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Need Someone Who Can Help With A Programming Issue, C+ Java

HI I need someones help to create an additional feature to my current website. I need someone who can start work immediately and confident in what they do as this part of my site is paramount to me going live.

please email me if you can start work immediately, follow specific guidlines and is quick at what they do.

Many Thanks


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CSS Issue Needs Fixing…must Have IE9/VISTA -OS

I need a minor issue fixed which I believe is CSS related…You must have IE9 and windows VISTA operating system without that it will be waste of time…

budget is 30$..will probably take u 10 mins to fix for right person.

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Microsoft Word Expert Needed For Formatting Issue

Microsoft Word expert needed to troubleshoot a font issue in a document.

We have submitted a completed novel to Smashwords for eBook sales, but keep getting this error: Font Size Error – Your manuscript contains font styling that defines fonts larger than 18pt. (we have more detail on this if you need it)

Nothing looks larger than 14 pt in the book, but somewhere in the document, the styles must be wrong.

Your job is to deliver a clean document where all the styles look great and can pass the conversion test.

We will pay 1/2 up front, then release the milestone payment after submitting the document you create to Smashwords and getting a passing grade.

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Amazon Web Services SES Integration With Existing AWS EC2

I have an Amazon Web Services EC2 CentOS linux server currently configured with Sendmail, Dovecot, Postfix and sites leveraging PHP. Ive recently hit an issue with sending/receiving e-mail, and to help resolve the issue, I need someone who can either:

a.) resolve my current mail delivery issues
— or —
b.) resolve and then integrate Amazon Web Services SES (email services) with my current configuration.

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Video Gallery Choopy In Ie9 Html Background Issue

My video gallery in IE9 seem to be very choppy. A wimpy video player is embedded in a html site. When the video is played in IE9, the video is choppy. the audio and video dont seem to match. When I remove the Background image of the video player seems to work fine. It works fine in FF4, chrome, but in IE9 seems to be the issue. Need a fix for this asap.

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800 Words ( Business Case Study – Urgent)

I am a member of the group
I will be attached the project Brief

my part is business case



3D Optical data storage
Missouri group is working with UoB to raise awareness about 3D optical data storage among UoB Professional Project Management students.



Document Ref:
Version No:
Project Brief History
1.1 Document Location
This document is only valid on the day it was printed.
The source of the document will be found on the projects PC in location

This document requires the following approvals.

Signed approval forms are filed in the Management section of the project files.

Name Signature Title Date of Issue Version
Project Board

Table of Contents

1 Project Brief History 1
1.1 Document Location 1
1.2 Revision History
1.3 Approvals
1.4 Distribution
2 Table of Contents
3 Purpose
4 Background
5 Project Definition
6 Outline Business Case
7 Customer

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Joomla Wrapper Issue – Need To Hyperlink To A Wrapped Page


I have a wrapper menu item (Displays an iframe to wrap an external page or site into Joomla! ) created in my Joomla website and the wrapper URL is correct, but now I cannot figure out how to LINK to that wrapped page? I need to hyperlink to that wrapped page and I cant figured it out.

Also, I should state that I have sh404SEF installed.

This should be a very quick job for someone who KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING

I am willing to pay $10-$15 for this task to be completed.

I will send details via PM to winner.

Need completed by end of TODAY

Please do not waste my time- if you do not understand Joomla and Wrappers then DO NOT BID.

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Oscommerce Security Issue

I need Oscommerce specialist to improve my oscommerce site security and solve current malware problem. Someone recently hacked my site. When I try to open any hyperlink from my html introduction page, Google chrome blocks access and puts message : contains content from some other site known to distribute malware. There is no such message when I use Mozila or IE. My site uses oscommerce 2,2 and server is apache.

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XML / PHP Issue Needs Fix Now


I have a clothing website built with PHP, mySQL, Ajax and custom CMS.
I just tried to update the XML Productfeed and I get mySQL errors on both backend and front end.

So I need this XML upload thing to be fixed now so that the products display correctly on the front end. I dont know why this is not working at the moment….

Need this fixed right now.
You need to know PHP, Ajax, mySQL and XML.

Thanks & Regards

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Joomla Registration Issue Fix

Fix Joomla/Virtuemart registration/payment issue. When adding two additional fields to Virtuemart user fields for registration (Student First Name and Last Name), registration works ok. However, when attempting to checkout and pay for purchase, the site keeps forcing the user back to the registration page instead of being able to complete the purchase.

Job is to review and fix this apparently minnor issue on our test site ( and include instructions on the fix so we may then do on our production site.

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Looking For A PHP Programer To Fix Issue On Site

We have a issue on our website that is preventing to load our HelpDesk (mostly a small db issue).
We require a skilled PHP developer to quickly find and solve the problem.

Further instructions will be given over PM.

Budget for this is $20.

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IE6 Compatibility Issue, Using .jsp & CSS

The menu on my page is not displaying correctly in IE6. The site uses server side jsp pages to generate the code so you will need to be familiar with .jsp. Here is an example of the site, if you view it in fire fox it will display correctly:

It would be good if we could finish this in a few days.

Thanks, and please contact me with any questions.

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Iframe/session Issue.

I have a site which has a 3rd party signup and login link which i want to put in a lightbox iframe but when I do that the session expires. Does anyone know how to get this to work? is there something I need to change in my hosting settings? or some script? please let me know.

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Web Cam Site Technician

We have a webcam and chatting website that users are having a problem with.
Need someone to test website and verify any problems.
Software designer indicates that it is a speed issue of users internet but I need to verify issue and provide minimum requirements to website users.

1. Test web cam and chatting portion of site. List of names of users with contact information will be supplied. I will require a detailed report of their complaints and issues with site. Presently they cannot log into their web cam account properly or consistently.
2. Provide 1 page instructions for users in regards to web cam use, internet requirements etc. Most of this is already provided but may need to be updated.
3. We suspect that this may only be a user knowledge issue and should be easily corrected.
4. If there is a software issue then detailed information of problem will be required to supply to software provider for correction.





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Require Some Advise On Issue At Php/mysql Based Website

We have some issue in operational website after migrating the server, we require advise on the same to rectify

one of the site and www.sprb, you can see some errors on the page

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Looking For PHP And SQL DB Developer To Work On Webpage

Looking for PHP and SQL DB developer to work on stock market related webpage.

there is issue with the charts display. Multiple candles are appearing for same day.

please see if you can resolve this issue.

We also have plan to create newsite and looking for Front end developer and SQL DB developer.

if you skills match then you are most welcome to bid

I need this urgently done, so if you have good reviews, I will pay you full payment in advance, so

You can start work right away.

I have lots of projects lined up, so you will be very busy for long time


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FIX JS Slideshow IE Issue

I have small issue on my html page, slideshow when using Internet Explorer.

In Safari, FireFox my slideshow works PERFECT, AWESOME. BUT in Internet explorer it skips one of the videos loosing relation with the description text. order just get wired.

test it live in both explorers and you will see what I mean:

I offer $20 for this fix.

thank you.

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WordPress – Fix Video Slider Transition Issue + 2 Updates

WordPress site has issue with slider transition with embedded vimeo vids. Slide continues to animate even when video is being played.

Two other minor updates are needed to site. Additional Details will be provided to bidder.

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Project For AHT!

New Project for AHT !

Hello, I have used your services before to have my site built, Thanks again so much it is wonderful, but the blog component I have installed has gone haywire. I tried to add a guest blogger in the backend and now it wont let anyone veiw the blog at all, it keeps asking for a password. This isnt your fault, it was working fine, till i tried to add a blogger, its probably me, pressing something is shouldnt. But I just wanted to ask if you wouldnt mind having a look at it and fixing it for me?

I understand this isnt a design query related to the job you had done for me before but a different issue, hence a New Project and since i know you are very skilled with joomla i feel comfortable coming to you about this issue.

Thanks again..

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WordPress – Fix Easyslider Issue

Fix issue with easyslider which causes slider to continue to rotate when embedded video is played.

03/09/2011 at 15:57 EST:

Must test in all browsers including IE 7 & 8, Firefox, safari and chrome + Mobile. embedded vids are javascript not flash.

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Flash-configrator Issue


i have a ready to use flash-configurator.
Everything works fine. Only thing is that it need to push one extra input option into the summary.
Who can help?

Very easy job for someone who lives with actionscript. I modified it as far as i have experience.
But can`t get it working.

03/09/2011 at 7:10 EST:

I`m in need of a reliable and enthousiastic person. Long term realation would be nice.
I have more things to do.

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Joomla Postfix Configuration Issue

I need support to configure my joomla site with postfix. I have the message
postfix/sendmail[6689]: fatal: usage: sendmail [options], may be postfix sendmail command does not like the options sent by joomla

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Our Site Is Not Working Well On Chrome – CSS Issue

We have a site that is not working well on Chrome.. all is OK on other browsers..

Its some CSS issue … its a simple project for an CSS Expert

Thank you for your bids

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Fix My Blog

My blog needs to be fixed. When i post content on my blog it double post the same information. If i put a video with content it doubles or triples the same the posts. I feel like it is a coding issue that needs to be fixed. I do not want to change the look or anything from the blog but i do need that issue to be fixed.

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Technical Issue With Joomla Site

I need some help tracking down a bug that prevents a site of a client to load in IE7. It loads fine in FF and Chrome. So far, I have found using IETracker that the site returns a 303 header and then it looks like its looping till the browser gives up.

Joomla 1.5.22
JoomFish 2.1.5

Server environment:
PHP 5.2.6

This task is VERY technical and require deep knowledge, so please dont bother to bid on it unless you have extensive experience with solving technical issues in Joomla.

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Nginx Webmin Guru For Nameserver Dns Issue

I have a bit of an issue with this job…clients server has webmin and nginx installed and i am not familiar with both …the below are the problems i have .

1.) When i go to clients IP address i can see the website but when i go to clients domain it says server is down.
I have gone to the registrar at godaddy to set up the namervers yet this problem persists.
So i need this sorted.

2) I have a file at /home/********/**********.zip and because i am not familiar with webmin i am finding it difficult to extract this and will need you to extract it to be extracted. I tried to extract it via ftp and ssh but it gives me permission denied error

2) I need a subdomain to point to /home/******/html (the html directory will be created when the zip archive is extracted)
Again same lack of knowledge with webmin i need you to sort this as well.

When you are through with sorting this out you will document and explain solution to me.

Small budget =Quick Job= Super fast payment.
This needs to be done in the next few hours.

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Troubleshoot ECommerce Issue (Ubercart/drupal)

$30 is the max for this project

This project is for the troubleshooting and repair of a Ubercart/Drupal issue. Identify the problem and fix. And, let us know the specific cause of the problem.

When a person attempts to make a store purchase over a certain dollar amount, the site sets the transaction to $49.99 instead of the amount that the user has asked for.

We have seen this problem specifically on these two orders.

We will require a post project 30 support guarantee for this fix.

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Quick Volusion Fix

I need to fix a track your package issue with volusion Ill pay $35 for this. Need it done by today.

to check the issue you can login by clicking on the account link on top of the home page dai(remove_this)
with e…mail: kne(Remove_this)idel4 AT gm(remove_this)
pass: live120
click on the link: Review orders / track packages
click on view or change order

the variable in the system for this link is $(TrackingLink) same as i have in the email im sending to customers and this link does not work.

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Css Browser Compatibilty Issue

As discussed.


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Create A Site Like

I need a duplicate site to that has the nice warm but we will add a few more products.
with mostly the same categories but a few more and changing titles a bit, along with the test so its not a copy right issue.
This will require complete design of all ages and adding text but changing it a bit to not be copyright issue.
we do the same thing and have the same contracts with all same companies we just need the website completed.

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Ie Issue With Tabs

This is a problem i have in internet explorer. I had a simple tabbed box added to my site and it works fine in all browsers except internet explorer. The footer falls to the right… and an error appears in ie…. I need this fixed tonight and I need it done for cheap… would be easy for someone who knows what they are doing. might be a multi script conflict… idk.. looking to pay $10…

if you agree to the price and think you can do it please write accept in

the broken tabs in explorer can be seen here this is on a test server so make sure you arent clicking on links that will direct you to the actual site… as you will not see your updates through this testing ftp.

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