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Iphone Ipad Newsreader App

Im looking for a quote for an Iphone (Possibly I pad too) app. It must be able to publish NEWS feeds from the RSS feed on my website.

Additionally, it must open up a "Quote of the day" as a pop-up on the phone in some way. This Quote would be delivered to the users desktop at a random interval each day.

All News stories and pop-ups would have to be branded and have navigation back to the website.

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IPhone / IPad App

I have an idea for an iPhone / iPad app (dont we all) and need someone to code the app as well as design the interface. I also need someone to tell me if the app will even work or have a chance to be accepted by Apple.

I think the idea is unique so I dont want to put the description of the app in here. Would also like the bidding person to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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Tourist Guide. IPhone, IPad App.

IPhone, IPad app.
Tourist guide.


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IPhone & IPad Photo Editing App

Hello there,

We are looking to create an app for iPhone and another for iPad. This is going to be a photo editing app. The features of the app are:

– Import photo from saved photos or take a photo in app
– Drag icons onto the photo
– Scale and rotate the icons on the photo
– Have the ability to apply 2 effects to the icons (blur and erase)
– Undo effects to the icons
– Save the photo

The iPad and iPhone versions will have the same features and functionality. The only difference is the iPad version will have higher res imagery (which we will provide.) We will create all of the UI elements, including the layout of each page, all the icons, as well as a flow diagram for the entire app, so we are looking for someone who will do the backend code only.

We are looking for someone who would be willing to do this under NDA as a work for hire project and provide us the source code at the end so that we may test it before submitting to the app store. Let us know a realistic time frame for you to comfortably complete this project.

Thank you so much for looking. We cant wait to hear from you!

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Iphone/ipad Application

Application that utilized GPS to located app user location and direct the user to the nearest destination given.

Application needs to work in ipad as well.

All information of the destination will be given.

Selected programmer needs to be able to do minor graphic illustration and sound editing if required.

Only american programmers will be selected.

Bid with a peace of mind.

100% escrow payment once confirm the project.
100% direct payment once project completed.

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Iphone/ipad App For Children’s Stories

Hello all,
Please do not bid if you do not have experience creating apps. I need to create an app for the iphone and ipad. I want to turn my childrens stories into apps. I already have the text and illustrations, I just need someone to turn them into apps. I would like these apps to have animations for my stories.

I also want to create a website that will have all my stories. I want people to be able to go to the website on their ipad or iphone and read the stories just as they would on the app. For example, turn the page, watch the animations, etc.

Please respond with past app projects you have completed.

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IPhone/iPad Book App

I need app, for reading e-books. Books will contain diff kinds of animation (video, img). I already have source code for loading e-book from server and unzipping it. All design will be also provided from me. More detail information you can get by asking me in pm.

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IPhone/iPad App

Looking for a programmer who is capable of creating iPhone/iPad application from scratch. We will be supplying all text and artwork including the UI for the application, you will be responsible for designing, programming, implementing and beta testing the application. Revisions of the application will also be required.

The application is to include most if all of the functions found on the following websites:


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IPhone/iPad Universal Photo Editing App

Basically, the theme would be similar to in which the app is like a virtual plastic surgeon though, the features would just be limited to the face, otherwise it would be too complicated. The choices to choose from would be pre-programmed so that the user only simply touches a button for the transformation.

let me know how is this possible and what is your view on it?


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File Download App For Jailbroken Devices (iPhone IPod IPad)

Need a custom programmed iOS application for jailbroken devices. Application should have multiple tabs:

1) First Tab: Web View controller to display a predefined URL with forward, back, home, and reload buttons.

2) Second Tab: Another Web View controller to display a predefined URL that will list files available for download. When the user clicks the download button for a particular file, the application will download the file to a predefined destination on the device (outside of the applications sandbox; which is why this app will be for jailbroken devices only).

3) Third Tab: List all files in the above predefined directory (outside of application sandbox) allowing user to swipe to delete each file or select multiple files to delete.

4) Fourth Tab: Static view for displaying about information, credits, etc.

Note: The web based portion of the project will be done in-house. The only thing you will be doing is creating the front-end application for the iOS device. Download buttons which will be displayed in the second tab can have anchors appended to the end of the URL to allow for testing of the link to see if it is a download for example ( If you think of another method, we can implement that instead.

Note: Application should be programmed using documented iOS APIs whenever possible. Code should be commented thoroughly and in plan english (no programmer speak). Full source code, xCode files, Interface Builder, and other files should be provided. Should be compatible with iOS 4.x and if possible iOS 2.x and 3.x.

Optional additional feature: USER AUTHENTICATION – allow for the ability to have some sort of user authentication; possibly passing user specified username and password to the webpage right before the download is initiated. Allow for guest / unauthenticated browsing. Username and password could be entered into a separate tab or on the about page and would be requested upon the first application launch.

Application icon and tab icons can be placeholders, as those icons have already been obtained by us.

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IPhone / IPad App Developer Needed

Hello bidder,

I have an app…based on facebook intergration and slideshow of photo album…

So please make a bid …lowest bidder with nice portfolio will be selected.

Developer should be iPhone and iPad developer..


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Iphone/ipad App

How the application works:
1) A home page is the first thing you see (I will provide you with the design if you wish)
2) A

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Turn Catalog Into Iphone + Ipad App

I have 3 project here.

Project 1:
Turn a catalog into iphone app.

Project 2:
Turn a catalog into iphone app + GPS (or google map) for nearest store

Project 3:
Turn a catalog into iphone app + (another special features)

Catalog must be look like

Catalog will provide in AI format.

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Brochure App

I would like an app designed to enable my brochure to be viewed and displayed on an iphone-ipad without people having to look up on the internet. this needs to be able to be upgradable so when people come and go their details can be added deleteted.

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Iphone/ipad Education App

Apps can run in both iphone and ipad

Parent ask question by choosing some pre-set wordings in the screen (e.g. "how" "old" "are" "you") and their children answer questions by also choosing some pre-set wordings in the screen (e.g. "i" "am" "4" "years" "old"). There is no need to show the keyboard in the whole apps. All questions and answers are set by choosing pre-set wordings.

For ipad, question and answer can be shown in the same screen. For iphone, as screen is small, after question is shown, the apps need to allow user to switch to answer page to select answer.

The questions and answers are divided into categories and parent can choose one category (e.g. animal) and ask questions.

Please send the links of previously similar working apps for reference.

Source-code is required.

I only choose vendor with frequent communication.


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I’ll Buy Your IPhone/iPad App For $50

Do you have any iPhone/iPad apps you dont want? I might buy them for $50 each.

Please give details and a link to Apple Store (must be on the app store).

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Iphone/ipad App

Require app which will:
1. List All clubs in state/country (including map, contact details, info, description etc)
2. user can display club, details, show events for that club, that state
3. filter results by category, sub category and sub sub category
4. Ability to enter scores which was shot at the event
5. ability to share scores to facebook account
6. ability to store scores to website for review (plus tracking and stats)
7. ability to enter individual scores for each station for tracking purposes

Ability for club to update their details using website

Ability for admin (me) to update all features
especially database which shows event (every year will need to upload new database)
update club details
access users

If you have developed any iphone apps, please include links to examples….

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Iphone / Ipad App

Need an app almost exactly like "paramount group" please download and look through app before bidding thanks

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IPhone And IPad Audiobook App

We are looking build universal audiobook app for iPhone and iPad that has following features:

1. bookmark current location of listening and auto resume when replayed.
2. brows book content/search/add comments on the side
3. Chapter navigation, bookmarking, annotations, sleep mode, changing audio speed(slower/faster).
4. while audio playback, text highlighting of the corresponding text
5. Display synchronized text with search functionality.
6. other related functions to audiobook application

In order to be considered for this project, you need to:
1. Have portfolio of similar apps that we can download and test from App Store.
2. Have strong background in audio or video programming experience.
3. Be able to meet agreed deadline

the following would be provided by:

– text of the book with sections
– mp3 files for the corresponding sentences/text

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IPhone-iPad App Builder

We need a very simple flashing app based on a photo. 2 color flash red to white. Image stationary.

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IPhone/iPad Wrapper App For Web-App

This is a very simple application that needs to work on both iPhone/iPod and iPad.
The application is a wrapper for a mobile-web-app. Therefore, the app will do 1 thing only:
– open an internal browser window with the set URL. The URL will be set as a configuration within the app.
– The web-app itself may have external links to other websites. When those links are pressed, an additional internal browser window should launch to that URL, with a back button at the top to get back to the last browser window. (i.e. the ability to have multiple browsers open as screens within the app.

– The only other configuration should be:
– icon for iphone/ipod
– icon for ipad
– loading screen for iphone/ipad
– loading screen for ipad
– description

– this is to be an app that is resubmitted to the app store for every configured URL

– a url may look like where 12345 is what makes this url unique.

There could be hundreds of unique urls. Each one will have its own app listed in the app store, with its own icon, loading screen, description, etc.

– this app should therefore be configurable by XML or otherwise so that the core of the app does not need too much modification for each custom URL

– an actual URL will be provided to specific candidates, but the content of web-app should affect development.

– it is an asset if you are also an Android App developer as that is the next phase of this project, but not necessary.

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Audio Player For All Bowswers, IPhone, IPad, Etc.

I need an audio player script that will work on all browsers, smartphones, and iPad. My current code works only in browsers:

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="audio_player/player_mp3_maxi.swf" width="300" height="20">
<param name="movie" value="audio_player/player_mp3_maxi.swf" />
<param name="bgcolor" value="#feed00" />
<param name="FlashVars" value="mp3=audio/myaudio.mp3&width=300&showvolume=1&showloading=never&sliderheight=12&volumeheight=10&loadingcolor=e6e6e6&bgcolor=feed00&bgcolor1=feed00&bgcolor2=feed00&slidercolor1=de1414&slidercolor2=de1414&sliderovercolor=1c1c1c&buttoncolor=de1414&buttonovercolor=1c1c1c&textcolor=de1414" /></object>  

My code allows users to control the audio player from keyboard. This feature must be supported by the new script.

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Turn Key Iphone/ipad App

I have a current content driven website that delivers MOVs to subscribed users.

Need an iphone/ipad that basically duplicates this (must work on both systems, res up and res down, and take advantage of all os4 features).

app needs to pull content (MOVs) from a CDN and deliver sets of videos to mobile users. in app purchase will give the user additional packages.

there exists an app very similar to this can can be used to build from.

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