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Invoicing Software

We need a experience dot net developer for invoicing system

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Online Invoicing

Looking for developing a invoicing solution like The main features required are as follows:

Multi Currency
Seller and Buyer interface
SaaS based solution

Should have excellent / interactive UI

Should be able to add more features / customise which shall be done at our end.

Complete source code would be required

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Client/Job/Invoicing Database Software For Photo Business

Software developed for a new photographic business.

I need to have
-Multipal user access(ie. staff)
-client listing (name, address, contact, notes)
-Photographic service list for service, photo products and packages(with pricing +relivant vat)
-intergrated diary for job entry and staff organisation
-invoicing produced
-weekly/monthly/annual reports

If anything is unclear please feel free to ask anything.
Thank you,

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Invoicing / Billing

We are looking to complete an invoicing system.. most of the code is already done in So we need you to modify that to our need. contact us for more info.

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Online Invoicing Website Similar To Quickbooks

Job Description:
PHP Programmer, Web Developer, or Software Engineer with solid PHP programming experience who can develop an online invoicing application.
Candidate will work closely with Marketing Director to develop an online invoicing website similar to Quickbooks or other online invoicing website.

Candidate will be responsible for building and programming the online software/websites along with the analysis of front end applications as well as the User Interface coding and integration. Additional responsibilities will include database scripting and manipulation, backend/server coding and technical issue resolution on in-house database. The ideal developer will be fluent in software development processes and methodologies as well as be a well-rounded in internet-based development tools and conversant in modern software engineering concepts. Additionally, you will have expertise with website development and Internet application programming using PHP, JavaScript, DHTML, AJAX, XML, CSS on the LAMP (Linux / Apache / MySQL / Perl / PHP) platform.

Skills Required:

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Client Management & Invoicing Web App

I am looking for a web application that should be ready to use and have:

– Project management
– Client management
– Invoicing system (like Freshbooks)

Features should be like that of:

Post your demo with price. If I like, you may be paid to do custom work on the script to customize it further to my needs.

Thank you

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Elastix Invoicing Project

This project will include fixing some bugs in an existing Elastix module I have had written.

The module invoices phone calls in Elastix by taking the cdr and turning it into a PDF invoice.

There is currently a bug in the software.

The program looks at the callerid of the call and bills the call. In freePBX if the user sets their extension to show a specific outbound CID then the software will not bill the call properly.

The invoicing module needs to look at the source destination eg SIP/201 not the CID. Then bill the call. This will allow for more accurate invoicing.

The module will be attached.

Once this bug has been fixed further projects will be opened up to add more features to the module.

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Redesign And Asp Datadriven Website

Re-design current website

implement php driven invoicing & client site into main website

make website template driven, with easy to edit back end for end user, with staff privledges.

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Invoicing Program In Middle European Language


Were searching for a group or person who can write us an invoicing program (for using and selling it)

It must be in hungarian language. We can help to translate from english.

Our requests are:

– we are a creative agency, we will design the interface of the program. You must use the design (we do not like the basic designs of softwares)
– very nice printed invoice (using its own font is a must! – we dont like arial, trebuchet and others…)
– easy usable program with not much possibilities (easy software for little companies and contractors)
– regular invoices (hungarian rules will be attached)
– working without any other programs installed (like mysql or any other database programs)
– it must have database included
– it must have database backup auto saving and exporting-importing
– easy installer (one file)
– trial or demo mode possibility (working versions with time limited serial numbers)
– some other things…

We want to cooperate for long time for doing updates and fixing any problems!

If you are able to do this job, feel free to bid on it.

Please include some of your works (it is best you have a same working program)

We would like to test your skills, so if we request it, we please you to make a basic program to show you can do this.

Bid around 300 $ for the basic program, and in the future we will pay more for work.

Peter Rovid

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Bespoke Filemaker Database Required

A filemaker database to be built for family run business.
Must allow for contact management, email marketing, quoting & invoicing, as well as the printing of address labels & envelopes.
An amended version of the email campaign management template that ships with Filemaker Pro is what I had in mind & I have photoshopped an image of how I would like the layout of the page to look which can be sent upon request.

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WordPress Template For Online Invoicing

Hi, Im looking for freelancer which create wordpress template for online invoicing website. I need style like this

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Filemaker Database Work

I am commercial illustrator and I use a filemaker 6 database (pc platform) for my estimates and invoicing. I created the database many years ago and need to do several things to it now. I recently purchased filemaker 10 for the mac and would like to import the records from my old database to a new one. Ive spruced up the design and overall look. Ive been trying to recreate some of the scripts but really have no interest in relearning this software. Some of the scripts dont seem to work the same when I just open the old database. Theres some issue with the creation of pdf estimates and invoices as the old database was using a schubec pdf plugin and the new filemaker has the ability to create pdfs built in. Id also like to add the ability to attach a pdf estimate or invoice to an email with one button. Also I would like to add some functionality to the database, like making the G.S.T (goods and services tax- Im located in Canada) optional for when I do international projects. Also Id like to be able to see a list of all the estimates and invoices for any one client in a window (portal) with their contact info so I can see what Ive done for them in the past. Ive started creating the new database so you can see the new design, this wouldnt be a gound-up rebuild but you will probably have to create at least 50%. Some of the field mapping when importing the old records is also problematic and will have to be fixed. Currently I cant get some of the fields to import the way Id like. There are other minor issues as well that escape me now (ive set this project aside for a few months) so bid accordingly. Im pretty flexible for timing as the existing database works just fine. Im also flexible on budget. You can bid on what Ive described here and if I have a need for more features we can make that another job. I can send you both the old and new databases.

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Delphi5 ERP System Move To .NET Plattform

We have an exsisting ERP System for Printing Industries, which was written in Delphi5. We want to transfer the same logic and functionality to newer plattform, c# an .NET.

The system has the following modules:
– Calculation
– Sheet separation
– Invoicing
– Master Data
– Reporting
– Reporting

Some existing functions must not be implemente and some function must be write in optimized mode based on existing code.

You will get the existing Code and System with Database. We need help to transfer it to C# code.

– MS SQL Server 2005/2008
– we have DevExpress Components also it can be used..
– Crystal Report (> version 10)

Some Infos:
– Need to write in 2 levels Architecture (Business Logic, GUI must be implemented separately)
– Database Architecture CANT be modified because we have more Programs, Extensions (future Projects) based on the same Database.
– We want to use the BusinessLogic wit hdifferent GUI Projects, example: Web Forms, PDA, WebServices

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New Invoicing System

Because of recent change in our pricing structure, we need a new invoicing application on our website. Our current invoicing system on our website works only with fix pricing.

On our website we provides Sales lead to our suppliers and we want to charge variable pricing for variable number of leads they received in a month, e.g. if they received up to 10 leads in a month then we charge $0.00, if they received 100 leads = then $1 per lead , and if they receive 200 leads = then $.90. We also have Fix Joining Fee of $99, but some time we offer free joining too as a promotion.

We want the Invoices to be calculating automatically and to be sent monthly to our clients both to their email address and their USER Accounts Area on our website. Our Clients mostly pay us by Internet Banking and Direct Bank Deposit, So we want a system from where we can upload our Bank Statement in CSV format and it will automatically credit the user accounts. We also want to do Manual entries (For Cheque or other method like cash).

We want to accept Credit Cards Payments from our clients through Paypal and integrate with our Paypal account. We also want to integrate Taxes/GSTs and Paypal fee (same way GAF calculate Paypal fee and add to the final payment).

We want each Supplier can see and use in their Admin Area the following:

1- Inv #
2- Fee Amount
3- Paid Amount (Last deposit they made)
4- Due Amount (Current Bill)
5- Balance Amount (Can be negative or positive)
6- Bill Date
7- Due Date ( If the due date is passed and the balance is negative then the account will be automatically suspend and suspension email will sent to the supplier)".
8- Option ( View/Print , Pay ), when they click Pay they will see our bank account details for deposit or if they like to pay by credit card then they will have Paypal option.

Dont put Fake Bids, you can ask questions before you bid. Please no time waster, if you think you can do this in a timely manner and with in the budget then bid.
Happy biding!!! We will do more business with the winner

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CRM Expert / Reseller Management Platform

We are looking for an experienced analyst with good knowledge of CRM and collaboration in order to help us organize and manage a online dealer network management platform

The project is to analyze workflows and best practices in online management of different types of sales agents/ resellers / franchise / affiliates (not the same type of contracts) and help configure existing software or guide developer based on written procedures in order to have a working dealer relationship management platform with key features :

– Dealer submission
– contract management
– Online training/coaching
– Dealers shop/ordering
– Knowledge base
– manager dashboard
– reporting
– CRM (dealer relationship management)
– termination
– Accounting/invoicing
– Drop shipping / logistics
– back up / versioning
– multilingual
– Community / experience sharing

We can discuss in PM key workflows and features
please advise previous experience in implementing software for similar needs

To avoid Spam posting that is so common please start your message with "DRM"

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Carpet Cleaner Database

I need to start tracking information on services provided, referals,locations, quotes, invoicing, and financial data etc. I would like a customer database created to handle queries from several locations.

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Inventory Controlling System

Complete Inventory controlling System with Following Features
2-Sales Return
3-Dispatch note
4-Damage Note
5-Purchase Order
6- Purchase Return
7- Stock Reconciliation

and you can create any transaction type as you wish

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Invoicing / Accounting / Address Book

I have fully working version of softwares for invoicing, inventory, fully financial accounting package and address book, developed in Visual Basic 5/6, Crystal Reports and MS Access. If anybody require I can customize and deliver.

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VB6 Experts Needed


We would need to have a VB6 apps for invoicing. Please contact me through PMB to get more details.


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We are looking for a funny picture illustration on our coming website of e2cargo, which is a SaaS software for the logistics area (trucking, air, sea: freight costing and invoicing)

What we would like to have is a funny picture like the guys of have it. The Buddha with the headset is very funny and is fitting perfect to their business (Help Desk Software).

We are thinking of a combination of IT and logistics, which could be maybe a programmer who looks funny with big glases, wild hair, funny clothes, with a laptop in his hand and who pulls a big wooden box behind him, or sitting on it whatever.
Or you have a better idea? Are you able to produce something like that?

Please send us your quotation with a rough mock-up.
Thank you very much – with warm regards from London UK, Cheers K

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Sugar CRM 5.5 Community Edition Invoicing Module

I need someone with experience with Sugar CRM 5.2 Community Edition to help me with some customizations.

I need an invoicing module (like info@hand) where we can track payment to accounts, etc. In addition, other minor changes to Sugar

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Drupal & Ubercart Invoicing

Need a well qualified programmer to set up an invoicing system to work with Drupals Ubercart module. It requires the following:
An option to place an "offline order" that will include:
– submitting the order to us via email and the buyer receives a transaction number or ID (perhaps saved to a DB for later look up).
– we receive order to process (ability to add fees, adjust shipping charges, give discounts) and notify buyer of completion
– buyer can then log back into drupal account or look up transaction ID (whichever is an easier system) and pay for order using our payment gateway (to be determined)

If you have any questions (I know this is a little confusing), feel free to email. I am looking for a solid quote and time frame. I also need a few references and previous project links or examples.

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Whmcs & Adding Custom Fileds To Invoice


I am whmcs to do invoicing.
We need help to add Custom Fields to our invoices.
Please let me know, if you have any questions.


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Graphic Design Production For Heuristix Only

For all graphic design produced, get some invoicing done !

exclusively intended to heuristix as payment for work done already, dont waste your time !

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Joomla Or CMS Ecommerce Site "Finshing Touches"

We are ready to launch a social networking ecommerce website soon. We

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Standalone Utility For Project Management And Invoicing

I need a stand alone utility (no need to install and not need of .net framework) with access database at the backend.

the utility will be able to manage several projects and keep invoicing for clients. For eg. When we start the utilit:

1. The first screen will show an option to add a client, add a project, add task and add invoice.

I need the utility similar to this software:

But, I dont need expense module, timesheet module and user module. It will be simpler than this but slightly customized to my needs.

I will need full source code for the utility. Budget around 100$

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PHP Developer for Invoicing Project

We are in development of an e-commerce website and We are looking for an experienced, trustworthy and professional team/single person.

We can provide designs and detailed information regarding the project. We would like to work with a person who can work fast, has integrity can deliver sections on a daily basis until completion.

Persons must avilable on chat. More project details avilable on request. I have one more project ready after finished this project.

Because of automatic reply or spam, include Mitty in the subject.

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Customer Service and Invoicing Database Coder Required

Database coder required.

Database required for compiling Customer Service records and invoicing.

Brief summary of functionality will be:

Handling of customer records (by Branch), branch locations, Customer invoicing (by Branch), service schedules for both customers and company vehicles, appliance details.

Stock control:

Stock Control by head office and branch, stock take reports, branch ordering and invoicing. Pricing control of buying price, selling price by branch, RRP etc.

Documentation to consist of Service certificates, engineer

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Pets a Go Go (Basic Release)

We are a small (but growing!) Pet Sitting/Dog Walking company that requires the building of a basic (there will be more extensions over time)system. Ultimately, we wish to be able to do contact/client relationship management, employee scheduling, employee timekeeping, invoicing along with AP/AR. Ideally we would like to be able to deploy this through a thin client or web services model. We currently have a Joomla website which we could extend to deliver to clients (for reservation requests), to employees and ICs (for payment and invoicing purposes) and also to clients (in terms of reviewing and/or paying bills). Currently we are exclusively a services organization although we will have product at some point in the near future. A full business/functional specification would be provided before contract signed but we would estimate 15-20 man days to get a first delivery. Please bid as such.

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