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2 Iphone Apps Needed

Project has many layers, But basically an app that allows Referrals to order products via it for their patients and helping the referral source get the proper documentation to our office. Prescription, Diagnosis(coder installed), Doctor signature, and even PICTURE of Extra documentation. Pictures of things being ordered will be in app, attachements for what was ordered and all dropped(text) into a perscription form where the doctor can sign. Then all info sent via email. Several Emails being able to be sent to several different locations to met doctor and provider compliance.

Other app will be for a Pharmacy, with Doctors being able to perscribe products(drop down of drugs), signature page etc and send over to pharmacy, need this to be user friendly and helpful sourse for doctor.

both of these apps will require updates quarterly or bi yearly and need somebody who can service these

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Game Art Needed For An IPhone Game

– Art needs to be for iPhone 4 Resolution 960×640 pixels and we will also downscale it to 1/2 for older iphone models.
– Game will be in landscape mode
– to understand game concept check out
although these do not represent the style of graphics we are after

– to understand better the style of graphics we are after check,
note that these are top down thought not side scrollers

– horizontal side scroller game
– terrain on the bottom
– flying enemies
– the scenery need to be 2 times the height of the iPhone screen
– all level need to be 3 layers, ground, far ground sky/clouds these will move in variable speed using parallax
– all levels need to be 2 times the height of the iPhone screen + 3 screens wide and will repeat again and again endlessly so it has to be repeatable horizontally
– Only layered PSD files need to be provided, we will make sure to prepare the game source files needed for optimum performance
– Graphics style need to be not too cartoonish but a bit more realistic, not photo cutouts thought.
– some mock-ups done by us creating game prototype can be provided for further guidance.

– Please provide samples of your work.

– Levels / Themes-

Sea  ( plain sea + sky , a few destroyed war ships)
Mountains ( plain terrain with sparse builtings)
City daytime ( minimal clouds, cityscape on the bottom 1/2 of the screen )
City by night  (same as above)
Far West (same as above, plain terrain with sparse houses)
Winter, snowy (showy terrain with sparse houses)

– Game UI –
Start Up Screen
Options Screen
Credits Screen
Level Selection Screen
Game over / Retry Screen
Level Completed Screen
Game HUD Screen (top screen for health + score and pause, joystick on bottom left, main button and secondary button on the right)

– Player & Enemies –

1 Player plane (spitfire ) (animated propeller, 2 frames)
4 different types of aerial enemies ( show subtle flying movements 2 – 3 frames)
(helicopter, fast plane, slow plane, strong plane)
4 different types of ground enemies ( show subtle movements 2 – 3 frames)
(man with bazooka, 2 person ground antiaircraft gun, armored tank, ship )
6 Power-ups ( rotating ring + powerful inside , at least 8 frames)
3 different explosion effects (8-10 frames)
4 different missiles and bullets

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Iphone Apps Needed

I need an existing iphone apps and new iphone apps to be developed for me.

I need existing iphone developers to give me instruction on how to get started on apple itunes store.

PM me.

Thank you.

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Facebook Apps Needed

1. Sweepstakes Application.
Create an application to enable us to run promotional sweepstakes on our Fan Page. The application must be able to grow our fan count with a

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Facebook Apps Needed

I am looking for existing facebook apps to commercialize and sell.

PM me if you have existing facebook apps with codes and ready to distribute.

PM me what the app does, functionality, etc.

Thank you.

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