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Price Comparison And Review Site In Php


I would like to hire a freelancer to create a site like, it is a site hosted in Hong Kong but you can use google translate to your language to get an idea of how it works.

It is basically a price comparison and review site, it allows users or merchant to submit prices for products (currently that site only focus on electronics and computers but we want the scalability to add more categories).

Lets say a user bought an iphone4 today and want to share his price on our site, he/she can visit our site, browse or search for iphone4 and tel us how much and where he bought this gadget. So when other users come in they know where they can get the best bargain, if it is a local store and it is close he/she can simply get it locally; if not he/she can compare online stores too. The idea is a user can come to our site to find their best deal (online or offline merchant) and all data are shared by REAL users or merchants. Merchants can also use our site as a platform to promote their products or stores – for instance I have some iphone4 that I want to get rid of I can "share" my price online so users can compare my promotional prices with other merchants.

Our candidates must be good at php, mysql, ajax, javascript and any other skills that are required to complete this project. Templates skill might be required too.

The project should contain a site-front and admin backend for managing users, merchants, categories, products, promotions, notifications, and the scalability to extend the site.


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Iphone4 Auto Reservation

What i need:

I want a program to help me to reserve iphone4 from apples official site.

Database example:



Develop enviroment:

OS: CentOS 5.5 32bit
database: MySQL
language: PHP,PYTHON,PERL,C(one of them is ok)
charset: UTF8

Reservation workflow: this url:
2.Choose a store. you can get 4 stores in the popup list,program can choice one of them by specific params.
3.Choose a product. we only choose iphone4 16G,then right click `Reserve`, the `Continue`.
4.Sign in. select one row from MySQL by random where ismake equals NONE,
5.Confirm. if it exists `Choose a pickup date` in the page,it presents this process is failed and start again,and write into the log:no pickup date.if not,then pick up a random date,then fill in two options: one is id number,the other is CAPTCHA, id number read from database(idnumber filed),CAPTCHA will be saved in the folder named `img` in the following format:`id number`+timestamp with `jpg` extension,program always scan the img folder, once there is a `txt` file with the same name with the CAPTCHA, then read the strings in the `txt` file, and complete the order after submiting the form. program can justice wether the reservation is successful or not, once success, update the databases ismake filed 1, or start over if failed.


The reservation is start at 2pm GMT, only at this time the

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Iphone4 Apps Developer

I am looking for a skilled Iphone apps developer to fulfill my requirement.

Please contact me if you have experience in iphone development with sound knowledge
and honest.

Simple Utility application

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IPhone4 Video Camera Overlay.


This project is for the creation of an iPhone4 app that utilizes the phones video camera to record video, but with a speedometer overlay.

So, for example – app could be used while driving – video recording while accurate speed is displayed (digital), so once video is saved, the final video would show digital speed overlay.

– User must be able to select if speed shown in KPH or MPH.

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Buy IPhone4(UK Version)

We are looking for someone who could buy iphone4 in UK, which is SIM-free. Pls bid for the price for 16G with DHL shipping to HK

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