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IPhone IPad Android Lifestyle Advice Apps

I am seeking develop an app template for a series of Lifestyle advice apps (iPhone, Android, Ipad and potentially Blackberry).

I would prefer to work in HTML and jquery for conversion through phone gap but I am open to alternatives

These apps would incorporate text, video, animations. One the core tempas created I would require the developer to modofy for each individual lifestyle a.

I would request that bidders provide an hourly rate and examples of previous work (including time/cost to complete these projects)

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Android Work – Pay Tonight

We wish to have around 3 applications built tonight, based around some stock & share type apps.
There are many on the android market and we feel they are easy to duplicate. Were not looking for anything complex, we have some ideas but any ideas had by a developer are welcomed and shall probably be developed. We are also happy to use coding you have developed in the past and use this. We can pay a max of $80 for 3 apps.

Please inlcude the word TICK in your bid any without this word shall be ignored.


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