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Need Vector Graphics And Some 2D Animations For IPhone Game

We are currently working on iPhone app and would require someone to create our character. The character is a Ninja character but the game is for kids to be used for learning. So the Ninja character must be cute and adorable. Doesnt have to be a real person as long as you can portray a cute ninja that kids (age 4-10) would love.

The game we are working on is for kids but similar to Fruit Ninja.

The game is mainly for kids to learn shapes, math and colors.

Heres what we need:
Main character – Cute Ninja (can be a bird, bunny, bear, monkey, tiger, etc…)

Background – A dojo or location to train (I can provide samples later).

Explosion – Different explosion when I cut through the shapes. Heres the
idea on the shape. Its supposed to have liquid gooey stuff in it that
splatters after you slice the right one. I want the gooey explosion
similar to Fruit Ninja.

Confetti – After completing a level will shower a confetti (like Cut The Rope – see links below).

There will probably be some animation but they will be 2D animation.
For example, the ninja character will be jumping in joy when you complete
a level or be sad (head down) when he lose the game. Also swaying his sword when slicing shapes.

Theres also a bomb (like Fruit Ninja) and Ill probably make it somewhat similar to Fruit
Ninjas animation when you accidentally slash it. The bomb will not be a regular bomb
but a ball with spikes.

Shapes – I think I have the shapes but if you can have something better then
thats great. I need basic shapes (maybe with 2D rotation animation) of
Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Heart, Circle, Diamond, etc…

Animation are sprite or 2D (sequential png). Maximum size of the screen
is 960px X 480px for high-res.

Heres another example of a slicing game:
Veggie Samurai –

Here are some links to image qualities that I would like for this work to be similar:
ePig Rope –
Cut The Rope –
Tower Bloxx –

Payment will be made after 100% completion of the job. This is how we do business here and I have great ratings and not about to ruin it that I have multiple projects on the way.

If you have any question let me know now.


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Photo Sharing Game – Iphone And Facebook Apps

Looking for Iphone developer to build Photo Sharing App with gaming component and integration with Facebook App.
Design Document and Artwork is already done.

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IPhone App UI Design And Graphics


Were currently designing an large scale iPhone app, and we need the assistance of talented artists, pixel-art background preferred. Not a lot of graphics is required, but the graphics we need has to look good.

The project is compounded of icons, backgrounds, and general design.

– Availability for a back & forth iterations. We go into fine details of the project and we demand pixel-perfect results 🙂
– UI Design experience is a bonus.
– Portfolio required; Please submit portfolio of iPhone related icons/graphics/design.

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2d IPhone & IPad Game

I am looking to make a game similar to the link below for iphone & ipad.

All the sounds and graphics, will be provided. Game Centre must be integrated.

Please only reply if you have relevant examples to show.

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2d IPhone & IPad Game

I am looking to make a game similar to the link below for iphone & ipad.

All the sounds and graphics, will be provided. Game Centre must be integrated.

Please only reply if you have relevant examples to show.

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Iphone Google Latitude App

I need an xcode project that will display a particular users google latitude location.

2 parts:
1. google authentication
2. retrieving the users google latitude location + time stamp

looking for minimal graphics/design, i just want the xcode project file with the code set to pull the above info.

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Game Graphics Design Artist – Unique And Strong Sense Of Art

I need 3 page user interface for a game:

– main page
– game page
– top score / hall of fame

Its soccer related.
The design must have an identity, not just scraped all together.
Must have advanced knowledge in arts.

Provide portfolio / examples of previous work.
Give an estimate bid for drawing (digitally or manually) 3 pages (no revision).


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10 Low Poly Mansions

I need 10 low poly mansions for a game. The design of each is up to you.

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Online Game Screen Interface Graphics Design

This is a contest type bidding. Winner will get 300$ in regards. If the designs are not the way we desire, no winner will be declared. I had two crowdsourcing biddings in before, and was very pleased with the results. But this one is more complicated in terms of the job to be done.

Task: I prepared wireframes for the lobby and game screens. Your task is to make them breath.(see attachment)

I need a sleek and eye-candy visual interface design for our online backgammon game site. You have to emphasise on concepts of cheating & entertainment with the colors,shapes and forms youre going to utulise in your design. Your design must make the player to feel I should play this game" .

General structure of 3D/2D boards, Logo of the game, and !Cheat buttons graphics will stay as they are and will be reused (I provided them in the attach.)..The rest will be your job.

You will:

– Design graphics of interfeace and buttons and background and boxes and etc..

– Change color theme of 2D board and make it look more joyfull,colorfull,mischievious, reflecting the fun of cheating and eye candy.. Checkers of 2D also needs to be changed in color and shape.

– Checkers of 3D board needs to be changed with a more beautiful one..( Recent 3d checkers dont seem to be compatible with the board image right now )

– New Dice image is needed due to new design.

– New Dialog boxes ( i mean the little popup windows appearing when clicked on some buttons) need to be redesigned too.

You may check the current draft screens from ,- you will see "play as guest" button to enter the game client on the main page.-

(We used those graphics and the interface during development stage while determining the functionilities, but they are quite bulky and not compatible to our game conncept.)

Wireframes in the attachment:
– I adjusted the game-table screen pixel by pixel in chtfinal.png wireframe ( the area was small and there were several game components to be placed in the design, so i had to do fine craft pixel by pixel)… So, i advise you to adhere to those dimensions and placements and alingments, though you may slightly modify them during design ( for chtfinal.png) ( as long as the window size is 970×655 at max.)..But i didnt paid as much attention to lobbyfinal.png wireframe dimensions, you are more free to resize the dimensions of components.

As you will notice some elements are removed or added in my wireframe design when you compare with the draft screens… Therefore, pls always refer to wireframes,not draft screens!

Pls dont participate if you are not sending either lobby or game screen design with your bidding.
– Lamda

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Game For IPhone + IPod Touch

A maze-like game
Story mode with 50 levels
Difficulty settings
Survival mode
Global high scores
Professional graphics and design
Icon design

Interested parties please bid – I will give more detail of the game through private message

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Educational Apps For Smartphone

I want to build some apps just like the "Teach Me" apps on the iphone. I will supply graphics and design.

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