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We Need An IPhone/Android App Created

We require a Non Disclosure Agreement to be signed.We need the applications to be built from scratch. It will be a marketplace like freelancer. This is a SMS related app that sends text msgs. We have the website in development!

Please only bid if you have previous experience.

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Convert Native IPhone App Into Web App 4 IPhone, BB &Android

We have had an iPhone developed at – but would like to get it converted into an HTML5 web app that runs on the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android.

Our App is a brochureware app that we want to easily (and quickly) be able to reskin and reuse for different clients.

The App needs to work like a Native App on the iPhone – using HTML5 offline caching mode – and when saved as a shortcut on the HomeScreeen – should launch the app fullscreen without the Safari browser frame. Like this example

The web app needs to utilise each platforms features to maximise the user experience – and keep it as consistent across iPhone/BlackBerry and Android as possible.

We are keen to keep the navigation transitions between pages – and the button icons across the bottom.

The app is made up of the following functionality

– Pages of content – with videos and photos embedded. Videos to be referenced from YouTube on the web app version
– Photo Gallery slideshows to looped music (we will provide) – but user can choose. Photo Gallery to be pulled in from Flickr Gallery API
– RSS News Feed
– Twitter Feed
– Contact form that sends email – also with google maps integration

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Android Drawing App

Looking for a developer with Android experience.

Will be creating a simple drawing app with 2 separate deliverables, although the codebase will be very simliar, only minor GUI differences.

We are targeting honeycomb tablets only at this time.

Child app
Create, view, update and delete artboard (or an "image")
Draw with various colors and style brushes
Ability to save or email artboard as an image

Professional app
Create, view, update and delete artboard (or an "image")
Draw with various colors and style brushes
Ability to save or email artboard as an image

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Convert OpenGL App To OpenGL ES

I have a game written in C that runs using OpenGL. I want to convert that game into an OpenGL ES app that plays on Android via the NDK–in C code, basically.

Currently I have done some of the porting–I can get the sound, the touchscreen, and the accelerometer to work–but I am not able to draw anything correctly.

There are not that many lines of code which require conversion. I do not estimate more than 15 hours of work.

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Iphone/android/smartphone App Similar To Geomium

Hi there,

I am looking to develop an iphone/android/smart phone application similar to that of Geomium.

It will be a location based social networking application that allows users to access up to the minute deals/discounts offered by surrounding retailers (such as bars, restaurants, theatres).

Retailers will need to have the ability to push market.
Users will have the ability to locate friends and surrounding deals (interface with facebook, facebook chat and google maps).

I would also like the ability for users to be able to purchase the deals/vouchers and pay for experiences utilising near field communication (i.e. future proofed for iphone 5).

I would like the application to be incredibly simple and user friendly. It should incorporate practical and appealing design functions. Ideally I would like to deal with one provider who can build the application/platform and also the "look" and "feel".

Alternatively, I am happy to sort the design elements/look and feel through another freelancer if this is not your expertise.

Im not looking for a beginner programmer, i need someone extremely experienced and who can make this app VERY user friendly. The entire app should be very easy for me to manage with no programming knowledge.

Please only apply if you are the best.

Thanks in advance


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Iphone/Ipad/Android App Idea And Technical Task Creator

Hi to all bidders I need one person or team who can provide me excellent idea with creating Iphone/Ipad/Android apps. I dont need software developer for this stage, I need good idea with nice tech task for programmer. What I am expect from your job:
1. Ready to made idea of creating new Iphone/Ipad/Android app.
2. Good and readable tech task for app developer
3. All ways and strategies of app monetization like free and non-free
4. Market potential
5. Revenue return by your opinion
6. It can be no one idea but it must be real and with real facts
7. I will prefer for bidder who describe to me step by step way of monetization of his idea

If you want to work with me you must clear and simple explain to me in PM what your Idea is about and why is must be investing. Better if you ready to give me some presentation of future idea. Bid will win not lowest bid but most best idea in future sense. Good biddings guys!

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Android App: Application Like HeyTel For 2 Way Communicatio

We need a program exactly like HeyTel for business applications and for private companies. Security is extremely important as well as the program always being on and being available for people to 2 way chat.

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Iphone & Android App For Joomla With Jomsocial Website

I need to an app for my website. the web site is set up with joomla and jomsocial , i want an app so that users can go on their profiles and be able to have all the same functions as they do on the site.

Will need to get updates in the near future.

Give me some details of how you might be able to do it or how fast. and direct me to samples of your creation. Thanks

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Android And IPhone App

– The new iPhone app
– The new Android app

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Android, IPhone App

We need help to build a mobile app for Android and iPhone. The app should be the same on both OS.

We need an app that pushes Police DUI checkpoint locations to end users. Also need a web-based interface to input the locations which are then pushed to the users. See our site App should have space for advertising and a direct click-to-call button to connect to a local taxi company.

Features for app (what we need help with):
* Login
* App should use Google maps API

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Android App: Field Asset Registration – Vs.1.1

Develop next version 1.1 of an existing Android app to be used by field workers to register static assets of various kinds.

This is a matter of urgency!

Before making a major revision of our application to version 2.0 we need some intermediate changes from version 1.0 to 1.1.

The changes are small and relates to how the position is captured by the device. Instead of the user manually asking for a position we want the application to continuesly update position behind the scenes and remove the user interaction.

Whoever can do this with great skill, right results and speed will be preferred for the version 2 development.

More information on request.

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IPhone & Android WebConference/Streaming App

DO NOT APPLY UNLESS you can verifiable discuss your experience in the requirements below. Spam applications will be reported to oDesk.

Our project is an application to use the Adobe Live Cycle Collaboration Service to make web conferencing (message, audio, video, file sharing) with microphone and camera (choice between the front and back camera must be included) of a smartphone based on iOS and Android.

The code must be given fully and well documented.

The design should be fun and time given to the project must be respected (maximum 25 days).

The application must be fully tested (no bugs).

Previous work experience absolutely required. If you have never developed on these platforms, do not apply unless.

If you can implement RTMFP protocol (P2P for RTMP) in this application, a $ 100 bonus will be given to the developper.

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Android Wine App


Im in the first part of my Wine project on mobile.
I search investments so I need to know the costs to develop an Android version of an app that I am developping on the Iphone. Ill send you this app as specifications once terminated.

The final app with geolocalisation etc … will be close to this one :

I must indicate a budget so I choose "small project" but I have no exact idea.

Thank you.

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Android Camera App

We are Looking for an android developer to develop a camera application that mirrors camera view in to 2 or 4.
For e.g: If the phone camera is opened and looked at a coin, the app should display 2 or 4 0r 8 coins.

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Android Handwriting App

1) An application running on Google Android 2.2, and 2.1, that is able to take in stylus input into a field on a Word or ThinkFree Office document and return a document with the handwritten input

2) Application allows input fields to be separately described and commented on, by providing a separate input field next to the handwritten fields

3) All Code must be documented and explained in detail to the employer.

Other Requirements:
The worker will analyze the problem and propose a software-based solution to the problem.

Programming: The worker will take the requirements and translate them into the language of the computer (and test it).
User installation: The installer will move the software from the place it was created to where you will use it.

The installer then tests the software to make sure that the installation was done properly and completely.
Req. Doc. Type: What kind of documentation do you want for this project?

Formal documentation – After talking back and forth, the worker creates a formal document and/or prototype, as follows:

Prototype: The analyst will create a non-working mockup of all pages/screens in the final software. Creating a prototype makes it easier for the user to visualize the final software, and reduces misunderstandings.

Requirements Document: The analyst will create a document describing everything the final software will do (other than what is documented in the prototype…if the employer required one)

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IPhone And Android Travel App

This is for an iPhone and Android app called TapTap Travel. My budget for this project is $3,000. Please check out I have reached an agreement with them to use their content. I am going to send you the tech specs from you this week. I need an app that does everything that is done on I have all of their XML feed documentation. Its a simple project. basically you will need to create an iPhone and Android app that allows people to search for flights, hotels, car rentals, and flight+hotel directly from their cell phone. EVERYTHING should look mobile friendly, from the searching, to the comparing of prices, to the checking out and paying for their reservation.

As far as how the app will operate, please download Kayak. Our app is going to function similar to Kayak. HOWEVER, we our app is opened, it is going to automatically open Flights by default. On the bottom there will be a horizontal navigation bar that will allow the user go back and forth between flight, hotel, car rental and flight+hotel. The topic he is on will be highlighted. The user should be able to perform a search just like on Kayak and be able to compare prices. Were going to have to experiment with this a bit to make sure we can find a nice solution that looks professional and is easy to use. When a user clicks on a specific deal, it will allow him to purchase that deal on the next page.

When a user is on the results page, it should also allow him to revise the search if he wants by clicking a button which will bring an overlay screen with their current search criteria. The user can either cancel the revision at which time he will be brought back to his results or he can revise his search and the new results will be displayed.

One of these specific search criteria is the nearby airports. If you do a sample search on onetravel, you will also see there is an option that searches for "nearby airports". Please include this as an option when the user is searching, but by default it should NOT search for nearby airports. It should be a checkbox that says "Search nearby airports".

After a user does a search, the system should always recognize the last departing from location the user has used. For instance, if the user searches from MIA to LAX, we must assume that the user lives in MIA, so the next time he comes to the app, MIA should be in the departing from field by default. The same is true for car rentals and hotels. ADDITIONALLY, I would like a section for recent searches. When the user is entering their search criteria, the user should see a button the says "Recent Searches" which will bring the user to another overlay with their 10 most recent searches. If the user clicks on one of them, the user criteria will automatically appear in the fields and the user can click "Search" to see the results (or the user can change the search criteria). The most recent search that the user performs will always go back on TOP of the recent searches. This must be performed for ALL the categories of searching.

For Hotel, it should function like Kayak but please also download "HotelPal" for the iPhone. I would like a lot of the functionality from there in the app tpp, including the giving of information about each hotel, and the option of searching by current location (current location should also be used in flights and car rentals… see KayaK). Both of these are VERY important.

The searching must be VERY cool. For instance the user may want to search for flights at specific times. The user should have a timeline-type scroller that allows him to specify the time.

I would like the color scheme of the logo and app to be pink, orange, green and white pastel colors. Look at this page for an idea of it:

Were ALSO going to create two separate apps for JUST flights and JUST hotels, but they are going to do the same exact thing as the main apps.

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Android Utilities App – All In One

This app is intended to be an all in one utility. The "Android Super Utilities" app will work the following way…

The user will start the app…the app shall progress through a sequence of utilities, one at a time. The app shall ask the user if they wish to run the first utility..if they select yes, the first tool shall run….if they select no, the app shall ask if they wish to run the next utility. This will continue until all tools have been offered or run. The user shall also be able to click a single button for "1 Click Maintenance"

The utilities offered shall include, in this order:

Kill All Running Task
Internet Cache/History Cleaner
Memory Booster
Battery Save Mode (Activates Airplane Mode)

Again, user can select "1 Click Maintenance" and do all at once, or the app shall start at the top of list and let user decide which ones to run.

I do not have much to run this app. If this is done cheap, the winner will get more projects in the future.

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Android App Upgrade & I-phone Version Created

HI I have a music player app that needs a few more features and bugs worked out.
I also want the I-phone version of the app created. Im looking for someone of does clean work.
If you have lots of other project this job is not for you.. I want the app to be crash proof and not slow phone use.

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EMF Meter – Android App – Ghost Hunt Tool

Not sure if the Android can detect an electromagnetic field or not but…

Looking for the following app:

EMF Detector Paranormal Electromagnetic Field –
An EMF meter (or EMF detector) is a scientific instrument for measuring electromagnetic fields (abbreviated as EMF). Most meters measure the electromagnetic radiation flux density (DC fields) or the change in an electromagnetic field over time (AC fields), essentially the same as a radio antenna, but with quite different detection characteristics.

More Info


Should look on the screen the same as the above screen..

This is a ghost hunting tool…it detects a change in the electromagnetic field…ghost are supposedly concentrated energy, so it should spike with a ghost present! This can be tested…it should also react near electrical outlets etc

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Iphone App For Restaurants

Need an iphone app template app for a restaurant. Including photos, menu, contact and map. Main page should allow a photo of the front of the restaurant, hours of operation address and contact.

I wish to add several restaurants and need a template, as I will change the basic information of each restaurant, location, photo, menu and map etc for each restaurant that signs up for my directory of area restaurants.

I will need an iphone app, ipad app and android app as well and will eventually post these projects as well.

so I need the project code after which I can change as need for different restaurants. I have some iphone app experience and can do this myself but will take more time than I have right now.

any suggestions are appreciated and I need this done rather quickly.

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Scheduling App

Scheduling app for iphone and android

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PhoneGap IPhone And Android Simple App

Need to convert mobile website at into an Android and iPhone app. This can be done via PhoneGap or Titanium. However, a previous developer nearly completed the project in PhoneGap and was unable to debug. Those work files are available to use.

The app is dead simple. It must access the data via webservices that appears in the current site. It has a functionality for adding items to an itinerary and emailing the itinerary.

The time to completion will be as important as the bid. Thanks!

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Power Cycle Android App – Auto On Auto Off

Not sure if this is possible….I am looking for an app that will do the following:

Allow a user to time a time that the Android phone will auto power on at the beginning of the day, and set a time for the phone to power off each day.

i.e. – I wake up at 6:00am, I want the phone to AUTO power ON at 7:00
I go to bed at 11:00PM..I want the power to AUTO power OFF at 9:00PM

user should be able to set the power on and power off times, and the app shall cycle the phone..

If this will not work (repowering after being turned off) cycling down to sleep mode may work.

This should work on unrooted phones.

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Android App – Screenshot – For NON-Rooted Android Phones

I am looking for an Android app that is available for NONROOTED phones that will do the following:

Allow users to take screenshots of their Android phone. The user should be able to select "Fullscreen" or allow a user to "drag" the screen with their finger to adjust the image size.

The user shall also have the option to save, email or Text the screenshot taken.

We are looking for good Android developers. If this is done at a reasonable price and time, and looks good, we WILL hire you for MANY more projects, possibly eventually fulltime.

PAYMENT will take place once the app is approved on the marketplace. We have an approved Google Marketplace account.

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Iphone/Android Locksmith App

Need to have an App the will be compatible with Iphone and Android/Droid

The App Should have the same functions As this App (
Only the design should be different,

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Convert IPad App To IPhone– Sunil Jagnani

As discussed…

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Convert App From IPhone To Blackberry And Android Platforms


We have a text based app with search function for the iPhone that we want to convert and make compatitble for 1. Blackberry and 2. Android phones.


We are very easy to work with and pay promptly.

If you are willing and able to do the job please send us your bid. Before we can consider your bid you must agree to the following:


You must Finish the job within the time Frame promised. If you do not finish within the mutually agreed time frame, we will deduct 20% from the amount we owe you.


Once the price is agreed upon based on your bid, it cannot be changed before or during the process of development.


We will deposit your money for the project into an escrow (in a Milestone account on It will NOT be released until the project is complete.


You will send us a video demo of the

finished work (of a REAL PERSON) demonstrating all the functions of the Blackberry and Android apps (5 minutes each). No simulations will be accepted. Only a real person demonstrating the apps function.


You will agree to all of the above by sending a signed copy listing the above requirements, stating you will abide by the agreement. Finally you will scan and send us the signed copy via

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