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Simple GPS App

The app I need made should be fairly simple. what I need it to do is use some form of mapping ability google maps or whatever, and I need the app to pull location constantly or at intervals of every 5 min. the reason for the intervals is because i believe it would help save battery life and give user option to choose. pls correct me if im wrong on the battery life. On the map i need it to have lines mapping the route if setting is on constant, and if it is set on 5 min intervals, it needs to have dots to show where they were at that time) when user presses one of the dots it needs to show the time that the location was pulled and the address of where user was. (address can be an aproximate range of number like on standard map app. for example: 100-200 4th ave south)

so there needs to be 2 pages. 1 with the settings and another with the map and route.

also. user needs to be able to save logs and refer back at later times.

i believe this is all I need for the app. but some small changes to above description may occur.

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Simple App For Iphone/Ipod/Ipad – For Our

we need a simple app to match the look and feel of our website

We want the app to have a quick splash page, show our logo, currently playing song or show(can be pulled from servers)

We also want the ability to change that images and links to stations our selves when needed, and would like the ability to have 1 advertisement spot on top of app also controlled by us. We also want to have a feature to give user ability to share the app in the form of a link to a page we will create on to showcase this app.

To summarize this project request is to develop a custom iphone app to stream our shoutcast AAC+ radio streams for 2 channels. We want a splash page with our logo, then have users land on a page with the hip-hop station playing. We only want stop and play buttons. We want the stream to automatically start when app is launched. We want to have a selection from each channel to switch to the other channel. (we in-vision a simple drop down) The default station page would be the Hip-Hop Channel, with a choice to switch to the electro channel) and we also want a feature to share the app and point them back to a page hosted on our site.

Budgets are tight for us with all of the bandwidth cost so i figured I would put this project out and see what can be done.

Also not a deal breaker in anyway but we would prefer someone who understand the Hip-Hop/DJ/Music culture and someone who appreciates what we are up to…. Thanks to everyone for reading this request! Peace Scan.

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IPhone Webcam App

H there,

I need help with a simple webcam app concept.

Basically, you click "Button" and you "Wait…" until you are connected with a random person on an iPhone
that has also clicked the "Button" and is at the "Wait…" screen. Once connected, a Face to Face Skype-like
chat has to be initiated. Only this basic functionality is necessary, then my team will take your code and do
the rest.


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Simple Mobile App

We need a simple app for the BB, android, that you can download and once installed, when you open the app it will will open a URL on the default browser. with version control so we can instruct the users to upgrade when it is available.

please contact me for more info and examples of what is needed.

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Simple Iphone App

Hey Guys im just after some 2nd opinions on the making of a simple iphone app. I have a local developer who is saying its not too much work, but just wanted some more thoughts.

What im after is a app for my social network so traders can join and use the functionality of the website from there iphone.

a much simplier look and feel is all i need as more than graphics i want really clean functionali

there is a mountain of ongoing work if i can find the right coder for my other app projects which are more detailed.

look forward to hearing from you


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Simple Iphone App

This is a simple app.

You enter 1-2#s and it calculates a formula.
There are about 12#s in the formula. Only 2 numbers will be the main #s entered, but the others will be viewable to be adjusted.

The inputs will use ONLY the number keypad.

I will give more in message board .

Very simple app – basically a spread sheet I have.
Needs to look nice and just work.

Should be well under $100.
I wont look at bids for more than that.
I prefer that you have iphone app experience in your portfolio but will work with you if you are new (show me something) and are eager to do great work and get great feedback.
I am looking for the lowest bid in the fastest time.

If we work well together, I have 12 other apps of fairly simple design, some will require more experience or complexity, but none are crazy.


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Simple & Bright Prospect App For Iphone & Ipad

App is able to view the app content which consists of text and images with minimal graphics but in smart design. The database content will be provided. It

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Simple IPhone App For Training

There are four tabs:

1) Stats
a group table view with some totals (number of trainings, miles run, total calories, max/min, etc) These are calculated from data typed in Settings, History and eventually Actividy updates (see other tabs).
If basic info is not provided in Settings and History tabs, a message or a popup appears in Stats so that the user can provide missing info.

2) Activity update
with the [+] button the user adds simple data about the training activity: date, duration in minutes, speed, note.

3) History
A table where the user can insert simple info about the past training:

-when the user started training
-average number of trainings per month
* advanced: user can specify different times and different averages for each of them. Or, once defined a maximum scale value, the user could draw a graph with his finger, describing the average in the whole historic period (better).
-average duration, in hrs and minutes, of each training
* advanced: user can specify different average durations (eg: 60% 30 mins, 20% 60mins, 20% 90 mins). The best would be a pie graph which the user can add slices, getting them larger or smaller (percentage) and defining the value (in minutes) for each slice.
-average run speed
-step frequency: the user shakes the iphone and the app reads the accelerometer to understand the frequency of shaking (no. of shakes per second).

4) settings

-year of birth
-lock with password: if entered, the app asks for the pin any time it

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Simple IPhone App

Would like a simple iPhone app that allows you to add a short cut to the home page to be able to switch Bluetooth on and off. To simply save the battery when not connected to Bluetooth car kit

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Simple IPhone App

This project is for a simple iPhone app that checks compatibility among various objects.

General App Requirements:
-Create basic user interface with approximately 2 to 3 screens
-Ability for user to input search items
-Ability to create and save multiple profiles
-Ability to search compatibility against each profile
-Ability to add search results to profile and display compatibility
-Ability for user to add specific criteria to their profile which will be used when searching compatibility
-Very basic graphics for 2 screens (images will be provided)
-All compatibility data will be provided, it will be up to the developer to create the correct logic to verify against

More exact details will be provided to the user awarded the project, but the scope of the work will not exceed what has been stated above.

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Simple IPhone App

Simple web app, have all the content and designs. Will be basic 4 or 5 screens

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App For Education

Hi – I am a teacher looking for a very simple app that would have black magnetic letters on a white screen that children can pull down and create words with. I do not want color for the letters. This is an instructional tool so the teacher must have the ability to select multiple letters to use prior to the activity beginning (i.e. several as, es. etc.). However, all of the letters of the alphabet should not be visible at once – only the ones selected in advance by the teacher. The child should be able to pull the letters down to create a word and then put the letters back up to create new words from the letters predetermined by the teacher.

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Simple Iphone App

Simple iphone shopping cart application required. Please show iphone applications as reference if you want to be considered!

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Convert Existing And Simple Php Into An Iphone APP

This project is very simple, I have created a php APP that is very simple, all it does it collect pre defined information in drop down menu, many answers are mostly yes or no answer, then there is a cross refference table that gives a result at the end based on the selection. As I mentioned this app is already existing and very easy to do with very low graphic interface, I will also give you all the php files so you can copy on them what is made and simply do the replica, you do not have to create it just to convert it so its an Iphone APP. I already have my own SDK to post it to apple. You can get all existing graphic button that are already made for you.

You do not have to create any database for this app, you will post data in xml or json format then i will process data with php

You can test this existing app form an existing URL that I will give you once you msg me.

This is an extreme rush and I need this done ASAP.

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Android Simple Vocabulary App Update

Need to update an existing vocabulary app currently in the market. require some UI changes, functionality tweaks, and a few upgrades. The app is basic and simple. just need it to look and feel better. I am a web dev so will provide all images and clear wireframes. More details upon request. If this project proves successful, I have more to send for sure. Budget is $50. talk to me.

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Simple IPhone App

I want to start developing iPhone apps for our LBS Services.
however, i need someone can give me a kickstart. (i would like someone i can get "along" for future assistance)

i need a iPhone app with the following features.

– using xcode or Coca
– default layout (nothing special) .. 3 Bottom Tabs
– the application need to ask for either username/password OR a "alias token" without password
– the main page need to fetch XML data from our server and display tem in a formated output (source is SOAP but i can have it as XML as well)
– the main page need to display a remote image which will be downloaded also from our servers (the url comes with the xml file before)

everything can be very basic .. since i want to perfect it by myself

i just need a working example for this …

01/14/2011 at 9:16 EST:

!!! IMPORTANT .. i will IGNORE/DELETE Generic Bids without reading them … or bids containing "please see PMB" !!!
write your message in the bidding text !

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SImple IPhone App Using Camer/email

Hello, I need a simple application that does the following

press the App and it loads the app with the camera open , take a photo, option to take more say up to 10

once the right number of photos have been taken for this job then go to a data input screen
input 4 items, field 1, filed 2 and field 3 field 4 then From the app settings it can add auto text such as username, etc. Say up to 8 fields

Then press done and the app emails the photos and the text to an email address in the settings file using an email account already setup on the phone.

Please provide examples that you can do this



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One Simple IPhone App

The app is to let users take picture and One same image continue dropping down one by one ( 5 to 8 type of images ) .App work on iphone , ipod ,ipad and as well as iAd . Mandatory – you must at least successfully done 3 App. So please
show me 2 best iPhone / iPad app which done by you . pmb me for more details . Must be able to communicate daily on progress ! Note : Dont bid if you not interested in long term partnership . Remember – I have post to other website , to get best bidder. We will send 100% payment to esrow before project start . Full payment will be released to you within 48 hours once the app is approved on Apple,s App store . I have more project coming up for you, if you done very good job
on this project I promised .

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IPad App – Data Storage

Needing some hourly help finishing up a simple user input app.

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Simple Mobile App For Iphone And Android

App Name: "Fan Car Finder"

Step 1: When a fan of a sporting event leaves his car they can press button 1 to set the location of their car. (GPS)

Step 2: When the event ends they can press button 2 to (Find my Car)

Platforms: iPhone and Android.
Features: Need to have header and footer for Advertising. map display.
Buttons (3): Set Car Location: Find My Car: Clear location

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Simple IPhone App For Cars

This is a really simple iPhone / Droid app.

Application suppose to be activated with entering a simple 5 digit code (could be any code, not need to be checked for accuracy )

We need mobile phone application with ability scan VIN number of the car, recognizing what is the Make and Model and with few buttons do next:
– Pull up from database (located at our WEB server) detailed information about the car.
– There will be 2 buttons – "I want to Sell" and "I want to Buy". When person click on the buttons, basic information about car , phone number, Activation code suppose to be send to an email address.

There suppose to be 2 add.options during use of the application – User to enter Name and Zipcode – both not required, but if are entered – send the as well to the email.

Application can be developed on 2 phases
1) Enter the model and make of the car and pull up the information;
2) Scanning the VIN – to be entry point of Model and Car.

Please give us bid base on 2 options and model of the smartphones

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Simple IPhone App

This is a really simple iPhone app. In total, it will have about 3 screens, but all based off the main screen. I wont say much about the functionality here, but if you can handle these responsibilities, then you can handle this app:

-Access to iPod music and playlists
-Playing a playlist in the background of the app, as well as at a certain time.

Those are the only advanced requirements. Among other things, this app should be compatible with iOS 4 (base SDK). This app has already been completely designed in Photoshop, and I will give winning bidder all PSDs. These PSDs are in 640×960 resolution (for iPhone 4). However, you will be required to create two versions of every image: a 320×480 resolution and a 640×960 resolution one (@2x). If you are not familiar with this, please ask. Its really easy.

Please note, this app must be an exact replica of my designs. Winning bidder must pay attention to all details, and not overlook anything!

This app should not take any longer than 4 days to complete (trust me its pretty simple). This is your deadline. Send me a link to your portfolio as well.

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Simple IPhone App!!


Kindly download and see specs attached here :

pretty straight forward project, no crazy bids!


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Programming For A Simple Utility App For IPad And IPhone

Suitable for programmer with interest in optimal performance but less interest in UI design which has been done

Budget $100 -800

This is part of a hybrid iPhone/iPad app – the web component is under development.

The bid is for TWO native apps (iPhone and iPad versions) -working for iOS4.2 and OS 3.2.
(The project was previously posted but is reposted now that iOS4.2 is available for iPad)

The pages have been designed but need programming – we believe each scenario has been considered but the app needs appropriate coding. A sample of the coding for adding page is available.

The main view contains placeholders for links to web pages. The only function of the main view is to open specific web pages in Safari.

The flip side allows for the editing of the links on the main view
-adding – will require 2 further modal views for search and adding
-deleting stored links
-moving stored links
-editing title of stored links

It also has connections to a web based help and the app store

Required is an understanding of
-capture of URLS;
-capture of screen web images
– animation for transition between views and movement of placeholders

While the app is simple it is important that it operates very quickly, so a willingness to optimize the performance of the app is essential.

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Simple Iphone App – Step Counter

Need an experienced and knowledgeable iphone app developer. The application should be simple to make, asking for nothing complex and will require:

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Simple Joomla Auth Script – For IPhone App

We have website, based on Joomla(i hope..) with users database

We need some script for remote auth in this engine. So it will receive username and encoded pass(for network security, advise how exactly) as GET params and should verify it in joomla users database.
Be aware that pass stored in database as some encoded string, so you should be familiar how its encoded from original pass when user registered in engine.

Output of this script should be OK if such username/pass pair exists in database or ERROR message when its not.


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Simple Iphone App


We would like to have a simple iphone application developed.

We are going to post daily informations about one product somewhere in
our database. The app should show that days information on the screen.
Information consists of a picture, description and maybe a link. Not
sure how apps work, but we can supply the information through an XML
feed or an HTTP REST plain text call.

Also the homepage should have the ability to go back archives. On the
archives thumbs and names should be listed by date and when you click
on it you can see full information.

The homepage should look fashionable. Can we update that through an
HTML file somewhere?

If you also know android development, please state in your pm.

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Basic/Simple Iphone App

Need an experienced and knowledgeable iphone app developer. The application should be quite small and simple to make, asking for nothing complex, not even flash, and will require:

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Simple IPhone App

This is a simple app project.
Budget: $100 to $200
The app is to let users select images, musics and enter text messages (with selection of fonts). More information will be provided later.
The app is to work on iPad and iPhone. In-App purchase is to be included in this app as well as iAd.
iPhone Apps development experience needed.
Please show me 3 best iPhone apps that were develop by you
Long-term partnership:
Do not bid if you are not interested in long-term partnership
Escrow: 100% escrow before project starts
Payment: full payment will be released to you within 48 hours once the app is approved on Apple

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IPhone App Development


Need a simple iPhone app


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IPhone And BB Very Simple Radio Streaming App

An iPhone and BB very simple radio streaming app with the name of the song and artist on air and a play bottom.

I provide the background image and the streaming url.

Should give me the Xcode project at the end.

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