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Online Interactive Training

HR Online Interactive Training

HR provide training to staff on web, staff can access on web and take course.

A. Back End
HR Officer can provide the interactive training on web. They can schedule the course and provide the course online.

B. Front End
staff can enrol the course online. And they can ask question directly to trainer.
staff can do exercise after finish the course

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Interactive Story Book Ipad Iphone Xcode App Cocos2d Ios

I would like to buy the source code in Xcode for an interactive book/ animated book on the iPad with animated pictures, possibility to move/ throw/ move around objects by touch and tilt, gravity, possibility to change form of objects by tilt. Sound, flipping pages are also needed.
I would like to have source code for a project that is customizable so that sounds, pictures, animation and possibly extra coding can be added later on.

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Customized Interactive Flash Math Games

Team Creative, a Software Development Company located in Bangladesh, would like to purchase Customized Interactive Flash Math Games with Source Code.

Games should be designed to help students (Grade 3 to 10) learn Mathematics while playing games. We should be able to customize the games in the future. Games should be appropriate for students in grades 3 to 10. Some examples include:

Tips :

* Any arcade type game that includes basic arithmetic facts (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Time Table, Algebra, Geometry etc.)
* Space invaders game that contains multiplication facts
* A pac man game in which the ghosts represent number answers
* Math based logic puzzles algebra balance scales, number puzzles, etc.
* Any sort of math related learning activity

Time is an issue for this project which is why we are currently looking for ready-made flash games or games that can be developed in 2-4 weeks . This will be a continuous process, and therefore feel free to let us know if there are games which can be delivered in a longer time. For now, Weve an immediate requirement of 10 games and looking for demo and price quote. Games must be your original work.

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UI/UX Designer For Interactive Web Application

We are looking for a modern and clean feel for our new interactive web application. I am looking to collaborate and leave some to your creativity after understanding our full specifications.

User Experience
User Interface
Graphic Design

– Work via Skype

– Provide UX spec with smooth and clearly described transitions and effects for development team.

– Provide actual graphics, buttons, skins, etc to be used by our development team.

– Keep experience light, both in terms of experience and file size.

– Strong portfolio of fun, clean, simple, soft (yet bold) and interactive applications

– Highly viral

– Strong familiarity with third party plug ins to increase simplicity, retention, and engagement of users

Examples of what we are looking for:
Even Elances new skin is the right feel

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Interactive Floor Plan Creator Website

Who are we after – Very important

We need someone who is trustworthy, someone who is fluent in the English language 100%, we will be discussing all of the below over Skype via chat / call. You will need to demostrate similar sites in your portfolio with experience in online transactions, web development and design. You need to be highly experienced in all these fields. You will also be required to provide ongoing support and be available for changes / updates to site / domain. Please dont waste our time if you do not meet the above requirements.

What we need

1 .
We are planning on offering an online service (we will charge customers a fee for this) to realestate photographers which allows them to jump on our website to create an interactive floorplan using our online tools, this floorplan will then be published on our hosting website / domain.

The user will upload his already drawn floorplan jpg for example, he will then follow a series of prompts which allows him to upload his images to support his interactive floorplan. Once images have been uploaded he will then be prompted to place arrows pointing in which direction the photo was taken (resembles where your standing virtually on the floorplan in accordance to the arrow on the floorplan). The arrows need to rotatable so the user can rotate them to suit the direction the photo was taken. Once all arrows have been placed on the floorplan, the user will now be prompted to enter property details such as address, real estate agency details and real estate agency logos etc.

The page needs to look "customizable" so almost anything the user sees can be moved around the "interactive" page when creating the interactive floorplan of their choice.

The site will need to have the same options as the one linked, such as Login, Signup, Contact pages etc. We require a FULLY functional site with the means of creating interactive floorplans.

All media will be supplied by us unless you can create your own, we are happy to discuss media / colours etc.

We are after something similar to Please visit their page to see what we require, you will need to register a user name on their in order to create a dummy interactive floor plan.
Please refere to

We are also requiring someone to create a small popup video player box which opens in a web browser, it needs to be a template of some sort which allows us to quickly change the video contents of the template. The video will be in .SWF format for example with player controls – Play, Stop, FF, REV and Volume controls. The window will NOT be resizable.
We would llike it to look like this, obviously with our own logos that we will provide.

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Interactive, Designed Facebook Page

We need someone who can help us make an interactive Facebook page that is well-designed and attractive.

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Realestate Virtual Tour Software Package

We are after basically a mirror version of the software package offers to create virtual tours and interactive floor plans. As per the link attached we would like the end product to look and work the exact same. We will obviously want to add our own look to it but the functionality and layout will be the same.


Ultimately we would like a combined software package that lets us create virtual tours and interactive floorplans that we can upload on to the web as per the above link.

In summary what we require.

1. Virtual Tour software

2. Interactive floor plan software as per to create our own floor plans and hotspots for pop up photos.

3. Preferably a combined package that allows us to create virtual tour/interactive floor plans in one package (with all of the above)

4. Website build and design that allows us to showcase our services as realestate photograpers and host our own interactive floor plans and virtual tours. The website MUST have SEO built into it for optimisation.

If you have any questions or are unsure of what we want, please refer to and look at their services they offer.

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Interactive Job Ad Employment Website

We are looking for a job website that will allow job seekers to signup for free, post a resume and profile, pictures etc… and also an area where Employers can sign up but will have to pay via ccbill for access to the contact info of the job seekers.

For examples of what I want visit sites such as and – I want our site to work just like that only look better.

Please check those websites over so you can see all the different features/aspects of the sites.

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Create A Interactive Flash / XML Map

Create a interactive flash map like this example at the bottom


same animations like on the sample map (mouse over)

by click on a field open a popup like in this example (click a point) (original source available)

it need be possible to define the content from this popup in a xml file

also it need be possible define the color of the fields in xml (when a land is saled the field will have a other color defined in xml)

this is the first of a serie similar maps we need

add a realistic time to finish this project to your bid !!

no placeholder bids (will be ignored)

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Small Interactive Application For Mobile Platforms

I need small interactive application for questions and predefined answers some thing like quiz. Some questions will have to be answered by some consultants so we need backend to manage questions and answers

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JQuery Interactive Banner

Were a large design agency that often has overflow work to be outsourced and are constantly on the lookout for self-starting, motivated individuals that dont need to be micromanaged. If you feel youre a fit, read on!

We currently have a project in which we need to develop an interactive banner (See attached mock up file) which we want you to do. The banner has a couple features that require the magic of JQuery:
— The content of the banner must slide in ON TOP of the previous slide, similar to jquery cycles "cover" effect.
— Theres a callback menu with wine labels of each wine displayed. When clicked, it should slide in the respective wine.
— The callback menu will also scroll (with arrows, left/right).
— When a wine label is clicked it should rise up and have the little arrow showing which item is selected and being shown

The basic HTML/CSS markup is complete, although you may have to make additions/changes depending on how you go about this.

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Interactive 3D Movie

I would like to have designed and rendered a 3D interactive model of our datacenter using a floorplan.

The interaction is very simple – each block/representation in the image should be clickable also with a rollover action – upon click it should display some short explanatory text. Suitable sound effects will be supplied.

It should have a short intro where the floorpan appears using a suitable effect of the designers choice.


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HTML5 Interactive Diagram For IPad App

We are looking for a developer who can create an interactive diagram in HTML5 for an upcoming iPad app. The diagram will let the user interact with one object that can be dropped through a hole and feature custom animation and sound.

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Flash Designer For High Graphic Interactive Website Headers.

Flash Designer for High Graphic Interactive Website Headers.

Flash Designer for High Graphic Interactive Website Headers, Must be able to have interactive menu with sound.

Please look at examples of different templates provided to get an idea of the flash that is needed.

If you have not done this kind of work please do not apply. I am looking for someone who can have this done fast and easily and at a good price. I am planning to do many of these.

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Interactive Feedback/Statistics Site

Looking to develop a interactive statistics site. This is just a estimate of the work involved. It is subject to change once the finished requirements are complete. Essentially this is the functionality of the site.

This is ultimately a marketing research tool to get users input on ads.

End User

1) End user will be given a set of questions that will be rated for 0%-100%, they will choose the percentage that the question has impacted them by sliding a arrow back and forth.
2) End user will see a photo and click on the sections that they most like.
2) End user will see a photo and questions will pop up that they can rate from 1 to 10.
3) all data from each session will be recorded in the data base for later examination by the administrators.


1) view data by percentages of users who entered.
2) see individual data per section.
3) run reports on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

*there will also be a CMS type back end to control- data, users, content, etc.


-Must be able to view and use the front end interactive interface on both ipad, touch screen/tablet PC and regular PC. We figured AJAX would be the best route to go for this and make it web based. However we are open for suggestions.
-Needs to be a fairly quick turn around.
-Most of the graphical interface will be provided.

-Very strong possibility of future work. This could potentially be an evolving site so we are looking for someone that can be flexible.

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Interactive E-Commerce Web Design

I am looking for an E-Commerce web design which is completly up-dateable such as prices and pictures etc for a fashionable clothing store.
Also I would like an interactive page where by customers can create a character of them selves and "try on" clothes.. Possibly integrated the possibility of taking a picture of themselves via web cam or by file upload which will then be placed as there face. once they are happy with there "tried on clothes" they can purchase immediatly. I have hosting and domain name organised so litterally just the building and upload of the site is required

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Interactive Brokers TWS Options Trading Hedge Application

We need a simple application to interface with the Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation and automatically create hedging orders based on held positions and updating market prices over time. Though the core functionality will be simple, there will be considerable trading complexity to manage risk of an automated trading application and minimize the impact of unintended activity (or lack of) due to the software. We have detailed rule sets and contingencies but will need help in further solidifying requirements.

Individual should have experience 1) building trading applications on the Interactive Brokers API / Trader Work Station (TWS), and 2) experience building a automated position hedging system and understand the intricacies of absolutely minimizing financial risk from the application.

Thanks – look forward to working with you!

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Flash Developer

Flash developer needed to work on an interactive CDRom.
Complex navigation and interactive diagrams will need to be developed.
Design has already been agreed so a mixture of coding and content addition is all that will be required.

A fixed price for the project will need to be agreed before commencement and the developer will need to be able to work from our Cardiff Bay studio within normal office hours.

Project deadline is 25 March 2011

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3D Interactive Product Flash/Java (3D Model Provided)

I would need a interactive 3D product for a website. It should be easily embeded in to the content.

We can manage the embeding it ourselves.

Page is built via wordpress.

The interactive model should have a transparent background.

We will provide the 3d file – in what ever format you need.

Example of what we have in mind:

The size of the whole window should be about 825 x 450

We pay by PayPal. 30% Upfront and the rest when the project is complete.

The product is a simple flashlight.

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Interactive Online Golf

I am looking for partners to help develop an online social networking business dedicated to the golf community.
The creative platform is built around a pro-am interactive golf game that can be played by up to 4 people ( 4 ball ),
each player, playing from their own globally located computer. The business plan envisage a members club offering
an assortment of golf related goodies from equipment to holidays. The web site will be designed as a marketing
tool for the golf industry and provide mentor support to the novice golfer.

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Creating An Online Interactive App

We are looking for assistance in building an online app to help visualise the data on midwives and others in low resourced countries with data coming from places like the United Nations, World Health Organisation and other similar organisations.
There is a simple brief with data provided in XML, sqlite, and mySQL, essentially you can decide where to take this project and more than one app is most welcome.

This is an exciting and fast moving project with the chance to show off skills and get acknowledged for your input. This is a voluntary project for a great cause with a $50 payment for accepted apps. Please note that this will be limited for up to 3 apps that is accepted for use.

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Building Interactive Web Site For A Fasthosts Reseller

I am a fasthosts reseller. I need to interface a website to sell all the fasthosts products automatically registering the domain creating password billing etc. Fasthosts offer api and I have a web designer I need some one with the right programming experience to do all the back end of my website.

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Interactive Flash Map (actionscript3.0 & Mysql Database)

An interactive map with info and path finder.
A developer who expert in handle mysql database, able to show final output in interactive flash.

Database needed, Content management system to manage store info:
– Store details: name, store location, logo, description, contact details(email, phone number, web url, etc), social media contact, video and graphic etc.
– Store location: Floor (total of 4 floors), Zones (total of 4 color zones)
– Store categories: Food & beverages, Fashion, Digital Hardware, etc
– Store highlight services: Latest fashion, etc
– Quick links: shop with wifi services, toilet, emergency exit, car park, etc.
– Store Promotion: Some promotion description, graphic

Flash map:
1) Show specific location (youre here)
2) allow user to search new location based on database (location, categories, promotions, highlight services)
3) Display search result, and shop summary info, shop full details info
4) Able to show path from one location(youre here static location) to new location based on search result.

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Interactive Map For WordPress Site

Creative interactive map using google map apis or jquery plugin like zoommap (

The map will include:

– Initial View with 4 quadrants (regions)

– Each quadrant/region will be highlighted as the user mouseovers the area

– When clicked, region maps grow to fill the entire map area

– Approx 4,000 locations will be plotted on the map.

– Location data points will be populated from an xls file import. The xls file is not dynamic. The file will contain location type, name, address, and contact details

– Approx 10 different icons will be used to represent location type

– Visitors can select a location for pop-up of location details

– Users will have the ability to filter by region or location type

Please provide examples of similar type maps you have completed.

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Interactive Campus Map – Completion

Our firm has been working with a freelance vendor to implement an interactive campus map for a U.S. University similar to the ones at Notre Dame ( and Oregon State University (

This map will provide a number of features which will make it easy for campus visitors, students, faculty, and staff to locate facilities, departments, individuals, and events via the web. (To get an idea of some of the kinds of features, please visit the two links above.)
Our interactive campus map is based on the following technologies:

– Google Maps API
– Javascript/jQuery
– Drupal

Unfortunately, our selected vendor has been unable to successfully complete the map on a timely basis. There are errors, gaps in functionality, and other issues.

We believe the project is very near completion but some of the remaining issues were just beyond the technical abilities of the present vendor.

We need for a person or firm who has worked on similar projects to 1) evaluate the existing code and provide an estimate of what would be required to complete the project, and 2) actually complete the project.

The successful vendor must have a very strong command of English and we must have direct access to any developers working on the project.

This project will be paid on an hourly basis. Please submit your hourly rate. We plan to move forward with a new vendor as soon as possible.

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Interactive Photo Album Website

A website that allows users to register and create their own albums by using templates and tools provided.

This website needs to be database driven and interactive. A use case will be:

– new user registers a new account
– upload multiple photos
– select an album template
– put each photo into each page of the album
– edit the cover page design
– edit the album pages
– add captions
– edit text
– decorate page with toolbox
– view the album in slide shows
– check out to purchase the album
– share the album with friends

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Joomla – Precious Metals Normal And Interactive Charts

I run web page and need price/chart solution that would display current prices for gold, silver, palladioum and platinum.

On the front page you can see simple .png pictures that display price for the last day in EUR and USD.

On this link you can see interactive chart:

What I need is this:
1. to be able to have similar png or jpg pictures that display prices and gold/silver ratio
2. to have interactive chart similar to the one shown
3. to be able to have other websites use them (embeding)
4. to put charts anywhere in the page (use custom html for module or inside text of articles)

Show me your references please.

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Interactive Animation


Im looking for someone who is great at drawing, and animating and loves humor and making things funny. I will provide the main story-board, but need it totally created from a visual perspective – drawings and animatation, as well as a voice over.

I need an interactive, 5 minute? total? , animated video that is both educational and entertaining/funny, that can be created as an application on both android and apple products, as well as online – on my website. I will also need help creating a youtube video progression, for youtube promotions.

Picture this: A video intro, with a cartoon guy appearing on the video and different parts of his body are click-able, and when you click on them it plays another part of the video. The TOTAL video content will not exceed 5 minutes.

OR a video intro, leading into 6 different characters standing there, and you click on one and and part of the video plays. All equaling up to 5 minutes.

This needs to be able to be an application on the iphone, and android, ipad, as well as on my website. ; )

Not sure on formatting, but I was told html5? Not flash?

Please, send me your portfolio and all youve done with animating, drawing, or if you have another cartoonist who is great who you can work with? But send me over your portfolio.

This project will start with one video but may easily expand. So Im looking for someone who needs regular work as well.

Thank you!

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Convert A Pdf To Ebook With Interactive Exercises

Hello all, following is a project description to convert printed books to interactive ebooks.

More specifically, as an example, we have a book in PDF format, consisting of approximately 280 pages.
The book consists of 12 chapters.
The pages include 43 audio and 328 exercises.
The types of the exercises are the following:
1) Fill in the blanks
2) Fill in the blanks in an illustrated dialogue
3) Answer the questions
4) Multiple choice
5) True of false
6) Matching
7) Crosswords
8) Find the words (something like a crossword)
9) Drag and Drop
10) Write a text (ex. composition, letter)

The book is to be delivered in a CD, so the output should be published accordingly, preferably in flash.
An interactive toolbar (commonly used in interactive books) should be included in the book as well. With the toolbar the teacher can write, paint etc on the book, while being on the whiteboard.
The toolbar consists of: a pen, a highlighter, a line tool, a shape tool (circle, rectangle, triangle), pointer, text writer, color palette, thickness border controller, eraser, reveal, spotlight, undo, zoom.

Those people or groups who are qualified and interested in undertaking the development of this project, please send us or post your proposal, containing the description of the offered services, a deliverable, time of completion, cost.
References of similar projects will be an advantage.

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Interactive Web App

In the process of creating live apps for various ideas. These apps will be interactive on Facebook and Myspace. Creativity and self motivation is required as well. Starting with simple app and expanding to more complex app that can work with various sites. This app is in its beginning stages and could be a good residual income idea for a few people who are willing to work in a self employed team. Salesman part of team as well. Various skills would help in choosing candidate.

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Interactive Brain Game

I want to build an interactive game to teach people about what is good and bad for their brains, based on information from my books. I want the game to be able to be hosted on our website and also as a downloadable mobile phone app.

The idea is simple, when my daughter was 2 years old we have often played our favorite game called, This Is Good For My Brain or Bad For It.

I would say a word or a phrase and she would say it was good or bad for the brain. She often gave it a thumbs up or a thumbs down as a physical expression of her choice. As she got older she began to explain the reason of her answers.

For example, if I said, avocados, she would give it a big thumbs up and call it God’s butter.

If I said, hitting a soccer ball with your head, she would give it a thumbs down and say, the brain is soft and the skull is hard. Bad idea.

I see the game being creative and simple, with 200 choices that are good, with the same number bad.

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