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Java Screen/Screencast And Audio Recorder Applet

This remote usability screen recorder applet will be delivered by a webpage and will perform the following functions communicating via Javascript. (see attached file for accompanying dialog sequence)

1. Embed into a webpage and initialize
2. Get system information and return via Javascript.
3. When launch function called, launch a new browser window to the initURL and always-on-top controller window.
4. Locate and test an operational microphone or fall back to no microphone.
5. Prompt the user to start and then change the browser window to the testURL and display the first task.
6. Record the window and audio (if available), highlighting mouse clicks in the recording with a yellow circle and showing time and audio level on controller along with a pause button.
7. Wait for user to click "Complete Task" or "Abort Task"
8. Call back via Javascript the button clicked, task time and click count.
9. Display the next task and repeat until no more tasks.
10. Change the browser window to the completeURL and upload the file via POST, showing % complete progress.
11. Close the controller window.

Must work with both Mac and Windows, IE, Firefox and Safari. Finished product must include applet ready to embed with HTML/Javascript webpage demo and all source code.

It should have the following applet embed parameters


And Javascript methods:

returns: freeDisk,freeMem,totalMem,CPUName,CPUSpeed,OSInfo,NumOfScreens

launchController(initURL,testURL,completeURL, scenario, tasks, cbTaskComplete):
returns: taskCompleted, taskTime, numClicks

And any additional parameters, methods or callbacks needed for operation and error handling.

Bonus will be awarded for great work exceeding expectations. Additional projects and future work available.

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Audio Java (voice) Recorder

Create a Voice recording Web app that combines both the functions of Express Dictate ( and Express Scribe ( for installation on a Linux Server. The app must have a small, original layout, designed to be used with a finger on a tablet pc. I will be the sole owner of the source code.

It will be integrated into a website for dictation purposes. The data collected must be sent in a form like in this applet:

An additional function will be necessary to define the rights of different types of users for the app.

Features to include:

Files in mp3 and Vorbis (Ogg) format or something else with excellent voice quality and small file size.
Automatic non-destructive editing with multiple record modes including record-insert, record-overwrite and record-at-end
Voice activated recording so long silences are not recorded
Possibility of adding notes or files to the recordings
Can be controlled by system-wide hot keys (so you control the app and type while working in other screens)

Express Dictate Menu


Send by email to someone else (by default, the audio file must be saved on the server in association with a case number)
Save as (to make a copy elsewhere than on the server)
Attach files
Load audio file (from an external source)



Mark Delete start
Mark Delete end
Delete Marked region

All of them

All of them except Show dictations report

All but Register User license


Includes also all the settings of Express Scribe for the typist in the same app.

You will be allowed a maximum of 8 weeks to create the app.

Type the word "Record" in your PM to show you read the whole project description, Thanks.

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