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Iphone Game

i want to make a game like the impossible game but different ideas and graphics.the main idea of game is similar to the impossible game.

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Simple Graphics For An IPhone App

We are developing an app just like this :

So we have pretty much graphics available for 2 animals and other 2 animals little bit work is done and 1 animal need to design from scratch, check the attached graphics so far we have and remaining you need to develop as mentioned below:

For each animal 4 images are needed:
– clip art design, for children
– one animal for menu(with orange stroke)
– another 3 for game part,with some bg. One image of them is animal with open mouth with 4-7 teeth, which should be separated to let user touch them.(attached images dont have teethes in mouth, but you need to have them). Second image should represent struggling animal, third image – animal that just bite user.
– resolution – 640×960 is the best option, but can work with 320×480.
– PSD format is preferred.

will not pay more $30 or max $50

very simple graphic project!


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IPhone App Graphics / UI Redesign

Looking for an experienced graphic designer to provide a professional look to an existing iOS game in the app store.

This is for the graphics ONLY and does NOT require any coding as the game is complete.

Below are the major images that are required as part of the game:

1. Splash screen
Including custom buttons / icons
2. Game table
Similar to Zyngas "Live Poker" or Apples Texas Hold Em in landscape mode. I dont want a look alike though, it must be original. Also, I am open to designers recommendations to create a unique look.
3. Player HUDs (similar in concept to the apps mentioned above)
Must provide a way to distinguish up to four different teams
Must have a visible way to indicate that it is a players turn
Must have a separate graphic for a "Callout" integrated into the HUD were text from the game would be shown
Must have a location in the HUD for an avatar image provided by the game.
4. Score summary screen
5. End of Game screen
6. In-Game menu with custom icons
7. Deck image
Includes at least three card back designs
Optional: Card fronts. I have card fronts but am open to designers input on chagnes from the original design.
8. Application icon
9. Bidding graphic

All graphics must be in either PSD or Illustrator format. The graphics must provide a unified, consistent and PROFESSIONAL look to the game.

Images are to be used for and should be scaled to an iPad / iPhone game. The images should leverage the iPhone 4 retina display.

Delivery will include all original PSD or Illustrator files along with chopped images. There should be a set of images for the iPad and another scaled version for the iPhone retina display.

All images must be original and you must have rights to all artwork used in the project.

Additional details and image specs can be provided upon request.

Please submit samples or prior work (preferably, but not required, for iOS apps) when you apply

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Iphone Google Latitude App

I need an xcode project that will display a particular users google latitude location.

2 parts:
1. google authentication
2. retrieving the users google latitude location + time stamp

looking for minimal graphics/design, i just want the xcode project file with the code set to pull the above info.

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Graphics/Art For An IPhone Game – Like Fruit Ninja

Need graphics/art for the in game

check fruit ninja game for the concept, though its totally different..

send pm for more details, looking to start right away and will need immediate updates within 6 hours from the chosen developer.


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IPhone App Graphics And Design

We are looking for someone who can create graphics, design and UI for an upcoming iPhone app. We will give you a basic layout for what we want on each view and you will design the graphics so we can use them in the app. We will do all coding you will create the graphics.

Example on things that we would need you to do:
– Icons that we can use within the app
– Nice looking buttons
– Backgrounds and other UI details for the app

More about the project:
– You will be working with a very tight time schedule
– It is important that you can deliver on time
– Communication is very important as we have limited time
– Quality is really important
– This is a large project and if everything work between us we have more projects coming up.

You should have been working with these things before and give us a portfolio so we can see your previous work. We are looking for quality before price. We will from your portfolio and previous work choose the designer we want for the job and give more details of exact what we need.

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IPhone App Graphics/Artwork

I am looking for a quote on iPhone app graphics/artwork for an application I am building. This is a very simple app built using AppMakr and I need to provide 4 images:

1. Header Image (320×46 pixels square) – I just need my name Vinny Carpenter with some cool background.

2. App Icon – Must measure 5×57 pixels square. 72 DPI .jpg, .jpeg, or .tiff format. The icon should be square, not be rounded, or have any type of glare on it (Apple will add the rounding and glare). Template available here: I have a personal mugshot that I want to use for this and I will provide.

3. Large icon for the iTunes Store (exact duplicate of small icon above, just bigger). Must Measure 512×512 pixels square, 72 DPI .jpg, .jpeg, or .tiff format.

4. Loading (Splash) Screen – Must measure 320px wide by 480px tall. 72 DPI .jpg, .jpeg, or .tiff format. Note: You must leave space on the lower 1/3 of the loading screen for a dynamically generated "Finding Location" notice to show. Please don

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OpenGL resource for 1 week

Iphone graphics section

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