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PHP AGI Web Interface

We need a PHP-AGI based web interface which will show the real-time Queue statistic (Extensions on Call & Since when, Callers in Queue & Since when — One row per Extension / Caller).

Only experienced programmers pls.

Will need some previous samples of PHP-AGI work before we move ahead.

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Iphone App Interface Design (No Coding)

We are looking for someone will experience of designing mobile apps for iphone and android to design the user interface for a new app we are developing. This project is just for the design work – NO coding is required at all.

The app will be used to search for a local business in a particular category, and is based on one of our websites – so much of the design will be based on the website.

There will need to be 4 pages designed:

1) Search Page – the user will have the option of using their current location via GPS, or can manually enter their zip code into a search box.

2) Company Page – this will show the name and address of their local company, along with customer rating (out of 5 stars), a button to navigate to a contact form, a button to navigate to a testimonials page, and a call back request form (name, phone number & email).

3) Contact Page – this will include a basic contact form and a send button.

4) Testimonials Page – this page will list testimonials and star ratings that the company has received from clients.

We are looking for somebody that can complete this simple task within the next couple of days. You must have experience of designing apps, to ensure that the design of the app will function well once coded.

When bidding, please give an accurate timescale to complete the project, and provide examples of other apps you have designed.

NOTE: Just to confirm, we only require the design of the app NOT any coding work.

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Iphone Interface Coding (only For A Presentation)


i have a ready Iphone Interface Design, and i want a working version of that "INTERFACE". its only some swiping and hover stuff…. it has no functions behind the Interface.. Its only for a presentation to show the Interface….

– Swiping
– rollover (Hover)
– Loading Screen (Loading animation)

Design is ready…

it should not be a working app, its only a working INTERFACE for the live presentation in XCODE….


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Social Media Dashboard Demo Website – FaceBook Interface

Mostly just html+demo (one or two webpages initially) functionality with interface to FaceBook: API

What experience do you have with interfacing to FaceBook?
We are looking for the developer with the most interface experience with facebook and other social media websites.

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WPF Design Elements For Industrial System

We need a designer to provide us with graphical elements for a technical user interface. This includes:
Buttons, Icons, color schemes, type font and sizes but also ergonomic input guide lines for the layout of the interface.
The UI is mainly used for monitoring and control of production line equipment.

The user interface is programmed in WPF. Providing WPF elements would be best, but imports from illustrator are also possible.
Ideally the freelancer is based around Berlin, Germany.

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Norwegian Software Interface Translation.

We need you to translate our software to Norwegian language. About 3000 symbols in English.

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I WANT SOME Backgrounds and some buttons and 2 items to be designed for a very simple iphone game

please do not bid unless you had some experience with iphone game user interface design and i want to see some of your work

more details will be provided to the selected person

all bids more than 150$ will be rejected

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New Web Interface For Ecommerce Site

Looking for a graphical redesign of our ecommerce site. Our site currently has one major category (software). We will be incorporating 2 more major categories (1 – Software licensing ; 2 – Hardware).

Main focus of redesign will be the menu to incorporate the new categories.

Submissions must include mockup of new interface. Designer will need to also develop/program the redesigned site using CRELoaded (mandatory)

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Integrate Payment Gateway Interface In Groupdeal CakePHP

Looking for an expert to integrate a payment interface in my GroupDeal website runing on cakePHP.

The payment interface is offering LiveUpdate and IPN.

The following functionality is needed:
1) Redirection to payment website for performing payment
2) After payment has been processed, redirection back to my website and update my website via IPN.

Payment interface documentation is available in english including examples.

PLEASE only expert bidders. This is not a play around project.

Only serious bidders with timeline and exact pricing.


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PHP Modular Script For Simple Country-oriented Ad-buying

Hi there
The project is very simple: I need a modular PHP script (one class that I can include in my scripts) that I will integrate in an existing application to accept advertising from interested parties.

The script will include a database table, optimized with the proper indexes, that will accept the ad name, ad ID, ad "type" (a numeric identifier to identify the zone on the page, for example top, right or bottom), a field for the ad code, a field for the ad image, a field for the price, a field for the country etc..if I forgot something in the logic its up to the programmer to solve it

The script will include a simple interface where a user can purchase ads based on the country, and it must be integrated to accept paypal IPN and automatically insert the ads in the database and activate them upon payment.
I also want the option to turn this into a manual process should I wish to review the ads first
Every country will have different prices for ads, so the interface should display an ad buying interface differentiated by conutry, with different prices taht I will select

I will need a simple CRUD interface for the admin to administer the price per country for example, approve ads, suspend ad showing etc

The script will also handle the ad-showing part, and it should be able to return the most appropriate ad based on an IP (highest paying ad for that country), obviously integrating with GEOip
It should also decrement a pageview from the available ones every time the ad is displayed (so if a user bought 2000 views, they will get 2000 views and then ad displaying will stop for that user)

The script should have a configuration section that accepts as parameters:

– a mysql database, host, user, password and table name
– a path for geoIP with maxmind (the .dat file)

I need the script within 15 days, please only serious bids

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Pimp My Website In Php

Hi everybody,

1 – Id need a new design for my website (a new look and feel) Its a video portfolio website which Id like to make it look better, make it more easy to navigate and appealing to prospect clients.
Ill also need a user friendly admin interface so I can change/add texts and upload videos easy. (I dont want website administration service from anyone – Id like to be able to update the website myself every once in a while). I need a php website, not a work in flash.
Due to my modest budget I would agree to start from a website template and customize it to look cool my domain, but I dont want a wordpress theme or any other blog themes… I want a website, not a blog (I can get a blog for free, u know).

2 – There is also a plugin to add to the existing player – viral plugin for flowplayer so please apply only if you can do this also.

3 – Optional:
Id like to have a "client area" where clients can login with the user name and password I will provide and have access to their FTP account that I will set for them in cpanel which Im using now or other admin interface (once they log in they will be able to drag and drop files to and from their FTP account) . I dont want people to be able to register on my website. I will create the FTP account for them in cpanel or other admin interface and give them the username and password for the client area.

Please provide samples of websites that you have created. Applications with no samples will not be considered.

I will NOT make any payments in advance but I will happily agree to pay on milestones.

Please bid on all 3 points together or 1&2 together and 3 separately. Bids that stay within the budget range of this project will be given higher attention.

Thank you all and happy bidding!


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Need A Php Interface & Html

Please read the description entirely as this project is a bit tricky. I also want a PM where you confirm you understand all the points under.

I need a php interface customly made. Here are the specs:

-Being able to log as an master admin and create other admin
-Being able to create from admins, users.
-Being able to create from admins, pages/areas where content can be downloaded and viewed.
-Being able to allow from admins users to view the pages/areas created.

This interface must be flawless and highly secure. I will hire a 2 freelancers after to test it, if it fails I cannot release the milestone payment. I would also want something clean and graphycally beautiful.

Please note, the provider will also need to transform an already cut psd to html immediatly after project award.

I need this on a short term (3 days) so I need someone discipline and who speaks english well. I live on the New-York time, the provider must be avalaible during my day. I am not interested in pre-made stuff.

I will pay up to 100$, I will take the person with the most interesting bid content, reviews and $ offer.


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Asterisk User Interface – Re Skin


We operate a multi-tenanted Asterisk service using 4PSA Voipnow Professional. We require an experienced PHP/HTML developer with a thorough working knowledge of Asterisk PBX.

The project is to re-skin the standard user interface with a view to simplifying the user experience.

We will provide you with screenshots of the required look and feel, together with access to a fully functioning Asterisk server to test your work

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Android Interface

Im in a project of Haze sensor system, I need some one can do the android interface,like attractive user interface,add navigation buttons,get link to map,record and reading history of data,show the calibration constants,show the battery status,make it background process and so on,I now get the hardware part down,and also get the simple program of the phone part,it can get data and send to server now,but the interface is only text ,

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Design For Quick Information Site

I am in need of a design for a project I am working on.

The design will need to have a UI not dissimilar to the new twitter interface with the basic premise being one large search box where the user will type in information about what tv show they want to search for something with good clean lines and a pale maybe bluey background, then when the system finds it, it will spit the show information highlighting the time that the next episode is on.

Would need the designer to code this into xHTML as well as do design.

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Facebook Application To Integrate With Existing Website

Looking for an experienced Facebook application developer to create an application that interfaces with an existing website and database.

We currently have a website that allows users to upload and share photos along with descriptions, tags, and other details. This data is stored in a mysql database.

We need a facebook application that will interface with this database, and allow users to edit, add, delete – the data within this database (i.e. create new user, login as existing user, add/remove photos, add/edit/delete descriptions, tags, etc…).

No work needs doing on creating this database, or anything else on the site – this posting is for creating an app that will interface with an existing database.

Please PM with a bid, estimated time frame to completion, previous examples of Facebook Applications (with preference given to a similar type of job – interfacing with an existing site). Chosen bidders will be contacted with further details such as name of the site, so that further discussions can ensue.

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Trayport Interface

I have a project where an interface has to be built to Trayport using the GlobalVision API. The requirement is to download all trades done by the trader and the prices for identified products.

Only those who have worked with Trayport before need to apply. Evidence of knowledge of Trayport API will have to be provided.

The domain is the Energy markets.

Application has to be built in VB.NET

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LMS Web Interface

Upgrade of existing LMS product to interface with another web application.
must have knowldge in Yii framework

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Shopping Cart

Simply need somebody to extend an open source AJAX shopping cart at:

I need the same AJAX look and feel and to include the following specifications:

1. Password protecteed, user interface to allow customers to select & purchase items

2. Interface to allow the E shop operator to view / edit stock and pending orders

3. Intergrated with paypal

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Need A Php Interface

Please read the description entirely as this project is a bit tricky. I also want a PM where you confirm you understand all the points under.

I need a php interface customly made. Here are the specs:

-Being able to log as an master admin and create other admin
-Being able to create from admins, users.
-Being able to create from admins, pages/areas where content can be downloaded and viewed.
-Being able to allow from admins users to view the pages/areas created.

This interface must be flawless and highly secure. I will hire a 2 freelancers after to test it, if it fails I cannot release the milestone payment. I would also want something clean and graphycally beautiful.

I need this on a short term so I need someone discipline and who speaks english well. I live on the New-York time, the provider must be avalaible during my day.

I will pay up to 130$, I will take the person with the most interesting bid content, reviews and $ offer.


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E-commerce Website

E-commerce Website

Key points:-

1. Main page lists items being sold
2. Sellers get their own template to sell their item
3. buyer Checkout
4. Sellers and buyers Community
5. Sellers blog

The entire project will be explained in detail to the developer. Im trying to keep the project as simple as I can in that I want it to have a simple user interface and basic loading interface without too many flash implementations etc.

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IPTV Front-user Interface

The project is in the early stage, so if you have some interesting solutions we will be happy to increase you budget.

We need a program that will auto-start with linux and will be controllable with a remote controller. Good example is XBMC. Program will be run at machine similar to Acer Revo (1.6 GHz Atom, nvidia ION, 1(2) GB RAM). It must be able to receive streams from server (TV channels) and request a video-on-demand. That should be done with libVLC (Video LAN framework) and VLC player as video player.

So, we need 10-foot user interface that is neat, fast and safe (user will have only remote controller and must not be able to change settings). It should have menu with options: TV, video-on-demand and Internet (more about that after some time). It will be used in hotel rooms.

If you are interested in working with us and have good ideas, fell free to apply, we are looking forward to have a good cooperation with you.

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Graphical User Interface Development Using QT.

I want a programmer who can program a simple GUI in QT. More details will be provided after selection. Please include details about the work you have done so far in QT with your application.

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Re-skinning With New Look Magento Template & IPhone Template

We have a magento site and need to redesign it with modern interface and cool look.

passionate and professional designer, only professional designer bid with 3 previous work link.

what you need to supply us: only PSD file of web template ( magento steps layer) and iPhone template.

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Site Interface Changes

Add Bottom Menus on 7 pages
Interface text changes
Hover bar help file creation
Private Beta file creation
Updating Help Files on 6 pages

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Website Interface Design

I need a quality design for a new website for a construction machinery sales company.

This is a 1 screen mockup using Photoshop or Fireworks and presented as a layered PSD or Fireworks PNG.

I will provide a detailed description of the interface and required elements on selecting a candidate.

See this third party site as an example of the products & services similar to those we offer:

A quality design is essential – no templates, must be original design.
If you are not able to match the quality of the linked site above with your own original design PLEASE DONT APPLY.
Ability to follow requirements is also very important.

Please include links to portfolio work and other designs that you have completed.

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School/college Portal Design

Am creating a school/College portal software.
I need a user interface designs in html format.
i already have the code, just need a user interface layout, and i will tailor the code n css to work with the user interface. portal is being developed in java/j2ee application.

i have a design of my own, need something more mouth-watering. so if you could have a ground-up design, thatd be kool.

youd provide the layout and images to go with it.


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Simple Iphone App For A Bit Of Fun

This is just for a bit of fun, and is actually sort of like an interview. I have a company in New Zealand that makes iphone and ipad apps for my clients and i need more key developers for the huge ammount of demand i have for apps through my business relationships.

so the right person will have a a constant supply of contact work if they want, so i need really good comunication and competitive prices.

This app i do actually want made for a bit of fun but is more to see what you can do.

this app i believe will need a siple web interface first and works like the following:

app is called "bitsbook"

basically works like this, you take a head and shoulders picture of somebody (male/or female) then you type in the persons name age , sex, and height/weight range (these i want as options to tick not entering text)
once this is filled out on the app and the web inter face (note on the app you can take pictures using the phone and on the web interface you upload one)
then the program i need to take the information and 2 pieces of information form the photo( info from the photo it needs to rechognize the persons hair colour and skin colour )
once it has this information i want the app to generate a picture of the most likely senario of what there bits (genitals ) will look like ( i know this seams outragous and im laughing as well as this is what one of my client s has asked for)

so with the information form the fields and the photo then the software will find the most appropriate image ( from a data base of picture my client will suply) and when they press "show bits" a picture will apear.

This app and web interface is reasonable simple, and only needs to use a database to find the images and a little code to pick the persons hair colour and skin colour

the app and web interface also has a login so people have to sign up.
i hope you can understand this and look forward to working with you on this project and others


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SMS Text Message Admin-User Interface

READ CAREFULLY BEFORE BID: We need an Admin – User Interface for SMS,Text Messages Send and Receive. We will provide API and our own Gateway. HAVE TO BE INSTALL IN OUR SERVER. We need ALL the job done in 10 days or less.



This is my 3rd time posting this Ad because the people do the bid, do not know how to do.


We are a 100% Positive Feedback in eBay and We are 100% confidence in any Business we do. We will have more pages if this job is successfully accomplished.


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1. specification of hardware

– STM32F103ZET
– 64MBit serial FLASH
– 128MB MicroSD Card
– 512K x 16 SRAM
– 7" LCD AM800480STMQW-TW0H (16bit MPU interface) connected by FSMC interface of STM32F103
– STMPE811 touch panel controller connected by I2C interface of STM32F103 (I2C device addres: 0x82)

2. specification of firmware

– GUI 800 x 480 x16bit color
– virtual buttons (touch areas), virtual sliders (touch slider)
– structure of GUI: main screen + 8 inside screens
– functionality/handling:
a) touch event (from virtual buttons and sliders) -> GUI navigation, TX RS232
b) RX RS232 -> displaying receiving parameters on LCD
– software made under RIDE Raissonance compiler
– you can use graphic library from ST Microelectronics (if it will be useful)

3. purchaser provide:

– diagram of embeeded system (the same as STM3210E Eval-Board from ST Microelectronics)
– data sheets of LCD
– graphic library from ST Microelectronics (if it will be useful)
– graphic files contain layout of menu and icons

4. contractor provide:

– source and binary files of firmware

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Front END Developer/ Interface Designer

Need somebody to prepare our own project for launch and also ongoing work to manage front end design/cut/code for future application development work. Jobs will usually be for both Mobile and Web offerings. Any HTML CSS or software technology familiarity would be helpful. Back end built in ASP .NET MVC. Facebook integration familiarity would also be considered a bonus.

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