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Needing something silimar to link
would really like some input where to start so i could do myself

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3d & 2d Animator

We are in need of a 3d & 2d animator to create very simple animating pies, charts and more (please find description below). These animations will be included in a 8 minute video with voice over (V/O). Normally it wont take you more than one day.
Also, each animation is to run for up to 15 seconds playable in WMB or AVI formats at 25 FPS with the resolution of 768 x 432.

We estimate this project will be around 40-60 dollars.

1. Title: One Fifth

V/O text will say :
These days children spend no more than one fifth of their time at school.

Animation: A clock like pie chart and the 1/5th portion of it will draw our of the pie and animated text will show school time.

2. Title: One Tenth

V/O text will say : and only a tenth of their time is actually spent on serious academic studies

Animation: The same one as previous will again split into the 1/10th part.

For both 1 and 2 we would like a pie chart. For the background we suggest use of images indicating school time / clock etc

3.Title: Brain Shrinking Pre frontal cortex

V/O text will say : It has also been shown that such activities can actually shrink the pre-frontal cortex of the brain, which is responsible for emotion and personality and which can have a dramatic effect on social functioning.

Animation: It will show a 360 degree view of the brain, and then, stop rotating at the side view of the pre-frontal cortex of the brain and then show the pre frontal cortex to be shrinking.

4. Title: Increases Capacity to Learn

V/O Text will say : These activites increases the childrens capacity to learn.

Animation: need an upward moving 3D arrow against animated images of children studying, reading etc

5. Title: 0.02% of Jobs

V/O Text will say : Little do we realise that these glmourous roles account for only 0.02% of the total jobs available in the UK.

Animation: Use a suitable image to indicate jobs or employment in the background and then create an animated pie chart to appear in front and then a 0.02% off the pice chart will break apart and then write the following text on it :0,02% of the jobs available in the UK are in the field of sports and enterntainment.

6. Title: 92% of adults

V/O text will say : 92% of adults will say that they had wished they had made better use of their childhoods.

Animation: Create a pie chart that will change in color and will show the 92%.

7. Title: Quotes

The two following quotes will basically be animated blocks of text on a suitable background images:


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Javascript TreeMap – CSV Data

Simple project

Use free javascript source to build a treemap using CSV data.

I have 1 CSV/excel file which contains 2 columns and 600 rows

1) Code
2) Types

Then I have a URL which pulls the following data in CSV format;

1) Code (Same as above code)
2) Size
3) Change in size

Will need to combine data from 2 CSV files to create treemap.

400-600 rectangles on treemap.

Pretty much all coding is done for you, you just need to put it together.

Regarding URL which fetches data, this URL will have to fetch data every 10 minutes.

Simple project.

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Few changes and additions to subtitle site

I am looking for someone to help me with the following…

1- Slashes problem. eg. (He//////s)
2- save to html and linking eg.(/subtitles/movie-name.html instead of search.php?q=movie-name)
3- google sitemap update with the new .html format
4- yahoo sitemap to generate linking to .html

5- In the admin panel make another input field for popular searches to edit the amount of results displayed for each page.
6- Home page to display keywords ordered by popularity
7- Results page to display keywords ordered by recent searches

Popular searches = the most searched keywords (count most) and also ordered by recent searches (if popularity search fails)

Thank you

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