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Youtube Comment Job


I am looking to hire someone to post comments on Youtube videos of a certain niche.
You must be capable of getting ahold of your own accounts to use for comment posting – I wont provide them.
You must have good knowledge of the English language,deliver within the timeframe agreed to.
Post the amount you will charge per 100 comments posted in the comment of your response to this project post.
This will be daily work and you will always get paid at end of day.

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Youtube Comment Thumbs Up Bot

I need a bot that will automatically thumbs up my comment on a video under different accounts and proxies.

The bot must:

Settings: Comment id (or a way to identifying my comment), also to select a time break between each thumbs up (5 seconds, etc)
Connect to proxy from a imported list
Login to youtube account from a imported list
Thumbs up my comment on that video
Reconnect to new proxy
login to a different account
thumbs up
– it just will repeat until its done all the accounts

Overall: Login under different proxies/youtube accounts and likes the comment that i want it to.

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Youtube Comment Posting Bot

I want a bot that posts comments on youtube, i want a place where i enter the comment i want it to post and the video urls i want it to post it on. i have a few more details id like to share so if your interested please PM me (on this site) so we can talk furthur

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Bulk Youtube Comment Poster

I am looking to hire a youtube comment poster for ongoing work. Youtube accounts, posting method, comments and any other necessary tool to produce the results I am hiring you to generate will be all your responsibility. Besides providing you with the video links and the comment guidelines, I will not be responsible for providing anything else.

Whoever bids needs to have established capacity to post 500-700 comments per day to begin with. My plan is to increase that number to 1000-2000 comments per day once I have been able to verify you can deliver consistently. Due to the volume we are dealing with here, I doubt it can be done manually so I would strongly prefer someone with access to an automatized solution that can arrange the whole posting process according to my specifications.

I would also prefer for bids to reflect a flat fee (daily or weekly basis) rather that a cost per comment although I am willing to listen to either option in that sense. I also expect your quote to be coherent with the volume and to come with a noticeable discount (compared to what you would charge someone asking for less volume) as cost is one of the main factors I will take into consideration when I select a provider.

The provider must also be able to post the comments during both day-time and night-time in the US. You must also have recent experience posting comments on youtube. No beginners please. I need a professional. Please make sure to give me specific details stating how much would you charge me if you decide to bid on the project. I will be paying more attention to the bids you send me via pmb than the bid you insert on the listing as this project is not as static as others. Any questions you may have just let me know.

P.S. As far as creating the comments goes, I would provide those but my past poster found out it was easier for the comments to stick if he created them himself (the ones I provided him got deleted quickly) so that is why I am adding this as a project requirement. I can assure you the niche you would be posting on will require simple comments so it shouldnt really be too much of a problem. In addition to that, not all comments need to be original.

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