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The GUI must be sleek and written using QT. It should support windows, Mac, iPhone and android platforms.

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Full Time Android / IPhone Developer

Looking for ONE developer. Android developer.
Developer able to develop the following Social Network GPS / Google maps based with chat
1. User can create profile, upload his pic and edit.
2. User to see other users around his location based on GPS.
3. User can add users based on mobile phone or ID.
4. User can send invitation to other users.
5. User can decide his status, available or Not Available, visible or not
6. User can chat with others.
7. User can call the contact list and see who have the program.
8. User can send and receive offline messages.
9. User can use voice and camera to chat.
10. User can receive alerts when someone within the GPS range.
11. Groups can be created

please include example of apps you made and contact chat info

Good Luck Developers : )

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IPhone IPad Blackberry Android Applications

FIRST! DO NOT BATHER TO ANSWER IF YOU CANT PROVIDE PROOF THAT YOU HAVE THE SKILLS. (we already wasted time and money on talkers, so please do not waste your or ours time if you do not know what you are in for)

Need Mobile Applications Developers (iPhone, iPad, Android apps and other Smart phones) to work for us on different application projects. Have immediate projects for EXPERIENCE developer/s.

The two first projects are,

1. iPhone app (Which should have been done and ready yesterday). To find the nearest restaurant in our database with real time periodically updated info which the restaurant is provided to our web based database, the restaurant can update there menu, daily offers, happy hours and so on (GPS, the user can chose radius, food type, even be able to book a table, the restaurant will be able to push for their "offers")

The second project must include both the app and the web based database with interface for the restaurants.

2. A translating iPhone app, from French to English and back. (where the user can both see and hear the translated)
This is a French food/menu type dictionary (we have all data and so on).

(If your work satisfy us we can discuss full time job in our company or other arrangement)

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IPHone/IPad GPS MAP Application

We need map application similar to

skills: IPad, Object-C, IPhone, Android, Blackberry, C++

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Android OS For Proprietary Devices

Developer need to design Android OS for our proprietary Devices. This is a paid position. We develop Tablet Devices which will run on single boot Android and dual boot Android/Windows 7. The sucessful applicant will have experience developing Android OS 2.2 and above, and applications. This can be a permanant position for a qualified person.

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Full Time Android / IPhone Developer

Looking for ONE developer. Companies DO not apply. Again, individual only. Companies / Groups do not bid.
Android developer full time position. Monthly / weekly based salary. stable income.
Need to be availble on skype or google talk for chat for few hours a day EST time zone
Developer able to develop the following Social Network GPS / Google maps based with chat
1. User can create profile upload image
2. user can chat with other user
3. user see and view other user around his location (gps)
4. User can create group
5. admin can create group

We will provide all web services, designer etc.

please include example of apps you made and contact chat info

Thank you, developer 🙂

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App description
App used to find more information about muscles in body

How it will work
Will present a List of categories i.e. arm, stomach etc. When they click on it they are presented with a list of muscle. When they click on the muscles they will be directed to a particular website.

I need to be able to add muscles on a daily basis without users having to download updates so a simple system must be designed to enable me to do this.

Platforms- android/windows/iphone/blackberry

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SIP Dialer Blackberry Android Iphone

Mobile Developer for SIP dialer. J2ME, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile.


All known features to be included.

Bidding Conditions:
1. You must supply all source code.
2. Source Code Ownership Agreement to be signed.
3. A working demo to prove your abilities before awarding bid.
4. Post delivery support.
5. Daily communication and updates
6. 30 day timeframe

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Games To Buy: IPhone/iPad, J2ME, Android, Blackberry, …

Our company wish to buy ready videogames (2D and 3D) of the main mobile technologies:

and more

These are our requests:

– Games of good graphics quality.
– You sell us the full intellectual property, source codes and rights to use the game.
– We have to be the First and the only to buy the game (so after our purchase the game have to be deleted from your catalogue).
– The sell will have to made via contract agreement (that we can send you).
– Payment 100% sent after game received and tested.
– Payment via paypal or bank transfer.
– For the payment companies have to send us the commercial invoice and freelances have to sign a commercial document used in our country for the services made between a company and a private (you dont pay any fee).
– The games have to be able advertised on the official digital delivery channels (and never added there). For example if we buy an iPhone game that is not accepted in the Itunes Store, we dont pay you the game and we give you back it.

For the games available please send us all info (title, category, cost, brief description, etc) and photo/video.
We wish only to cooperate with skilled freelances/companies with a good feedback (here or online).
About our company feedback you can find info on the search engines.
You can also propose us to develope new games with the same structure of one your jobs.
Example: you have developed a moto race game and you make for us a car race game with the same technical features but with a new and original graphics.
Thanks to all

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Blackberry, Android, IPhone And IPad App

We need a simple mobile phone apps for iPhone/iPad, Blackberry and Android for City Guide. Basically you can convert the pdf into an App with functions to call directly to phone numbers when clicking on the phone number on the touch screen and website links to open the website. It should be easy to update the app with new edition of the guide by uploading the pdf.

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Android/IPhone/BlackBerry Banking App

I need a programmer/team that can develop a specific app for Android/Iphone/ and Blackberry. This will be an app that allows users to pay at stores using their cell phones. The app should allow users to create an account, setup bank accounts (using a merchant whose information and instructions on how to link to app will be provided), and generate a unique barcode for each specific person that can be scanned.

There should also be a backend website that all transactions go through and are recorded. When merchants scan the barcode, they will send a signal to the website to charge the user who scanned.

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IPhone & IPad App

The project consists of updating an existing iPhone app, adding features to it and improve it. Secondly I need an iPad version of the app. The iPad version of the app will have more functionality as the iPhone version (as more information can be shown).

Im looking for a freelance developer with excellent communication skills, feel for quality and design.
You are able to master new technology quickly and you are able to immediately apply new technology and concepts in our projects.
You have a proven track record of at least one iPhone application in the AppStore.

Experience with other platforms (Android, BlackBerry) is a plus.

If you fit the profile, please send me your curriculum vitae and the link to your iphone/ipad applicaiton(s).
For details on the project you will need to sign a NDA.

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Android Launcher Icon

Need Android Launcher Icon. Here are the specs:

This icon is for medical application, The main requirement is that medical red cross should be clearly visible to give users feel of medical app.

In order to be considered, please post samples of your work.

Thank you.

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Mobile Application Developer (Android / Blackberry)

Need SSE – Mobile Application Developers with 9+ years of hands on experience.
Candidate should have strong experience in developing Android or Blackberry applications.
Should have strong experience in Java or C++

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Android / IPhone / IPad Developer Wanted

App developer needed – initial app to be developed on Android, with potential for growth into iPhone and iPad market.

– Web site that features new and interesting products/solutions needs app to pull from RSS feed.
– app will feature products and a tap on the product should pull up product photo, description, and "buy" button (which links to the net)
– incorporate/be compatible for use with Google Adsense and
– must have a keyword search field
– products navigated with back/next feature that is operated with a finger-flick to left or right
– must be able to convert to landscape mode

Basic app to start and possibility for add-ons later, such as:
shaking phone will feature random product
browse products, similar to CoverFlow technology
addition of product category menu

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