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Very Simple IPhone/iPad App


Attention: To be able to bid on this project write the word "WINNER" in your bid or PM. Otherwise you can be disqualified,

I am looking for an experienced and self thinking developer for future work.
This is a simple first app that should be designed for iPhone/iPad. Lets call it "And the winner is".
Through this simple project we can find out if we want to work together in larger projects.

The app can solve an argue between 2 persons like a photographic coinflip.

It will work like this:
1. Splash screen (you enter a dummy, I will supply the graphics). I will also supply the graphocs for the icon. Other design should follow good practice.
2. A screen where 2 photos can be chosen (take a new with camera or choose from library). Then a button can be pressed (or you can shake the device) to start the action.
3. The 2 pictures toggles in full screen starting very fast then slower and slower. (It should take around 5 seconds in total). The result should be random.
4. The winner is shown in full screen and a sound plays. A way to go back to step 2 should be present.

I have added some simple mock-ups in the PDF file

I also want help in the process of submitting the app to App Store.

Thank you for you interest in this project.

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Simple IPhone App

I want a very simple iPhone application developed for my personal use and maybe Ill upload it for free to the Apple store. Details will be provided to the winning developer. I asked around and the average turnaround time that other developers have offered me has been a day, so thats the turnaround time I expect (24 hours).

I prefer delivering the project fee upon successful completion of testing the app. Again, when coding, please keep in mind that, like I said, I might intend to upload it to the App Store for others to enjoy as well, so stick to Apples iOS coding standards.

Will be happy to answer any and all questions!

02/19/2011 at 9:41 EST:

My accepting the project, the developer agrees that the final product, the code, and the idea is my sole property.

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SIMPLE IPhone App – Quick Money

IPhone Programmer Needed

The iPhone app will ask users for a phone number and about 5 additional fields and based on the input will send texts/mms messages to the phone number. These messages will be pulled from a list/database of messages that I will provide in CSV or Excel format.

I will be willing to provide more details to the winning bidder and can increase pay up to 20% based on these newly explained requirements. The pay range should be between $250 and $500.

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Simple IPhone App

I need help with developing an iPhone app. Willing to pay, but I cannot afford too much. Is there anyone who can help? Its a simple app (something like a calendar + a "to-do" list). We can share profit, possibly.

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IPhone App, Requires To Use 3 Simple Tables.

It is an iPhone/iPad application as follows:

The application contains a main window which shows data from a Filtered tree-table mini database (t1 is user, t2 is category, catnum and catname, t3 is task, catnum, taskname, taskinfo)
The user can select a user, then category THEN a task related to that category.
The app then shows additional info (text and picture) of the task selected.
Once the prior is selected, the user starts doing the task, which opens a window that shows start time, end time and, total time. THIS IS IT. The purpose of the application is to show how much time it took to do the task.
There is a SETTINGS option in the main window that allows the user to add a new user, category and/or a new task.
There is an ABOUT option that shows in text more info about the application

The application is quite simple and must be ready to download in the itunes store. To be able to create the app for iPhone 3 and 4 and iPad is a must.

It is particularly important that we can easily change the mini-database content in order to update the users, categories and tasks. Feel Free to ask for more info.

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Simple IPhone App Needed

We need a simple app which will:
1. find your GPRS coordinates
2. enter them onto a server app
3. get suggestions back for surrounding venues.

We are looking for a combination of good value (quality/price) and a bright development team (ideas for "nice to haves")
Best overall combination will get the business.

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IPhone App Like Groupon

I need an app that would mimic Groupon for another deals site that offers 2 deals per week. Limited Budget. I would like to begin with a very simple and easy app, and then maybe grow from there.

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Funny Simple IPhone App / Android App As Well

I want an app that will allow the user to take a photo or select a saved photo then be able to touch the screen and have the picture pixelate to blur faces, etc. I would also like a drawing feature to add black lines over for eg. a license plate or to add other details. The user would need to be able to zoom and crop the image too. I would like it in iphone and android.

The zoom feature is important so that the user can pay attention to the small details. Touching the screen should be the primary way to cause the pixelating and drawing. The user should be able to undo portions or all of the effects as well. Then the user can choose to save it so they can upload it to social media, email, etc.

Let me know how is this possible?

BID FOR iPhone version or Android version or both of them, just pmb for which one you are bidding?


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Simple Iphone/ipad App

This app is for iphone and ipad users. User can use this app to send animation images with some customize features. Submission of apps to be done by you. You need to be able to meet the deadline. You need to have past experience in building iphone/ipad/ipod apps. ( please provide more information on your previous completed/on going projects) . How can you make my apps to be more fun and creative?

For serious programmers whom is interested for long term partnership.

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Simple Iphone Apps

The app is to let user view all the image one by one by touching the screen. I will provide all the images. More information will be provide later.

The app is to work on iPad and iPhone.

Basic requirement:
– At least have developed at least 5 and above apps and above experience.
– Please show me 3 best iPhone apps/ Blackberry apps that were done by you.

Need your clarification:
– Best format for iphone,ipad for image, jpg or png? Why?

Long-term partnership:
Do not bid if you are not interested in long-term partnership

Payment: full payment will be released to you within 48 hours once the app is approved on Apples App Store.

Serious programmers only. Preferable programmers from USA.

This is for my iPhone app project 1. My iPhone app project 2 is planned to start in 1 week once my app is approve.

I looking for a long term partnership. If you win this project, you will have the highest chance to work on my future projects.

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Log’s Saving Simple IPhone App – 4 Screens Only


only 4 screens, nothing major, just saving logs for actors for auditions.

more details via pmb

start right away!!


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Simple Iphone App To Retrive Info From Url

I require a coder with skills to create a simple Iphone app.

The app should open a link (with certain variable through GET method) and retrieve information.

Simple as that.

If you are interested in this project please let me know

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Simple IPhone/iPad App

Hi everyone,

I have a very simple app to build. I have my own developer account and would like to use it to publish through.

iPhone version:

– Splash screen
– Main page is a simple list.
– Each item on the list opens up to a simple page with text I will provide. Different text for each item on the main list of course. Plain text and 1 hyperlink that takes you to Safari to open the given page.
– All items on the list behave exactly the same, no special exceptions.
– App has a 3 button menu at the bottom – 1st button takes you back to the main page (list). 2nd takes you to "Helpful Links". 3rd button takes you to "Credits".
– Helpful Links is just another simple page with links that connect to Safari if clicked.
– Credits is a plain text page with 1 URL.

iPad version:
– Exact same functionality, no special iPad features, just a slightly different interface.
– Want the list to appear on the left side of the screen and the detail page to display on the right, so that everything is accessible at once.

As you can see, its almost entirely text based, so it should be a BREEZE for anyone who knows a little Objective C.

Last note, although there is a Credits section, as your work is for hire, I would not be offering credit within the app itself. Winning bidder must be understanding of this note.

Looking forward to getting started.


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Very Simple IPhone Calculator App

Hi – Please contact me via PM for more details.

Thank you

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Simple IPhone App!!!

We are looking for someone who can create an app that will play the Top Ten songs while there friends are waiting for them to pick up the phone…. more like caller Tones but programmed into the phone App.

let me know if its possible??

is it possible??

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Simple IPhone App

I need a simple iPhone app created. Nothing too difficult. More details within PM. If you have worked on an app with twitter in the past would be useful.

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IPhone App For Company Required

I require a Simple Iphone App for my company.

1) Icon for app
2) First Splash Screen will contain What Company Does with logo
3) Second Splash Screen will contain Links to
– E-mail
– Call
– Twitter
– Facebook
4) Third Splash screen would be a google map to company

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Simple IOS4 IPhone App And Backend CMS Required

Require quote on specification that will be sent via PM.

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Simple IPhone 4 Gyro App

This is a request for a very simple Gyro based game for the iPhone 4 which simply monitors rotations of the handset and displays an image accordingly. Depending on which Axis the iPhone is rotated on, and whether the areas are touched immediately afterwards, a different image is displayed.

The app should also look for multi-touch after the rotations: i.e. if a finger is touched in both of two places on the screen shortly after the rotation.

I attempted to develop this game for the older iPhones, however the accelerometer wasnt accurate or fast enough. It must recognize very fast full rotations. I am told that the new Gyro sensor in the iPhone 4 will be able to detect with my greater accuracy.

I can provide the images which will be displayed, icons and relevant sound clips. I simply require someone to build the application.

I predict that it will be quite easy to code. The main issue will be whether the iPhone hardware can detect the very fast rotations.

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Very Simple IPhone Weather App

I need a very simple weather app iPhone compatible with iPad and iPodTouch.

4 tabs: Today, 5 Day, All locations & Settings

Today tab: shows todays forecast, white background, weather icon, high/low, wind direction with compass + other fields
5 Day tab: shows fives day forecast, white background, weather icon, high/low + others
All Locations: a table with weather icon thumbnail, description and current/high/low for every selected city in the Settings tab. Clicking a table entry should change the city and go straight to the Today tab. 5 Day tab will show the results for the newly selected city.
Settings tab: selects default city and adds more cities (international) to the list

Other requirement:
– Must look nice and modern
– On top of every page there should be a current Date and Time text
– It needs to use a free world service API which provides good weather descriptions.
– Has to show a nice, clean message when internet is not available
– 1 Hour of caching of data
– A little refresh button that updates from the server with 1 hour caching
– App opens with the default city on Today app
– Error handling is a must
– A resource file that has the text for all labels/buttons/error messages in the app, so I can do a final modification before submitting to the app store
– Compatible with iPad and iPodTouch
– Source code and project

Thank you for bidding.

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Very Simple IPhone/iPad App

This is a very simple iPhone/iPad application that we will own the rights to and it will be copyrighted. You may not sell it. The programmer will deliver a test version that can be installed on the iPhone without going through the iTunes store.

This is the first phase of development and we want to have it done within approximately 2 weeks. Once it is completed there will be additional development. Here is the specification:

1. Starting the Application. The application begins by bringing up a list of contexts the user can select. This would be similar to selecting a restaurant from a list of restaurants. See the iPhone "Restaurants" application. It should be modeled after that, but no map is necessary. It should accommodate advertising at the bottom.

2. After the user selects a context, the application will provide him/her with a indexed list of items. For example: Light bulbs, Carrots, Aluminum Foil, etc. and the user will select from the list. Again, very similar to the "Restaurants" application.

Thats it! Thats all we want to do for phase 1 of this project. There will be more screens but not right now.

When the application is finished it will be sent to the Project Manager for testing. If everything is good then we will move forward to phase 2.

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Simple IPhone App No.2

I would like to get an app. that will have a "play button" on the center of the screen, to play a .pls (stream) and a volume control below that. I will give you the background image and the little app logo, if possible Id like to have a button (link) for my webpage.

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Simple IPhone/iPad App.

Need a simple iPhone app to look similar to a website that already exists. Have all required fonts and graphics.

Upon opening the app for the first time, it will ask the user for their fist name, and last name + e-mail address. It will also store the users phone number. It will ask them (which will be optionally) for their twitter user name and password. The app will also warn that it has recorded the users phone number and upon submitting a ticket, that information will be provided to us.

On the bottom, there will be a tab bar:

E-Mail | Twitter | About

Under E-Mail there will be a button at the top right that says "New Ticket" – When They click it, it open up a new page that asks: Problem Description (aka e-mail subject), There will be a couple of dropdown selections on top of the Problem Descriptions that contain some items I will specify. After they select Submit, it e-mails all of that information to a particular e-mail address, using their name as they entered when they first opened the app, their e-mail address as they entered, and their phone number will automatically be added to the body of the e-mail.

The Twitter option will automatically have the user follow a certain name if they had entered their information. If not it will just display a twitter feed from a particular user, if theyve entered in account info for twitter, they can ask questions to a particular user – it will also filter replies to them from one user (the one the app is dedicated to).

About – will just be a company profile.

Please: English Speaking only – you must have apps currently in the app store that I can view and try. This will NOT be a Cydia app – it must be approved to the app store.

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Simple IPhone Coffee Ordering App

We are looking for a capable iPhone app developer to develop an application that interfaces with our existing retail ordering website. This app will be used at the shop to receive orders, and respond with a confirmation back to the website.

The designwork has been completed and a flex demo has been created to demonstrate the order process, we just need to convert this to an apple app. We will provide webservices using XML for all interface with website.

The basic user stories (use cases) will be:

1. Login

2. order receive page
– orders stacked in bars
– oldest accepted at the top
– most recent unprocessed at the bottom
– user can scroll up and down
– user can go straight back to the oldest unprocessed order by shortcut button

3. order process
– user can accept or reject the most recent unprocessed order
– if order is accepted, a ETA is then selected, order changes to a processed order
– if order is rejected, one of two reasons are selected, order is removed from stack

4. Logout
– all orders from previous login are deleted

I have some demo xcode data to show the functionality that I can supply for a head start

Must sign NDA and have excellent English skills.
Full rights and source code required.
Payment in progress milestones relating to completed user stories

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VERY VERY SImple IPhone Showcase App

I need an app similar to Porter Davies Homes apps. – Do a search for Porter Davies Homes.

Please do not submit if you have not work/creates apps before.

The team that we select will have the opportunity to do on going applications to many of our clients.

More details will be given if require.

Bid the cheapest and get more jobs one after another!!


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Simple IPhone App For ECommerce

we have an ecommerce site.
We need an iPhone APP listing our store items.
Here is some required features
– Product categories
– pictures
– some details of the product
– link to our store page about that products
– Push notification with new promotion code or new featured products

We also need a NEWS PAGE with all new added items.

!!!!! Please provide detailed skills, delivering time and of course your understand of the project or your bid will be ignored!!!!


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