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Mobile Apps Developers

My company creates, develops, tests, distributes and markets Mobile Applications on the Dutch market. My clients are the corporate clients, Advertising Firms and Media companies.

I am looking for the best iPhone and Android developers around. Very specialized in the development of Mobile Apps.
– Experience in the development of Apps for the iPhone & iPad.
– Experience in the development of Apps for Android
– Essential to be fluent in English or Dutch.
– Essential to have a portfolio of Apps that you have created yourself.
– Essential to have knowledge about how to get the app high in the app stores (of both Apple and Android).

Best regards,

Jasper Bongers

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IPhone Picture+text Slideshow Player

I need an iPhone/iPad application that can download slideshow presentations from the web, save those presentations locally on the device, and then play the selected presentation anytime (even when not connected to the internet). The slideshow presentation is defined in an XML file with references to external images (jpg, gif, png, bmp, etc.) and audio file (mp3).

Each slide from the presentation includes:
– 0 or 1 background image which can be full screen or fit to screen
– 0, 1, 2 or 3 text strings that are displayed over the images
– there are transition effects between slides and effects for the text
– the background image "plays" with a "ease-in" effect for all the duration of the slide

The 6 different screens for this application are:
(a detailed description with images will be sent to you if you are selected for the project):
1) splash screen
2) list view + search (bottom menu): display slideshow list (app store like view) + link to buy
3) share (bottom menu): select contacts and post info to PHP script
4) more (bottom menu): about, cart, favourites, currently playing
5) settings (bottom menu): name, email
6) slideshow presentation playback screen

We encourage developers to place a bid considering the information we provided in this description. We will analyse the biders considering the price and development experience. After analyzing it we will choose 2 or 3 biders and send the full project scope and let the biders change their price according to the scope and then we will choose the winner. Please, send us a message contaning previous applications developed for iPhone with links of it to the App Store.

This application must be ready to use and ready to publish on the app store. I must have all the exclusive rights (modify, distribute, others) of the source code, application, and related documentation.

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Collect Developers’ Emails From IPhone AppStore

Find All the developers emails addresses from iTunes AppStore

For the Apple AppStore in iTunes, please look into each individual app page and find out what the developers contact emails, and list them out accordingly with developer name, company name, app names, contact email.

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