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Full Time Android / IPhone Developer

Looking for ONE developer. Android developer.
Developer able to develop the following Social Network GPS / Google maps based with chat
1. User can create profile, upload his pic and edit.
2. User to see other users around his location based on GPS.
3. User can add users based on mobile phone or ID.
4. User can send invitation to other users.
5. User can decide his status, available or Not Available, visible or not
6. User can chat with others.
7. User can call the contact list and see who have the program.
8. User can send and receive offline messages.
9. User can use voice and camera to chat.
10. User can receive alerts when someone within the GPS range.
11. Groups can be created

please include example of apps you made and contact chat info

Good Luck Developers : )

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Full Time Android / IPhone Developer

Looking for ONE developer. Companies DO not apply. Again, individual only. Companies / Groups do not bid.
Android developer full time position. Monthly / weekly based salary. stable income.
Need to be availble on skype or google talk for chat for few hours a day EST time zone
Developer able to develop the following Social Network GPS / Google maps based with chat
1. User can create profile upload image
2. user can chat with other user
3. user see and view other user around his location (gps)
4. User can create group
5. admin can create group

We will provide all web services, designer etc.

please include example of apps you made and contact chat info

Thank you, developer 🙂

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Live Stock Charts On Android/Iphone

I am looking for readymade applications for Iphone and android based phones which have the facility to show user defined portfolio of scrips and technical analysis charts.

The application should have the facility to
1) Server side authentication for each user who will login to the system
2) Pull data from my db in MS Sql or My Sql or api
3) Show live charts (refresh based)
4) Simple ta tools like moving averages, rsi, macd
5) Set alerts on price

I am only looking for readymade applications, please do not apply incase you cannot show a demo of the same

Happy bidding

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Australia Deal Of The Day/Group Buy Application For Android

I require someone to create an android application that can show the daily deal offered on the following sites.
The user should be able to choose their city (Sydney or Melbourne) and then get these offers to their phone

1. Cudo
2. Offer Me
3. Stardeals (Groupon)
4. Scoopon
5. Spreets
6. Ouffer
7. Zoupon
8. JumpOnIt
9. OurDeal
10. Zizzle
11. Dealme
12. CrowdMass

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Ruby/iPhone/Android Developers Needed For Quick Jobs


I need some quick classes or objects or libraries built based on an existing API to make it easy for people to integrate that API.

Languages needed:

– Ruby
– Android
– iPhone

I already have a php class for reference and its like 40 simple lines, each class will contain 3 functions based on 3 end points to my API.

Max payment per library is $30


12/28/2010 at 15:20 EST:

If its necessary, ill choose multiple developers for these languages.

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Auction Website

Build system like "php pro bid", ,
but : high quality probational for high traffic website
with affiliate support,
clear and well documented code, good software design,
take a look on its back-end (php pro bid) for example!
the designee have to be different and more user friendly.
the interface will use jquaryGUI or flash
(the auction algorithm is different.. )

i need someone that already did somsing similar.. if you can, attach a link.

the budget is according to your bids 1-10k

(the system have to be ready to work with deferent interfaces in the next versions like smartphone and more)

*if you can add your price to build an android+iphone aplication as interface for that website

please write the server side technology that you prefer: php / ruby on rails / asp ..

full development sickle .. desine develop debug.. beta alfa ..

the security is very important!

the system have to be vary stable

anothe option that i want is to use it in kind of iFrame in another websites.

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Buy Clone Aplications Android And Iphone

Im looking for several types of applications , similar to latitude but for dating also an advertising application similar to Shooger

If you have an application done contact me .

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I’ll Buy Your IPhone/iPad App For $50

Do you have any iPhone/iPad apps you dont want? I might buy them for $50 each.

Please give details and a link to Apple Store (must be on the app store).

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Buy And Rate My Android App

This project is easy.

Buy my Android app. Rate my Android app for 5 stars and leave a unique comment. Multiple bidders can win.

My app costs $0.99. Bid accordingly.

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Time Entry For Android/iPhone

We are looking for an individual developer to write a companion product for an existing practice management application.

It would require importing of data from the main application which runs on both PC and Mac.

They would be able to browse and view matter/job, contact information and basic historical accounts information such as past invoices and receipts for a matter/job.

It would also need for them to be able to enter time entries for the work they have done for a particular matter.

Then it would need to be able to export the time entry data so that it could be exported back into the main application.

At this stage we are mainly interested in an Andriod application, but are also considering an iPhone application, so if you have both skills that is preferable.

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App Needed For IPhone And Android – Big 2 Chor Dai Dee Live


I need a programmer to do an application that is approved to be listed on Android Markets and iPhone Markets for this game:


The rules of the game can be found here:

Nice user interface
Live players playing in multiple rooms (Similar concept to Texas Holdem online live)
Ability to give all players a certain amount of cash to play on a daily or weekly basis.

Please bid for the iPhone App and the Android App.

Post a message if you need any clarifications.

Thank you

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Creator Of Mobile WAP Sites Required

We are looking for someone who can make mobile wap enabled sites. Basically we have a client needing their standard web html site coverting to a standard viewable on mobile devices such as iphone, android, blackberry etc.

Please PM with examples of previous work.

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Android / IPhone / IPad Developer Wanted

App developer needed – initial app to be developed on Android, with potential for growth into iPhone and iPad market.

– Web site that features new and interesting products/solutions needs app to pull from RSS feed.
– app will feature products and a tap on the product should pull up product photo, description, and "buy" button (which links to the net)
– incorporate/be compatible for use with Google Adsense and
– must have a keyword search field
– products navigated with back/next feature that is operated with a finger-flick to left or right
– must be able to convert to landscape mode

Basic app to start and possibility for add-ons later, such as:
shaking phone will feature random product
browse products, similar to CoverFlow technology
addition of product category menu

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Android/ IPhone Application

Im wanting someone to create for me a tax refund calculator for both the android and iphone platforms.

I can supply the calculations already used within my website which will just need to be ported over to each platform.

The UI will need to be very simple and request income, tax year and tax paid. the final calculation being a Refund/Tax due figure.

There will be a form after the calculation (Name, email address, contact number) Application will choose to be contacted via email/phone or both-> The form once submitted sends the information to a php located in a https website and makes an alert in the app saying “your request has been sent succesfully!

-I would ask for source code during and after completion and retain full ownership rights to the code.

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iphone app

This job is for iphone/android game. the game needs to be a clone of "brothers in arm" game, please research this. The controls need to be the same. The characters, places, scenery, and other need to be changed. this is a shooting/war game, different weapons, can not copy the game or i will be sued. game needs to be tested. job must be complete as soon as possible. lowest bid wins.

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iphone, Android and Blackberry Developer wanted

Seeking talented individuals to develop multi-touch applications for mobile phones. Looking for development to begin immediately.

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