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Experienced Iphone/android Developer Wanted

Experienced iphone/android developer needed.

1)Taxi fare calculator app
2)Taxi booking add-on
3)Couple of additional functions will be discussed with the developer.

This is test project to find our developer, we have more app projects on the line and in needed for a senior dev.

Get in touch if you have experiences in the mobile platform.

No time waster please.

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PJSIP For IOS (iPhone,iPod,iPad) And Android (optional)

Need a programmer to write a client VoiP software based on PjSIP targetting iOS (iPhone) and optionally Android. Graphics element are already ready.

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Simple PDF Reader For IPhone / IPod Touch

We want to develop an iphone / ipad application to load and
read basic PDF files. A Universal app to work on both devices.

Similar to to other basic PDF readers now on the App store.

The user can…
– multitouch swipe environment
– Load PDF document from drag to iTunes or email launch
– basic arrows to change PDF page forward or back
– basic finger swipe to change PDF page forward or back
– basic menu bar with icons like My PDFs – select PDFs
– portrait & landscape view
– contact page with 1 link to web site & 1 link to app store
– all art / design supplied by us for this project

* This is Work-For-Hire only
* We require the Obj C source code for XCode.
* Please quote a good price, we have many more projects
* Ask any questions

Supply any other App samples you have on the App store.

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Iphone Push Notification API Needed

We have a backend and we have the app being developed we just need Iphone Push Notification API

Allow the backend to go in and send a message to every phone

All we are doing is passing it to apple network and they do the rest

If you have experience with this please contact me ….thanks

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Antivirus For IPhone


Need an Antivirus app for iPhone.

Please suggest me how it can be done? what the app can do to act as an anti virus for iPhone?

Should be straight forward one for an experienced iPhone Dev!


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Transmit Video From Facetime On Apple IPhone To Ipod Touch

Looking to have Apples Facetime video from my iPhone streamed directly to my ipod touch while using Apple iPhone Facetime. The iphone(s) to be used have been jail-broken from And will use a Facebreak app to use Facetime with 3G instead of wifi.

The video to be displayed on the ipod touch is to be read-only; non-interactive, no audio needed. strictly a drone, and will not have any functionality aside from being able to turn the video on and off(even if by just opening and closing the application). Very basic, feature-less app; on the ipod touch side.

Want software to have a pairing setup, so the software can be re-used to pair with multiple iPhones and ipod touches.

Can use any older version of ipod touch, or the latest one, whichever is easiest to code.
Must use latest iPhone 4 for the camera and audio requirements of the Facetime chat program.

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ReCall – A Networking Application For IPhone, IPod Touch

ReCall is an iPhone/iPad application to aid in business user networking.
The application aids users in keeping meaningful contact with others they meet through the use of keywords
and either pre-defined or custom internet sources (such as RSS feeds).
ReCall uses the internet connection of the device to identify posts/articles on the internet containing
keywords associated with contacts.

Application scans for results for any contact that has keywords assigned in the contact notes field within the
address book application.
Application should collect results while running in the background for all contacts that have keywords assigned
within their notes field.
On opening, application should display a contact list of all those with assigned keywords in the same manner
as the address book application, this contact list should function in the same format as the address book application.
On opening a contact within this list, application will display the contact image (if assigned), name and business
name (if assigned) in the same format as address book application.
Under this it should display the assigned keywords and under that the results that have been found with the keywords within those highlighted in the same manner as google search results highlight the words searched for within the results. Selecting a result will give users the option of either fully reviewing the result within safari or to simply send the result to the associated contact via email.

All of the above detail and screen shots of the graphics are expanded on in a full brief that is available on completion of a non-disclosure-agreement between us and yourself.
The full graphics for the application are complete. This tender is for the build and delivery of the functioning application.

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Backend Email Method For IPhone And IPod Touch

I need a function/method to send email from an iPhone App that does NOT require user interaction and does NOT invoke the Messaging UI (or any type of modal view). Similar functionality to a web page CGI for form handling. I am NOT looking for start to finish App development, I am a developer myself and am only looking for a Class of Methods to accomplish this one function.

Should be able to automatically gather required server information from users existing email settings (must test to confirm email settings/capabilities are available or else operate independently in no setting are available. Alternately, must be able to accept server settings (including users email account information) from user input in settings bundle, but prefer a method that does NOT require user set up. Further details to be discussed with developer based of limitations of Apples SDK APIs. Must be able to open network connections and communicate with server to automatically send message. Recipients, subject line, and message body are all predetermined (hard coded as well as programmatically inserted). Must conform to SMTP standards so experience in network programing/scripting and communication with email servers is required. Prefer to send messages in HTML format.

Deliverables include ALL SOURCE CODE in an Apple SDK project format with a simple Nib file interface for testing purposes.

Must be written in Objective-C using CFStream and/or NSStream.. or other Objective-C Technology, use of C is acceptable. Must be compatible with iPhone OS 3.0 and above, as well as 2nd generation iPod Touch.


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IPhone/iPod Touch/iPad Twitter Like App

This project is similar to my other project "Twitter Style iPhone & iPad app but with two tabs" but with reduced scope. I found the average bids too expensive after converting to New Zealand dollars. So Ive decided to reduce the scope of the project. This app should look very similar to the first two images of the following app:


– The application starts with a full page Welcome page that stays for 3 seconds with image and text.
– A two-tab (bottom tab) application
– The same functionality will be duplicated on each tab but with different labels
– On the top bar, there is going to be an Add button on the right and a delete button on the left
– Below the top bar, there should be a funky styled table sorted by date (like the sample app)
– Tapping the Add button should take the user to a new edit page (like the sample app)
– The Edit page has a Return and a Save button
– The title of the edit page should reflect the selected tab from the bottom tabs
– The Edit page has a large text area with a note pad background image
– Below the text area should be a nice looking "Add Photo" image
– Upon tapping the image, the photo gallery should open and the selected photo should replace the "Add Photo" image
– Upon saving, the application should return to the invoking tab, change create a thumbnail and display it on the table. With two lines of text.
– Tapping a table entry should take the user back to the edit page with full text, larger image and Save
– The photo, text and date time stamp should be stored in a SqlLite database
– The delete button should allow the standard table deleting
– The same process should be duplicated for the other tab
– Funky nice, faded twitter like white styling
– Every text on the labels must be stored in a resource file so I can do a final edit before submitting it the app store
– Must be compatible with iPad and iPodTouch as well as the iPhone

Thank you for bidding again.

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