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Java Assignment – Binary Trees

Using binary tree code I already have written, you will open and read a text file, then display a list of all anagrams that appear in the file.

The program works by reading each word from the input file and process into a String and create a second String with an alphabetized version of this word. Both versions are then put into one node which is inserted into a binary search tree using the alphabetized version for comparisons during the insertion.

This project needs to be completed by 4pm Eastern time 4/5/11.

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Simple Java ME App

If youre a J2ME/ Java ME developer who also has knowledge about server-side technologies (json, cookies, session) then this project is for you. The project is very simple and straight forward. Below are the details.

MIDP 2.0
CLDC 1.0

Screen modes:

Browse videos
Search videos
Play videos
Play videos in fullscreen mode
Switch between WIFI & 3g/gprs connection

UI Framework to be used:

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