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IPad Game Development

We are looking for iPad developer with experience. This is a one month project which could tern in a long term project. Well start with one simple iPad learning game for children age 4+. If your iPad development expertise satisfy our needs, then well sign with you to work on the entire project which is 8-10 games.
Youll have to sign a non-disclose agreement.
Check the link below to get an idea regarding complicity of those games:

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Iphone Game Development

Hi, Im looking for an iPhone developer to create a virtual world game on iPhone/iPad.

Genre: Virtual world RPG where the player owns a shop and levels up by serving customers
Theme: 2.5 Isometric cartoon-like graphics on a tiled map
Two configurable currencies, one works with in-app purchase
Ability to purchase items, place them on the shelf and serve different number of customers based on the current popularity of the shop
Ability to position decorative items on map, support rotation, moving, storage, etc
Configurable experience points and level-up requirements
Configurable catalog of items, of variable cost, delivery time, requirements, for purchases
Ability to integrate with Facebook Connect , Twitter, email and Game Center
Ability to take screen shots
Time frame:
Preferably within 1 month or not more than 50 days.
To be discussed in PMB
Looking for experienced developer with great reviews and application listed on App Store

Please submit your bid along with your portfolio. Please specify whether your quote includes graphics or just source code. Please indicate relevant past projects in Objective-C, Cocoa 2D, Lua.

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Game Development For Iphone & Ipad

I have some very simple games that I would like to have developed for the Iphone and the Ipad.

You need to have graphic skills and know what it takes to create a game that people will play.

Right now I have the games in a different game system so I need to have the games converted into Iphone and Ipad and integrated into the features that Ipad 2 and iphone IOS provide.

This is a project for fast turn around.
These games can be seen from this link

Only experienced freelancers to bid on this project.

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Unity 3D Game Development

Im looking for a freelance technical consultant for Unity 3D game development. Candidate must have industry experience in game development using Unity 3D. Must have experience using Smartfoxserver and Physics Component. Must also be willing to conduct training to game developers. Must know how to port to different platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPad/Mac), Android, Web, and PC

Game development company is located in Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines.

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IPhone Game Development

Skillful Objective-C programmer wanted. We have user interface design PNGs and Interface Builder files. Programs that realize the interaction with a user and transitions between the views are needed. Understanding of UIKit is must.
Detailed specifications and all the graphical designs will be provided.

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Game Development

I have an idea for a new Xbox 360 Kinect game. It is a complex idea and I am looking to work with a developer who can take on a large project. I have a design and software development company, however we are looking to team up with a good game programmer. Full details will be sent for those interested.

Freelancer will have to sign a non disclosure to protect our idea.

This game is going to be a very popular series! & A negotiatied percentage for Game sales will be shared with the person who develops the game.

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IPhone Simple Game Development

Skillful Objective-C programmer wanted. We have user interface design PNGs and Interface Builder files. Programs that realize the interaction with a user and transitions between the views are needed. Detailed specifications and all the graphical designs will be provided.

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SmartPhone Game Application Development Using Airplay Sdk

Need developers to build very simple game applications using Airplay sdk. There are many apps to be done. Hence the lowest bid will win. Bid this project only if have developed apps using Airplay sdk. Samples of your project using airplay sdk is needed.

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Flash Game Development

We are planning to port a simple iPhone game (iCopter Classic) to flash (or HTML5). The game is a simple helicopter game with different themes.

1) We will provide all the graphics resources.
2) We will provide some part of the iPhone game source code for bringing similar gameplay.
3) You have to handover the full source code of the game.

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IPhone/iPad Game Development


We need game developer for iPhone/iPad.

You must have at least developed 2-3 games for iPhone, and should be good ones!

Please PM us for more..


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Iphone Game Development

We are requesting a quote on an iPhone app. The app will be a game, we will provide the design.

The game will be some mini games such as:
Slot machine,
Rainbow Pond,etc

developers should have a apple IOS developing a/c.
Also, a backend is required in PHP and MySQL

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IOS Game Development

I am looking for a developer with experience and/or capabilities for the development of an iphone/ipad application. The application specifically is that of a childrens story book series with interactive features that probably more closely resemble a game. We need both the programming, as well as illustration/graphic development for the app (illustration and graphic development can be sourced from a separate supplier, but a one-stop shop would be preferred). Capabilities for development of the following app features are required:
– housing app, with in-app purchases of individual stories
– story illustrations
– simple animation of certain elements within illustrations
– story narration (narration audio to be provided to developer)
– interactivity utilising touch, tilt and sound recognition capabilities of iOS

Full details of project will be provided on signing of an NDA.

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Game Development

CGI Adult website integrating PHP/Javascript game for subscribers. Game developer to work closely with our webmaster. Interest in WoW / D&D a must. Based out of Pacific Northwest.

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Mini-game Development For An IPhone / IPad App

Assignment :

Were currently developing an application that will include very simple mini-games. Were looking to outsource their development.

Heres an example of a mini-game to develop :

Make a character walk as fast as possible into a given background by alternately tapping on two virtual buttons as fast as possible. One virtual button moves his left leg while the other moves his right leg. You must animate the character so he walks smoothly using the keyframes well provide. No obstacles to include in the gameplay. The only objective is to have the character walk as fast as possible in the given time frame.

All artwork (character, including all animation frames, background design, music, sound, etc.) will be provided by us – so your job is strictly coding.

Gameplay will be very simple for all mini-games. However the artwork will be rich and we will need careful and perfect implementation.

Although we may award several mini-games to a single contractor, for now please place a bid for the development of one mini-game.

Requirements :

You will need to deliver your code upon project completion and give us access to it during the development so we can check that it is properly documented.

The mini-game is part of a bigger application, so your mini-game will need to be integrated into the app according to specifications we will provide (take inputs like name of character, character layout, etc. ; produce output like game win / failure etc.)



Only apply if you have developed apps in the Apple app store

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Game Development

I want to make a game like Alchemy, but different content. It is a "mix and match" game genre and this will another type. It is the kind of game where you put icons on top of each other to make new items. (e.g. water + dirt = plant) Please download their game (not my property at all) to demo the kind of functionality.

1. His payment method is through another site. I dont want that. I want to pay via hint purchases as a secondary app that adds to hints allowed count that starts at 1. i.e 10 hints for 1.99, 20 hints for 2.99
2. Long press will give item info, instead of ? on the bottom.
3. I would like a page which shows completed relationships in a graphical format that I can scroll around.

IMPORTANT: I will provide the icons and graphics and the CONTENT. I just need someone to make a app that works without bugs on a variety of screen sizes with a sqlite DB that I can put all the data into.

I need you to debug it on atleast a few screen sizes and OS versions so I dont have problems.

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IPhone Game Development

Dear freelancer,

We need to develop an iPhone game which has ready idea and design. We need the game compatible on at least OS3.0 above and iPad.

Show me your portfolio and quote.

PM me for details.

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IPhone Game Development

We looking for iPhone developer that will develop an iPhone arcade game, more details about the project will publish to proven skilled candidates for the price and time proposal.
please provide us information about your skills, portfolio and hour rate.

Thanks and have a great day.

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Iphone/android Game Development

We are looking for a UK based (must be based in the UK) iphone/android games development company to work with on a new and exciting range of game apps for the various mobile platforms. Those applying must have a track record in delivering such applications on time and to budget. Only UK based firms need apply.

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Iphone, IPad Game Development

I am looking for an experienced iPhone & iPad developer to code an iOS 4.0 compliant game app.

The basis of the app is geo location data of world wide cities. Geo data will be purchased separately if it can not be sourced for free and is not part of the bid. The game needs to be connected to a high score keeping portal. Either such service exists by a third-party or you need to create an external online score keeping way.

The graphical interface is 2D with either a globe or flat map of the world that is showing country borders. Once zoomed in further rivers and lakes are visible but not cities or other features. The borders extend down to a state level. Otherwise the graphic is text, scores no moving parts other than scrolling and pinching of the map.

Players can select from different play options and geographic regions. They can opt for timed or no timed games. They can select different difficulty levels.

Part of the job is to create a free version with a limited city set and a paid version with the full city set.

The full design specs will be available after a non-compete and non-disclosure document is signed.

The job spans the whole creation and testing process. I will provide detailed design and feature specs and work closely with you during the work and testing phase. I am not interested in low quality work. I expect good efficient code and good design. Work is to be done to a realistic time frame on time.

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Game Development

In order for you to understand the scope of work, I

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Basic Game Development

Hello Everyone,

Im seeking a developer to create a game for my company. Ive posted this on another freelancer site, but I still need to receive more bids before I can submit my rfp. This has to be done this week because Im falling behind.

Please send me a pm and let me know if youre interested in this project. I hope posting here isnt considered spam. Please let me know if it is and Ill remove it. The deadline for completing this would be October 15th, so please keep that in mind if youre considering submitting a bid.

Currently searching for a developer to create a similar game to the one below.

I would like to stick with a football theme. Prior to the game beginning, there is a bit of a storyline that goes with it. Im thinking this will be created in flash. The graphics, animation, etc would have to be designed/scripted as well as the game. Everything is already scripted.

Opening scene:
(animation — all of this is already scripted)
Football player waiting to get on the field. View of the stadium with a crowd cheering. Player waves to his family in the stands.
Kick is made and theres a view of the ball in the air. He catches it and starts running. He gets hit and is out cold.
Ambulance takes him to the hospital.

This is where the game begins.

There should be a multiplayer option. This should allow for us to select up to six teams. Depending on how many teams are playing, there should be an option to choose a team. It will be generic and not real NFL teams. This game will only be played in the full length.

There is only going to be a standard option. There should be a link to instructions. The completion code is not needed nor is having scoreboard.

This game will be played in teams, and were planning to incorporate a buzzer system. Do you know if there are any available buzzer systems that interface with flash? The buzzer system will be connected to the PC, probably by USB. The red team hits the buzzer and answers correctly. Im thinking that the instructor will hit a key on the keyboard to mark that the answer is correct. The red team should be given 5 yards to advance on the field. Is there any other way to make this work within the game? Are you familiar with a buzzer system that we can purchase to work with this game?

The game follows a football storyline with questions interspersed through the story. The questions are in order and not random. There is a set number of questions that doesnt change. The first person that buzzes in will receive a question that has several multiple choice options. If they answer correctly, they gain yardage and a screen appears saying good job. If they answer incorrectly, a screen appears and says its incorrect. The other team has a chance to answer. If both teams are incorrect, they lose yardage. The continues until we reach the last question. The team with the most touchdowns win.

The story portrays a football player that was taken to a hospital for his injury, and shows all that happens as hes moved to different units. A question appears after each story slide. On the slides with the story line, there will be a graphic of whats happening along with voiceover.

Game Requirements:

1) All players will play in the same room together simultaneously. If there is a class with 36 people in the room, they will be divided into groups of 6. There should be an option to select six team in the game. It will not be played online. All players will be in the same room together. However; there should also be an option for the game to be copied to a CD and someone can play on their own computer.

2) There will be a buzzer system. We will purchase a buzzer system. Players will press the a big red buzzer to answer the question. (still looking into buzzer systems that will be compatible) The facilitator or instructor will press the correct answer, and the correct/incorrect slide appears. Point is awarded accordingly.

3) Pics attached of sample of the story. The story was created in powerpoint, and there are about 80 slides. (attached ex.1) This would be part of the storyline. On the slide, there could be a picture of a doctor standing next to a child in surgery. The animation would be a picture of fire started in linens.

The next slide is a question slide. (attached ex.2)

4) I will provide the storyboard and the voiceover. The graphics, animations, and game will need to be developed based on what I submit.

5) We do not need a leaderboard nor do we need to store players information.

What would be the timeline to complete a project like this?

If interested, please provide a link to your portfolio and client list, and let me know how much experience you have in game development.


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IPhone / IPad Music Game App

Looking for iphone and ipad game developer to take our idea and create a game for the app store.

Our game is a music rhythm game along the lines of Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Tap Tap games. Our game will have 10 levels (10 songs), still art cutscenes, and we would like to support online leaderboards and possible 2-player split screen on the iPad.

We are in the process of securing music for the game, everything else will be on you.

While the budget info listed above is what were shooting for, all bids are encouraged, though we are working with a constrained budget, so were always looking for a mix of lowest price and quality.

More information will be shared with the best serious bids, including the GDD which will hopefully help get a more accurate bid. Please include info about you and links to previous work in your bids. Bids are for development of this project only.


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Android GAME Development

Project For Anton only as discussed via email.


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Game Development

Will need a game programmer(s) who can map out a mid to large sized game. Will include movement and some shooting.

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Bogus Request For Proposal

Please quote on both bid types, or only bid type 1, if you prefer. I would like to get the game up and running before the account system needs to function.

§ Bid Type 1: Only quote on functionalities 1

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IPhone Game Development – 2

Hello Freelancers,

I need to make a simple iPhone game with the hexagonal character movement like FarmVille. All the graphics would be provided by me.
The game is very simple not so detailed like FarmVille.

Show me your portfolio and quote.

PM me for details.

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Flash Game Development

We need developer for very short flash game for children, just one level, we need the game for a presentation.

Bidders please PM me

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MMO/Chat Game Development

Hello! I am currently seeking a good game programmer who can take all of the graphics I have produced and create a game with the features that I require. My game (Port Galaxy) is a space-themed virtual world or MMOCC (Massively Multiplayer Online Chatting Community). The game will be using high quality isometric graphics. Different angles will be created to use for animations, movements, etc. These types of games have the following basic features:

1) Avatar Creation (Design character with change of hair, clothes, pants, shoes, and colors)
2) Chatting (Chat is entered, appears in the game inside a chat bubble, and eventually disappears)
3) Credit System (Users purchase credits through PayPal, which are automatically delivered in-game and can be used to purchase virtual items, clothes, etc)
4) Catalogue System (Lists all items, a user can purchase an item with credits, and their credits get adjusted. The item is put in their inventory, can also purchase clothes)
5) Items (Can be moved, placed, and rotated inside rooms, or placed into the users inventory)
6) Walking/Talking (Users click to move to a position, can walk around objects, behind objects, interact with objects)
7) Trading (Users can exchange items for other items, or for credits- with another user)
8) Admin System (Can manage other users information, credits, Ban Users, Mute Users, including admin panel and in-game commands)
9) Room Creation (Users can create a virtual room, name it, lock it, unlock it, place items inside it, and decorate it with virtual items)
10) Friend List (Users can add friends to a friends list, and private message them in-game)

Those are the BASIC features. A lot of which, you may find source code somewhere to help you with this project. Keep in mind I am planning on having ALL necessary graphics produced, including any interface graphics, and therefore this should not be considered in the cost. There are also more features which I have not included in that list. Some examples of these types of games can be seen at the following:,, YoVille on Facebook, and others. You will be required to create a Client & Server for this game, as well as the Web Pages needed to interact with the server/client (Design Character, Purchase Credits, etc). What I have listed here may sound like a lot, however it can be fairly simple if you understand what you are doing. The server will have to be capable of handling a large number of users at one time (2000+). After the game is produced, you may be required to continue to work on the server and client, doing changes, fixes, and upgrades, which you will receive additional Pay for when that time comes. This game will always require new features to be created (for additional pay). I need someone who is qualified to do unique features.
There are several open source Isometric game engines you can use if you wish. I would preffer the client be programmed in Flash, and the server in Erlang or something that can handle many connections.

***I have hired two programmers now who have not accomplished anything for the game, and who did not contact me for many days at a time. Due to this I have lost around $800 and must lower my budget. If you take on this project and do a good job you will most likely be hired to further develop game content after the intial game release. This project has been re-posted to find a new RELIABLE programmer, and will only be closed if my current programmer decided to contact me and do some work***

The website has been partially completed, although there is no admin system yet. We are using WordPress for the website now.

**I set a deadline of March 20th for a Beta Release of the game, and would hope to have something accomplished by then, although just something simple. Not everything asked in this project.**

If you feel like you are the person for this project, please let me know.

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