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Inventory System Vb6

for monitoring in/out, the expiry dates, qty of the products, and can generate reports in printable output ……. could be helpful for future projects (vb 6 Programming) ….Yahoomsngr me

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Need Database Expert For Inventory Control

I need a database expert to do the following:

Create tables/databases for
1.Individual Ingredients Inventory
2.Formulations List
3.Hardware Inventory brushes, boxes, bottles
4.Suppliers List
5.Invoicing Records
6.Shipping History
7.Existing Customers List
8.Customer Category
a.Bulk Sale,
b.Box Sale,
c.Packet Sale,
d.Formulation Sale,
e.Contract Manufacturing,
f.Private Labeling
Establish relationship between:
1.Databases and inventory levels
2.Formulations and the ingredients composition (percentage)
3.Databases on the website and Material (Individual Ingredients) Inventory
4.Information on Orders received and Customers
5.Customers and Customer category
Presentation Requirements
1.Present information on a web-page tab view
2.Tab 1 View Inventory
3.Tab 1 View Inventory Alerts
4.Tab 2 Show Orders History and in process
5.Tab 3 Show Customers Order History
6.Tab 4 Business Value categorized for each business
a.Bulk Sale,
b.Box Sale,
c.Packet Sale,
d.Formulation Sale,
e.Contract Manufacturing,
f.Private Labeling
7.Tab 5 Admin access

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Online Inventory

I need a smaller online inventory for non-profit organizations. The inventory must use PHP and MySQL to run on our server.

Features that the online inventory must have:

Admin back end:
– possibility to add/ remove multiple Organizations
– possibility to add/ remove multiple users to each Organization
– ability to add/ remove access levels:
1. add the goods in the inventory.
2. just look at the goods in the inventory.

There must be an interface to backup the database for individual Organizations.

Client front-end:
Ability to add articles with the following information:
– Date
– Name of product
– Number of purchased goods
– Price per piece
– Shipping costs
– Total (price of product + shipping). Calculated automatically.
– Possibility to add Cost centre for the article.

Is the product already signed up in the inventory it should be possible to choose it from a dropdown menu for an more user friendly way to add articles.

The user is also able to reduce article from the inventory. (FIFO princip will be used. See below).

The user should be able to print the stock balance of all goods.
The user should be able to print a list of all additions and removals of goods that have been made under a given time period.

Features that the online inventory must meet:
User can add an Opening balanse at the begining of the year.
All goods of the same type is calulated together. When an article is reduced from the inventory it should use the principle: FIFO (First in – first out). Read about FIFO:

All articles in the inventory must also be calculated together.

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Restaurant POS Module For Table Booking Site- Joomla

Restaurant POS module for Table booking and Food ordering site
Based on the database of a restaurant table booking and food ordering website developed with Joomla 1.6x, you are expected to develop a multi vendor POS module with application similar to OpenTable solution.

Key features and benefits of point of sale and store management solution are:

100% Touch Operated Point of Sale with Ipad
Supports Dual Language Menu Input and Handling (English / Chinese)
Fully Compatible with Joomla 1.6x CMS, LAMP framework Server
Point of Sale
Menu Item Ordering Achieved
Automated Menu Item Tag Along Supports Combo Meals
Hold and Fire Orders
Order Split and Combine

Seating Management (refer to
Graphical Table Management
Reservations and Waiting List Management
Guest Count Tracking

Financial Accountability
Cashier Liability Report and Shift End Report Enhances Accountability
Multiple Payment Tender Types Supported

Customer Management (which is available, need to be integrated to the POS)
Simple To Use Customer Profile and Order History Tracking
In Store Credit Creation, Redemption and Balance Tracking
In Store Gift Card Creation, Redemption and Balance Tracking
In Store Frequent Buyer Program Tracking and Rewards
In Store House Charge Account Tracking and Payments
In Store Customer Incident Tracking

Workforce Management
Fully Integrated Employee Time Card Tracking System
Easy To Manage Employee Work Schedules
Quick and Easy Employee Payroll Preparation Report

Inventory and Recipes
Complete Inventory Management Capabilities Out of the Box
Complete Recipe Management Capabilities Out of the Box
Automatic Purchase Order Creation Based On Inventory Levels
Detailed Inventory Reports To Help Identify Costs and Increase Bottom Line
Support For Physical Inventory Counts
Support For Inventory Receiving Verification Work Flow

KPI Reporting
Detailed Sales and Operations Reports
Detailed Financials Accountability Reports
Detailed Customer Reports
Detailed Employee Reports
Detailed Inventory Reports

I only want technical guy to bid. No biz dev guys please. You MUST have DONE ALL these apps: PHP, IPAD, Joomla CMS and POS.

If you already done a restaurant POS, please show your demo in PMB.


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Windows Desktop Barcode Inventory Application

What I want to be made is a desktop application that will be used to make an inventory, for products, using a windows computer, a label printer and a barcode scanner.
I will enter in the desktop application the SKU of the product and a price and then the app will print the barcode to the label printer.
Then when a sale is made the barcode scanner will scan the barcode of a product and then the product will be removed from the database.
I want an easy and friendly User Interface to enter the products in the Inventory and to remove them and also to edit their details, SKU, prices etc.
There should also exist an import/export capability.
You can suggest some ways of developing this application. I mean programming languages etc, from your experience and expertise.

I am looking for a long term business relationship as there will be future updates to this software.
The maximum budget for this project is 250$.
The lowest bid and best provider will win this project.

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Bookings Pro V2.0

I need a clean design to sell travel online. The inventory in the shop needs to have different pricing options for Adults, students (Backpackers) and children – plus there needs to be seasonal rates – eg. holidays are more expensive during Xmas & Easter holidays.

The CMS should allow 3rd party suppliers to log-in and update there inventory and product descriptions, it should allow payments online with an embedded credit card form (I have a gateway through, and it should offer the choice to send out travel vouchers automatically.

Once the CMS is built to manage inventory – this data should be able to feed 100s of websites – with filters so only relevent product appears on each domain.

Last of all we should be able to launch new websites with ease (I already have 50 sites that I want to launch for different markets).


This is Stage 1 of a multi stage project that the winning designer will be part of.

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Competitive Inventory Log Tool – Web Developer Needed

I am looking for a talented, creative and skilled Web Developer to work with me to develop a competitive inventory log tool for a major liquor import company. This person will have extensive experience developing online database-driven web applications with PHP frameworks such as Zend, CodeIgniter and CakePHP.

The main purpose of the tool is to:

· Allow sales reps and distributors to create accounts to catalogue each and every liquor store

· Aggregate reports by state and

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Inventory Valuation Database

We need a simple costing and inventory app built to help us in our inventory valuation process MAINLY (I

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Moblie APP For Car Dealers

My business handles the marketing for large car dealers in the Tri-State area and we need an app built that could be skinned to each dealer. If you are interested please respond to this ad. I would pay hourly, per app, and include a contract for support and maintenance. I have the dealers inventory hosted on a mobile friendly site so I would need the app to have the following functions: Click to call, service schedule form, specials (prefer customer to be able to login and edit, worst case we can have fixed specials), link to inventory button. I would like to have someone that is within an hour of Philadelphia so that we could meet in person. Our website:

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Online DVD Rental Site

I need a dvd rental site based on netflix model. Including the ability to track DVD inventory and rental history for each of discs. Manage inventory in site catalog with thumbnail pictures that can be vewied larger.

An email system that sends personalized, integrated emails informing the subscriber of status of their orders.

Customizable rental plans

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E-comm Site – Inventory Bug Fixing

I have a e-commerce website created in CRE Loaded. We have had a programmer customize a mass inventory download/upload function from excel. There are some bugs in the download/upload that need to be fixed.

Please bid something, and I will send more details on private messaging. Then you can change your bid according to the work.

If I like your work, i will give you more work in the same field. We need to modify some other modules in CRE Loaded to function better.

*Please only bid if you have extensive experience on CRE Loaded.
*Please only bid if you have feedback on Freelancer.

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Major Modules included:


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Populate And Control Site Inventory

1-Want somebody
2- ToTransfer
items from home category to
3-Write a script to update on request or everyday, new product and deleted product
Bidder must have knowledge of :
a-Importing data from one database to spreadsheet to export to another
As we have many sites on the web, where we are selling, we need many times a year, people to write scripts and upload
Knowledge of google merchant upload and positioning should be appreciated

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Software Developer Inventory Management & Automated Shipping

Basically in short details we want to develop a software that manages all of our inventory, statistics of everything, rma, automatically prints all labels including different shipping carriers like FedEx, DHL Global Mail, USPS, and UPS.
DHL Global Mail currently is printed through DAZzle using Endicias server.
We need to implement this whole system using barcode scanning.

FedEx and UPS have many different shipping methods. Need someone experienced with this kind of project.

Shipping must be automated for eBay, Amazon, CS-Cart Shopping Cart and Cube Cart Shopping Carts and must be able to add on any different platforms if needed.

There are lots of requirements and web programming is involved as well to make accounts for different users.

This could end of being a long project.

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Inventory Barcode Management With IPAD

Would like an application to use something like Redlaser SDK (or similar) for an IPAD to allow for barcoding and inventory management from a manufacturing standpoint.

Must be able to inventory/scan raw materials in bulk, pieces to be assembled in final product and final product as loaded on truck in real time.

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API Inventory Automation

Api Inventory automation on exclusive platforms

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Ecommence Website, Script To Upload/update Inventory Daily

Were an IT company. We would like a website with ecommence. The inventory information will need to be updated daily from our distributors website. We have an FTP file from one of the distributor thats already program to be updated daily however this file doesnt have the product image. Also we would like to offer our products on marketplace amazon, yahoo, googestore etc and would like to get daily inventory update from our website to their sites. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks

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Inventory Management System In VB.NET (omerbilal)

Need to clean up code and add some features.

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Keep In-parity Amazon And Volusion Inventory Using API

Project Goal:
Keep inventory in-parity between our Amazon selling account and our Volusion web store using Amazon Web Services and API

Project Description:

1. Keep in-parity our Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) sellable inventory quantity with Volusion Web Store inventory.
A. Pull the current FBA sellable inventory into Volusion, matching the SKUs, and updating the current inventory quantity on Volusion.
2. Keep in-parity our Amazon Merchant fulfilled inventory quantities with Volusion Web Store inventory.
B. Push the current Volusion merchant fulfilled (non-FBA) inventory to Amazon, matching SKUs, and updating the current inventory on Amazon.
3. Frequency: three times daily

Project Requirements:

* Amazon Web Services
* Volusion

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Classified Ad Posters

I am in immediate need of a Classifieds ad poster that can
place our dealership pre-owned inventory on Classifieds Ads sites, with removal and re-upping about every 4 days. Must use a staggered approach- ie, post 20-30 cars today, 20-30 tomorrow, etc. This number is not set in stone. Then, when taking them down and re-posting them, repeat this staggered approach, so that some inventory is always up and being swapped. We are looking for someone that is experienced in Classifieds Posting posting. You must provide your own PVAs, phone, proxies, etc **you can use clad genius if you would like**

The posting must be made in:

3 cities in TX 4x/Week in Cars+Trucks for Sale By DEALER
3 cities in TX 2x/Week in Cars+Trucks for Sale By OWNER

Post Until ALL Inventory in Pre-Owned section is posted.

Pay is flexible, but looking for about $.25/ ad. With that in mind, pay would equal $25/100 ads posted, using our ad-creation and posting software, this is VERY EASY MONEY. Then, multiply that by the removal and re-upping, and weekly pay increases very steadily.

I will provide you an login details for an inventory management/ad-building software that you will use. You can find the details of the package here:
All details such as phone numbers, addresses, names, etc. will be provided for you to use in the postings. I have personally used this software successfully; once you enter the contact info and Classifieds Ad account info, it retains it for future postings. Very E-A-S-Y to use.

This is a continued job and based on performance workload will increase
Please contact for more details.

Several Ads have been predesigned for your reference. This job will require a little bit of creativity in the descriptions of cars- ie, "This Mustang is a great two-door sports car for summer. Show up next to Camaros and Challengers and prepare to have fun!" Simple stuff like that. If you need help w/ a cars features or descriptions, please email me and I will help you w/ that.

We will PAY for only the live ads that are posted, and remain posted for a minimum of 8 hours. Once each ad have been sent, you will need to forward us the confirmation email from the Classifieds Ads sites.

We will not pay for any Ghosted ads. You must provide a daily report displaying links in excel format. If you can deliver a successful campaign this job will become a continued job; based on performance workload will increase

Again if you Do "NOT" have Proxys, IPs and PVAs to use, please DO NOT BID.

Classified Ad Posting Newbies***NEED NOT RESPOND***

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Inventory Project For Consus

Project for Consus

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API Inventory

Auto Inventory Updates on multiple APIs

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Simple PHP/MYSQL Inventory System

I need a simple inventory system that is easy to use and manipulate.

An admin page that allows me to delete an entry from the database (optional)

Tables can be added manually by importing into the MySQL

Not needed to code a system to add items to the database

I need the database to have following columns : id,code,name,weight,dimension,pieces,price,picture,visible(very important if I have sold an item this will be updated through importing the database).

Advanced Search feature to look for some product. (range in weight, dimension , price)

Show 10 new latest product in home page.

View by product category

It need not look good. No need to design the inventory page. Let it be simple tables is fine for me.

A list view is preferred.

Code needs to be easy with HTML and CSS for further development myself.

Not much over linked so later I can put all the files in a " " so I can use pre built member code to protect it later myself.

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POS Inventory Database

Hi guys

Im interested in a Simple PO inventory system. POS system



6. etc…

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POS/Inventory Management/Database Custom Software


I need a custom web based POS+Inventory management+Database for my medicinal pharmacy. Some of the features that I will need:

1. Patient Page:
Enter detailed patient information (name, address, phone, etc)
Keep notes about patients
Get warnings about expiring patient docs

2.Patient Queue:
Check in patients as they arrive
See patients with expiring cards
Let budtenders see waiting patients
Keep an organized patient waiting list

3.Patient Visits:
See all previous purchases by the patient
Customize every item on your menu
Give discounts to your patients
All payments taken with cash only

4. Menu/Inventory
List everything in your inventory by specified weight denominations if applicable
Put sold out items on hold
Search and filter inventory items
Integrate a USB Scale to transactions. Require that certain menu items need to use the scale to complete the transaction. The weight of the item sold will be deducted in real time from the inventory on hand.

5. Overview
A live look at your sales stats at any given time
See your daily sales
See how many patients you helped
Generate profit loss reports
Breakdown stats by strain or patient

6. Track items per any day or date range
Track individual item sales
See what sold, and how fast

7. Sales Reports per any day or date range
See all sales, item by item
Track employee stats and sales
Get a profit loss report per item
See amount remaining in inventory

8. Employees/admin
Allow employees and administrators to be added and set permissions for them as well. All employees to clock in and out of their shift. Apply their hourly rate so that a timesheet can be generated and printed for payroll (weekly, biweekly, or monthly).


USB hardware must be able to be intergrated into the software: BAR CODE Scanner, Cash register/Touch screen, license swipers, Scales, Receipt printer, and credit card integration.

I will need you to integrate a USB cash drawer to the software so that when the transaction is completed, the drawer will open.

I will need you to integrate a USB thermal printer to the software so that when the transaction is completed, a receipt will print. We will need to be able to customize the contents on the receipt.

I would expect all this to require a server and the computers to be networked. I have all of this. I have the scales, the printers, the computers, the server, the cash drawers as well. I would like to know if this could have multistore management so I can observe more than one store at a time from any remote location.


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Basic Inventory Management (Amazon SC)

Looking to build a basic inventory management system for our ecommerce backend.

Must have experience with Amazon Seller Central.

Project should preferably be built on Googles Apps Engine. Otherwise, a popular open source language combination. (eg. PHP/MySql)

What is needed is a basic database which will pull my inventory information from Amazon Seller Central on a daily (or hourly) basis.

The above Amazon file only contains the ASIN, SKU, price and condition of each SKU/product.

This database will then have to populate all other fields needed to for a retail ecommerce catalog.

Using the above file, you will know which products we need the information for. You will take every ASIN from the above file and then call Amazons web service API to gather the rest of the information; such as product descriptions, images and so on. This information only needs to be pulled once for each product.

The application will pull the above file again from Amazon daily in order to see if there are new ASINs in the file in order to gather new information for this product to be added to the above database. ASINs that have been removed will also be removed from the database.

Another reason for pulling this file daily (or hourly) will be in order to update the current pricing information.

The application will then generate daily (or hourly) a csv (or tab-delimited) file from the database which will automatically be exported onto a remote server to be used for the ecommerce catalog. This file will include all inventory, pricing and description information in the database.

This file is actually going to a Magento website, so if you have better way to connect (eg. through the Magento API, it would be even better.)

You must build the entire project with an easy to use front-end to manage these tasks.

If the project is done well, we will expand on in to include functions.

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Database Design

Build a database in access to track purchases, sales, and inventory levels for an oil company. There is essentially three types of inventory that need to be tracked in this database along with the average cost of each of those inventories. Inputs would be: meter readings from 10 different trucks and caculations of sales, and adjustment of daily inventory levels based off of those readings. Purchases of each of three types of inventory along with contract info for those purchases. Daily costs from our suppliers and average price of our competetors. Reports needed: inventory levels, average cost of each of those levels, purchases and what has to be picked up from those purchases during a given time and sales for a given time. I do most of this with excel now and as such have a lot of the formulas that are needed.

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Microsoft Access Inventory And Purchase Order Database

I need assistance with a Microsoft Access 2007 Database for a furniture store. The database main function will be for tracking of Purchase Orders and Inventory. I already have most of the tables done with their respective fields. I am needing someone to take what I have so far and finish it by designing some better looking forms for inputting the data, create a method of moving items from a purchase order to an inventory table, tying some relationships together, and making a decent looking switchboard.

For example, when you open the database you would be presented with options for creating a new purchase order, adding items to inventory,adding/editing a customer, adding/editing a vendor, adding/editing an employee. We would also need a way to move items from a purchase order to inventory so that a user wouldnt have to manually re-enter all of the data. The inventory table has not been created yet and I would work with you on that (but basically the existing PO table plus a few data fields).

I think for someone who is pretty familiar with Access, this would be a fairly simple project. If you have any past experience in doing something like this and have some examples of your work to show, that would be a major plus.

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Ecommerce (prestashop,OS Commerce,magento) Inventory Import

I want a single web interface for importing products inventory from Prestashop, OSCommerce and Magento stores; where a user enters some details of his shop and a script automatically runs, pulls the inventory and puts them in XML or CSV.

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Project: Magento Inventory Update 2

We have a php script that will update our product inventory from a csv file directly into the mysql database via sql, using the product SKU as identification to update. However we want to update the inventory by a custom attribute field instead of SKU e.g. supplier_sku.

We also want to update other custom attributes as well as the standard qty, is_in_stock etc…

We have the basic code that we want to work from with samples of csv data to insert.

This job needs doing ASAP

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Inventory System

Windows application based inventory system for resellers of automobile parts.
The selected programmer need to build a standard windows application containing, PO, GR, Inventory Control, Reports in crystal report.
A access control to control menu, a page, button access.
Need to be graphical beautiful.
The selected programmer need to be available for 6 month, with excellent spoken and written English. Available via skype for call and im on certain time of the day. Daily reporting required.
Looking for someone train in agile development such as scrum. This project will be divided and pay by per sprint.
Unit testing development preferred, you need to write unit test that covers most scenarios.
Source code and documentation should be provided and check in daily. Please suggest source control strategies and tools that you use.

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