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2 Iphone Apps Needed

Project has many layers, But basically an app that allows Referrals to order products via it for their patients and helping the referral source get the proper documentation to our office. Prescription, Diagnosis(coder installed), Doctor signature, and even PICTURE of Extra documentation. Pictures of things being ordered will be in app, attachements for what was ordered and all dropped(text) into a perscription form where the doctor can sign. Then all info sent via email. Several Emails being able to be sent to several different locations to met doctor and provider compliance.

Other app will be for a Pharmacy, with Doctors being able to perscribe products(drop down of drugs), signature page etc and send over to pharmacy, need this to be user friendly and helpful sourse for doctor.

both of these apps will require updates quarterly or bi yearly and need somebody who can service these

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AJAX Google Maps UI on iPhone or PC

I will escrow money for you if you have 3 feedbacks or more on GetAFreelancer.

I will *not* escrow money for you if you have 2 feedbacks or fewer on GetAFreelancer.

You will create a user interface that will work on a smartphone (such as an iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry) and a PC so that a user can view the location of GPS device by having it displayed on Google Maps. This is essentially a challenging and interesting AJAX project.


You can get a very quick idea of the project by watching the first 30 seconds of the screencast above that describes the project requirements. The screencast typically loads quickly and contains much helpful information.

—Access to our Server—
If I award this project to you I will give you access to our development server so that you can upload your deliverables.

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