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Developer Looking For Partner For A NEW IPhone Game

I am looking for a partner to help me finish developing this game for the app store. I have thought up a game that has never before been seen on any apple store. I have basic knowledge of objective c and I am a former graphics designer. I have the basis for the code needed to program the game but I am missing a couple lines of code here and there.

This is a serious offer so please, experienced programmers only!

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IPhone 4 Store

I have a domain parked on godaddy, I never did anything with it and I have access to WordPress. I would like it to be an online store for accessories, apps, etc. but I dont have the time. I am interested in some kind of partnership if a developer would like to build and run the store. Im open to any kind of offer.

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Unity Or Shiva Developer For Iphone/Ipad/android TD Shooters

Hi all,

I am looking for an Unity or Shiva3d developer or team in order to do all the game mechanics and scripting of this project.


_3D Top Down shooter/melee action game
_Multiplayer mode 2 to 4 by Bluetooth/wifi, up to 8 online
_Somes RTS elements(like Towers, mines, units builder etc..)
_IN GAME easy map/level creator + smart map generator. In Game simple Events creator (with dialogue editing)
_good AI scripting for player unit and computer
-Controls (working with animations)
-Sound (sounds design and Ill provide music)
-Collision Dectection
-Different games mode : Player VS, Player Cooperation, Objective based (Survival, Tower/base Defense, Capture the Flag..)
-User gameplay interface(lvl, health bar, inventory, drag n drop component..)
-Invites party
_Upload or Download Users Custom map.(if possible)
_Items and particles scripts effect.(without the art part..)
_Basics menu interface for Game mode, options, level editing…
You will have all the nessarry details before starting.

You will not have to model or design the art/characters (juste use very basics geometrics figures..)
You will not have to create the levels.
You will not have to make the sound design
You will not have to make the story.. 😉
(if you wanna dot one of the above features we can discust it.)

Beside the 4 points above, you will provide a full game, playable and bug free. I will just add somes details before you finish(mainly the art assets like somes characters, map arts, sounds.. just for testing purpose.)
Once done and optimized for the Iphone/Ipad and android, the full payment will be released from Escrow.

Dont hesitate to ask some questions by PM and please BIDs accurately to my project.

Only freelancers with sample of existing work will be picked.


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IPhone/iPad Game Development


We need game developer for iPhone/iPad.

You must have at least developed 2-3 games for iPhone, and should be good ones!

Please PM us for more..


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Be Creative And Update A Small Iphone Game


I need an update for this game.

– More and better challenges
– Better sound clip
– Better working engine
– Should also work on Ipad

Please submit new/better ideas and price..

Development price should be quite low, as the app only gains about $100/month from admob.

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Plants Vs Zombies Like Iphone Game

We are looking for a developer that can help us develop a 2d game like "plants vs zombies" on iphone, we will provide all graphics, and we need the source too.

Please contact us with similar job experiences for further details.

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[068] Full Time Android Game Developer

I am looking for a Android App developer that is familiar with the entire apps process from taking ideas, to developing the app, to submitting the app to the app stores, etc. Need someone with experience in developing apps and can produce several apps a month working 40 hours a week. For all apps you develop, I will provide all design work.

I would like to start out with $500 a month plus bonuses (based on performance and meeting timelines).

Good luck bidding!

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Web Game "Secrets" Developer

Were looking for someone to dissect an online game and reveal the secret to this new game. The goal is to reveal the sequence of the game, the secrets of finding the "secrets, and the implementation of the secrets. All to help the user score higher in the game, and advance faster.

Need to Know:
steps needed to play game. Must be able to record on screenflow, or similar and provide file.
Fluent speaking English
Must be a "gamer"
Screencasts and Screenshots with audio explanation in video
Ability to create and define gameplay fundamentals, game features, UI, screens, and levels.
Experience in the game industry as a player.
when contacting us, use the word "roma" in your subject line in your response so we know you
read this post, or we will not consider you.
Good communicator who possesses strong written and oral communication skills.

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Build Blackjack Game On IPhone

I need someone to build me a multi-player blackjack game on the IPhone. I have already create the logon user interface that allows each user to have their own account. After the users logs on using their username and password, there will be two separate rooms. One room for human vs. human, where players can play each other over the WiFi connetion. And, another room for human vs. computer. Im looking on somone that can build this game within a reasonable budget. Send me a quote for creating this game with the graphics and without the graphics.

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Simulation-Based Game Iphone / Ipad

Were looking for a studio or individual to program a simulation game compatible with both iphone and ipad. The winning bidder will be supplied with art assets after core functionality has been demonstrated. There is a full game design spec which will be made available under NDA when the bid is accepted. This is work for hire.

The game will be two dimensional and sprite-based.
There will be a need for AI programming of the simulation characters based upon game conditions.
The game will be free-roaming within a single map world.
The end result of the game is dependent upon chain-reactions within the simulation.
At any time there will be up to 60 simulated characters within the game world, although they will not be required to be active in the foreground at all times.

Please supply samples of previous work with your bid. Videos or screenshots with descriptions will suffice.

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J2ME/Android/Iphone/web/game Developer Required

We are looking to heir professional developer / freelancers on project or full-time basis.
We have many big project which are to be finished in next 6 months.

The projects are for mobile application development and web applications too.

Interested candidate can post their resume ,sample work and project portfolio to me .

Selected peoples will be then provided project in different bid request directly over GAF.

Vijay Tharur

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Title: Experienced iPhone developer/programmer needed for exciting work

We are a new startup company based in the Bay Area. We are looking for a Cocoa and iPhone developer to develop a series of iPhone applications containing user-interactive puzzles and games.

The basic requirements are provided below. Please contact us and we will provide you with more information and details.


You need to have:
1. iPhone application development experience (whole product lifecycle)
2. at least one successful application in the app store
3. strong experience in application-level programming

For an example of the type of application you will develop, look in the AppStore for Brain Challenge (by Gameloft) and Who Has the Biggest Brain (by Playfish).

This project will initially be on a freelance basis for evaluation and can be done either on-site or off-site. We will definitely want to extend this long-term if things go well. Please provide examples of your experience in this area and the names of the applications you’ve worked on.

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