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Children’s IPad App Illustrator

We are looking for iPad & iPhone illustration for children book.

Looking for an edgy, contemporary illustrator with a good handle on characters and a munny-sensibility.

The concept is about a little boy pet missing from home, there goes the story begin….

There are 20 screens in the app. The characters will include: mother, little boy, some cartoon animal characters.

We will commission in the middle of April and want delivery in four weeks.

Required sound effect: sweet mother sound, charming little girl for some conversation.

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Icon Designer For Tablet Gesture Interaction


We need to design a set of icons which will appear in an iPad App to show user how to navigate with the elements.

The style should be clean, and mono tone (black + white + grey gradients) like

Icon style – but need your redesign as we dont want to copy them /

Here are the icons we need.

1. Tap and Double Tap – finger with circle, or 2 circlesm or vibration waves
2. Tap and swipe left/right / same as Tap and Drag / same as Tap and Rub (see 2:30 – could be a finger with left and right arrows.
3. Pinch and Spread – finger with arrow opening / closing
4. Rotate iPad (to tell people they have to rotate from landscape to portrait or portrait to landscape) see the Rotate icon here with 2 hands holding an iPad (top middle)

All should be in vector format .AI and .PSD and .PNG, transparent. One set black, and one set white.

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IPad Game Development

We are looking for iPad developer with experience. This is a one month project which could tern in a long term project. Well start with one simple iPad learning game for children age 4+. If your iPad development expertise satisfy our needs, then well sign with you to work on the entire project which is 8-10 games.
Youll have to sign a non-disclose agreement.
Check the link below to get an idea regarding complicity of those games:

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Lawyer N Box

We need a team experience IPad developer to help us with our idea for a application for one of our series called Lawyer N Box. We would like this application to be a virtual office where a lawyer can have facetime with his or her client via Ipad or Iphone and be able to cut overhead and charge clients reasonable fees. Must be to complete this project within 5 weeks or less (Bonus). Also you must have a team of developers and graphic designers, we not accept an individual. TEAM MUST BE IN PLACE! We not tech heads so please handle us with "kid gloves".

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Very Simple IPhone/iPad App


Attention: To be able to bid on this project write the word "WINNER" in your bid or PM. Otherwise you can be disqualified,

I am looking for an experienced and self thinking developer for future work.
This is a simple first app that should be designed for iPhone/iPad. Lets call it "And the winner is".
Through this simple project we can find out if we want to work together in larger projects.

The app can solve an argue between 2 persons like a photographic coinflip.

It will work like this:
1. Splash screen (you enter a dummy, I will supply the graphics). I will also supply the graphocs for the icon. Other design should follow good practice.
2. A screen where 2 photos can be chosen (take a new with camera or choose from library). Then a button can be pressed (or you can shake the device) to start the action.
3. The 2 pictures toggles in full screen starting very fast then slower and slower. (It should take around 5 seconds in total). The result should be random.
4. The winner is shown in full screen and a sound plays. A way to go back to step 2 should be present.

I have added some simple mock-ups in the PDF file

I also want help in the process of submitting the app to App Store.

Thank you for you interest in this project.

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Iphone Ipad Newsreader App

Im looking for a quote for an Iphone (Possibly I pad too) app. It must be able to publish NEWS feeds from the RSS feed on my website.

Additionally, it must open up a "Quote of the day" as a pop-up on the phone in some way. This Quote would be delivered to the users desktop at a random interval each day.

All News stories and pop-ups would have to be branded and have navigation back to the website.

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Tamplet Catalog Shop For Iphone,ipad

we need accompany or a programmer with experience to develop an iPhone/ipad app builder.
the app should be a temples app similar to which is the web site related to the app.
the app is a baseness to baseness app and should allow a very friendly easy process to build your own app for your baseness with no coding .
you can find the Features in the off the feathers)
if possible i would like to have a price for the app developing with a basic admin that allow as(the project manager) to applaud the content to the app for testing.
the next step will be developing the final website that allow the shops/baseness to build their own app easy with no coding

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IPad/Android EMagazine

Create an e-magazine that enables our readers to view our publication on iPad and Android devices.

Features we require are:
– Home splash screen with the ability to browse the covers of multiple editions
– Ability to add future and past publications
– Ability to zoom on each page
– Page flip effect when browsing publication
– Use of hyperlinks throughout the publication
– View single page in portrait mode, View double page spread in landscape mode
– embeded video

The following link shows a good example of what we are wanting to achieve:

The publication is created in InDesign and is approx. 360 pages.
A complete pdf file will be supplied to work from.

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IPad / IPhone EMagazine

Create an iPad / iPhone Magazine (Similar with Zinio or the HuffPost app):
We require an iPad App that will enable readers to view our online magazine via the App on the device
– Previous issues should be accesible to user
– Suggest magazine format
– Splash Screen
– The first screen will show the front cover and have ability to read the issue. ilimited pages.
– There should be an option to zoom into each page to read.
– We require complete control to upload or delete issues
– Control to put how many magazines or issues we can push
– Portrait one page and Landscape 2 pages
– Flip page effects
– Use hyperlinks, we use key words within the text that should have hyperlinks to other sites
– Play Video / Audio file inside the content fetched from our servers.

– Give examples of similar or other iPad/iPhone projects that you have completed
– Provide suggestion on magazine format.
– Will require the source code
– Please PM for any question
– Your completion rate will be a factor in the final selection

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IPhone / IPad App

I have an idea for an iPhone / iPad app (dont we all) and need someone to code the app as well as design the interface. I also need someone to tell me if the app will even work or have a chance to be accepted by Apple.

I think the idea is unique so I dont want to put the description of the app in here. Would also like the bidding person to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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IPad App For Product Catalog With Ordering Function

Hi there,

We need a programmer(s) to build a iPad App and the backend (server-side). The App will be a product catalog and order application all in one meant for field representatives. It would only be an business to business iPad App. The GUI of the app, GUI of the backend and the technical designs of the backend will be provided by us.

Off course we need to know the costs + time expectation

See attachment for details or pm me for more info.

– Only bid IF you have successfully delivered IPAD projects on
– Give examples of similar or other IPAD projects that you have completed successfully
– Have the tools and development environment to do the job well
– Can deliver a prototype quickly – A prototype is required and we will test it
– Will require the source code
– Ask questions in PM

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Ipad App. Product Catalog And Order Application All In One

Hi there,

We need a programmer(s) to build a Ipad app and the backend (server-side). The app. will be a product catalog and order application all in one meant for field representatives. It would only be an business to business Ipad app. The GUI of the app, GUI of the backend and the technical designs of the backend will be provided by us.

Off course we need to know the costs + time expectation

See attachment for details or pm me for more info.


Marvin Binderhagel
GC Productions

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Smartphone App Programmer


1. Develop mobile application for Iphone, Blackberry, Ipad, Andriod, Palm, etc using HTML5, CSS, Javascript, .Net mobile, Eclipse and other emerging

2. Design GUI for mobile application

3. Support and enhance applications to ensure maturity in the markets for products on the iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, PSP, Palm and other emerging mobile platforms.

4. Create application prototypes with new features or entirely new applications on current and future mobile platforms.

5. Prepare all developed programs are properly documented.

6. Perform tests across multiple devices using prescribed testing applications.


1. Graduation in Com Sci, Multimedia, IT, Com Eng or related course in computers and management sciences is basic

2. A 3-5 year experience as a an application programmer in .Net mobile, J2ME or any of the languages currently used for mobile web development ie Blackberry, Iphone, Ipad, etc is an advantage


1. Logical and arithmetic skills required.
2. Ability to investigate and analyze information and to draw conclusions.
3. Ability to learn and support new hardware, software and operating systems => active, enthusiastic and openmind
4. Have interpersonal skills
5. have 3-5 experience in mobile programming
6. Independent

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Ipad Application Catalog For Field Representatives

Hi there,

Application will be a product catalog and order application all in one meant for field representatives. It would only be an business to business Ipad app. I need to know the costs + time expectation

See attachment for details or pm me for more info.


Marvin Binderhagel
GC Productions

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Porting Flash Game To Ipad & Iphone

We would like to port an existing game client to the Ipad & Iphone.
You can see the game in Facebook:

The flash client is a dummy client, only receives and sends messages all the game logic is in the server.
We need a client running in the Ipad and Iphone.

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IPad Designer Needed For Quick Concepts

We have been hired to program an iPad app and we need to present concepts to our client first thing Monday morning.

In order to choose the right designer for the full project, we have decided to hire 5 different firms to create initial concepts for the app. We will be paying $100 to each firm to design 2 screens.

The client will select which design direction to go with on Monday and we will work with you to design the rest of the app.

Because of the tight deadline, we are considering serious inquiries only. Please do not send a canned reply. If you would like to be considered – please send us:

– Links to iPad apps that you have designed that are currently in the Apple app store.
– A link to your online portfolio.

The app itself will be centered on a sports brand – highlighting scores and sports related news stories. If we select you as one of the final 5 candidates, we can arrange payment and we will provide you with specific guidelines. You will have 24 hours to complete the 2 screens.

We look forward to working with you!

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IPad Specific App


The iPad apps main functionality is streaming videos through a third party service.

1) What i need is a team to build the app
2) Video Streaming services is already setup
2) Graphics and design is provided to you
3) Support and code is provided as well in regards to connecting to the 3rd party service
4) There is a specific layout for both landscape and portrait mode

See attached, comment or questions PM me

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Newsletter Via Iphone/ipad Application

This is a project to convert our bi-monthly newsletter (containing text and images) to an iphone application so that users can download and read the newsletter on their devices.

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I need a simple ipad application. It is going to be like a story base integrated with 2-3 characters. No much choosing and options, it is like a story telling. About 3-5mins

Things i need:
1. Design
2. Programming

When you apply let me know:
1. Cost
2. Projects you done before for IPAD n IPHONE APP**** (must show example, good to show like story board etc to proof that you done it)
3. Must have experience and familiar with apple platform
4. How long you need?

Quote "read n agree" at the title, or you will be ignored.

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Iphone, Ipad And Android App For My Site

I run a small site and i want an app that:

1) Get my articles via RSS and display like engadget app for iphone (a gallery with 3 photos at the top, with articles) and latest news below it, with thumbs.

2) Publish exclusive content to the app (this will be done from wordpress, using one category)

3) At ipad, the app most flip pages like flipboard

4) Tweet button and like on facebook

Three menu itens:

1) News
2) Twitter mentions
3) Videos (we will get from a category at my site, they are from youtube)

Your bid should be like this:

Total – US$ xxx
Iphone – US$ xxxx
Android – US$ xxxx
Ipad – US$ xxxx

I need like that because i dont know if ill make them all, depends on costs.

This is my first app and i need orientation in the hole proccess. Winner must have previously developed at least five apps and send me links. Be gentle in the bids, im not a company, im a person and my site is small. Tks a lot.

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Interactive Story Book Ipad Iphone Xcode App Cocos2d Ios

I would like to buy the source code in Xcode for an interactive book/ animated book on the iPad with animated pictures, possibility to move/ throw/ move around objects by touch and tilt, gravity, possibility to change form of objects by tilt. Sound, flipping pages are also needed.
I would like to have source code for a project that is customizable so that sounds, pictures, animation and possibly extra coding can be added later on.

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IPad App For Restaurant

We are hiring progammer for iPad app that would be used for Tonino Lamborghini Miami Beach Restaurant.

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Game Development For Iphone & Ipad

I have some very simple games that I would like to have developed for the Iphone and the Ipad.

You need to have graphic skills and know what it takes to create a game that people will play.

Right now I have the games in a different game system so I need to have the games converted into Iphone and Ipad and integrated into the features that Ipad 2 and iphone IOS provide.

This is a project for fast turn around.
These games can be seen from this link

Only experienced freelancers to bid on this project.

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We need a simple iPad application to be coded using APPCELERATOR TITANIUM. We are not seeking our application to be coded in objective C. We are seeking experienced Titanium developers only with SAMPLES of their previous work.

We seek a simple iPad application, coded in Titanium, that connects to a .NET Web Service (SOAP) and performs the following:

– Authenticates the user
– Communicates with WebService to obtain document list
– Presents the user with a list of available documents
– User selects document to download
– Application communicates with WebService to receive an array of bytes of document (PDF) and presents it to the user

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IPad Application – Interact With .NET WebServices

We seek a remarkably simple iPad application that allows a user to login, receive a list of files available for download, and download their requested document (saved in PDF format).

Elegance of the application is not important to us at this point. Most importantly, we need an experienced mobile developer who can user clear, concise code to accomplish this project and do so in a way that is easy to expand upon. (We are happy to have you work on the next leg of this project, as well, if your work is satisfactory)

THIS APPLICATION MUST INTERACT WITH ASP.NET WEB SERVICES. .NET web services use SOAP an should be easy to interact with. Using simple web service calls, you will be able to Authenticate the user, Get a list of available document names and their unique integer identifier, and make download requests which return an array of bytes, containing the file they requested.

We are open to having this project made in objective-c, obviously… but we are also open to using a multi-platform language such as Titanium.

We need this project completed yesterday. Serious, experienced developers only. We seek to form long-term business relationships with our developers.

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IPad PDF Reader

I need an IPad/IPhone App that :
– read an XML directory listing from a server ;
– public a tab view of the directory and the files ;
– make possible to view the files (pdf) ;
– the files (pdf) can be highlighted, searched and linked;

The application must be customized in the layout and in the color scheme,
in a way Ill send to the winner.

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PayPerClick Advertising – Detect Via Keyword

What I need done:

Detect certain keywords on my site(they vary from page to page) automatically detect which ones are on my site. Have a database or something like this.

NameOfMyAd, http://URLOfImage , http://ImageClickURL,Keywords for that campaign, Total Paid, HowMuchMoneyLeft,PricePerClick

for example: Lets say I have someone promoting an IPad Offer.

Free IPad 2; , ; ; free ipad, get ipad free, ipad 2 free, etc. ; $10 ; $5 ; $0.10

Once the row/campaign or whatever you wish to call it runs out of money, have the campaign stop.

Be able to have it load via javascript or whatever would be used that when someone comes across a page with any of the mentioned keywords for that "row / campaign / ad" that ad will be loaded.

Before payment, I REQUIRE to see a WORKING EXAMPLE of this.


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Joomla 1.5 Site Quick Tweak For Safari/iPhone/iPad Use

Website needs to be checked and tweaked to work on Safari/iPhone/iPad browsers. The Joomla template is 1.5 and you can see the site @

I understand this is quick fix for people that know how to do it.

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Hello ,

For Serious Bidders Only …If you dont know iPhone/iPad Dont waste time ..

I want to make something similar to Game .

First i want to make for iPhone Then iPad , Android .

I will provide you all graphics . The game logic will remain same . Also i want to add some features .

One more thing i cant explain you game , Everything is clear . So Just check that game then Bid .


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Ipad Work Order App

i am looking for a programmer to make an ipad app.

app will be a work order app.

the app will allow the user to enter there company name: address and phone: this would be preset for there company. one time set up.

filling out a work order will have

customer name:
Phone #

item: description: quaintly : and price

the app will be filling out a forum essentially form needs to look like this

app need to allow users to make custom presets so rather then typing the item and description every time need to be able to select from preset.

and final the app must have a way of printing the invoice either by sending it to email, dropbox, or sending it to a printer,

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IPhone/iPad App Similar To Fatbooth

I am looking for a programmer who will be able to make this possible. The application that I need is similar to fatbooth. I need to be able to modify a specific area of an image. A data base will be link to this app and a gps locater needs to be integrated for best results. This app will probably be the first of many.

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IPad/iPone Magazine Viewer

Hello bidders,

We have an existing iPhone/iPad app that can load and display online magazines.
The magazine content is hosted on our server. Each page of the magazine is a jpg file;

We need some changes to the current application and new features for magazine content to be implemented:
1.Integrate hyperlinks: go to web browser from the magazine page by following a link and return back to magazine;
2.Integrate videos in the magazines. Video features:
a.Video stream embedded to magazines
b.Video triggered by user interface element, button (video trigger);
c.Videos can be hosted on our server
3.Integrate image gallery in the magazine
a.Image gallery triggered by user interface element, button;
b.Images will be hosted on our server
4.Adapt application for iPad
5.Adapt application to iOS4
6.Change catalog orientation when iPad/iPhone is rotating
7.Remove left and right buttons
8.Resize menu
9.Subscriptions through e-mails
10.Magazine archive: the user is able to view all the magazines from one publisher.

Current app – video:

See other examples:
or here

For magazine creation we are using a conversion tool which generates the folder structure, content and xml files. So you should consider the current structure of the magazines.
Additional info will be provided to the selected bidder.

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Create And Design Graphic Images In Arabic For IPad/iPhone

You should be able to design and create 2D/3D graphic images in Arabic. One must be creative and input your own ideas. You should be able comply with the deadline given

For those who meet the criteria above are welcome to bid this project. Thanks.

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