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Create A Simple App Gallery(magazine Style)for IPhone

We need a developer that can create an app to view 30 – 40 images.

After tapping in app icon the app should display the cover then user must be able to pass pages with fingers or using next and back button. We also need a home button.

Mockup will be provided to selected bidder.

We need a simple app with no encryption, we hope to complete this job for today.

Budget $30 AUD

Please provide portfolio or samples and est delivery time

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Quote App For Ipad/iphone

Create an app to quote.

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IPhone/IPad Application For EPrint

We need to developp and application for Iphone and a very similar copy to Ipad.

The application consist of entering some texts (some lines) then print out to a compatible Iphone/Ipad print with ePrint technology.
Text must be vectorized the keep the quality to the printer.

The application will have 2 menus as following :
– The generator
– 4 lines of text
– A print button
– The list of printed documents
– list of all documents printed in the past
– button to print one or many documents
– button to delete one or many documents

You job will consist on :
– Developping the app
– Make the icon from logo we will send to you
– Helping us to making process to send application to AppStore

Application will need more upgrade in the futur.

NDA document need to be signed.

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Iphone Apps

Create sounds for iphone apps

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Create Icon For IPhone Application

I need someone to design me an icon for my scuba diving, electronic dive log book application .

The icon needs to be 512px x 512px supplied in PNG format at a resolution of 150 dpi

The person needs to come up with the complete design without asking me too many questions.

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Custom App For Internet Radio Station

Im looking to create an app allowing the user to stream audio as well as meta-data of a shoutcast-based internet radio station. In addition, allow the user to view the google-calendar schedule for the station.

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Icon For IPhone App

Im looking to have an app icon made for a new iPhone app I will be releasing soon. The app allows users to easily view traffic incidents in their area. I need something that is very simple but will also stand out in the app store. Im thinking I want an icon with some sort of traffic symbol, such as a traffic light, traffic cone, or road block, in 3d in the center of the icon on a dark background. The icon should maybe also have a bright border that complements the color of the image on the icon.

Feel free to PM me with any questions. I can furnish you with screenshots, etc, as needed.


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Icon For IPhone App 128×128 Pixels

Im going to submit iPhone app to appstore.
it requires an icon.

icon size is at least 128×128 pixels, 1MB limit
but just in case I want 512x512px image as well.

Image must be in PNG or TIFF format and include alpha transparency.
and please follow this instruction.

My app reads ebook (epub and pdf)
so icon image represents "book" with bookmark

I want gorgeous antique book icon.
I add my ideal image as attached file here.
So please check it out.

I want you to create book icon based on it(do not have to be exactly same,just take it as what I imagine).
but book color should be changed.

You can see golden plant design on a black background.
I want black background to be brilliant red to stand out from the crowd.
Golden plant can be like as you can see(golden color with little bit dark color in places suggesting old book)

And please make sure its figure to be old book as if its sored in library for hundred years.
Books paper part should be little bit dirt by peoples hands,if you can express it.

It does not have to be exactly same as the image I attached.
This image is just what I imagine.

If you can,please send me a previous icon work you created before.

ps.somehow I couldnot Upload an image file to this post.
so please visit this image URL

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Create App For Iphone And Andriod

Need an App that when an text message is sent or received or a telephone call is sent or received the APP will check to GPS to see if the phone is moving faster then 8 miles per hour the phone will be blocked from sending or receiving text messages as well as telephone calls. Only Emergency calls to police can be made. The App can not be removed unless a password is entered. The purpose of this app is to stop people from texting and talking on there phone when they are driving. A parent will put the app on the phone and the child can not remove the app unless the parent enters a secret password.

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IPhone App Using Plain Images And Accelerometer

I would like to create an app that shows an image, and when the ipod/iphone is flipped upside down, the image would blend/change into another image. This would happen to a series of images. App would be potentially updated on an ongoing basis.

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Iphone App Game!


I have an interesting game for the Iphone that I am hoping you can develop it!

"Please provide examples of your work. No first time iPhone develpers need apply, I am looking for experienced iPhone app developers for this project and multiple iPhone projects after this one. You will need to sign agreements to release ownership of all the source code and source files for this project. This app is intended for resell without royalties.

The winner of this project will need to have great skill in Photoshop and graphics needed to make the game eye catching and interesting. Please do not bid unless you have great graphic skills or a good reputable resource to farm the graphic work to.

App must be developed to meet all of Apples requirements to be entered into the App Store.

All source code and source image files (.AI, .PSD, .FLA) will be turned over at the end before the final payment will be made.

The reason I have some PHP and MySQL reqs for this project is because if possible I would like to build in a web based ad system for the a free and/or trial version of the game. A small banner at the bottom will stream ads in intervals (3 ad types: text ads, image ads and

These are features I would like to do but I can live without. I do not want the web admin and stuff to distract you from making a great video. The main focus is to design a great head-to-head combat game for single and multi-players. Lets build some games together! I can keep money coming to you if you can produce quality iPhone games and apps.

A newspaper deliver truck (automatically drives "goes by itself" ) at certain speed (slows at the beginning levels and speed up at the end levels) this delivery truck goes in a residential and financial areas. So the Iphone owners or Ipod touch owner are able to move their device right and left to avoid other cars while flicking their fingers on the truck toward the building in both sides right and left to deliver the newspapers. The more delivered newspaper the more points the player gets.

The game must meet iPhone OS/SDK 3.0 standard and not use any unpublished APIs in order for it to become approved by Apple store.

Deliverables are:

Graphic design ( buildings, streets, cars and the truck )
Sound Effects
Different Background scenes
Game Entry Screen / Menu
Game Icon
Apple App store icon
Score Uploads

I will provide more detail regarding the game upon settling!

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