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FIRST! DO NOT BATHER TO ANSWER IF YOU CANT PROVIDE PROOF THAT YOU HAVE THE SKILLS. (we already wasted time and money on talkers, so please do not waste your or ours time if you do not know what you are in for)

Need Mobile Applications Developers (iPhone, iPad, Android apps and other Smart phones) to work for us on different application projects. Have immediate projects for EXPERIENCE developer/s.

The two first projects are,

1. iPhone app (Which should have been done and ready yesterday). To find the nearest restaurant in our database with real time periodically updated info which the restaurant is provided to our web based database, the restaurant can update there menu, daily offers, happy hours and so on (GPS, the user can chose radius, food type, even be able to book a table, the restaurant will be able to push for their "offers")

The second project must include both the app and the web based database with interface for the restaurants.

2. A translating iPhone app, from French to English and back. (where the user can both see and hear the translated)
This is a French food/menu type dictionary (we have all data and so on).

(If your work satisfy us we can discuss full time job in our company or other arrangement)

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Mobile Templates

I am looking for someone NOT to create full apps. Only beginner templates with well documented code and good structure. I need templates for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android. I would also like to discuss the possibility of web apps and Mac OS apps 🙂

I am willing to pay per template.

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IOS Templates

I am looking for someone NOT to create full apps. Only beginner templates with well documented code and good structure. I need templates for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android. I would also like to discuss the possibility of web apps and Mac OS apps 🙂

I am willing to pay per template.

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IPHone/IPad GPS MAP Application

We need map application similar to

skills: IPad, Object-C, IPhone, Android, Blackberry, C++

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Live Stock Charts On Android/Iphone

I am looking for readymade applications for Iphone and android based phones which have the facility to show user defined portfolio of scrips and technical analysis charts.

The application should have the facility to
1) Server side authentication for each user who will login to the system
2) Pull data from my db in MS Sql or My Sql or api
3) Show live charts (refresh based)
4) Simple ta tools like moving averages, rsi, macd
5) Set alerts on price

I am only looking for readymade applications, please do not apply incase you cannot show a demo of the same

Happy bidding

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App description
App used to find more information about muscles in body

How it will work
Will present a List of categories i.e. arm, stomach etc. When they click on it they are presented with a list of muscle. When they click on the muscles they will be directed to a particular website.

I need to be able to add muscles on a daily basis without users having to download updates so a simple system must be designed to enable me to do this.

Platforms- android/windows/iphone/blackberry

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Looking For Two Original Ideas For Apps For IOS/Android.

I am looking for two original app ideas for iOS and Android platforms. Areas of interest are games, educational, business, personal productivity but will look at others as long as they are original and not already available on the open market. Must speak clear English and be able to explain your ideas in detail.

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Android Market Apps & Iphone/ipad Apps Into Mysql

Hi all,
i search for a solution

i need a database with all iphone/ipad apps and all android market apps.
they must be automaticly update every night and store/update theyer information (title, description, rating, price, version etc.)

can sombody do that with php and mysql?

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Buy Clone Aplications Android And Iphone

Im looking for several types of applications , similar to latitude but for dating also an advertising application similar to Shooger

If you have an application done contact me .

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SIP Dialer Blackberry Android Iphone

Mobile Developer for SIP dialer. J2ME, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile.


All known features to be included.

Bidding Conditions:
1. You must supply all source code.
2. Source Code Ownership Agreement to be signed.
3. A working demo to prove your abilities before awarding bid.
4. Post delivery support.
5. Daily communication and updates
6. 30 day timeframe

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Games To Buy: IPhone/iPad, J2ME, Android, Blackberry, …

Our company wish to buy ready videogames (2D and 3D) of the main mobile technologies:

and more

These are our requests:

– Games of good graphics quality.
– You sell us the full intellectual property, source codes and rights to use the game.
– We have to be the First and the only to buy the game (so after our purchase the game have to be deleted from your catalogue).
– The sell will have to made via contract agreement (that we can send you).
– Payment 100% sent after game received and tested.
– Payment via paypal or bank transfer.
– For the payment companies have to send us the commercial invoice and freelances have to sign a commercial document used in our country for the services made between a company and a private (you dont pay any fee).
– The games have to be able advertised on the official digital delivery channels (and never added there). For example if we buy an iPhone game that is not accepted in the Itunes Store, we dont pay you the game and we give you back it.

For the games available please send us all info (title, category, cost, brief description, etc) and photo/video.
We wish only to cooperate with skilled freelances/companies with a good feedback (here or online).
About our company feedback you can find info on the search engines.
You can also propose us to develope new games with the same structure of one your jobs.
Example: you have developed a moto race game and you make for us a car race game with the same technical features but with a new and original graphics.
Thanks to all

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Iphone, Blackberry And Android App

We are looking for a programmer that has experience with appcelerator, because the app must be multiplatform.

Requirements app
+ The app must be able to read a rss feed and show the results. These results must be ordered from most viewed to least viewed or best rated to bad rated.
+ The app must be able to read out the gps location, to order the results from most nearby destination to furthest destination (mapKit, location services)
+ People must be able to rate the results on the iphone app
+ People must be able to bookmark some results.
+ People must be able to search results.
+ The app consists of 9 screens inclusive loading screen
+ The app can be seen as a stripped version of the Yelp app ->
+ multilingual
+ clean, modular, bug-free, well documented code
+ well tested, fast and stable
+ the app has to be scalable

Provided by us
+ All the screens of the app are made in fireworks (320×480 png screens)
+ Detailed requirements document (in this document, the idea will be described in detail)

+ A NDA has tot be signed
+ Only developers with serious experience writing iPhone apps will be considered. Please name your references, number of development staff and number of administrative staff.
+ Seller will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreement before we share further project details.
+ All deliverables will be considered "work made for hire" under U.S. Copyright law. We will receive exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased.
+ No part of the deliverable may contain any copyright restricted 3rd party components (including GPL, GNU, Copyleft, etc.) unless all copyright ramifications are explained and agreed to by us in writing.

Final Deliverables:
+ fully documented code
+ fully compiled code that can be run in appcelerator

Payment Schedule:
+ 10% paid upon completion of development discussions (requirements documentation, wireframe, API)
+ 20% paid upon submission of a first review with full functionality
+ 20% paid upon dev completion
+ 20% paid upon first acceptance tests (bug fixing)
+ 20% paid upon project completion (both customizations accepted by Apple and live in iTunes)
+ 10% paid one month after app went live and it shows no bugs.

If you have any questions please ask. Please work through the main requirements and make sure you have the necessary skills and knowledge. Please reply to the requirements and questions in the description above. Thank you!
We are looking for a long-term development relation & forward to your bids.

Skills required: Appcelerator (iphone, blackberry, android), Objective C, Java, XML/RSS, Mysql, Php, SQLite,

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Do You Have Ready Apps & Games For Facebook, IPhone, Android

If you have developed Apps or games for:
*Windows7 Phone
that became very popular, I would be interested in purchasing them.

Please send me PMs with information.
Budget range differ on plattform, for sure 😉

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Blackberry, Android, IPhone And IPad App

We need a simple mobile phone apps for iPhone/iPad, Blackberry and Android for City Guide. Basically you can convert the pdf into an App with functions to call directly to phone numbers when clicking on the phone number on the touch screen and website links to open the website. It should be easy to update the app with new edition of the guide by uploading the pdf.

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Guest Blogger For Android News / How-To’s / Apps is a fast growing PR 6 technology website with more than 1 million page views per month.
We are currently looking for passionate Android writers, who can cover Android news, how to articles (rooting, guides, tutorials), and free Android apps (reviews).

Here are our requirements:

– Good English writing skills, with no grammar mistakes
– NO copied content. All articles will be tested for plagiarism before getting published.
– We will have full rights to all articles submitted to us. You are not allowed to resell or reuse these articles anywhere else.
– You should be up to date with Android, following all the news closely and produce fresh content daily.
– No use of copyrighted images in articles.
– Atleast 4 how-to guides per week.
– Willingness to learn SEO and follow our SEO guidelines
– Open to taking suggestions and also match our writing style to blend in articles seamlessly into our website

If any of the above conditions is not met during the middle of a work period, we reserve the rights to terminate our relationship.

To start with, we need 3 sample articles. To get an overview of what exactly we are looking for in an Android writer, visit our Android section ( and go through some of the published articles. We are looking for high quality articles, with detailed instructions in case of how-to guides, and an insightful analysis in case of news. Simple rewriting of articles published on other websites will not be entertained.

Compensation: Depends on the type of the article.

USD 2 – Simple news articles about new Android devices coming into market, android software updates, releases etc.
USD 4 – How-To Articles (Rooting instructions, guides, tutorials)
USD 4 – Android app reviews with screenshots

We will start off with 3 articles per day, with no more than 2 news articles. SEO knowledge or willingness to learn SEO is an added advantage to get selected.

Payment: At the end of every month via Paypal. We can do wire transfer in case you reside in India.

We are looking for a long term relationship. If you have the right skills and commitment, there are other technology streams on our website that you can contribute to in future.

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Kickass Designer For Mobile Apps For Iphone / BB / Android

Looking for a kickass designer who has brilliant UI experience and aesthetic sense

Some one who understands user interaction on touch devices like Iphone / Android / Blackberry / Ipad.

Has a portfolio of mobile apps to showcase.

Based out of Mumbai preferably. But i am open to other locations if the portfolio is compelling.

The projects are challenging and will certainly add a lot of value to your portfolio.

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Android/IPhone/BlackBerry Banking App

I need a programmer/team that can develop a specific app for Android/Iphone/ and Blackberry. This will be an app that allows users to pay at stores using their cell phones. The app should allow users to create an account, setup bank accounts (using a merchant whose information and instructions on how to link to app will be provided), and generate a unique barcode for each specific person that can be scanned.

There should also be a backend website that all transactions go through and are recorded. When merchants scan the barcode, they will send a signal to the website to charge the user who scanned.

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Android And IPhone Apps

We need an Android (and IPhone) application with the following features:

– The application launches at phone "On" without user intervention
– The application tracks: GPS location, mobile country code, mobile network code, LAI and call status (busy/idle)
– The application forwards this information to central server over the internet in using UDP

– The application provides a ShowMe button
– Upon activation of ShowMe function opens user GUI
– Present state is shown in GUI
– ShowMe states are: Online, Away, Do not disturb, Invisible, Offline
– User can change state via ShowMe GUI
– Upon change of state the central server is informed over the internet in using UDP
– Application must work on all Android and IPhone phones

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IPhone & IPad App

The project consists of updating an existing iPhone app, adding features to it and improve it. Secondly I need an iPad version of the app. The iPad version of the app will have more functionality as the iPhone version (as more information can be shown).

Im looking for a freelance developer with excellent communication skills, feel for quality and design.
You are able to master new technology quickly and you are able to immediately apply new technology and concepts in our projects.
You have a proven track record of at least one iPhone application in the AppStore.

Experience with other platforms (Android, BlackBerry) is a plus.

If you fit the profile, please send me your curriculum vitae and the link to your iphone/ipad applicaiton(s).
For details on the project you will need to sign a NDA.

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IPHONE, Blackberry, Android App

Im looking for a developer for SEVERAL Mobile apps, I want each one developed to be compatible w/ Android, Blackberry & Iphone so developer should be able to do all three.

The mobile app(s) needing developed should be able to integrate into MYSQL database(s) w/ information from those databases.

The template/foundation will basically be the same and will function in a yellowpages app scenario.

To reference website you may visit usfdiscounts dotcom. It utilizes the PHPMYDIRECTORY framework for this app

Its a web directory website w/ merchants offering coupons, showing their hours, menus, ETC.

Keep in mind we will have a MINIMUM of 5 apps required that are very similar and winning this first job will get you the work on the other(s).

for questions you may reach me on gmail w/ user name jcassity or pms here.

Be sure to include sample apps/works youve previously done for reference purposes.

10% down and the balance upon successful completion.


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IPhone/Android/Blackberry App With Ruby On Rails Work

We need to have an app for iphone, blackberry and android.
The app will connect to a website that is running on ruby on rails to retrieve and display data. It should also maintain a local cache.
The website maintains a calendar of webcast events.

The app will allow users to search through a list of audio events and play the event including live events. The backend server will be running wowza media server that will provide the appropriate live stream. There will also be a calendar screen with a list of these events and their scheduled time. The user should be able to set alerts for the different events from the calendar or add these events to his phones calendar. There will also be another screen that will allow the user to modify his settings on the website/app. Also, the app will include a subscriptions feature for the user to subscribe to the various data that he is using on the app on a monthly basis. Certain data such as live event streaming will only be available to paying users.

The selected programmer would need to be familiar/capable with Ruby on Rails, linux environment, iphone, blackberry and android development. I would prefer one team to handle the entire project rather than split between iphone and other platforms.

For those who bid, please provide further info about your specific capabilities. The timeline of this project is very important and after award it has to be completed within 3 weeks.

Please bid for whatever platform you can develop the app for.. with your proposal, suggestions, quote and time frame.


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MAPiXS Mobile Apps


We just recently launched our new website on 2nd of May 2010, our site and we have around 5000 viewers per day and already reached almost 1.000 active members now and keep moving, the demand of mobile applications from our members are quite high especialy for BlackBerry, iphone and other mobile web app.

Please quote me your price for making 5 different Mobile Apps?
– Blackberry Mobile App
– Iphone

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Mobile Radio Client For J2ME, Blackberry, Symbian & Android

This is a very simple app, but should be very flexible to add more functions in the future.

Right now we need:

– Application for J2ME, Blackberry, Symbian and Android
– Complete source code for every platform

– Internet Radio client (Shoutcast/Icecast) MP3 and AAC
– Skinned With the Station logo and theme
– Restricted to the Station streams (~5) -> the streams urls should be easily configurable (e.g. from an XML on the server)

Regarding the UI, should have 3 main sections:

– Welcome screen (Station name, logo and welcome message)
– Station browser
– Player (Now playing info, + volume controller)

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Iphone, Blackberry And Android Radio App

Note: You must show me previous work done. No payment will be made till you show me your final work

Need to build radio app for
blackberry, iphones and Android

For this app, we would like to stream the LIVE Shoutcast MP3 or ACC+ or pls URL with PAUSE,PLAY, VOLUME CONTROL and displaying the current playing song. There will be company logo and other text on the userinterface

Very important:
1) All radio URLs will reside in an external XML file which will be hosted on third party server and you program will make a call to it.

2) In the radio interface, there will be PREVIOUS, NEXT buttons to change the radio channel

The app should work on the latest Blackberry devices and Iphones

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Android / IPhone / IPad Developer Wanted

App developer needed – initial app to be developed on Android, with potential for growth into iPhone and iPad market.

– Web site that features new and interesting products/solutions needs app to pull from RSS feed.
– app will feature products and a tap on the product should pull up product photo, description, and "buy" button (which links to the net)
– incorporate/be compatible for use with Google Adsense and
– must have a keyword search field
– products navigated with back/next feature that is operated with a finger-flick to left or right
– must be able to convert to landscape mode

Basic app to start and possibility for add-ons later, such as:
shaking phone will feature random product
browse products, similar to CoverFlow technology
addition of product category menu

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Blackberry To Android App Conversion

Ive developed a line of Blackberry apps which are working and deployable. I need to duplicate these apps on the Android platform and have an initial working model but there are a few issues Im having difficulty with; I simply do not have time to learn the Android SDK differences. The app is simple, several buttons are on the screen and each button allows the user to play an audio clip. I will provide screenshots of the working blackberry apps which need to be duplicated for the Android. The winning bidder must provide well documented code and be willing to collaborate with me via chat/im throughout the project. Keep bids under $150 U.S. dollars because I already have some working code to deliver; winning bidder may rework or start with fresh source code.

Note* – I need this same app converted to the iphone and will be listing an additional project for that. If you can do both, note this in your proposal and we can discuss.

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Mobile App for Instant Messenger


I have used GAF couple of times and I really the service from most of the providers.

My project is very simple. I am looking for an app for to use with my instant messenger client like aim or msn messenger . This messenger program uses the same concept as aim or yahoo. I need this for iphone,android, and wm platform. Let me know whi

Please reply only if you are able to convert an existing instant messenger to an mobile app.

Thank you in advance.

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iphone app

This job is for iphone/android game. the game needs to be a clone of "brothers in arm" game, please research this. The controls need to be the same. The characters, places, scenery, and other need to be changed. this is a shooting/war game, different weapons, can not copy the game or i will be sued. game needs to be tested. job must be complete as soon as possible. lowest bid wins.

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iphone, Android and Blackberry Developer wanted

Seeking talented individuals to develop multi-touch applications for mobile phones. Looking for development to begin immediately.

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android wifi app

Hi there,

We offer you an new challenge: Ndroi 2

After the launch of Ndroi (a tethering app for root access G1 phones) we have seen a lot of interest in the app. We would now like to make an app which basically does the same (open up the 3G data wifi for tethering) but then without root access.

We love to hear from you.

Thanks and Regards,
Ndroi team.

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