like bulk domain regsistration, limiting search by number of chars etc etc)
3) Full administration of regisered domains in myaccount with CNAME, A, MX, NS records
4) possiblity to anonymize whois record against yearly fee
5) integration of affiliate software where referrer gets paid percentage of domains sold from him

thats all to start with. once this is done and the site is live there will be more tasks.

Thank you – for more questions please pm me.

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